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Glutathione & Bicarbonate Nebulization

Published on December 9, 2010


The other day I published a series of testimonies for Natural Allopathic Medicine but one of the most important ones that I meant to stress fell through the cracks and was not published.

Dear Dr. Sircus,

May I tell you that I have been nebulizing the glutathione with baking soda for my chronic bronchitis (I ordered the capsules) as mentioned in your Natural Allopathic E-book.  I was astounded the first time I used it. I didn’t have any problems with coughing up a lot of mucus for a whole 24 hours. I am a massage therapist and this is very disconcerting. Thankfully I know all of my clients quite well and they understand my problem. I had a lot less discharge over the next few days after that. Today is good too. I took a couple of capsules orally. I will nebulize again later.  I ordered the Glutathione from Dr. Brownstein also. He had the compounding pharmacy mix it up for me. The capsules with the baking soda seem to work best. I can’t tell you how many things I have tried and nothing has worked this well.  Next I will try the clay to detox and cleanse my colon.

N. Goodfellow

Reduced L-Glutathione Plus, which you can order at:

Dissolve 1/2 capsule of the glutathione in 10 milliliters of distilled water for the first treatment. This product already has sodium bicarbonate in it so you don’t need to add more. If you feel fine with the first application then increase the dosage for 1 capsule of glutathione for 10 milliliters of water and build it up to a maximum of 2 capsules. Please notice that this is a reasonably new treatment and dosages for each patient should be found by sensitive application and starting with minimum dosages and building quickly, especially if the situation is urgent. Be sensitive to the recipient’s feelings and reactions (if any) during and after each application. Dosages should be adjusted downward obviously for young children and infants. Suggested are 2 or 3 treatments a day.

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In the second edition of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy (now in production) I wrote: Sometimes very sick people or even animals with a lung ailment do better when taking drugs by nebulization as opposed to orally, because then the embattled system doesn’t need to go through breaking down the medications in the stomach and then delivering them to the lungs through the blood stream. With nebulization medicines get sprayed directly onto the lung tissues where they can most easily be absorbed locally by the lung and brachial cells.

Dr. Shallenberger says, “A nebulizer is able to convert a liquid into tiny bubbles that are so tiny that they can only be seen under a microscope. When these bubbles come out of the nebulizer, they are so small that they look just like smoke. And that’s the magic of a nebulizer. The bubbles are so small that they can be inhaled deep down into the deepest regions of the lungs without any discomfort or irritation. It’s a great way for asthmatics to get the medication they need to open up their lungs.”

Few practitioners consider the systemic effects of nebulizers. When we hear from patients using nebulizers with pharmaceuticals that it makes them feel the side effects just as badly as when the doctors were giving the same drug intravenously in the hospital, we are actually hearing that the medicines are not only being delivered to the lungs but also being delivered directly into the blood stream and systemically into the rest of the body.

This is important to appreciate because it opens a wonderful delivery system that is important for certain populations like infants, children, intensive care patients and to all those who are trying to care for themselves or loved ones at home. And that’s when Dr. Shallenberger thought, “Why not use the nebulizer delivery system to deliver treatments not just to the lungs but to the whole body?”

Most of the published research about nebulization is on standard usages like asthma but this delivery system can be used to treat lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, as well as the influenza, chemical poisoning, and actually any syndrome requiring the administration of a medicinal. For pediatricians and parents nebulizers are a God send because our babies cannot pop pills and we don’t really want to be sticking needles in them every day. Transdermal medicine offers the most to the world of pediatrics with the administration of medicines through their baths and their breathing.

The great strength of nebulizers though is their capability of delivering medications and moisture directly to the tracheobronchial tree. Contrary to other treatment options, higher concentrations in respiratory secretions can be achieved with aerosol therapy. With the use of this localized delivery system effective antimicrobials can have a direct effect on surface organisms in the bronchial system.

1) Nebulization thins secretions & mucus making it easier to expel pulmonary secretions
2) Nebulization makes coughing easier while lessening the need to cough
3) Nebulization keeps your windpipe & trachea lining and stoma moist & healthy
4) Nebulization moistens the air that goes into your lungs
5) Nebulization hydrates & moisturizes your nasal passages, mouth and throat

Nebulizers are good for young children, people who have trouble using metered dose inhalers, and people who have severe asthma. Within 10 to 15 minutes, the medication is used up and symptoms are gone, or prevented for six to eight hours. Even babies can breathe the mist and nebulizer treatments are fast becoming pediatrician-approved alternatives to over-prescribed antibiotics.

This material is in my magnesium book because high grade magnesium oils can also be nebulized directly into the lungs. Iodine as well is easily nebulized though extra care needs to be taken with iodine which is taken in almost instantly because of its high evaporation rate.

Special Note: Some research has found that inhaling glutathione in mildly asthsmatic people may cause bronchospasm due to sulfite formation. The connection to good glutathione levels is crucial in asthsma, but needs to be weighed against the risk of bronchospasm when inhaled. Caution must be used at all times and glutathione levels may be more safely raised in asthsmatic people by oral or other means. Proper medical supervision is advised at all times when athsma is a risk so as not to cause undue stress on this very sensitive bronchial tissue.

# # # #

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • drmom5

    Sulfite sensitive people, you need to be taking molybdenum.

  • Mike

    Question, how much water with how much glutathione and sodium bicarbonate should you use in the nebulizer? The supplement you recommend is no longer available it seems. Or the page was moved.

    • Guest

      The link works for me…the product is still available.

  • Steve

    Can glutathione be nebulized along with iodine? or do they chemically react or in some other way not work when mixed together in nebulizer cup?

    • Steve

      Also, what about the addition of a drop or two of essential oil?

  • dw

    Can u do it for better oxygen? I live in very puluted city

  • Greg

    I have heard that the glutathione molecule is too big to enter the cell from the bloodstream. It is said that it can only be made in the cell by precursors. What is Dr. Sircus’ take on this?

    • I posed your question to Dr. Sircus and he replied:

      “some very strong people would disagree and so would I”

      .Claudia French

      • Guest

        Couldn’t you just provide a link to the published study showing oral glutathione is indeed effective?

  • Luciano

    But in Brazil, we havent these product by Theranaturals (Reduced L-Glutathione Plus). What another product we can use?

  • Bob O

    Just a suggestion. Have you ever tried delivery via a Personal Vaporizer? These devices are typically used as a smoking cessation aid. Called “Vaping”, these devices vaporize flavored liquids mixed in Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to produce a vapor – in the case of smoking cessation, liquid nicotine is added. This could be a more convenient and portable option for your patients as the devices are quite cheap and relatively small. I experimented – adding sodium bicarbonate to VG and it produced a thick vapor. Hope this suggestion helps.

  • Brian White

    I just found out that I have scarring in half of the upper lobe of one lung that was unknown to me, maybe a past infection. It was discovered on my CAT scan. I breathe fine but would like to know if nebulizing the glutathione/baking soda combination would be the best thing to help my body heal the scarring?

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear Brian,
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation.
      Dr. Sircus has an entire protocol of a number of things that may help you. You can read about his protocol and about dosages in the ebook Treatment Essentials:

      Or you can choose a consultation with Dr. Sircus for an in depth recommendation for you. He is available to take patients via his online clinic.

      Please let me know if I can be of further help.
      Best Regards,
      Maurice Guggisberg
      IMVA Support Team

  • Stew

    I have stage 4 lung cancer, and my coughing is sometimes quite violent. My cough is really disrupting my quality of life. My medical oncology nurse referred me to her palliative care clinic, to see if there could be anything they could do for me. One of the things they suggested was a nebulizer. What medication/compound should I use? Can I expect to experience any relief?

  • Judy

    I’d like to know how long we should nebulize baking soda. About a year ago, an ND told my husband that he had yeast in his lungs and I’ve had him nebulizing with baking soda ever since. The nebulizer he uses only holds about 5 mm so that seems to be a lot smaller than what everyone else is talking about. Anyway, he had oral cancer and I’m worried about the yeast in his lungs, but I also don’t know if there is some danger in doing this long term. I’d appreciate any advice you might have.

    • Hi Judy,

      Most nebulizers come with a 5-10 ml chamber capacity. At times more treatments may be necessary to increase the amounts per day of nutrient or medication provided when nebulizing.
      You will need to ask your ND to test for evidence of the yeast in the lung that started your husband on this journey. You may be able to stop using the nebulizer if he is not showing further symptoms of the yeast invasion or your paractitioner may wish him to continue on . pH should be checked daily nebulizing sodium bicarbonate to be sure it is staying in the desired range. Depending on how much sodium bicarbonate and how often he is nebulizing long term use may cause some difficulties. Please read the chapter in the Sodium Bicarbonate eboon on the contraindications and cautions for its use and talk this over with his NP.
      Claudia French

  • judy

    An ND told my husband that he has some kind of yeast in his lungs, so I’ve had him nebulizing baking soda for months, but I can’t find any information as to how safe it is to continue doing this daily over a long period of time. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Thanks.

    • Have you thought about treating with iodine? Iodine is effective against yeast infections.

      Maybe he can take iodine orally and get rid of this yeast in his lungs. Or it could be nebulized Here is an excerpt from Dr. Sircus’ essay on nebulizing iodine and you must use caution:

      From :

      Claudia French

      When it comes to using iodine in a nebulizer special caution is needed. The choice of iodine is important because putting in potassium, which is found in Lugol’s, is dangerous. Potassium chloride, another salt of potassium, is used for lethal injection so I recommend only Nascent Iodine. Nebulization with iodine offers an extremely strong therapy which can clear the lungs quite rapidly of infections. Therapeutic concentrations can be increased for desired effect but it is recommended that dosages start at the low end unless there is an emergency situation. I would start my first iodine treatment with a weak solution, 3 – 5 drops and slowly increase to ten drops or more closely monitoring the experience. As long as the patient displays no discomfort or side effects concentration can be increased strongly especially when in a life threatening situation. One should expect much quicker and more dramatic results with iodine then with H2O2..

      • judy

        Thanks, Claudia. I’ve bookmarked a few pages…it’s a lot to digest but I’ll get through it when I have a little time.

      • Guest

        What utter nonsense. Potassium chloride is not used SOLEY for lethal injection — it requires not only an extremely high dose (unlike the miniscule amount in Lugols), plus 2 other serious drugs to cause death.

  • SS

    The Onco now tells me that the lung is totally encrusted and that it must be the cancer. There is very slim to no chance for its expansion after the removal of 2 liters of fluid. Cd the bs nebulization encrusted the lung? That even if we tested the fluid and it showed no cancer it may not necessarily be so.

  • SS

    Can bs nebulization cause pleural effusion? The Drs performed Tube thoracotomy on my 75 year old father’s left lung this morning. He has NSCLC stage 4 with bad pleural effusion. The last 2 months I have been doing the 8.4% bs nebulization for abt 20 mins 6 days on 6 days off. The Drs remove 1.6ml of liquid but the lung is completely crushed and will not expand. The cardiothoracic Dr said there wasn’t cancer in the lung anymore and that whatever the onco was doing killed the cancer. I have not been able to talk to his onco yet but I did not tell the cardiothoraxic dr that we stopped tarceva since march this year and he was not on any other medication except this recent bs treatment. Cd this have caused the cancer on his lungs to clear and also the heavy pleural effusion? My father has not awaken yet to see how his breathing is but the cardiothoraxic’s prognosis is not good.

    • Dear SS,

      So sorry to hear this terrible news about your father’s condition. This is difficult since they are no longer seeing evidence of the cancer.
      It would be very unusual for sodium bicarbonate nebulization to have caused the effusions and fluid accumulation.
      Malignant pleural effusion is a complication that occurs in 35% of lung cancers. As for ascites, 85% result from liver disease, and one of the other causes is related to malignancy .

      Someone would need to look at the entire picture of what’s occurred here to determine the cause of the remaining problems and when they started. .
      Claudia French

  • Shane

    Dr. Sircus. I was mixing some natural herbs together by accident. In which says they contradict each other? What does that mean contradict also in the process it did have some side affects. I lost my taste buds only till I stopped taking them together ,Also I had a permanent smile and gave me the giggles. I never felt better in my whole entire life. Since taking this I think I cured my depression. It’s been gone for almost four years. I still get little bouts of it once in a while but now its very manageable. However it seems to be slowly coming back. Is it safe to mix herbs together that contradict each other . Will I stroke out or something by doing this.. What do you think I should do. Take another chance. I just don’t want too hurt my self in the process. It even gave Me better focus. I would post what I mixed. But I think it would be dangerous and irresponsible. Depression is a hard nut to crack.

    • Shane,

      It would seem the word “contradict” here means that one herb has an interfering action on another….that it works against another herbs actions.
      Without more information Dr. Sircus would not be able to advise you on what to do now. Please consider a consultation with him.

      He also has other items on his protocol that are very effective against depression, magnesium being at the top of the list.
      Claudia French

  • Shane Elenewski

    Dr. Sircus. I was mixing some natural herbs together by accident. In which says they contradict each other? What does that mean contradict also in the process it did have some side affects. I lost my taste buds only till I stopped taking them together ,Also I had a permanent smile and gave me the giggles. I never felt better in my whole entire life. Since taking this I think I cured my depression. It’s been gone for almost four years. I still get little bouts of it once in a while but now its very manageable. However it seems to be slowly coming back. Is it safe to mix herbs together that contradict each other . Will I stroke out or something by doing this.. What do you think I should do. Take another chance. I just don’t want too hurt my self in the process. It even gave Me better focus. I would post what I mixed. But I think it would be dangerous and irresponsible. Depression is a hard nut to crack.

  • SS

    My 75 year old father has stage 4 NSCLC and it has been three years. He was on tarceva for a about two years and we stopped when the dr said tarceva has stopped working on him. I have been doing the baking soda with blackstrap molasses for the last 2 months (10 days straight and then a few days break before starting again). When on this protocol, his PH gets to almost 9. At the same time, I also did the 8.4% baking soda nebulization, 6 days on, 6 days off. 2 weeks ago he was having shortness of breath and was always tired. A chest X-ray was done and the report – Complete opacification of the left lung field likely due to collapse consolidation with pleural effusion. About 650cc liquid was tapped out. There is a lot more liquid but the Dr had to stop because my father complained of pain. He is breathing better now though. The Dr said to leave things as they are if it does not bother him too much. He is tired most of the time and spends most of the time in bed. How and why did this happen? Is there a natural way of clearing the liquid?

    • Dear SS,

      So sorry to hear about your father and his breathing problems. This type of lung cancer can cause the fluid accumulation in and around the lung that you describe.
      For better direction than we can give you here you will need to have a consult with Dr. Sircus where he can explain what you might do and the other protocol items he recommends for this type of cancer.
      Please see for your options. Dr. Sircus utilizes many strong substances in addition to sodium bicarbonate in treating cancer.
      Claudia French

  • SS

    What about Pleural effusions? Will it help?

    • Dear SS,

      What Is This Protocol Useful For?

      The answer to that question is just about everything! Composed of innovative and sophisticated therapies, each component is evidence-based integrative medicine from around the world that pays special attention to treating the underlying causes of sickness. All components are safe, non-toxic medicinals. All are perfectly legal and together will outperform any pharmaceutically oriented approach.

  • Elaine

    Hello! I live in a fairly remote place and am interested in nebulizer therapy with the glutathione and bicarbonate. Is this appropriate for pulmonary fibrosis? I note that patients are advised to take NAC so I’d think so. Possible to add curcumin? Thanks.

    • Yes you can nebulize these substances for pulmonary fibrosis. Not sure about the curcumin in a nebulizer.
      Claudia French

  • politicaljules

    Can the L-Glutathione be nebulized with an ultrasonic nebulizer?

  • biggestbird

    I was looking to try and “treat” a “mild” asbestosis with nebulized reduced glutathione and I have the baking soda, Vitacost glutathione, Now baking soda and distilled water but want to know exactly what I’m doing to keep this in check so hopefully it will keep this from progressing as I age.

    • To Biggestbird,

      If you are wanting more direction on what to take, dosages etc. you will need a consultation with Dr. Sircus since we can’t discuss individual treatment plans here on this blog. Please see: for the available options.
      Claudia French

    • To Biggestbird,

      If you are wanting more direction on what to take, dosages etc. you will need a consultation with Dr. Sircus since we can’t discuss individual treatment plans here on this blog. Please see: for the available options.
      Claudia French

  • Ann

    I’ve been trying to investigate this as a health-building remedy for a friend with severe Asthma and I haven’t been able to figure something out. Is the remedy a combination of sodium Bicarbonate with Magnesium, or Sodium Bicarbonate with L-Glutathione? Also what would the dosage and frequency be, or be based-on? We have all the components to be able to do a nebulizer treatment right in the house, but don’t want to over dose or under dose. She’s un-insured so a compounding pharmacy may be out of the question monetarily. If we’re forced to go to one, it could take months before she can take advantage of the healing benefits of this information. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ann,

      For nebulizing we recommend using the glutathione and bicarbonate available from this source and by following their directions. scroll down this page to the Reduced L-Glutathione Plus and follow their directions for nebulization.
      For magnesium only use the most pure magnesium oil as from Ancient Minerals here: only add a drop or two to 5 ml of water that will fill the nebulization cup…….do not mix the glutathione and magnesium…….do these nebulizations separately.
      Other product endorsements can be found here:
      if other questions still are troubling to you please read the book Treatment Essentials or please consider a consultation with Dr. Sircus.

      Claudia French

      • Dave Inci

        I would like to know the quantity of bicarbonate and L-glutathione in one caps ?
        Thank you !

        • Hello Dave and thanks for your inquiry. The website on the site of Theranaturals is not working and ususally displays the product label with the info you need. They have been contacted and are fixing it now.
          Here is the info you requested:

          product content is 200mg Reduced L-Glutathione and 55mg Sodium Bicarbonate/capsule. 100 capsule/bottle.
          Claudia French

          • Dave Inci

            Thank you very much !

          • Dave Inci

            I wondered if i can make a mix (distilled water, l-glutathion and bicarbonate) for a week or a month ?
            or the conservation is not good ?

          • Dave,

            We have no idea. You might write to the people at theranaturals and ask there. I do know Dr. Sircus does not feel oral intake of glutathione is very good due to poor absorption in the gut.
            Claudia French

  • arooj

    my four and a half year old daughter gets a constant cold through oct to feb…she gets a cough and phleym and her chest is bad through out winters. she doesnt wheez a lot but rattles she coughs alot though…and twice or thrice in these months she gets high fever too for which she takes antibiotics…i wonder what it is the dr. has given her bronchitis meds…and anti allergy for three months…i just hope i am not imagining things and its just allergy in the winters….

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      I don’t know where you live but in many areas Oct.-Feb is the dry winter season and homes have their heating system running. YOu might want to look into providing more humidity which could ease some of her problems. Also she might benefit from using Rejuvenate which has high spirulina content and is very good against suppressing allergies.


  • I would be very careful with anything that your using. I think one of the best things I could recommend is talk to your doctor. Make sure your doctor knows everything that is going on with you and that he knows the items you want to take. He can help you better asses the situation and if things need to be changed or not. He can also help you with knowing what not to use.

    • healingplease

      Medical Doctors (legal drug dealers) don’t know what they are talking about. Seek advice from doctors like Dr. Sircus for true healing.

  • Claudine


    My father has pneumonia as well as a tumour (adenocarcinoma) in his left lung. We are currently nebulizing colloidal silver 2 x day. Do you recommend nebulized glutathione w/ baking soda as well as magnesium and iodine for him or just one of these?

    Thank you,


    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Claudine,

      Dr. Sircus often recommends a combination of things on his protocol for nebulization, including iodine, baking soda, magnesium. and glutathione.

      the specific combination would depend on your father’s particular circomstances.

  • I am asthmatic for last two years due to the pollen allergies. It is seasonal and affected mostly in start of winter. I have changed the city due to this allergy but whenever I travel in that area I face the bronchial stiffness.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      To Breaking news,

      You would benefit from using magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and either spirulina or the superfood Rejuvenate which Dr. Sircus recommends…..all protect against allergies.

  • Joyce

    Hi, I have Dr. Sircus’s first book about Transdermal Magnesium, but don’t recall info about nebulizing it for asthma. Can you please tell me the protocol for nebulizing it and baking soda for asthma, please. I have a regular nebulizer that I bought to use with albuterol.



  • Michael T Murphy

    have late stage COPD and need to get off predesone. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Michael,

      To get off of Prednisone you need to carefully titrate the dose down., Under no circumstances should you stop this drug suddenly as you would put yourself in danger. This requires being under a doctors supervision. Please consider a private consultation with Dr. Sircus to walk you through this and get you on a better protocol for whatever you are having difficulty with. Each case is different and he does not give personal advice unless he is aware of the person’s specific condition and medical history.
      If you wish, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Sircus by writing to:

  • Shanna

    I want to nebulize for radiation defense for our children, I am thinking Green Tea extract and/or baking soda… would this be an effective therapy? How often should this be done in a situation of continual low-dose radiation?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Shanna,

      First bathing in sodium bicarbonate baths has been shown to be highly effective in removing many forms of radiation and pollution and probably is safer for a child with no lung condition needing treatment.

      Nebulizing sodium bicarbonate is a little more risky and should be undertaken with caution especially with children. It is still only an untested treatment. Dosing for this is not set in stone.

      In general various doctors recommend:

      The bronchial secretions during attack of bronchial asthma are acidic and the acidity imparts stickiness to the secretions and moreover there is high level of neuraminic acid, which possibly correlates with the stickiness. Thus sodium bicarbonate is an excellent choice for nebulization offering it’s powerful and instant pH changing effects. Dr. Tullio Simoncini recommends aerosol use of bicarbonate for lung and bronchial adenocarcinoma. He recommends putting 1 soupspoon sodium bicarbonate in ½ liter water and inhaling it with a fast inhaler in half an hour. Six days on six days off when in IV break phases.

      Dr. Lewis Nelson, a specialist in emergency medicine says, “Nebulized sodium bicarbonate has been shown to provide symptomatic relief in patients exposed to chlorine, and it is probably useful with all irritant gases that liberate acid. Through a neutralization reaction, the damaging effects of the acids are limited. Nebulized sodium bicarbonate should be used in concentrations of less than 2% (which generally means about a 4:1 dilution of standard 8% sodium bicarbonate).”[9]

      You can mix 1.5 tsp. in a cup of pure water, and add this solution to the fill line of your nebulizer. Once a day.

      Depending on the level of radiation this can be done multiple times/week or probably daily if contamination is VERY high. Keep a watch on pH as alkalosis could become a major problem.

  • John Hammett

    I can’t seem to get in touch with “Thera Naturals” as they never answer the phone and they still haven’t answered my email. Is there another company we can go to that sells a comparable product which contains reduced l-glutathione and baking soda ?

    Thanks for the great info Dr. Sircus.


    • Sheree Phillips

      I ordered my stuff from Thera Naturals online on Sat.night and sent them an email on Sunday requesting a change in my order got a confirmation email on Mon morn about order change and received my order thru the mail in Texas on Wed morn.Plus I called them on Mon morn and left a message and a man called me back in about 20 mins.Indeed I am very pleased with the company

      • So glad to hear this Sheree! Its great when we get such cooperation from the companies we endorse. Thanks for sharing!

      • So glad to hear this Sheree! Its great when we get such cooperation from the companies we endorse. Thanks for sharing!

    • franko35758


  • I read this some where else but the poster was very biased. Thanks for the info.

  • Good day, I became looking for Glutathione & Bicarbonate Nebulization | Dr. Mark's Blog when I encountered a web page. Say thanks for sharing this excellent facts. Many thanks!

  • Gustavo

    Dear Mr. Sircus,

    I read your excellent article on Iodine and Influenza. I would you like to ask you a few questions, please, and would be very grateful for your reply.

    I live in Mexico, and the only two forms of iodine readily available in stores: one is the usual tincture of “black iodine” (“tintura de yodo negro”) that is used as an antiseptic, containing 2 gm. of iodine per 100 ml. I assume that this can be used to for water purification purposes? May I ask how much you would use per liter for such a purpose. Would this serve more or less as a supplement as well?

    Also available is what they call “rabano yodado,” which is a syrup containing an extracts of radish, watercress, dried sweet clover, and bitter orange peel, and peppergrass. Also .13 gm. iodine and .08 gm potassium iodide per 100 ml.

    What would be a “normal” dose for a healthy adult of this–i.e. mg/ml?

    Finally, a very interesting remark for me was this:

    “I have suggested that people put iodine into a nebulizer for aerosol treatment for transdermal effect into the lung tissues in the case of lung cancer, emphysema, asthma and tuberculosis. I make the recommendation to do the same with magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and glutathione.”

    Is there any literature on preparing such a mixture–or perhaps the iodine is enough? Given what I have available, could one use tincture of iodine in a nebulizer? I am mildly asthmatic, and would be grateful for any relief.

    I hope to hear from you, and thank you again for your very helpful and interesting article We went out at once and bought the “rabano yodado” syrup, and for starter (until I hear from your advice) we are each taking one tablespoon daily, which I calculate is roughly 7 mg. daily.

    With all good wishes,

    Gustavo Polit

    • IMVA Staff

      Dear Gustavo,

      Many of the tinctures of iodine are NOT suitable for ingestion or inhalation as they are poisonous to our systems. You must be very careful what you are using and we are not familiar with these iodine preparations you have available in Mexico so we cannot advise using them. YOu would be better off ordering Nascent iodine over the Internet as this is a safe preparation.

      Please see Dr. Sircus Article on safety of iodine at:

      You can order Nascent Iodine from LL’s Magnetic Clay and they will ship to you in Mexico.
      And please read Dr. Sircus’ book on Iodine available on the publications site.

      Claudia French

  • Tuesday, December 14, 2010


    In addition to the nebulizer approach, I would definitely encourage the drinking of what I’ve come to call the “Magic Juice Combo”, i.e. half orange juice and half ruby red grapefruit juice. You can read more details at . There you’ll read about a man who had walking pneumonia and got over it in less than 18 hours. You’ll also read about a man whose arthritis was completely gone after only 5 weeks of daily drinking just a small amount of the Magic Juice Combo.

    One important note: the orange juice and the ruby red grapefruit juice must be 100% juice, NOT the “juice drinks” that have other ingredients such as sugar, and/or other juices. Use only 100% orange juice and 100% ruby red grapefruit juice, and do not pre-mix. Just pour half a glass of each immediately before drinking. And be sure to read the two important updates shown near the top of the page at .

  • Amazing. Lastnight, I was studying the same neulizers that Dr. Sircus mentioned on the very same link. I’m also testing “Smokeless Cigarettes” to deliver medicine and have a link for those that want to learn more about these small vaporizers.

    The Aeroneb has a three- to fivefold higher efficiency for delivering drug to the lungs than conventional jet or ultrasonic nebulisers. A modified version of the Aerodose Inhaler is able to deliver insulin with a similar metabolic activity as insulin given by subcutaneous injection.

    See and

    • Please consider this, if you are nebulizing Nascent Iodine, you may want to consider suspending it in Magnesium Oil before adding it to your sterile water as this will preserve the Iodine until it is delivered.

      If you have a microscope, please confirm my suggestion as the Iodine should suspend in Mg indefinitely and I’m not certain the same is true when H2O is added.

      Doc Sircus, please confirm and feel free to add this in your book.

  • pauline wolf

    I have bronchial asthma from a kitchen fire years ago—-i hate the drugs they put me on steroids being one—–and they do not even work that well any more
    my lungs are fine-it is my bronchial tubes that were damaged—-will the above help my condition ?

    thank you

    • IMVA Staff

      Yes Pauline,

      You should get onto Dr. Sircus entire protocol to help your asthma. Magnesium and iodine will also help you. But be sure to read the caution about nebulizing glutathione when you have asthma. See the special note at the end of the essay.
      Claudia French