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HOMEMEDICINESodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Sodium Bicarbonate – Effective Cancer Medicine

Published on June 3, 2014

This book is about the application of the least expensive, safest and perhaps most effective cancer medicine there is. Studies have already shown how manipulation of tumor pH with sodium bicarbonate enhances chemotherapy pointing to the appropriateness of using bicarbonate as a principle medicinal substance with the potential of curing people of their cancers.

Sodium bicarbonate cancer treatment focuses on delivering natural chemotherapy in a way that effectively kills cancer cells while dramatically reducing the brutal side effects and costs experienced with standard chemotherapy treatments.

One pound of sodium bicarbonate costs only a few dollars at the supermarket. If you live in the States, you can get fifty pounds for fifty dollars of high-grade medicine that you can drink or put in your bathtub for the quickest, safest and certainly least expensive anticancer treatment available anywhere for any price.

For ten dollars or less one has a nothing-to-lose-everything-to-gain-cancer-treatment. Sodium bicarbonate is a world-class anti-fungicide but that is but one of the reasons why baking soda is such an effective, safe and rapid-acting anti-tumor agent. It is such a good and necessary cancer medicine that oncologists have secretly been using it for decades along with chemotherapy fooling themselves in the process because they think they are using it to protect their patients from the deadly chemo chemicals.

Emergency room and intensive care medicine would be severely handicapped if there was no sodium bicarbonate and already very dangerous chemotherapy would be even more deadly without bicarbonate used as a buffer when the chemical chemo poisons are pumped in. If you want to see how fast a person can hit the floor during chemotherapy just forget to mix in the bicarbonate and get out your stopwatch!

Sodium bicarbonate is used prior to, during and after application of chemotherapy. Since the very beginning sodium bicarbonate has been used with the premier chemotherapy agent made from mustard gas. Mechlorethamine also known as chlormethine, mustine, nitrogen mustard and HN2, and sold under the brand name of Mustargen, was the prototype anticancer chemotherapeutic drug. Use of mechlorethamine gave birth to the field of anticancer chemotherapy. Without baking soda orthodox oncology would never have been able to establish itself for all their patients would probably have died too quickly.

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You will also be given fluids via IV and a drug called mesna with your cyclophosphamide to help prevent bladder irritation. Sodium bicarbonate will be given to you – usually as a drip – before and during your methotrexate treatment, to help protect your kidneys.

These chemo drugs are an analogue of mustard gas and were derived from chemical warfare research. Instructions for their use include: Dilute well with rapidly running IVF flush solution. After infusion is complete, give brisk bolus approx. 200 cc IVF to flush veins. The basic substances used in IVF flushes are sodium thiosulfate and sodium bicarbonate.

Special Note: On Monday, June 2, 2014, the Sodium Bicarbonate book in hard copy went on sale on Amazon and I invite all my readers to purchase a copy so we can push the book onto the bestseller list. The second edition of the Sodium Bicarbonate book Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment is also available now in a Spanish edition, in eBook form.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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Introduction to Natural Allopathic Medicine eBook Cover


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  • وليد العمودي

    my father was diagnosed since 14 month tumor brain .
    so what we do now ؟
    Knowing the seriousness of the operation

  • Imran

    My daughter is 13 years now, she was diagnosed Osteosarcoma in June 2013 with three small nodules on right lung.
    She then got tumor removed by limb sparing surgery on right leg and got ten months high doses chemotherapies which ended August 2014. In March 2015 she got multiple new nodules on both the lungs which keep increase in size and hence removed by two different surgeries (June – August 2015) at MSKCC New York. Now after two months Oct.2015 she again got multiple nodules in both the lungs.

    • Mehmet Ezio

      assalam o alaikum imran

    • Sylwia

      Hi Imran, aby success? I have a boy in a family. Exactly same situation! Did you get any advice?

  • Kevin Cole

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with bladder cancer at stage 3, I have been told I need a radical surgery procedure that will remove my bladdr and prostate. I am keen to try and see if altering my ph will shrink the cancer cells but wonder how I can check my ph to ensure I target the recommended ph 8. what do I use to check the ph please help.
    thanks. Kevin

    • Kevin you can use these which Dr. Sircus recommends:

      Other pH test strips can be found on the Internet.

      run these through your urine stream 2-3 times per day and adjust the amount of sodium bicarbonate you take accordingly.
      Claudia French

      • Kevin Cole

        Thank you Claudia,
        I havea couple of questions that i cant find answers to please can you help me?

        I have now been using the soda and mollasses therapy for 5 days 2 teaspoons of each in a glass of water twice a day, and my ph in urine is 8.5 but my saliva only reads 6.25 is this normal and is the therapy working at this reading?

        I am feeling absolutley great other than an occassional bout of diarrhea and a slight headache across my temples but this is very mild.

        I am also taking 900grams of B17 twice a day along with 5 to 8 apricot seeds every 3 hours for the last 3 days again i am feeling very well.

        I am on a raw food diet hi in antioxidants no dairy or meat and only a little fresh fish to give me protein. Would appreciate some advice as to is it ok to carry on this regime with the soda therapy?

        I really appreciate your advice and support at this time.

        Kind regards


    • Helena

      Well Kevin, my bowel tumors snapped of altogether after using baking soda – about 3 teaspoons a day for a month. I was really sick from leaking amalgam fillings but didnt know I had tumors until I pooped them out (one a week for 6 weeks). They looked like baby’s tongues. I just used bicarb of soda to help with chronic fatigue – caused by the mercury posioning – didnt know I had tumors at the time, or that bicarb was a cancer cure. As I never had the tumors tested, I cant be certain they were malignant – but they were an exact match to the malignant text book tumor photos. One of the three most shocking experiences of my life.

  • Debbie

    I have a friend with pancreatic cancer, does anyone know how much baking soda she should take?

    • Debbie you or she needs to read the book on baking soda and the essays on our site which give descriptions and even a video of using sodium bicarbonate for cancer. The amount she should take will depend on her own pH which should be checked daily, to keep her pH at 8 for 10 days, then a break needs to be taken for a week and the regime performed again till cancer retreats. .
      Claudia French

  • David Barnes

    the Sodium Bicarbonate book is a wonder! my copy just arrived from Amazon in Canada. well written and a pleasure to read. what a Blessing it is. this book is a Divine Gift and a fine Gift to give to others. a Gift that keeps on giving. db

  • Yes David, sorry for the confusion, it is available in paperback as opposed to e-book form. Apparently the publisher set it up to be sold by numerous of their booksellers through
    Claudia French