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Against Truth

Published on December 21, 2016

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Most people have no idea what truth is or the process of finding it. The truth is as unpopular today as it has always been. Yet the pressure against the truth is becoming more intense because the truth is rising like a monster in front of everyone`s faces. The truth is like a mountain range right in front of us and it is ugly because we have chosen to live without it. Truth though is stubborn and cannot be banished so easily.

Sometimes the truth is easy to see and is measurable right down to the dollar. Talking about mountain ranges of truth let’s start with 200 trillion in international debt and that is probably a conservative number. We can debate all day about what is going to happen to that debt, about what it is presently doing to millions/billions of people around the world, and how badly that debt will crush the future, crush the elderly and the young as well as countries, states, cities and towns.

Though they say that the truth will set you free we have made truth into something ugly because we deny it so much. The more we have ignored the truth the uglier things have gotten and now literally there will be hell to pay. This is the most dangerous period we are heading into for in addition to everything that will fall apart governments will respond only in their own self-interest to survive.

The truth is we humans are ugly. We are wiping out the beauty of our planet with our ugliness. As long as we do not want to look at our own ugliness it is impossible to be beautiful. Beauty is becoming rare and there are some people who would like to put beauty into extinction. If we let them do that then everything will darken—as if things were not dark enough already.

The light always shines and that is why darkness gets defeated yet rises again and again to snuff out the light. There are many reasons we have never gotten our collective acts together. Certainly, leadership has been a sore spot in history. We have a lot of confusion about who we are, mixing religions, races, sexes and social economic classes. Our religions confuse everything with their violent tendencies to create separations yet it is all hidden behind a false veneer of peace.

Climate Truth

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That is snow in the Sahara Desert and it never snows in the Sahara. The truth is that our planet is cooling dangerously and there is plenty of snow to prove it. Sunday, Dec. 18, the average temperature across the Lower 48 states of the U.S. is colder than any time all last winter. As this plot of hourly temperatures shows, the average temperature is 16 degrees. F, which is 4 degrees colder than any time last winter.


The ultimate truth, whatever it may be, is tough meat. It is unending and ever becoming and that is why in the end it is so hard to completely defeat. That does not mean the bad guys will ever stop trying. The earth is going into the deep freezer but the global warming maniacs keep telling us the global warming will never stop. Some of these maniacs are worrying about the incoming Trump administration fearing they could receive personal attacks and death threats simply for doing their jobs. How about simply for lying? The Trump administration has asked for lists of people involved in climate change programs and as the world freezes over it will be interesting to see what happens to these people.

The truth is that Donald Trump is anti-status quo, anti-elite, anti-liberal. His election is a demand for attention, for debate and for dialogue which is one thing liberals and progressives have shunned. Just look at the public debate about global warming. Liars in general do not welcome open debate and dialogue. Let us hope the best side of Trump comes out when he takes office and let’s hope the establishment does not kill him for being so anti-establishment.

Obama is the king of untruth or said another way the biggest liar in modern history. A years-long forensics investigation into the computer image of the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate image that Barack Obama released during a White House news conference during his first term and presented to the American people as an official government document concluded it is “fake.” Americans have had a fake president for eight years. That made him the perfect man for the job of chief liar about global warming.

We are not Compassionate

What is missing in too many of us humans is compassion. Compassion is the understanding of suffering. Buddha of course said, “Life is suffering,” so we must be denying our legitimate suffering because we have lost most of our sense of compassion. Carl Jung said “Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.” Scott Peck said, “The tendency to avoid problems and the emotional suffering inherent in them is the primary basis of all human mental illness.”

Pain and suffering are universal human constants. Openhearted people seem to suffer more simply because they are more open to feel. How we relate to our own personal suffering and the suffering of others sheds much light on the basic foundations of our personalities. “There is much to be said for the constructive contribution of suffering to creative and spiritual life; suffering can temper the soul,” wrote Daniel Goleman, author the book Emotional Intelligence.

Because we and especially our leaders are without compassion our entire way of life is bankrupt and that even includes the world of medicine which has become cruel because it has not wanted to look at the truth of all the people medicine hurts and kills every year.

The truth is that we cannot trust politicians.

What seems to spook people now is the possibility that everybody in
charge of everything is a fraud or a crook. Legitimacy has left the system.
James Howard Kunstler

What is the truth? Is it what we say it is? Is it really a good idea to put neurotoxic heavy metals like mercury in childhood vaccines? What is the truth of that?

Will we ever have the courage to deal with the kind of truth that has the power to transform not only people but our institutions, society and the world? Probably not because there will always be someone around to argue with the truth and we do have too many psychopaths and sociopaths running things.

Truth Vs Belief

Objective truths exist independent of our subjective natures and our opinions and beliefs about things. We can believe whatever we want and as passionately as we please but believing something is so does not necessarily make it so, though it is true that lies become truth to people who believe in the absolute truth of their beliefs. The truth is most people cannot tell the difference between a conceptual idea/belief and reality itself.

If you are a person of truth and you hear the truth it kinds of excites us. Truth, though, if we are not living it, is almost always unbearable to hear.

Paul Craig Roberts asserts that there is a Western War on Truth, saying, “The “war on terror” has simultaneously been a war on truth. For fifteen years—from 9/11 to Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” and “al Qaeda connections,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” endless lies about Gadaffi, “Russian invasion of Ukraine”—the governments of the so-called Western democracies have found it essential to align themselves firmly with lies in order to pursue their agendas. Now these Western governments are attempting to discredit the truthtellers who challenge their lies.”

The truth is that whenever you hear the media attacking some group as being “racist,” “xenophobic” and “sexist,” understand that the people doing the attacking are being nasty. Want to know the truth about Islam and how it treats women? A young woman who received death threats after going out without her full-body dress in Saudi Arabia now faces being lashed after she was arrested. That is just the tip of the ice berg.

Carl Gallups sounds like he is talking the truth saying, “I think that the rich and elite are becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous and potentially unstable world in which we now reside,” he warned. “Massive instances of civil unrest, even in America, are becoming a very real possibility. Internal terror attacks, swelling illegal alien populations, an influx of Islamic refugees, increasing racial discord, ambushing police officers, the rule of law continually being trampled by the political elite and an almost complete collapse of trust in the mainstream media – all of this has led to widespread cynicism and distrust among the population as a whole.”

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Thank you for abrogating your recent policy change regarding your comments on non-medical matters. I’ve always enjoyed the breadth of topics on this site, as unhappiness, upset, insecurity, or fear, all adversely impact our health and immune systems. Your perspectives are often reassuring and thought-provoking, and this article pretty-well sums up why I subscribe and what I’m here for.

  • Elizabeth

    What a beautifully written article! I agree on all points. The more highly educated love to laugh and put down others of us who have more common sense and can’t be shamed into thinking we are racist and xenophobic for believing we should vet immigrants from the countries who produce a lot of terrorists, or want to stop ILLEGAL immigration on our southern border, that we are old fashioned for understanding that no country can escape the consequences of unimaginable debt, that we are stupid for questioning global warming (how many of them have ever looked into scientific evidence on the other side), or that we question the medical community’s current stance on vaccines. They will take the word of their “gods” without a single question mark in their minds. My first awakening to some of these important issues came from Ron Paul, who was right in many ways, and I put Dr. SIrcus in the same category… both very kind and knowledgeable men.

  • wontonx

    I agree with Dr Sircus on all points here and have used his health advice on magnesium and iodine and other matters. Go Donald!
    Yes, global warming is a scam.

  • Deborah

    It is a gift from God that your eyes have been opened to His Truth.
    We are seeing what God sees in this world. The beast kingdom is rising
    up thanks to all the help it is receiving. It must be so for all things
    of “him” to come to an end and for His glorious kingdom to come to us.

    The old adage “knowledge is power” is very true.
    You see the truth and that empowers you. Your knowledge of healing and
    your wisdom gained from experience and “seeing.”

    “It is that knowledge” that will empower everyone that receives your emails. IF they have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  • David Barnes

    We may choose to live the beautiful Truth while squarely facing many ugly facts. It is unfortunate that what you present here as Truth is simply your personal opinion mingled with ugly facts.

    • Melissa S

      Spoken just like one who hasn’t had any of the ugly facts come knocking at his door personally. That smugness really shines through in your words.

      • Mark Sircus

        I will second that Melilssa people like this like to attack without actually saying anything….no substance

  • Guy

    This article , is so very well said Dr. Mark Sircus.The news , if one can call it ,that has been turned upside down ,desperately trying to make us believe ,lies and fantasies . The Western world is having hissy fits because they realize that they don’t have the tiger by the tail anymore . The lies , mis-information has become so obvious , even the hard fast asleep people are waking up.Keep it up is what I say ,and bring on the much needed changes in world affairs so we can experience some much needed sanity .My best regards to you Dr. ,you do us all a great service with your words of wisdom and health care knowledge .

  • Mark Sircus

    The average temperature in European Russia, the Ural Mountains and Siberia is 10 degrees, or lower, below normal.21 Dec 2016 – During all days of December, the average temperature has not come close to normal.The temperature in the Khanty-Mansiysk dropped to -43ºC, setting a new daily record. The previous record was -39.6 degrees in 1937.In Salekhard, it fell to -41.5 degrees, also a new record.And last night in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the temperature dropped to -43ºC, -46ºC.

    • Deborah

      My experience is that people prefer a pretty lie over an ugly truth. I see it in my friends and family all the time.

  • RicardoRichard

    We all know what lies are but do we really know what truth is? In today’s world everything is so convoluted that reaching truth is wishful thinking. We only can approach truth about things that happened a long time ago when most of the secrets are discovered. Today almost any statement can be argued, because we have means and tools to present counter-arguments. In politics there’s no point in searching for truth, because we never have full elements to asseess any situation, because politicians per se are incorrigible liars. Only when a given event becomes history with years of perspective can we evaluate it without any guarantees we will reach the truth. In all science, especially in human sciences truth always evolves and escapes our grasp in spite of researchers’ whole-hearted involvent.
    “Let’s hope the establishment does not kill him [meaning: Trump] for being so anti-establishment”. Won’t Trump create his own Establishment if he does not end up like JFK?

    • Melissa S

      Nonsense. The truth is everywhere in every present moment. It is only hard to see when you’re looking for something or someone outside of yourself to give it to you. Try developing your inner capacity to see it by yourself, by moving your focus from what everyone else says to your own inner discernment apparatus. With practice, you will find that seeing what is true (or is not true) becomes as simple as breathing.

      The only down side to developing this capacity is that you will become angry at what you see. This is why people avoid developing themselves in this manner. It feels better to pretend you can’t see for now, waiting until it’s well in the past–until it’s old history–to finally take a look at what was so.

      This is why things just keep getting worse for humanity, because history is still repeating itself in the form of humans pretending they don’t have the capacity to see what is so.

      • RicardoRichard

        What you say is true only for those who see the world in black and white. For such people it is a cinch to discern truth from lies. They don’t need any education; for them it is enough to have intuition and the inner capacity of discernment..

        But the world save for a few exceptions like a woman is either pregnant or not, is NOT BLACK and WHITE. It is colourful and moreover it has lots of shades of the same colour.

        The more education you get, you realize how complicated and convoluted the things are and unless you are in the know of all things, you always lack the full elements of the picture and moreover and other things that apparently do not belong to that picture. Only when you acquire the full knowledge of the matter, which in itself is contradictio in adiecto, can you pass judgement.

        Therefore I said previously that one must collect the information needed (and it takes time) to assess the situation. It has nothing to do with pretending not to see.

        What did we know about the sophisticated programmes of surveillance that started at the end of the previous century if we hadn’t learnt anything from whistle-blowers at the beginning of the 21st century, which was well crowned by Edward Snowden some 10 years later?

        My congratulations to you on your own perspicacious inner discernment – after all you knew it all! Sorry, I didn’t. You are also sure to know the truth about 9/11. I don’t. Will you please share it here.

        And I have touched upon only a small portion of the world. Obviously you know how simple human psychology is – just to touch on a different matter. And you also know what is right and what is wrong in the universal sense. I don’t.

        So no wonder that you are able to see truth in everything right away, because you have already developed the inner capacity to see everything for yourself and bingo you get truth automatically without thinking much. It is as simple as breathing. Awesome! Are you mortal?

        • Melissa S

          I know instantly when I am hearing a lie, for the most part. Knowing that I am hearing a lie is not the same as knowing what the truth is, which often takes a great deal of time and effort to uncover. What I am saying is that everyone has the inner apparatus to discern truth from untruth; it’s a matter of whether they have placed their focus on developing this capacity or have placed their focus on listening to what they’re being told. Every human being who watched the World Trade Center towers fall saw “the truth” with their own eyes, which was that they fell exactly as a purposely imploded building falls. Then they have a choice: believe what they saw with their own eyes or believe what they’re being told about what they just saw.

          I believed what I saw with my own eyes first, and listening to the media’s explanation was proof that I was being lied to when measured against what my eyes saw. It took another 5 years to get real proof of what my eyes saw, thanks to Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. Do I know ALL of the truth about that event now? No, but I know enough to understand the massive scope of the lie, and the extent to which the truth has been hidden. I would know nothing of the truth if I weren’t accustomed to listening to my inner experience first, before listening to what others tell me is occurring. The search for facts follows, and can be grueling and drawn out.

          But it seems that most people have this backwards; they listen to what they’re being told first and for as long as they possibly can, until there is so much evidence piled up that they have been lied to that they cannot sustain their denial any longer. Then they are furious at having been lied to, even though they are complicit in the lie, by their choice to discount what their own sensory apparatus told them from the beginning and that they chose to ignore. The lie that started the Iraq war makes another great example of this.

          I leave you with this appropriate quote:

          “Sorcerers say that true rebellion, and humanity’s only way out as a species, is to stage a revolution against their own stupidity. As you can understand, this is solitary work.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

          • RicardoRichard

            Sorry I didn’t realize you were talking at a kindergarten level. There’s nothing to discuss. It is so obvious as 2+2=4.

            The original article is titled “Against Truth”. So first we must ask what truth is. And I said a few words on that.

            About 9/11 you say that truth is the imploding towers. I would say there’s much more to that than your statement conveys. Architects and Engineers and their truth is NOT the end of the story. I am not satisfied with such an answer but you are, for the simple reason that when you implode a building in a traditional way, the rubbles and left-overs reach the height of say 1/3 of the building. What happened in the case of twin towers? They almost disappeared, went into thin air because the rubbles probably reached only the tenth floor. It is more than obvious – the towers were pulverized. See Dr Judy Wood, Dr Joseph Farrell and Richard Hoagland. Who is in possession of such a technology?

            Revolution against stupidity? What for? After the revolution stupidity will continue, who knows, even stronger because stupidity knows no bounds.

          • spiritmascot

            I knew it was stupid to even consider replying to you, since you’ve clearly shown your goal is to make others out to be of inferior intelligence compared to you, and yet I did it anyway. I own that stupidity, while laughing at you for not having the good sense to know that believing you are superior to others is the very height of stupidity. I leave you to your task of showing the world your brand of stupidity.

          • RicardoRichard

            Thank you for your kindness. But by the way, how do you know what my beliefs are?

            We Europeans look at Americans in a very strange way. On the one hand you exhibit high tech and high life and know how to make money – any success or a flop is reduced to an amount of dollars it has cost, but in terms of an average education level, you are really a disaster. Some 30 years ago I happened to read in Psychology Today and I was flabbergasted that one-third of the Americans are unable to show the States on a world map (unfortunately in the last decades Europe has been emulating you following a good example for humanity). No wonder that the Deep State managed successfully to easily thrust down your throat “the truth” of such events as JFK and 9/11. In those times the organizers of such events in Europe wouldn’t even have dreamt of getting away with their truth.

            Most of American sites of such nature are closed circles of mutual admiration, any dissent is punished. They even authorize a comment to be published. One site, whose name I will not mention explicitly prohibited quoting in comments sources other than the owner’s. This site is not like that, so I am here.

            The author’s stupidity of these lines has been confirmed by his using 8 languages and holding a PhD and your intelligence has also been demonstrated by the lines you have addressed to me.

            There are lots of people who open their mouths without even realizing that they just discredit themselvres.

            So for those I will advise them to study the matter fairly thoroughly and think twice before deciding to comment unless you don’t mind exposing yourselves to ridicule by talking nonsense.

  • Andreas

    One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. Truth today seems to most people to be identical to the prevailing opinion voiced in the media. If an idea prevails there, they then see it as truth. Just check out Ian Fletcher and Protectionism vs Free Trade. It’s obvious why Protectionism is good for sosciety and the average man while Hillary’s Free Trade is only good for her wealthy friends.