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Personal Communication from Dr. Sircus

Published on July 15, 2016

This actually started as a dear IMVA letter but evolved into an open question, which I am struggling to resolve. The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) was started in 2004. Veritas is Latin for truth and I have done my best to represent that in the world of medicine. I have kind of a built in truth meter in my mind/heart, which has served me well in my personal and professional life.

My Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol has matured into a potent map for the treatment of disease but in the future, I will be writing more about health-care then medicine for in reality we do not cure diseases with medicine, especially with pharmaceutical medicine, especially in the age of toxicity, which we are all passing through.  

People are cured when they recover their health so all aspects of my protocol are antiaging, anti-inflammation health restoring substances. Disease is vanquished with health not with toxic drugs and tests that only add to our toxic burdens. THE CURE TO ALL DISEASES IS HEALTH. Health is the cure because we cannot have health and disease at the same time. I always found it a little strange when a cancer patient says that they are healthy.

At my Sanctuary, which I will open this fall, I will offer exclusive programs that will drown people in healthy substances, health processes and deep therapy as they soak up the pleasure of living in comfort in a pristine environment deep in Nature. One of the healthiest substances is love and care so our intention is to drown our visitors in this too.  

Facing the Most Difficult of Issues

I am inviting my readers to personally email me with meaningful feedback. Sometimes I have been challenged to let go of the world by stop paying attention to what is going on in it. Some have been quite nasty telling me to stay away from subjects outside of health and medicine areas though there is little to no substance in these communications, just hostility crudely projected.

Staying on top of the major issues of our times is stressful and not particularly good for my health. If anyone was in a good position to just forget it all, I am, as I live deep in Nature at the very end of the world in the interior highlands of Brazil. However, I find it more than difficult to disengage.

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Most recently I have been writing disturbing materials about radical Islamic terrorism because it has been impossible for me to ignore things when ISIS started making sexual slaves out of the women they would capture and now a year later burning them in cages when they will not surrender willingly to their rapists. Now that they are losing on the battleground reports are coming out how tightly the ISIS maniacs husband their captured women, who they never stop tormenting.

This morning we all woke up to hearing about yet another terrorist attack, this one had eighty-four people — including several children – who died in the French city of Nice after a terrorist plowed a truck, which was "loaded with" grenades and other arms, into a large crowd during Bastille Day celebrations. Additionally 18 individuals were in critical condition and 50 more were lightly injured. The terrorist attacks are getting fiercer and more frequent and most western politicians have nothing in the sleeves to stop the butchering of western peoples.

However, I am NOT publishing most of what I am writing about to my IMVA readers because talking about religious wars that have sexual warfare as a tool to weaken the enemy infidels touches us in some very uncomfortable places that some people feel belongs off a health and medicine oriented readership. We humans are not interested much in change, either on an individual level and certainly on a collective level.

What is coming from Islam is a holy terror whose ugliness will not be stomped out. Some have suggested love is the answer but I seriously doubt that for there is not enough love on our planet to save us from ourselves, from our numerous resident psycho and sociopaths, and certainly not from terrorists. If we refuse to come up with real answers, we are dooming ourselves to slide back into the dark ages. Is that what we want? Seems like most politicians and the media are taking us in this direction.

Eighteen years ago when I first started my work online I dedicated myself to serving God and the human race and to be a light in the intensifying darkness that only the blind could not see coming after 9-11. Many of course, even Einstein many years ago, could see the Apocalyptic Rider coming well in advance.  

At the bottom of the newsletter is an area where you can update your newsletter preferences to either receive in the future my World News bulletins or not. Of course, I would prefer that all my readers read about the major events that are shaping our world today. Health and medicine do not stop at the physical level of our bodies have to deal with even social and civilization events that create stress and thus more disease.

Life is Getting More Serious

I have always tended to be serious and quite a bit of my spiritual work was involved with learning to lighten-up. I think I work on this now more than ever (using deep breathing, meditation and prayer) not only for health and stress reasons but also because what is happening in the world is intensifying. Not many see it yet for television and mainstream print news does not show it. Nevertheless, it is heavy out there and there is little most of us can do to protect ourselves from what is about to come.

In my recent essay on death, I address both potential threats and current realities that are killing massive amounts of people. The fabric of modern civilization is tearing but it is at the corners just starting to cut into the hearts of failing societies, which are going broke but are still convincing their people that everything is going to be all right when it is not. Everyone is starting to talk now about Helicopter Money, which is the next step we can expect from the Gods of central banking.

Rapid Cooling Warning

For the first time in the eight years, I have been covering climate issues; I have two newsletters about global cooling in the works at the same time. What is happening is disturbing enough to put out an early warning that the coming scientifically prophesized mini ice age is already upon us meaning it might not be a slow decent into global cooling but a quick painful plunge. We will feel this most at first where it hurts, in our food bills and then in food availability.

Still snowing in the northern hemisphere and it is July 13, 2016. Nothing to worry about! I guess I worry too much; however, there is so much to worry about. Never thought of myself as a worrier but certainly I have found a way of publically expressing this from both a rational and feeling levels.

IMVA Beginnings

I do want to remind everyone that the IMVA had its beginnings in the vaccine question and thus in viral medicine and the medical establishment’s refusal to factor in toxicity questions and dangers. I am dedicating this newsletter to Claudia French, RN who gave me the last ten years of her life to manifest all that has come through our newsletters and books. She passed away last year but her spirit is still with me. 

Photo Credit. Nathan Thomas Sircus

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Prasad Murthy N

    Dear Mark,

    Hope you don’t mind my addressing you by your first name and dropping the title “Dorctor”. I am doing this because I feel we are siblings of sorts, in Mother Nature’s large family. (My chronological age is not very different from yours!)

    Religion is, indeed, the bane of human society. There was a time when the world’s leading faiths thrived in India because Hinduism was deemed to be an all-encompassing faith. Hindu kings, in the past, would welcome and embrace faiths that entered Indian shores from the West and the East. Because Hinduism was imbibed with an eclectic approach, India was not a victim of widespread and relentless religious subjugation (as was the case in Central and South America) in spite of having been subjected to Christian and Islamic coercion for several centuries. True, millions converted but millions more found the inner strength to stay calm in the turbulence stirred up by fanatical clergy from all quarters. For those who found the tranquility, it didn’t matter which faith dominated. It is also possible that their individual tranquility was the collective force that prevented a total ideological washout.

    Today’s religious extremism needs a similar approach. I am sure millions of “true” Muslims all over the world are inwardly embarrassed, ashamed, even distressed by what a few of their faith are resorting to, supposedly in the name of Allah. It is as much a challenge for them as for the rest of the world to stay firmly rooted to their core beliefs. Many Muslims are perplexed every time they read or watch stories of Muslims killing Muslims.

    Religious extremists primarily act out of a mixture of fear and insecurity. They are unable to understand the wider ramifications of Abundance and Harmony in the Universe. It is time for meditation; it is time we connect again, en masse, with the Inner Tranquility that has been embedded in each one of us. I am reminded of Anne Frank’s words, “It is the Creator that has made us as we are but it will be the same Creator that will raise us up again.”

    Religious extremism and persecution will end only when we are able to rid ourselves of the dogma-ridden limitations deliberately created and imposed by the misoriented, latter-day interpretors of the teachings of a messiah, the so-called keepers of a faith. It is time we jettison our man-made faith (no more Christians, Hindus, Muslims, or whatever!) and start embracing the concept of a Universal Divine Spirit. When all is said and done, why on earth would we need religion when we can have a God – the same God – that rests in each of us!

    May all beings be happy! May all beings be peaceful! May all beings be blissful!

  • Meenakshi

    Dr Sircus
    Please do not loose heart, you have full support of your readers . We wait eagerly for your next mail. You have been a great inspiration .

  • Tina

    Dr. Sircus,I like to incorage you to keep writing .You speak the truth wether is World News or Medicine . I love your work .I hope to read all your books.Thank You for teaching us all how tu get well without depending on doctors and drugs.Im so glad I found your site .It was sent to me by God.I believe nothing happens by coincidence .Thank you so much.

  • Ananda

    Dear Dr. Sircus,
    I am one of your post readers, having bought several books. I agree with the woman who wrote she wished she could get all your books in hard copy – in case the internet goes down. I read this post and all the replies up to now. I am deeply moved by your situation. Being aware and awake, while keeping a loving heart is a true challenge. There is no easy answer. I suggest you follow your heart on what to write. We need your voice.

    I am a Buddhist with a devout Christian sister. We both have our ways to ask, pray and quiet our minds. We both see our culture taking a serious nose dive. Overall, I am most concerned for your health. It is a work of a life-time to be able to squarely see what is – and still radiate loving-kindness from your heart. This is not for the faint of heart. The danger is being engulfed in a downward whirl-pool of endogenous hormonal toxins like anger, sorrow and grief. You are walking a tight rope.

    I suggest if you feel to write about the horrendous injustices in the world, write about them. If you need a break from that for your sanity, take a break. Unfortunately, control through violence has a long history. Now we see control through mass hypnosis. The difference now is that the impact is world wide.

    I personally treasure the fact you care deeply and take the time to write about what’s going on in the world. Through your eyes, I have learned that there is no difference in suffering or torture between a woman is brutally raped and tortured, or a doctor who should know better that doesn’t give magnesium to a heart patient so they will live, needlessly killing of a child medically, or more radiation treatments that a cancer patient can recover from. This is all unnecessary suffering, pain and brutality.

    There are times when I read your world posts, and other times when I come back to them when I feel emotionally up to it. I consider this is up to me the reader. You have my complete support. Keep writing as you will!

  • james

    Dear Dr Sircus
    Please continue to write about health,spirituality and what is happening in the world. We need your voice. There are so many people with their heads in the sand, it sounds like you have a few reading and commenting negatively on your site, ignore them and carry on writing just as you have been. The fact is that you write about all the factors that impact health, and as you have so eloquently pointed out, living in a crazy, polluted, stressful world is a big part of why so many people are ill. I stand firmly with you and your mission to bring healing to all of us and our planet.

  • Katherine Von Fell Graham

    Dr. Mark Sircus, not only have you saved my life and my family with your courage, tenacity, and truly pure heart, but the question you pose herein reveals to me that you have come to the absolute core of the matter…the survival of the human race itself as well as its destiny beyond our earthly plane. First, allow me to tender my most sincere sympathy for the passing of Claudia French, RN. She assisted my queries for guidance as well as countless others with such focused expertise and wisdom. This must have been an horrific loss for you and your loved ones. Second, as to your request for feedback on the issue of our world seemingly careening out of control into the darkest imaginable evil, I can only offer you what I believe, and I do so humbly because as a retired attorney who fought the good fight many times for disabled kids including my son, discrimination against women and the elderly, I failed far more than I succeeded. In this respect, what has literally allowed me to persevere has been my faith in a good and gracious God. When I view our so-called modern times, I am reminded of worlds of people long gone who perished during the history of our planet by famine, war, and the like among which entire civilizations were”lost” and to this day, much of the latter remains a mystery. While my faith is grounded in an eclectic form of Catholicism ( I refuse to let my dogma run over my karma so to speak), all paths of faith lead to the same source.

    When I see tragedies in whatever skewed form of media and its reportage, I watch it just long enough to get a sliver of truth about the facts (if I can find it) followed by a quiet place in my home for prayer. For me, I believe in the power of prayer (especially in concert with millions of others who do likewise in their own fashion) to petition God. The instrument I find the most efficacious for my purpose is The Most Holy Rosary. Then I use what I cheekily call my own hotline to God to talk about it. In this respect, I would highly recommend (no matter one’s faith), the paperback book entitled “Padre Pio: The True Story” by C. Bernard Ruffin. In it, you will find this great Saint arguing vigorously that despite prophecies of horrors and punishments God intends to inflict upon all His children (good or evil), one can change God’s mind if the heart is pure. He cites the example of Moses arguing with God when He was intent upon destroying all the Israelites for their abject disobedience after He delivered them from bondage.

    My point is simply THIS. No one has the answers now or eons ago to the mystery of God’s will. No one, no faith, no culture, no society, no club, and no expert of anything. All I know is what a friend of mine so courageously said to me in hospital as she was dying of pancreatic cancer…the night nurse refused to give her more chips of ice in a cup for her unquenchable thirst. I went into my attorney mode and tracked down the nurse, and finally she relented. As I handed the chipped ice to my friend, she said: “What are they afraid of? I’m dying! And anyway, my faith is in God and that’s all I know.” She punched her pillow hard…and we continued on. Keep the faith Mark, I think we humans may be surprised…if we just Hold On!

    • Anna

      Yes but in all things Gods Will be done Louisa Picarreta writings have told this story . Rosary praying friend.

      • Katherine Von Fell Graham

        Who is Louisa Picarreta? I would love to know.

  • Cindy Lara

    I applaud your genius. I have lost too many friends to their complacency and compliance- to believing everything they see on the teLIEvision- especially the commercials exploiting chemical pills, with fake happy people. There are so many “conditions”, that any doc will hit the jackpot/$diagnosis$. They put their blind trust in “their” doctor, “their” pediatrician, “their” pharmacist, that they don’t have to use any common sense, whatsoever. If wikopedia or snopes doesn’t verify- then, the countless docs & scientists that selflessly tell the truth will be ignored. Insurance and Monsanto have hijacked the FDA – and no one trusts any of the alphabet agencies. We are being attacked from just about every direction – in every crevice of the planet. Our water, air, and soil are spoilt. I have dear family and friends who have bought into the notion, that when anything goes wrong- go to an “expert”. Convenience has glutted our nation from true beauty. Where is our $ funneled to? The experts. The liars. We need to be vigilant with how we spend our energies, and learn to master Health, otherwise, we bankrupt our family. Our family tree stops, when we let chemical medicine be our god. You are right. Our health is affected by all our neighbors, and we in turn- influence others. 80% of chemical medicine goes into the drinking supply. Our body just can’t absorb all the prescriptions that the doc googles for the patient. The younger generation needs to be aware- or they won’t have a good life for their own children. I have seen with my own eyes muslims who have converted to Christianity, and it was because of love. They had witnessed so much hate with Islam, that they converted. I have also witnessed huge groups of muslims that chilled me to the bone. I was grateful to be in a car… in broad daylight.

  • Justin

    I’d like to start off by thanking you for your work. The world needs it more now than perhaps it ever has. I think what you are doing is wonderful and I can only imagine the majesty of living so far out into nature, you truly are blessed!

    You ask for feedback on your reports of the many displeasing political, religious, financial and general alarming events either taking place or looming in the possible future. I say that if you feel compelled to get this info out there to your readers than do so, but I have a word of caution. I speak from experience when I say to be careful where you place your attention. The media, the politicians and controlled opposition control the masses with guilt shame and FEAR. If you focus on these things too much without a significant level of detachment you will loose your peace and fall into worry and fear. I lived in a state of fear and worry for for too many years as I followed the political and financial markets. It was only through the grace of God that I was shown the truth. I realized as humans we are all passing through states. States of fear, worry and anxiety are the states we are most easily manipulated and the media’s job is to perpetuate these states. I decided not long ago that I would no longer live in fear! Instead of worrying if I’d have enough food to survive an economic collapse I focused my attention on spiritual preparation. After doing so I felt peace and a security. I speak prosperity and victory to everyone I meet. I’m being the change I’d like to see in the world.

    I keep 2 Thessalonians 5:15-18 and Philipians 4:6 close with me and have greatly benefited from the lectures of Neville Goddard.

    In closing I’d like say keep up the good work and follow your heart! Keep yourself ever free of fear and worry, and remember the people who own the news also own Hollywood and many news stories are manufactured to scare us so we give them control. I choose freedom, love and Joy, to be blessed and to have faith! This life is but a dream and when this body being a mere garment passes away the spirit lives on.

    Godspeed Sir!

    • Katherine Von Fell Graham


  • info warrior

    Gotta love the internet. So full of fake doctors.

  • Wanda Jean Arnold

    Thank you for your work, Dr. Sircus, and for continuing to fight in spite of personal stress. I liked your books from the start because they weren’t afraid to address the system of medicine that has us tightly in it’s grip and is literally crushing the life out of us. I’m sorry that I couldn’t buy them all in physical form, as I am thinking ahead to the day when I can’t use my computer or Kindle because the power is out and I need the contents of the books as a guide. At 79 I am trying to follow the “good health principles,” but as you know it’s getting harder and harder to do that in the toxic world we live in. I urge everyone to “vote with your dollars,” for this is the way to get the attention of the corporatocracy and “do not play in their playground!”

  • galor

    We are at the end of the current civilization that is rotten to the core, while the sprouts of the new civilization are beginning to appear. People with compassion in their hearts for the common good have nothing to fear.

  • sue jobson

    if we want to change the world with light and positivity, we need to be the change we want to see. Whilst there is no doubt there is some real crap going on in the world there’s no point stewing on it or perpetuating it by sharing it and bringing people down. As Edgar Cayce says “light the corner of the world where thou art”. We need to tune into a higher vibration than the mess, or we are right down there with it. Helpful information about treatments and cures is always welcome.