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Personal Note from Dr. Sircus

Published on July 5, 2017

With so much going on in my life, in the world and in my work, I thought it would be a good time to write a personal note to my readers. As I am writing this, I am finishing my Sanctuary in the interior highlands of Brazil and as a final act; we are building a bridge across the river that rages sometimes during the rainy season. As you can see from the videos and pictures, we live in a paradise and my goal here has been nothing less than to bring heaven down to earth in as many ways as possible.

It is not easy to understand how I have gotten to be where I am; but obviously, it has to do with my complete devotion to my wife and children, to communication and listening, to being vulnerable and real, and to being fair and honest in my dealings with others. I really was an arrogant mess as a young man but somehow have managed, through decades of struggle, to become somewhat of a good man.

What I left out above is my total devotion to God to the point that I have even written about God as the Ultimate Medicine. Though for sure I am Judo-Christian, I am not particularly fond of patriarchal religions that put women down. Thus, I am a great defender of the feminine principle and am against the culture of rape and terrorism in all its forms especially pharmaceutical terrorism.

Before we even begin to receive people here, I will use Sanctuary as another way of broadcasting my work to the world by offering consultations in Creative Conflict and group process, consultations on meditation and prayer, consultations on sexual medicine and therapy, and special consultations for family counseling, which is another subset of Creative Conflict for small group consciousness in family life.

Sanctuary is dedicated to communication and listening as essential highways to higher consciousness and love. We are completely dedicated to the vulnerability of being and to divine sexuality because sex lies at the deepest root of our vulnerability as beings.

Concurrent with all of the above I have recently launched my video course First Consultations, which teaches patients how to diagnose themselves at home without a doctors help. It is a different level of diagnosis that doctors do not bother with, things like pH, breathing rate, core body temperature, and heart rate variability. Once we have our western medical diagnosis in hand then we have to probe deeper into individual physiology because that is where the cures to our diseases are most often found.

Learn to diagnose yourself so you can treat yourself and your loved ones! Learn More

At the same time, the Natural Allopathic protocol is being displayed in a new way that separates the medicinals from the medical equipment options that I suggest people use. Learning and Practicing Intensive Health Care is about using simple but powerful medical interventions that are combined in a way pharmaceuticals cannot be.

Deep diagnosis and treatment is then presented as a third level, an option to go deeper into the causes of our diseases and learning to work with those issues. My personal work with people at Sanctuary in the future will revolve around resolving these deeper issues.

Strengthening one’s Inner Life

My life is changing as we settle into Sanctuary. I am spending more time each day in meditation and prayer as I give thanks for all that has been given to me. I spend more time each day with conscious breathing and continue to use my Breathslim (Frolov device), Biomat and Nasal Laser therapy.

My stress levels are down, my health continues to strengthen, and I do feel that I could conquer the world of medicine all over again. If you compared my pictures from a few years ago to now you will see the results of my efforts to stay alive and thrive for the sake of my wife and children and for the sake of my work in the word. Now I get to see how powerful my protocol is in terms of life extension.

I have written about how the heart is a fountain of youth but with the medicinals and medical devices in my protocol, I will put this whole idea of longevity to a test. I start my day with solar gazing, yoga, meditation, breathing consciously and prayer. Sometimes I drink my bentonite liquid clay but always start out with my pH Adjust, high dosages of iodine and selenium.

The work on my plate in the present is to finish the second edition of my iodine book and to create a series on enlightened cardiology. Now that I have fulfilled the first part of my spiritual path, which was to seek first the kingdom of heaven, and now that everything has been given to me, as prophesied in the bible, I am going on to the last part of the promise, “and even greater things you shall do.” What that is exactly is beyond my imagination now; but since my daily meditation revolves around surrendering to ‘God’s will,’ I do not have to know, and that helps with the stress.

I am glad to communicate so many positive things but a word of warning to all of us living in this increasingly crazy and violent world. Cling to love and become more loving by giving to those you love. One of the best ways to do that is to listen to your loved ones, listen deeply so you will love deeply. A great darkness is strangling our world so we need to remain in the light lest we be sucked down. Blessings upon all who read my words and blessing to your families. Do not buy into those who promote globalization for they are against families, nations and even newborns. As we walk through and live in this darkening time we need not fear if we surround ourselves with love and keep God near and dear.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Andrea Phillips

    I am happy for your happiness Dr. Sircus. I believe in love too and so your words are very inspiring. I continue to raise my consciousness and give love and my life is uplifted. I wish you well with all your worthwhile endeavors.
    Andrea Phillips

  • Tian Hock Tan

    Please read some books by Osho to get some clear understanding about life and God. Osho was a living Christ, a living Buddha and a world renowned mystic. It is difficult to undertand Osho because to understand him is to understand China’s Lao Tzu of 2,500 years ago which require your heart and not your mind or intellect. All the answers to what you published in your personal notes on July 5th can be found in Osho’s teaching. Understand that mankind has taken the first wrong step and his journey today has been all wrong ad more wrong unless mankind make a complete 180 degrees turn around in his direction in life which Jesus said to “convert” (meaning to turn around) but was mistakently interprepreted as to convert people into Christians.

  • I sat next to the Governor’s secretary on the train, she said you’re crazy. I replied, Gospel says, Greater works than these shall you do. My work is to heal and educate Georgia. I am bigger than Jesus.

    We need to institutionalize the CareRep Program. Cannabis Medicine Patient need intense monitoring through a documented system. The best thing you could do is help me do this. We have an opportunity here in Georgia. We have a 6 month report date for every Patient on the Low THC Patient registry. The licensed physician reports Patient response to the Georgia Composite Medical Board. We need to be collecting data too. The medicine is whatever the Patient comes up with. This State is wide open. All Hospice Patient qualify.

  • Cary Kelly

    I always enjoy your perspective and have gleaned so much understanding from your wisdom about how things work optimally! You look gReat and have you ever shared specific health challenges you have overcome personally with your protocol? Sincerely THANKS!

  • Lovely words, as always Dr. Sircus. I have been on a program of pH Adjust, iodine and selenium. But I want to ask about iodine. How many drops in water per day? It seems when I put too much in my water (like maybe a couple drops, more than once per day), that I begin to experience a sensation related to urination where normally, you know you have to urinate, so you make time to get er done. But I sense with too much iodine, when the urge to urinate comes on, especially when standing, its like you have to go right then or you’re going to pee in your pants. Can you speak to that at all? number of suggested drops per day and if there is correlation with urination sensation? When I back off of the iodine, it seems to solve that problem but thought I’d inquire.

    On another note, in addition to pH Adjust, that I’m giving my husband too, I’m also taking the MegaHydrate. Seems like a really super product. Have you tried that?

    I’m so happy for you that you have recovered to the extent that you feel the gifts of life and the robustness of your health returned.

  • resideinlight

    Dr. Sircus, It was such a sincere pleasure to speak with you, albeit very briefly. I am a new student of your work and read as much as I can as my time permits. I have shared your information with doctors in my family of whom are chiropractors appreciating natural medicine. As well, I appreciate your stance on global issues. Truly enjoying what yu share. Thank you.

  • Missy Houghtlin

    Thank you, Dr. Sircus. I enjoy reading your articles and look forward to visiting your sanctuary one day.

  • Markku Metsänranta

    Thank you Dr. Sircus so much for your enlightening information. God bless you!

  • Gisela

    Dr. Sircus: You’re a doll. You have taught me so much. God bless you.

    • Mark Sircus

      Thanks and your sweat too….

  • Christopher

    Dr. Sircus, many thanks to you and your family for sharing your wisdom so freely. You have become a great man, a great doctor and a great leader that teaches and mentors all that will receive your insights and understanding. God has blessed you very much and you bless us very much and in turn we bless you in a synergy of win, win, win. In light and love your brother.
    Christopher RN

    • Mark Sircus

      What can I say but share my tears running down my face

      • Christopher

        Dr. Sircus, I seek the truth and I speak the truth as you do. Your truth and honesty are what attracted me to you and I am most grateful to learn from you. Thank you for shining so bright in these times of turbulence. We all need mentors to look up to.
        True Regards

  • name RICHARD

    thank you Dr. Your work is MUCH appreciated!

  • Veronika Wettstein-Stewart

    Thank you brother, from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful works. I am deep in study and practice of your protocol. My husband and I are living the protocol for only a couple of months now. It resonates so very much with me. I fully intend to complete your courses and share the protocol. Reading all the books now. I would love to bring family to the Santuary one day sooner than I may think.
    Bless you and your family. Godspeed to your creations. Sending the the good vibration and brightest of light to you.
    Veronika Wetttein-Stewart

    • Mark Sircus

      Nothing I like better than feeling and sharing from the bottom of my heart and feeling the bottom of other peoples hearts

  • GP

    Hey dr sircus you should start a podcast! Like a once a month posting would be amazing just to hear what’s going on in your life, experiences, and discoveries related to the health field! I know for a fact many people would be interested and from a business vantage podcasts are fantastic for sales (“sponsors”/affiliate recommendations) because they bring a very human element to the table which is hugely desired in today’s markets. It also gets people feeling very connected on a personal “edge of the moment” kind of way because the updates keep you right there with the person who’s opinion and journey you value. Would love to hear it! You can count me as a guaranteed listener 🙂 Thank you for all of your hard work, I’ve been following for years.
    -Kyle Pierce

    • Mark Sircus

      Just sent a message to my staff to take your recommendation seriously…what do you think is the best way to organize this?

      • GP

        Well I listen to a bunch of podcasts varying from health, politics, business, comedy, you name it haha. And one thing I keep seeing again and again is how people can be genuinely successful with this seemingly standard medium (audio) but each person does it in a unique way that THEY like to do. Some do it every other day, some put out updates every 2 months. Both equally successful with a happy audience which now feels even more connected to this person. That’s why I mentioned it in the first place. I just feel you have a great thing here and there’s so many ppl who need and want this with a more personal touch. You’re obviously very good in this field including advancing it forward which makes for great podcast content anytime there’s a new interest or addition…yup, I check your protocol haha

        In terms of content that’s entirely up to the podcast creator how they’d like to enjoy creating value. Basically anything goes. The only rule is basically to respect the listeners and do your best to create value. I see lots of people do interviews with experts or testimonies with experiencers. I listen to a podcast where it’s literally the same guy ranting each week on topics he adds his opinion to and he has a huge following. One health podcast I listen to, many times she is excitedly going over her discoveries and the depth of the field no holds barred. Some people do a weekly scheduled discussion with another roundtable expert and they discuss news and events with maybe a particular theme. Some people tell scary stories and add background sound effects. Some literally read from news events from the past to give context to our present. This one guy does 3 hour multi part series about sagas in human history like the Khans and it’s just him talking and his expert research bringing you to those times.

        There’s just something about a person putting themselves out there and WANTING to provide value that gets others to naturally want to support them too, that way we all grow together. In a funny way it’s almost like starting your own news network and you get to control the direction of the network and which people you’d like to appeal to.

        Glad you appreciated this, definitely looking forward to seeing how you grow your content and ways to connect with more people in the world. I can tell right now it’s gonna be quite a ride and a great way to reach many more people

  • Michael Morningstar

    Thanks for sharing your great knowledge and wisdom. You are a gift to help others.
    I have followed your site for many years and learned so much. I bought land in Belize and am in the process of planning and planting to create a Sanctuary in Belize similar to yours in Brazil. We start construction later this year after rainy season.
    Thanks again.

  • Brian C

    Dr. Sircus, Blessings to you and your family also. We know that you are helping others like me and many more; and that is a reason to continue our journeys in life. Love to you and your family also.

  • Herb Witch

    Hello Dr. Sircus,
    Thank you for your personal note. It is very much appreciated as always.

    Even the description “Christian” was put onto the people. The “Mensch”, I use that German word on purpose, because there is no English word for. “Human” is a monster in the real latin translation. A Mensch is a God created natural living being with a soul and free! Since I went back in historical explanations of Celtic and Druidic culture, I realized that the ancient “free Menschen”, where childrens of God, that their culture was destroyed on purpose by the Vaticanic Roman Rulers, and probably before that by Babylon. Because Celtics never bow down to rulers who wanted to “rule” them. They were free and only followed God’s Natural Laws, not Roman (kanonic) laws, not Christian laws.

    Old wisdom and knowledge of the “Northern Lights, also called Crystals”,
    was surpressed and burned as much as the Roman Rulers could get their hands on. Old Healing methods were “stolen” and surpressed.
    Scientists also found out, that the description “Christian” comes from the word Crystal (The Childrens of the Light) and was changed into Crist – Christ, in English later Christian, which became then a “registered name” by the Vatikan and is allowed to be used by various religions and has nothing to do with a Jesus; only maybe that that Mensch was “enlightened” and therefore called a Crystal – Crist later by the Romans, but that is only an assumption.

    It is a very very interesting theme to dig into and reveals our true believe, the believe in God, the God in us and all his/her creations. We are born with Truth-loving hearts with a Natural Moral and then destroyed by greedy Roman Kanonic Laws and enslaved as cattles, working for Debts to Banks (owned by the Vatikan – see BIS Bank in Switzerland, the Bank over all Banks).
    We are only a FREE MENSCH as long as we are not babtized in Churches / Religions and “marked” with a “Birth Certificate” (as if God needs a proven Certification for his/her creation!).
    All Laws are created by Humans, all Natural Things ARE, they don’t need to be certified by Humans. We Natural Menschen are and that’s it.
    God has not created Churches and Religions. All that stuff goes back to Babylonic rules, regulations and laws.

    As free Menschen we are loving creatures without any greed, with natural morals: Do no harm to others!

    Dr. Sircus, with all you are doing YOU ARE A CRYSTAL
    Thank you for being!

    Kindly from Germany,

  • Southwestern_SoCal

    Thank you Dr. Sircus. You have an unusual balance in your life. Normally, I run screaming from any religion. I have been baptized by the John Birch Society and Mohammed. What a dreadful combination.

  • Annie

    Your letter was very touching, and confirmed for me once again that you feel like such a good man to me. Thank you so much, Dr. Sircus, for all that you do! I’m so happy that you are here on the planet with us at this time!

    • Mark Sircus

      Thanks Annie…………

  • Jazzy

    Amen Dr.!