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Season’s Greetings, a Personal Note & Health of our Civilization

Published on December 23, 2016

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First, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. It is a time to be happy being with our loved ones. Yet because of terrorism the holidays have been ruined in Germany after the most recent terrorist attack. Normally I would say that our happiness depends on our level of health and the amount of love we have in our lives. That love is dependent on our ability to listen to and care about others. Because most people are poor listeners we have a dangerous lack of love in the world and lack of love in most families.

Our happiness does depend on how we relate to others but those others are not just our family members and friends it must extend to everyone on the planet to insure our long-term happiness and health. It is hard to imagine being happy or healthy if a nuclear war breaks out and it is hard to be happy if your society is breaking down because of massive migrations of refugees who have no intention of harmonizing with Western societies.

I received lots of comments after this week’s post Against Truth. Several people suggested that my words were a tirade because my message comes across with a tone of anger, like there is something wrong with anger. There isn’t. Though I have been angry in my life it has been years since I have been angry. When I write about nasty difficult topics full of controversy I am writing out of love for our planet and our species. I write because I daily put my consciousness out to our entire world in my meditation recognizing and empathizing with the sufferings of others. One person wrote that, “the man (me) who writes the health and wellness newsletters seems to be a different man from the one who writes about politics.” Last time I looked there was only one of me!

I learned compassion the only way one can learn it and that is by suffering myself, which I did plenty of as a younger man. My first memories in life are of separation from others but I healed myself of that and my obsession with self about 20 years ago. Of course, it helped to marry the most beautiful woman whose beauty comes from within and to raise a beautiful big family.

One person wrote me saying the times are as good as we perceive them to be. That might be true for our individual lives but in the long run there is an objective reality we will eventually be forced to face. Millions if not billions are having reality forced into their faces and it is only the beginning of what is going to strike our race—meaning everyone—because of all the financial insanity and the plans of the elite. Just look at what is happening in India where a billion-poor people have suddenly had their money taken away as the government abolished 85 percent of their currency.

“Make a difference with thoughts of infinite possibilities instead of belittling what you perceive as wrong in our society; with our president; and most of all within ourselves,” one reader said. I have lived my life exploring these infinite possibilities and have accomplished, over the last 12 years the impossible medically speaking as well as in building a Sanctuary here in Brazil where my intention literally is to bring heaven down to earth.’’

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Interestingly my mentor Christopher Hills said to me the first day I met him 35 years ago, that the color of my aura was fuchsia, half blue and half red, the mark of a person who wants to bring heaven (ideas) down to earth. Little did I know back then where I would end up and how much I would have to suffer to get there.

One of the main things I learned from Christopher was that listening is love so I endeavored to be the best listener. And I married a woman who was the best listener I ever met. He also said that we as a race had to learn about love or face extinction and it is sad that listening and love have not stepped onto the mainstream stage. His teachings were perfect for me when I was totally self-obsessed because what he said was that the easiest way to get out of one’s problems is to get out of oneself and get into the world of others. We do that by listening.

Another reader said, “Listening needs to be done on both sides. You don’t seem to have that compassion you are talking about. Please keep your political views neutral as truth is actually relative, not absolute.” Some people took it personally that I called Obama the biggest liar. I believe the truth is absolute—he either did or did not deceive America with his birth certificate. It is getting colder or its getting hotter. Cannot be both! It is zero degrees today in New York or its hot and balmy.

My advice to everyone at this point is to take care of your own, your own life and the life of your loved ones and if possible to get together with others to form small groups to help navigate through all the harm that is coming our way. Personally I find it essential to meditate and commune with God every day because God (the light of our own pure consciousness) cannot be taken away from us. With God, there are infinite possibilities the problem lies with man.

Biomat Heaven

I was thinking of writing about Biomats as a perfect gift for the holidays but decided against it because I have written so much about the heavenly nature of sleeping on one. However, this morning I found out that Richway International just came out with a new type of Biomat that included Orgone energy and I ordered one right away to replace the two professional models I have on my bed.

Orgone On Bed

The company says that the Orgone Biomat was crafted for those in search of premium comfort, relaxation, and recovery while asleep. The Orgone Biomat natural gemstone, infrared, negative ions, and Orgone technologies to aid in slumber. The Orgone Biomat provides all the benefits of the original Bio-Mat but in a soft and luxurious bedding product.

Of course, as our world turns colder using infrared technology in our beds on cold nights is a good idea. Not only for our health but also for the heating bills that will be reduced because instead of heating the whole house to keep warm we heat and heal ourselves while in bed.

Warm Welcome Feedback

Dr. Sircus. I am so moved by your writings tonight. I feel that you have taken all thoughts directly from my soul. How can these be your thoughts when they have belonged to me? This will go down as one of my fondest writings of all time Dr. Sircus. I do love your soul.

Thank you for helping me to uphold the sanctity of Truth. Your examination of the status of Truth in modern Human Civilization is spot on, my friend. Thank you thank you. I shall read it again and again and I think I’ll print it and fold it under my pillow at night.

I agree whole heartedly with everything you say. It’s funny how whichever route you first embrace some truth (health, politics, economics) you inevitably end up embracing it all – at least that’s what has happened to me. I think this is why the powers that be invest so much energy defending the status quo in so many areas – they know that once you’ve woken up to one lie you go looking for more.

One last comment. “If it there is snow in the Sahara, what about the North Pole where the ice is melting?” Yes it seems warm in the Artic yet at the south pole the ice is at record highs. The Greenland ice sheet is also expanding. According to the reports, if you can believe them, it is colder in Montana then in the Artic! The average temperature in European Russia, the Ural Mountains and Siberia is 10 degrees, or lower, below normal. In the USA temperatures are way below normal. Whatever the whole truth is if you piece together reports from all over the globe and pay attention to what the real scientists are saying—cooling is the word.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • easyout

    Dr. Sircus – Your destiny/karma has given you to us, and we are very thankful for that. Depending on how far one has traveled within allows them to think on different levels. When communicating your truths to others, you have to remember the levels of intellect out there. People are going to perceive you depending on where they’re at in their journey. Just keep on giving what’s destined for you to give and don’t worry how things are perceived. Your clarity and wisdom has been enlightening for many years and we could only wish you keep conveying your thoughts to us. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season, and remember to always think of, and thank the One who represents the Living Loving Oneness that always around us. Oh and not that I am by any means, but if one gets beyond finding fault with others which is just thinking we know more, and then which then gets us to where we learn all things must play themselves out to have balance in this creation. Sow and reap, the hairs on our head our numbered, and an eye for an eye, all mean that we accumulated both good and bad actions that have led to a destiny that must play itself out. So when we achieve that height, we can just sit back and watch the show. How can we change what has already been ordained. This is His Law, and it works perfectly all around us to always give us balance, in our bodies, in the land and everywhere until a Perfect Master/guide can take us by His Grace to our Home one day, where the soul can roam free.

  • Frida Nizbe

    Dear Dr. Sircus! I agree with You on everything You said. You’re angry, I’m angry too. You’re angry because You’re intelligent & loving enough to understand the truth & because you care. You called Obama names, I agree with You even more. The morally degrading society elected him. They don’t know better, they’re all brainwashed. I hope that You believe in Jesus Christ….Otherwise, what is the pastoral healing?
    You’re a doctor & I admire You as a doctor ! So simple, so brilliant! I was searching all my life for Your kind of a doctor. I bought Your books & I love them. I’m sorry that You live in Brazil. I would like to talk to You if it’s possible. Please remember that nobody wants to know the truth. Whoever tells the truth will suffer in one way or the other. I know.

    Merry Christmas & a Happy, Healthy New Year to YOU and Your family!!!!!
    With Love, Admiration and Appreciation from my heart….. Thanks to God that such people like You still exist on this drowning planet. Frida

  • Deborah

    It is a gift from God that your eyes have been opened to His Truth.
    We are seeing what God sees in this world. The beast kingdom is rising
    up thanks to all the help it is receiving. It must be so for all things
    of “him” to come to an end and for His glorious kingdom to come to us.

    The old adage “knowledge is power” is very true.
    You see the truth and that empowers you. Your knowledge of healing and
    your wisdom gained from experience and “seeing.”

    “It is that knowledge” that will empower everyone that receives your emails. IF they have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  • Mark Sircus

    Dear Dr Sircus

    I doubt you will read this email but I wanted to send it in the hope that you will.

    Thank you for all the wonderful emails you send out to us. I totally appreciate why you get angry and don’t bury your head in the sand. Have a wonderful Christmas with the people you love and care for.

    Very best wishes

    • Rohit Desai

      Dear Dr Sircus,

      According to my reading of various events, your christian politicians will sell-off their countries and so is there freedom ( of speech/religions,/thoughts/expression etc.) could you imagine Rome with ISIS Flag with their prominent present in Vatican City ? ( And this could happen sooner than later )…..Today, all european countries, some balkans ( except Old Russia ) have fallen prey to Islamisation…very slow but very sure process ( through Refugees/Immigration/Assylums etc ) that really becomes burden on tax payers of such countries…Why so many muslim countries such as Saudis, Kuwait, Baherin, Qatar, Muscat, Indonesia, Philipines, Kazistan, Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, China etc are not even offering any assylum to displaced muslims ( from Iraq, Syria, Libiya, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen etc ) are all concentrating to go to Western Europe, USA, Canada and or Australia ? …Today it is just a plain religious war…..A muslim from any country ( origin ) could not be loyal to the country that provides him better life, better security and better opportunity for their children…becasue they are not here to melt with/blend with new countries to call home…their final view will be always will be of domination….western europe is almost fell to these new muslim refuges, Canada will be soon and finally USA will also would have to give-in, once Western Europe would fall….Many people may not like Mr Putin ( of Russia ) but he has a strong stand and conviction against these muslims….eventhough he is helping Syria ( and Iran ) to balance an internal fight of Sunnies and Shia….Irrespective of current events, the fact remains the same that any and all muslims will finally join the battle with the world for Islam Domination….and I strongly believe that this will happen in next decades or so….where Islam will dominate in almost 100% of Western Europe and probabey part of North America… exploiting ( raping ) our Democracy