The Team

There’s a whole team behind Dr. Sircus, helping him put his word out there and making sure it’s delivered to the ones who need it.
Luciana Valentim
President of IMVA Publications
Luciana is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist, and she has been actively working for IMVA since its creation in 2004. She is now president of IMVA Publication and responsible for customer’s support. She is also responsible for Vaccine Veritas, the first forum for discussion of vaccines in Brazil, which today counts more than 500 participants, including parents, physicians and other health professionals. Luciana has a degree in Oceanography and Pedagogy and post-graduation in Science Teaching. She has served for 15 years as a teacher of science and biology at various schools.

Claudia French
Nurse, Editor, Co-Founder of IMVA
Claudia French is a Registered Nurse, now retired, and member of the IMVA since 2004. Her career experience ranges widely from medical-surgical nursing to psychiatric nursing in some of the well-known hospitals and medical centers in Chicago, Illinois and in some innovative programs. She’s an independent researcher and believes that the more we educate ourselves the better we can advocate for ourselves and be able to discern the truth from the propaganda thrown at us daily.

Bernardo Vailati
Bernardo is our web developer and graphic designer. He is self-educated choosing to abandon public education after the eight grade, he is an example of what young people can do when they break free of the system. With a passion for art and science and highly optimized websites. He says he would love to go study at CalArts, in California.