Treating At Home

What I am offering hospitals, doctors and clinics as well as individual patients who prefer to treat themselves at home is a turnkey medical system that one can quickly learn in order to treat acute as well as chronic diseases like cancer. If one applies the entire protocol then it would be my promise that I am delivering a multidimensional treatment plan to achieve the highest rate of remission.

After only a few days of reading/ studying Treatment Essentials most people can acquire sufficient knowledge of what they need to do even for serious conditions like cancer, heart disease and even diabetes with all its complications.

Natural Allopathic Medicine champions the concept of home hospital care and medical freedom to pursue safe and effective care independent of the overly controlling and domineering allopathic medical establishment. Hospitals today are discharging people faster than ever before, giving patients and their families the responsibility to continue treatments on their own. This is partly due to the high risk of infections as well as cost and insurance issues. Many times the medical system just gives up on a patient and that is often a blessing, freeing that patient to choose more effective and safer natural treatments.

There is the level of medicine practiced by mothers everywhere who are expected to be on the front lines of diagnosis and treatment.They are the ones who need to know their loved ones need aspirin or whether they need to be brought to the emergency room. It’s legal to suggest an aspirin and it is legal to suggest everything in this protocol for it’s a selection of powerful medicinals that are freely available online or in health food stores and alternative compounding pharmacies.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet says, “There is a war on women and women’s health. Women make up half the population. They also make 90% of the decisions about medical care for their children, husbands, and aging parents. They understand the importance of having the freedom to choose their doctors and their treatment.” This protocol also puts tremendous power in women’s hands and will give them much needed security that they are doing the right thing for their loved ones.

Cancer Treatment Program

Treatment Essentials contains a turnkey cancer treatment program that can be set up by any practitioner, clinic, spa, or hospital. This book can be viewed also as an army field hospital set-up guide for patients who want to treat themselves in the comfort of their own home. Basically I consult and teach people how to do this in desperate situations. Treatment Essentials was designed to be both patients and students textbook and reference guide.

I am very happy to have a cutting-edge protocol that addresses cancer in a take-no-prisoners approach. The Natural Allopathic Medicine Protocol is aggressive in penetrating down into the deepest roots of physiology and pathology of cancer but it does so gently by using safe, nurturing substances—some of which can save a life in a heartbeat.

Treating cancer effectively is difficult, since most orthodox therapies do not discriminate between cancer cells and healthy ones. Because Natural Allopathic Medicine does not employ the use of poisons, it effectively discriminates between us and the enemy.

Spa-Like Cancer Treatments

Most of the items in the protocol can be taken orally, transdermally—or, in more desperate medical situations, administered intravenously by a doctor or nurse. Transdermal applications include topical application directly on the skin, magnesium massagesmedical bathsnebulization into the lungs, and glutathione suppositories as well as coffee, herbal and seawater enemas and colonics.

The war on cancer has cost 200 billion dollars and to this day it has clearly been nothing more than a losing battle. But there is a cure for cancer, though it does not grow out of single medicinals or pharmaceuticals—it comes from following a well-thought-out protocol that takes every aspect of cancer and its multiple causes into account.

When it comes to cancer the Natural Allopathic protocol pays attention to the terrain, to the surrounding cells and the surrounding extracellular matrix, which interacts and shapes cancer cell growth.  Cancer cells cannot turn into a lethal tumor without the cooperation of other cells nearby. It is not just the friendly healthier cells but also the interstitial environment (pH, oxygen and CO2 levels) that plays a role in determining what will happen to a person when they have cancer.

The Natural Allopathic protocol offers hope even for those suffering from the hurt, damage and physiological degeneration that often comes with chemo or radiation therapy.

It’s a long road to win the war on cancer for some people, especially if they have been devastated by mainstream oncology. Others, especially if they have caught their cancer in its early stages can cut through to a cure quite quickly if they are willing to follow the discipline of doing the full protocol.

When we move beyond the medical fundamentals of cancer treatment we often have to journey into our inner territories of emotion, feeling and conflict. This protocol approach includes love, touch (magnesium massages) and a return to the natural and deep vulnerabilities of our hearts and being.

  • call the child by his name

    hello doctor i like all that which you stand for. but can you tell me please, why your ebooks are so expensive. the whole idea of the ebooks is they are cheep to put togther, and you come and use the need of people why? you are on the right track so why be more greedy?

  • MaryCA

    will drinking the baking soda w/ lemon help plantar warts of the hand? I am seeing the baking soda/mag bath irritate them, but not getting rid of. Is there a time period to treat with them? These have been frozen off and a year later same spots came back. None anywhere else at this time- originally had some on sole of feet. THanks for any info.

  • Deborah Quick

    Can anyone help. I’m a cancer patient but have not done any traditional treatment. I got off of 7 medications including thyroid medications just recently, but I have never tried the lugol s iodine. I ordered it and just got it in the mail 2% lugol s…I just am still confused on how much I need to take..I need to know exactly how many drops to diagnoses are breast cancer, thyroid tumor(benign), adrenal failure..these are the main 3. I know there is a list on dr sircus s but I’m still confused on an exact amt of drops to take and for how long and when do I increase it? 2 months ago I started taking limu, a brown seaweed from the Tongan islands and noticed an improvement in just 2 weeks, but I found out it has very little iodine in it. No can’t afford a consultation. I’m a missionary/nurse. Can anyone help?

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear Deborah,
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation.
      Dr. Sircus has an entire protocol of a number of things that may help you. You can read about his protocol and about dosages in the ebook Treatment Essentials:

      Or you can choose a consultation with Dr. Sircus for an in depth recommendation for you. He is available to take patients via his online clinic.

      Please let me know if I can be of further help.
      Best Regards,
      Maurice Guggisberg
      IMVA Support Team

      • Deborah Quick

        I just don’t have the money

    • Rob H

      I’m going to say six drops in four ounces of water, two times a day: once at bed time, and once upon awakening in the morning.

  • judy

    is it alright to use magnesium drops topically?

  • judy

    is it alright to use magnesium drops topically?

  • jaye

    Hi can anyone tell me is it safe to take lecithin granules with the bicarbonate of soda ?

  • Sanford Ponder

    Is there a book called “Treatment Essentials”? or is he just referring to the protocol?

    I find this site exciting. From experimentation I have been doing about 3/4’s of this already but this site presents everything in a very rational and coherent manner.



  • pinklady

    i understand that baking soda has alumimun in it-true or false.

    • Sanford Ponder

      Baking Powder has aluminum in it.
      Red Mill Baking soda is Aluminum free and Arm and Hammer claims the same.

      • Gabriel Zriek

        I think you are confusing baking Soda with baking powder, no aluminum in baking soda.

  • grumpy bear

    Thanks for the MLM Kangen plug Wilma.Simply put, the pH is made more alkaline via a filter which adds minerals to the water after the water is ‘electrocuted’ to a smaller cluster size which only lasts for about 15 minutes per Kangen rep.,as water seeks its natural state.Please search the web for “kangen fraud” to get other opinions versus kangen supplied info. I prefer R.O. or distilled & add air dried pink salt.Most of clean natural spring waters have a nice balance of magnesium & bicarb. Dr. John Apsley has great info on ‘SAW’,(structured alkaline water), using specific minerals added to R.O. or distilled water. It’s a inexpensive do-it-yourself recipe. I owned a water ionizer from years past,& now it is a paper weight.

    • Wilma Nevans

      I have been drinking KANGEN water for 2 1/2 years,I am 84 years old and I haven’t had a sick day since I started drinking the water. I had plenty of health problems before. Whoever gave that information is not telling you the facts. This is the only company that gives people the water to try before they buy a machine. It is the only water machine that has the Gold Seal of Approval by the Quality Water Assoc. It is a medical device in Japan
      I would say you aren’t using a 501 Kangen water machine for a paper weight but some other brand.

      • Dave

        Is this water ionizer the water you are talking about? The post water ionizer company also let you try before you buy.

  • Wilma Nevans

    I keep a healthy PH with Kangen water from a machine that uses tap water to alkalize your drinking water. A medical device in Japan for about 40 years and only been sold in the USA for 10 years. The SD501 is the only machine given the Gold Seal of Approval by the Quality Water