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Magnesium Bicarbonate and Dr. Sircus’s New Group

Published on May 14, 2013

The Group

The Magnesium Bicarbonate group ended recruitment and active participation in June 2014 and all interested people were invited to follow Dr. Sircus on his Dr. Sircus Facebook page. At this time the special offers to group members for discounts on the purchase of MagBicarb concentrate also ended.

Certificates were given to those who participated and demonstrated understanding of benefits and use of MagBicarb and they were granted title of Practitioner of Natural Allopathic Medicine.

All group members recognized benefits from including MagBicarb concentrate in their own and in their client’s treatment plans when used as directed as being lowering of pH, increase in bicarbonates added to our systems, increase in magnesium added, better tasting water, increased enegy, and decrease in calcification of tissues.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Patricia Lopetegui

    What about preparing water with magnesium bicarbonate (powder)? I bought magnesium bicarbonate in powder from a chemical supplier, but i don’t know how much to add to a liter of distilled water.

  • LJ

    Dr. Sircus or anyone who understands this more than I, please lend us a hand.

    From research on this blog and others, I learned you can make Magnesium Bicarbonate by introducing Magnesium Hydroxide to carbonated water, where it reacts with the CO2 and the end result is Bicarbonate. Given the article that Potassium Bicarbonate is also as important and healthy, questions arise.

    Take from this theory I did research if the same thing is possible with Potassium Hydroxide. From a few places, including wikipedia, I learned that indeed it is possible to add Potassium Hydroxide to carbonated water, when it reacts with CO2 we have the Bicarbonate end product in Potassium form.

    Now the information on this was scarce, and I found no posts by individuals who do this. Can anyone confirm or deny if Potassium Hydroxide works the same as Magnesium Hydroxide? If it does, are there any reasons to not do it? Perhaps the process or not mixing properly, is very dangerous? Maybe the reaction creates other things too?

    Any information you can provide would be very helpful for me and anyone interested. The reason I’m interested is because it would be cheaper and I already have high grade Potassium Hydroxide I use for soap making.

    If this is a totally viable option, I would first figure out exactly the amount needed for both Potassium and Magnesium Hydroxide (separately) to fully react with a 1 liter of soda. Then do a 50/50 mix in one bottle or react them individually and just mix both into the final drinking water.

    Thank all

    • Arnold T

      Potassium hydroxide hastens the decomposition of soft tissues, both
      animal and human, to leave behind only the bones and other hard tissues. This is a direct quote from Wiki. Caustic Potash, as it is called, is the lye in lye based soap. It produces a strong chemical reaction to acids.

      I seriously doubt this is a form of potassium that frees itself for use in the body, rather, it appears to combine itself with soft tissue in humans and carry it away, i.e. dissolve it like lye soap.

      • LJ

        Arnold thank you for the reply. I understand that Potassium Hydroxide is not something the body uses, I was more curious if the same reaction was possible as with Magnesium Hydroxide – where you put into Seltzer Water and it reacts to form Bicarbonate. I didn’t end up doing this and just got Potassium Gluconate and from what you say I’m glad I didn’t.

  • cz

    If using magnesium hydroxide powder instead of milk of magnesia how much would I put into a liter of club soda?

    • LJ

      From what I read around, it’s about 2 teaspoons. Make sure to use measuring spoons to be precise. However, if you put in too much, some will not convert and you will have a slight laxative. If you don’t put enough, you’ll have some CO2 remaining. Either way its not a big deal. I’d start with putting 1.5 tsp and taste it, if you still feel/see bubbles in the soda, next time put more until you reach a liquid that has no carbonation (all CO2 reacted with the Hydroxide).

  • Little Bottler

    Our company is bottling natural mountain water in Australia and would like to add magbicarb concentrate before bottling process in order to value add our small pack sizes like 375ml pet bottles. We have several existing magnesium bicarbonate waters here in Australia who claim to have patents on their formulation, how do we make sure we do not breach any patents by using a magbicarb concentrate ?

    • You will need to contact the mfg of MagBicarb concentrate with this information. You can leave a message on their contact form and they will get back to you.

      You might also have to search the patent data bases for relevant products.
      Claudia French

  • Hello Jeffrey,

    That is the website that Dr. Sircus recommends people in need of making the home made version of magbicarb water use. However he feels that while it is effective it is not as effective as the MagBicarb mixed with distilled water. The home made version does not have the special water chelation that makes the availability of the magnesium and bicarbonates so readily available.
    Claudia French

    • Guest

      Thank you so much. I’m happy to hear that I’m taking something that is at least somewhat healthy. This water that I make, according to the above link, states that ”

      Magnesium dissolved in water (ionized) is consider
      ably more bioavailable than is magnesium in
      solid tablets or capsules. About 50% of the
      magnesium contained in magnesium/bicarbonate water is absorbed[4,5].

    • Jeffrey James

      Thank you so much. I’m happy to hear that I’m taking something that
      is at least somewhat healthy. This water recipe that I make, according to the above link, states:
      “Magnesium dissolved in water (ionized) is considerably more bioavailable than is magnesium in solid tablets or capsules. About 50% of the magnesium contained in magnesium/bicarbonate water is absorbed”

      If I’m calculating correctly, this recipe has about a PH of 8.5, plus about 500mg of magnesium and 2500mg of bicarbonate per gallon of water. Of which, only 50% is actually bioavailable to my body. So my body is using about 250mg of magnesium per gallon of water that I drink. How does this compare to the MagBicarb found at: ?

      Thank you so much for your time and efforts. I am trying to educate myself, so forgive me if I ask monotonous or foolish questions.

      Jeffrey James

      P.S. Tell Dr. Sircus I am so grateful I purchased Treatment Essentials…..I LOVE IT!!!

      • Hello Jeffrey,

        When you go to the site of read through the FAQs and it will give you all the information.
        Claudia French

  • Ally

    What is the daily dosage of Magnesium bicarbonate and is it taken with meals or on an empty stomach?

    Is magnesium in this form more effective at building up the concentrations of magnesium in the body compared to other forms such as magnesium chloride?

    How does magnesium bicarbonate compare with liposomal magnesium chloride in terms of absorbability?

    Can the mag bicarb be used in bakery?


    • Hello Ally,

      Since this essay was posted we have put together a FAQ that might answer some of your questions. That can be found here:

      There are basically two strengths of MagBicarb concentrate that should be added to distilled water, depending on how severe your body is deficient in bicarbonates which is the primary function of this concentrate, that is, to increase bicarbonates as well as magnesium. Instructions are described on the website for use of both concentrations. Its best if taken between meals. It can be used in baking but not with the same effects that you would expect from use of baking soda or baking powder. And heating will destroy the benefits of the bicarbonates to a great extent. So its not recommended as a bakery additive. Its too expensive too.
      MagBicarb is formulated in a very special manner that makes it extremely absorbable in our systems compared to other forms. Additional magnesium may be needed if severely deficient.
      Claudia French

  • Matt

    I want to produce magnesium bicarbonate from magnesium oxide adding it
    in the first step to water for getting magnesium hydroxide out of it.And
    than following next steps as described by Wallerwater.
    But I am not quite sure
    if there is no problem with this additional step and with the fact that
    the magnesium oxide is “only” 70-75% chemically pure.
    Could anybody help me with that issue and also tell me what proportions should I use in every single step?

  • William

    is this group is open to new members? I am very interested in joining it, or a new group if there is one.

  • John Virag

    hello, just found your site, very interesting, is membership in your group still open or available thanks.

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear John,
      Thank you for your interest in our work.
      You can register in the membership in the link below:

      Best Regards,
      Maurice Guggisberg
      IMVA Support Team

  • Gregory Rear


    I am wanting to make the magnesium bicarbonate water myself
    and there are many sources of a recipe on the net.They all advise to use
    Milk of Magnesia as the source which is magnesium hydroxide.I cannot
    buy milk of magnesia in australia(been banned would you believe) but
    getting magnesium oxide is fine.From research it seems the mag-hydroxide
    is just mag-oxide with water added.Does anyone know if this is
    correct.I have actually called several pharmacies here and none can
    answer this for me

  • Walter

    What is the difference if any between magnesium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate? I read this article by Dr. Sircus and wanted to buy magnesium bicarbonate. It was not easy to find. When I finaly found it in a spanish netshop I bought it, but I realized later that what I bought is magnesium carbonate. Will I get the same benefits?

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear Walter,

      Unfortunately not because carbonate is different than bicarbonate.

      Best Regards,
      Maurice Guggisberg
      IMVA Support Team

  • Bella

    Have anyone tried Vitel water purifier ( with magnesium oxide beats )? Does it do the same job?

    • Hi Bella,

      I have used what are called Prill Beads which are also magnesium oxide beads added to water. The taste is wonderful and the water is purified and magnesium is added. However the difference between that and magnesium bicarbonate water is that with magnesium bicarbonate water, bicarbonates are added….with the Prill beads no bicarbonates are added. It is extremely important to our full hydration and functioning to have adequate bicarbonates in addition to magnesium. Prill beads are much less expensive and I believe the same as the brand you are asking about. Available on
      Claudia French

  • Teresa

    Could you please let me know if Badoit Mineral water from Italy would suffice? It has a high magnesium content and is easy for me to obtain here in the Uk. Thank you. – Teresa

    • Theresa, it would help for magnesium content if its high enough, but not sure about bicarbonate content……..we are not familiar with this water.
      Claudia French

    • Michael Wallace Ellwood

      Thing is, it also has high Calcium I believe, like a lot of mineral waters, so might not help your Ca/Mg balance. I looked into this myself, and was quite excited about San Pellegrino as it has relatively high Mg but misread the label, and it turned out it had much more Ca than Mg. (Not sure about bicarbonate).

      • Calcium levels in MagBicarb recommended by Dr. Sircus is extremely low and the waters used to mix the concentrate with are recommended to be only those of very low calcium levels. MagBicarb decalcifies our tissues so added calcium would prevent this. Only when using very large amounts of the concentrate might added calcium be considered. This is also why distilled water is recommended to mix it with.

        Claudia French

        • Michael Wallace Ellwood

          Just to be clear Claudia, I was referring to the Badoit mineral water having a relatively high Ca level, making it possibly not a very good “mixer”. From a table I saw comparing high mineral mineral waters, in most cases they had either high Ca or high Na (or both). This is what Wikipedia says for Badoit:

          Calcium (Ca)190
          Chloride (Cl−)40
          Bicarbonate (HCO3)1300
          Fluoride (Fl)1
          Magnesium (Mg)85
          Potassium (K)10
          Silica (SiO2)35
          Sodium (Na)150
          Sulfates (SO)40

          (Hope that’s readable)

  • Hoe Bing

    Hi IMVA team,

    New to the mag bicarb discussion so plenty to learn.

    I have been using alkaline water for about 1 year so far and it has served me well.

    I read in one of the articles that the magbicarb should only be used with filtered water and not alkaline water, what was the reason for this?

    Also is there an update for the water filter?

    Thank you very much.


    • Dear Hoe Bing,

      Actually MagBicarb concentrate should be used with distilled water or a very low calcium spring water. Most filtered waters have too much calcium in them which can interfere with the action of the magnesium bicarbonate.
      There is information available on the MagBicarb website in the FAQ section, which may be useful to you Hoe.

      The water filter from Brazil that was planned is not going to be available to us after all. Dr. Sircus is going to be looking to another source who can meet his specifications but nothing is on the horizon right now.
      Claudia French

      • Hoe Bing

        What about the unique water mentioned for Australia? Would they be suitable?

        • Yes, Hoe Bing, Unique Water in Australia is a good source and shows very impressive results in the clinical trials they are running.
          Claudia French

  • Jess

    I have two questions. 1. Is this water, at therapeutic strength, intended to replace using baking soda on a daily basis? 2. In putting 4 oz of the concentrate into a gallon of distilled water, one must first remove a few oz from the gallon container to make room for the 4oz of concentrate THUS making a stronger batch. Is this OK?

    • Jess,

      Using Baking Soda on a daily basis is not really recommended to stay alkaline. Please read the book on Sodium Bicarbonate and the essays posted on our site about this. Please read the chapter on cautions and contraindications. You need to find a way to stay alkaline without ingesting baking soda over the long term as it can affect digestive enzyme production.
      The Magnesium bicarbonate concentrate will help to lower your pH without adding any sodium. This can be drunk on a daily basis in place of your water intake. You may still need additional bicarbonate of soda or bicarbobate potassium if having certain GI problems or if treating cancer.
      The directions on the label should be followed to obtain the concentration and strength needed. For the Therapeutic level you remove 4 oz from a gallon of distilled water and then replace that with 4 oz. of the concentrate. This will give the proper concentration as described.
      Claudia French

      • IveyLeaguer

        So Claudia, the long term use of (magnesium) bicarbonate drinking water doesn’t affect digestive enzyme production? And doesn’t have any negative effect on the stomach’s natural acidity?


    • Jess

      Thank you, Claudia. I have one more brief question. When pouring the magbicarb concentrate into the gallon of water, does that gallon need to be refrigerated at any time either at the time of mixing or thereafter OR can one simply mix the concentrated into room temperature water and leave it room temperature?

      • Jess the Magbicarb concentrate must be refrigerated before putting into distilled water. The distilled water does not need refigeration. But once the Magbicarb product is added the gallon must be kept refrigerated or some potency will be lost.
        Claudia French

  • Bob Baumgardner

    Claudia, is the Biomat for sale to the public also or only the group?
    Thank you for your response I appreciate everything you are doing for people!
    By the way I have very good kidneys!
    I read Dr, Sircus words on the effects of magnesium deficiency and it almost describes me to tee. I believe my cells are damaged because I am 54 years old and could pass for 65 right now due to the upgraded aging process, I was born with a heart murmur that has turned into Aortic Stenosis which is a calcified aortic valve.
    I am hoping that the magnesium chloride will help change my situation along with Noah’s water I ordered.
    When I google Sodium Thiosulfate it only comes up with camera solution. Where can I buy it and how to use it?
    Thank all of you for what you do, and never stop no matter what anyone tells you!


    • Hi Bob,

      The BioMat is available to the public through
      Sodium Thiosulfate can be purchased through . and you would use the pentahydrate . The dosages for dissolving calcifications are not yet clear to us from the research we’ve seen. Clinical trials are reportedly going on and outcomes not yet published. You would really need to discuss the details of your situation with Dr. Sircus to come up with what would be appropriate for you to use.
      Another alternative is to start drinking MagBicarb water which will also decalcify tissues and provides magnesium as well…see:
      Claudia French

  • moritz saabel

    This is amazing. I want to know if there are issues for people having kidney disease with magnesium hydrogen carbonate or if it is as dangerous like sodium hyd…carbonate? Well of course I think a benefit for sure would be that magnesium is an intracellular at 99%

    • Unfortunately magnesium is contraindicated in most kidney problems as the kidney’s ability to excrete any excess is lost as the kidney problme gets worse…and so then there is risk of excess magnesium in the body which can be harmful. The kidney is the primary excretory system for magnesium excess…..the bowels excrete some.

      • moritz saabel

        Thank you. So if you stay under 1 oz. per gallon the risk might be reduced.

    • As with any kind of magnesium , if kidney problems are present the kidneys can’t excrete any excess of mag as normal kidneys would. So yes the risk is still there depending on how deteriorated kidney function is. Its generally recommended that magnesium bicarbonate concentrate water only be consumed at the maintenance rate of 1 oz. per gallon of water instead of 4 oz. per gallon if kidney function is decreased and to use it under the care of a qualified health care provider.

  • Rosanna

    Please tell me are the filters for the general public to make Magnesium Bicarbonate water available yet? If not do you have a date we can expect in the near future? Thanks in advance!

    • Rosanna,

      Due to some difficulty with the manufacturer being unable to deliver Internationally, these water filters are not yet available. Dr. Sircus is working with some others to make a filter to his requirements. So watch the newsletters for more news on this. We do not yet have a date when this will be available.
      Claudia French

  • Nevada Smith

    This is all most intriguing. Just learned that my wife’s brother-in-law has bone cancer.

    Anyway, sodium bicarbonate and now magnesium bicarbonate – what about potassium bicarbonate? Better yet what about a blend of different mineral bicarbonates? After all isn’t it balance we want? A balance of sodium to potassium and a balance of magnesium to calcium?

    My wife and I have both been taking 1/2 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate twice a day along with 1/8 tsp of sodium bicarbonate. she takes it for her blood pressure and I take it to keep kidney stones away.

    Her systolic BP has come down 25 points but she does have times when it spikes. We are thinking she may have glandular problems that are causing it, perhaps hypothyroidism.

  • David

    this is the link to pristine hydro’s website:

    • Thanks, David,

      I sent this info to Dr. Sircus to look over and he thinks he can get this done more cheaply than sold by this company. He iwill look further at it. Your input is much appreciated here.
      Claudia French

  • David

    Pristine Hydro water filtration systems add magnesium bicarbonate to water and remove 100% off all harmful chemicals. The water also has a high ph. If interested in getting magnesium bicarbonate through water, look into pristine hydro. They are the best in the market. I have been using their system for over a year and the satisfaction is phenomenal.

    • Martin family

      We have been drinking Pristine Hydro for a couple years and have never felt better. I am 65 and I feel 45. I cannot ever even consider drinking bottled water (regular plastic bottles)..or tap water. I strongly recommend this water… tastes really good too!!! And….I have installed their units in my kitchen sink and also for my bathrooms. I can’t believe the difference in my skin and hair using this method.

  • Jack Lyford

    Oh me Oh My.

    How I wish I could afford to joing thin group. Way down here in New Zealand it hard and expensive to get solutions for my cancer and when you are only on a pension it is heart breaking to see that there are possible solutions that I just cannot afford

  • belisle1

    Why not just make your own magnesium bicarbonate?

  • Joan Didak

    Mark, check this out. We now have stabilized redox signalling molecules in a bottle with a shelf life of over a year:

  • Lyn Peterson

    Dear Mark,

    I don’t know if you might remember me writing to you about my
    grandson in 2006. He immediately regressed into autism and lost his
    ability to walk and talk, as well as severe digestive damages after
    his last batch of vaccines. Long Story Short: When he was in the
    hospital for testing at age 6 months, the doctors discovered that
    he was not vaccinated, and although 2 MDs [who practice
    naturopathic medicine also] recommended that he NOT be vaccinated
    due to his immune issues [allergies, asthma etc], the hospital
    staff physicians refused to recognize these doctors previous
    diagnosis, and refused to release my daughter’s son to her custody
    unless she agreed to vaccinate him. They turned her and myself into
    Child Protective Services for “medical neglect”. She kept
    resisting but they pretended to “compromise” with her
    request for only ONE vaccine at a time, by supposedly giving him
    “TWO” vaccines, one in each leg. Unbeknownst to her they
    actually gave him NINE doses (in multi-dose injections) every 2
    months on a “catch up” schedule since he had not been
    vaccinated the first 6 months. It was the 3rd set of vaccines at
    age one that sent him right over the cliff into autism and other
    severe vaccine injuries. This was almost 6 years ago, but the good
    news is that he has been gradually recovering through a variety of
    Natural Medicine therapies (with ZERO drugs).

    On your
    recommendation and information, we started giving him SODIUM
    BICARBONATE (Bobs Red Mill Aluminum FREE), since he already had a
    huge load of Aluminum from the vaccines. (Testing showed 1,380
    Aluminum level with 100 being maximum safe level) There was so much
    aluminum in him that it actually turned his teeth gray as well as
    his penis. The age one vaccines also included MMR which totally
    trashed his intestines, causing him constant severe cramping and
    pain, which of course prevented him from sleeping. It wasn’t until
    we started giving him the baking soda in juice bottles that this
    pain stopped and allowed him to sleep finally. We have continued to
    give him this daily since that time, along with many other
    nutritional therapies, including MAGNESIUM OIL, which you also
    recommended. He had terrible leg cramps which disappeared by
    massaging this into his skin, putting it into his detox baths
    (along with Miracle 2 Soap) and we also use these 2 products in his
    little swimming pool during the summer. He has several friends who
    are also autistic, so when they come over to play my daughter puts
    them all into the bathtub or pool (during summer) and Presto—they
    are all magically changed into calmer children who are not whining
    and fighting. SMILE

    Regarding MAGNESIUM, I learned from my
    research that this displaces Aluminum, which (in my humble opinion)
    is the major offending ingredient in vaccines now, since the Mercury
    was phased out (except for the Flu shots, which have 25,000% of the
    EPA safety standard) Every single ingredient in vaccines is toxic,
    however I have come to believe that the Aluminum and Mercury produces
    the greatest amount of the toxicity and MMR further increases damage
    to the intestines. The MAGNESIUM OIL baths and massages has
    gradually reduced the aluminum levels in my grandson, which has been
    demonstrated by the gray color gradually disappearing from his teeth
    and penis, as well as many other improvements in his health and

    Also regarding the SODIUM BICARBONATE,
    I read all of your information posted online and started also taking
    this myself, since I have had cancer twice, and have recovered both
    times with only natural therapies and NO Chemo or Radiation. Since
    the last occurrence ten years ago, I used organic calcium (from
    seaweed) to improve my alkalinity, but since learning from you about
    the baking soda, I was using that daily as a preventive, until I
    developed high blood pressure and switched to Potassium Bicarbonate
    this year. (my HBP is not caused by the sodium in the baking soda,
    but any sodium seems to make it worse, except for that in unprocessed
    pink sea salt) I also notice that when my BP is skyrocketing to
    200/100, I can reduce it quickly by getting into a hot bath with
    MAGNESIUM OIL. I also rub the magnesium oil over my heart and on my
    carotid arteries to reduce the Blood Pressure.

    My grandson did not regain his speech
    for 3 entire years until finally we gave him Klaire Labs
    “Ther-Biotic” Complete, which was recommended to me after trying
    10 other probiotics. Presto he starting talking the first day. He
    had a shocked look on his face as he blurted out “Oh Shit
    Grandma!!” which were the most joyous words I have ever heard.
    This did make me realize that he was understanding what I was saying
    even though he could not speak a word all that time, and therefore I
    immediately deleted the word “Shit” from my vocabulary. (Autism
    is a situation that evokes many “Oh Shit” moments) HA!!!

    I am excited in reading all of this
    information regarding the MAGNESIUM BICARBONATE WATER, however as
    careful as we were, we have used up all of the money that my daughter
    had from closing her business and selling the restaurant equipment.
    (This enabled her to stay home and focus on her son’s recovery)
    Although they live with me in order to save their cost of rent and
    utilities, and my grandson does get SSI disability now, that is not
    enough to cover the cost of anything besides his current nutritional
    therapies and essential oils (another miraculous gift from “God’s
    Medicine Chest”). I have researched the BIORAY MAT, but we haven’t
    been able to buy that yet. We were hoping for a settlement from his
    case in the Kangaroo Court (ooops I mean Vaccine Court), but you may
    already know that the purpose of that so called court is to deny the
    vaccines causation of autism, and they have thus disabled the cases
    of many thousands of autism claimants, including ours.

    I am on a limited disability income
    from a chemical injury and MCS, otherwise I would gladly spend every
    dime I have to heal my grandson further. I don’t know what the
    answer is, but thus far I have seen over and over again that God
    answers my prayers and “Jehovah Jireh” [God Provides]

    [Sorry this message turned out to be so
    long….you can edit this for posting if you need to]

    • Steven Sevek

      Magnesium malate is a very absorbable form of magnesium and the malic acid part of it is a good chelator for getting rid of aluminum. Also, vitamin B12 levels should be checked whenever autism is present.

      After reading the book, Could It Be B12, I gave a copy to a friend with an autistic child and she took him to one of the doctors mentioned in the book. The child is now getting B12 shots and is completely changed making eye contact with people and expressing an interest in what Mom is doing and he no longer wakes up in the morning screaming. Also, avoiding gluten can make a difference per the book, The Gluten Connection.

      You can easily confirm all of this with a bit of web searching. However, I get the impression that you already do a lot of this, so maybe you are familiar with these findings.

  • Jim

    What about people with kidney problems? Isn’t there worries about magnesium build up in the kidneys?

    • Yes, Jim,

      People with kidney problems may not be able to use magnesium. Special precautions must be taken due to the fact that the kidneys excrete any excess magnesium taken in and if not working properly a build-up can occur. This is mostly true for those with total kidney failure, but caution and supervision should be observed in you have kidney issues.

  • cytex

    are you still accepting applications to this group? if not…when will the filter be available for purchase?

    • I believe you can still fill out the group application. The details on the sales of the water filter from Brazil are still being worked out and the website is not yet completed. Announcements will be made in Dr. Sircus’ newsletters about this so keep watching!

  • Katie Australia

    Please keep me on your mailing list , I’m very interested but live in Australia.

    My email is

    Thanks. ,

  • Jonathan

    Hello, I live in Brazil. Assuming that the magnesium bicarbonate-creating water system will be produced here, how can I get info about buying it? (cities etc.) I am very interested in the technology.

  • Cathyaz

    Can any of your fans be readers on your private FB page once you get going.

    • Cathyaz,

      No, at this time that won’t be possible. Dr. Sircus will be sharing our activities and experiences in some of his newsletters.

  • Sean Baker

    For financial reasons I am not able to join at this time..but I am on the edge of my seat for the release of Water Medicine..and will gladly participate down the line by purchasing a filtration system once I am able and production is high enough to allow for sales to general public. I think this whole development is..MAG nificent! Congrats and Kudos good Dr.!

    • Thanks for your interest Sean. The water filter will be available to the public soon without restriction and the water book is nearly finished now! Only the magnesium bicarbonate water will be slower in getting out due to production. Keep an eye on the newletters and there will be more groups you can join in the future!

  • Brigitta Biro

    Is it possible to buy the magnesium bicarbonate water and the water filter (system) that also adds magnesium into our drinking water without becoming a member?

    • Right now the magnesium bicarbonate water is only in limited production and available to group members and at a very good price compared to what it would be retail. Production is going to be expanded in the near future but at this point we don’t know when. The water filter system may also be available soon, not sure of the price for that yet.

  • Frank Levey

    Please, please tell me that there is still time to get in an application!

    • Frank, They are still going through applications. So send yours in asap……

      • Frank Levey

        I will get it out tomorrow. Thanks

  • Isabella QM

    HI, Isabella QM in the UK again – Will we be following a certain protocol for this study and for the participation so the data collected is of help? I am very interested in the magn bicarb…I take injections of mg sulphate but would much rather do the mag bicarb. And, again, let me see if I get it right…the cost to participate is $1,200 – this includes the group participation, the filter and the Breathslim. We will need to buy a stock of mg bicarb for approx. $250 and then buy the other items on our own. I live in the UK and can access most all of the products on the list other than the mg bicarb, I admire the work and interested and so I am filling in the application and just want to make sure I am getting the costs right…approx. $2,000? Thanks.

    • Hi Isabella,

      Yes, you have the costs right. Look forward to you joining the group!

  • rselig1111

    Hi Dr. Mark Sircus,

    I am interested in joining however not directly for me, but for my patients, as I use a lot of your protocols with the big three incorporated into my patients protocols.. However I am not interested in a water filtration device, as I drink only live spring water at the source. I have no problem buying magnesium flakes/oil as in fact, I sell a lot of it to my patients as it is. I don’t mind buying a bio mat as I will put it on my treatment table in my office. I hope it’s not too late and I hope my restrictions do not prevent me from joining.

  • Lilliane

    We have a bio-mat as well as a FIR sauna. My husband has Gleason 10 Stage IV Prostate Cancer for which he is receiving integrative treatment,and is doing well at the moment. If we already own the the bio-mat would the cost still be 1200 dollars?

    • Hi Lilliane,

      Glad you have a biomat and Fir Sauna!! The primary goal of this new group is to study the effects of the magnesium bicarbonate water and the water filter that also adds magnesium into our drinking water. The costs of these two things are covered or partially covered (the magnesium water is a special reduced price) by the entrance fee. The full cost of the filter and its shipping cost is covered in full.
      The other items on Dr. Sircus Protocol are recommended but not mandatory for anyone to have but greater benefit will be gained if they are all utilized, especially for those with cancer.
      So no, owning a biomat and sauna do not necessarily reduce the cost of participating in the group, but I would strongly encourage you to talk with Luciana and Dr. Sircus when you send in your application if you need financial assistance. All of Dr. Sircus consultation time and writings are included in this $1200 fee.
      I hope you will be joining us!


      Claudia French

  • Isabella QM

    hi – I live in the UK. Is it possible to participate from the UK? Thanks

    • Yes, it is possible to participate from the UK. Water filters and the mag bicarbonate waters can be shipped Internationally though it may cost you a bit more.

  • Dr. Sircus this sounds wonderful! I wish I could participate, but don’t have the money. We have an under the sink filter that I bought from Jim McMahon that has 6 stages. One of the filters is to replace the minerals. Would it be possible to get a filter for the magnesium to replace this? The system also removes fluoride. I’ve recommended several people to you and unfortunately many did not listen. I’m calling another friend today whose daughter just got diagnosed with cancer all over her body and her sil is in the last stages of lymphoma. I’m praying she calls you. God bless you for all you do!
    Mary Miller

    • Hello Mary,

      I don’t believe that the magnesium infusion system used in the filter Dr. Sircus recommends would work in other filters, as it is custom designed for this one. But if you would send me the name of the filter you have, I will be able to check for you. You can send it to me at
      Claudia French

      • Kelly

        With all due respect, this magnesium bicarbonate water is all over the web, with free recipes to make one’s own. While I greatly appreciate the doctor’s interest in spreading this positive information, his ego seems to really be interfering with common sense, claiming that all doctors and specialists will fall in line, everyone will be interested, etc.. If people already know how to make their own…why would they purchase an expensive filtering system, let alone join an exclusive (!!!) club in order to be able to do so.

        Sorry, I don’t mean to come off as insulting or rude, but I don’t get it. 🙂

  • Where do I send the completed questionnaire to join the group.

    • Hello Truella,,

      Happy to see your interest in this special magnesium / bicarbonate study group! Below are the directions from Dr. Sircus for where to send the completed application forms.

      To Join the Group send forms directly to Luciana Valentine at and a copy to me at Luciana will direct you in terms of payment of the $1,200. Half this fee goes to pay for the magnesium bicarbonate water filter system and the Breathslim and the other half is for my universe of written materials the group fee and later for certification.
      As each person joins I will give out my Skype address and we will have a short consultation together. Please understand if everyone jumps in the same day it’s going to take me a week to talk to everyone. Later today I will release this information to my IMVA Facebook and then on Monday through a newsletter to my general readership so it’s best to reserve you place now.
      The first two weeks will be dedicated for opening the group and processing everyone in. This will give people time to get their magnesium bicarbonate and other protocol items.
      What I am offering members of the group and eventually the world is a turnkey health and medical practice based in medical science (allopathic). However all of its agents are natural and many of them are strong enough and act quickly enough to be used in emergency room and intensive care medicine.
      Actually each participant is joining up for their family not just for themselves and also for your friends and neighbors. We will be bringing the waters of life and a beautiful new form of medicine and health care to those we care about. Those who know me best know I am a man of mission and purpose and now I am about to impregnate you with my zeal.

  • I am very interested. I have several of your books and your new source of magnesium sounds great. Also the bio mat. I think I already have a very good water filter that gets all of the Fluoride out with Bone-Char prefilters.

    • Sounds Great Truella.

      The water filter that Mark is making arrangements for will also be adding in magnesium. This is going to be a wonderful thing to have! Constant supply of magnesium in water….bicarbonate too!

  • ditzy1

    What is a biomat?

  • Mike in NH

    Could one use carbonated water and Milk of Magnesia ?

    • Michael there is a method for making magnesium bicarbonate with magnesium hydroxide (MOM) and carbonated water discussed in the Water Medicine book due out June 10.

  • David

    Best news I have received for a long time!

    • anti_banker

      I often wondered how to get around the sodium issue (due to blood pressure and other problems) and if there are other forms of bicarbonate without the Sodium component. THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. Can’t wait to learn more about magnesium bicarbonate…

      • anti_banker

        Sorry, comment was not actually a reply to David, but addressed to Dr. Sircus and staff.