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Hunger & Starvation to Visit Humanity

Published on October 18, 2010


Do you believe that you will always be able to buy inexpensive food at the supermarket? If so, you might want to think again. During 2010, agricultural commodity prices have exploded. Nearly every single important agricultural commodity is experiencing double-digit percentage price increases. The S&P GSCI Agriculture Index recently surged to a fresh two-year high and now we find that food producers and retailers are starting to pass those commodity price increases on to consumers.

Food inflation is real; it is here and it’s going to hurt a lot of people. In fact, food inflation is hitting consumers hard all over the globe this fall. According to the United Nations, international wheat prices have soared 60 to 80 percent since July. Since the beginning of 2010, the price of bread has gone up 17 percent and the price of meat has gone up 15 percent in European Union countries. The inflation rate in Russia rose to 7 percent in September primarily because of rising food costs.

The New York Times reported, “First it was heat and drought in Russia. Then it was heat and too much rain in parts of the American Corn Belt. Extreme weather this year has sent grain prices soaring, jolting commodities markets, and setting off fears of tight supplies that could eventually hit consumers’ wallets. Grain prices started to shoot up over the summer on reports of a catastrophic drought in the major wheat-producing regions of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Prices rose not only for wheat, but also for corn and soybeans, since those grains are interchangeable as animal feed and a drop in wheat production could mean increased demand for the other grains.”

Corn prices surged again last week after a new report from the United States Agriculture Department said this year’s corn crop would be smaller than expected. The harvest is forecast to be 3 percent lower than the 2009 crop. In Canada Prairie farmers have faced near impossible planting conditions this year. In Saskatoon, for example, 290 mm of rain fell throughout the summer. The average rainfall amount is 184 mm. Both Regina and Winnipeg also saw above average rainfall amounts, which left fields too saturated to get into. If the wet and soggy conditions weren’t already bad enough, an early frost gave farmers yet another barrier to contend with. The cooler temperatures not only lead to a loss in crop yield, it also limits the time spent in the field for production.

Fresno County in California ranks first in the U.S. in agricultural sales every year. “Drive around it today, however, and you’ll think you are in a desert. The tap has been turned off and area farmers are not receiving their promised allotments. The locals call it a “Congress-created Dust Bowl.” The San Joaquin Valley suffers a 15 percent rate of unemployment while unemployment in water-deprived communities soars to 36 percent. The unemployment rate in Fresno County notches 40 percent. Farmers, local governments, small businesses and unemployed workers all cite the shortage of water as the predominant factor. According to a May 2009 study conducted by the University of California-Davis, more than 35,000 jobs and billions in economic revenue have been lost as a result of the manmade drought. Since then, those numbers have continued to climb.”

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In Korea, over the past 12 months, the price of cabbage—the main ingredient in kimchi, the country’s national dish—has risen over 400% to 11,500 won ($10) from 4,000 won two weeks ago and 2,500 won a month ago. “This is the first time that cabbage prices have gone up so much,” Park Young-koo, researcher at the Korea Rural Economic Institute, told the Wall Street Journal. “Since we have monitored the price, nothing like this has happened before.”

In a recent article entitled “An Inflationary Cocktail In The Making,” Richard Benson listed many of the other agricultural commodities that have spiked in price in 2010… coffee: 45%, barley: 32%, oranges: 35%, beef: 23%, pork: 68%, salmon: 30%, sugar: 24%…  and the list goes on and on with the worst yet to come.

The number of people in the United States needing food stamps to survive is trending toward 45 million. There are 60 million on Social Security and they are not getting any cost of living allowance (COLA) increases to compensate for inflation in 2010, nor will they get any in 2011. Those living on fixed incomes or government assistance are being ravaged by exploding inflation. A global food crisis is brewing and with it massive inflation is arriving at a time when we have the most people on government assistance since the Great Depression. The price of food is going to continue to go up and the value of our paper currencies will continue to go down as the race to the bottom continues.

When a large segment of the population is facing a drastic cut in income in the face of escalating food prices, we have a catastrophic problem in the making. Today we have the simultaneous events of income deflation and food inflation, two high-speed express trains coming down the tracks at each other, plus a financial crisis colliding with staggering crop losses that are cutting deeply into available planetary food reserves. Prices of food are beginning to soar again just as millions are losing the ability to afford a reasonable diet, though little of this is being observed or reported. But soon even the blind will see.

Very few people in the U.S. have given any serious consideration to the question of food security. This essay should convince people that it’s time to start. For the most part, we’re not aware of the problem, but if we look hard at the “hidden” news we see that the handwriting is on the wall for an unimaginable crisis that will come on us as early as next year.

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  • ~`. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :;,

  • Scout

    Definitely some rough times ahead for the little guy. The government will go to Cheyenne mountain or the like to live on stored food and water. Get ready it’s coming soon. 2011

  • Doc Mach

    My Grandmonster Sue made her living reading tea leaves and palms. Not the new age tarot card scams like your 900 lines but the old time Black Hills readers. Whether you believe it or not and I’m not going to say yes or no to it, the fact is “She” believed it and was more accurate than anyone else I’ve seen. Her biggest fear (and for the most part her only fear) was she kept seeing starvation in the streets, not because there was a lack of food, but because people couldn’t afford it. For a woman who made it through the great depression without missing a meal it was curious she started seeing this omen in the 70’s but could never pin down a date. Till her death in 1998 she always kept 2 walk in closets full of canned goods. We here in America have never seen the kind of starvation as in Africa, but it’s my hope that when things start to get really bad, we will be able to help one another instead of expecting the Government to come to our rescue. We have got to get past our own selfish natures. You don’t have to head into the woods, start a commune and sing Koom-bai-yah, but if your neihbor can’t make ends meet no matter what they do, you can always do something to help them through the hard times.

  • it is really great to get government jobs because the government can give you a good job security “””

  • Jo

    I have gardened for 43 years. Our (the two of us) grocery bill runs $150 a month (yes $150). Staples only. Mostly vegetarian, a little meat 3 times a week, homemade sourdough bread, mostly organic home grown fruit and veg, dried and canned for winter. We purchase NOTHING pre-made, single ingredient items only.

  • Survivedotcom

    Hey guys, I’m a white South African who scan the net for info, lots of it. The situation in our country is similar if not worst. We are on the verge of a civil war and surviving in such times are hard as our water is mostly contaminated and alkali infected. Without water, food is worthless which is also very scares. The average African lives on less than 2 Dollars US per day and with more than half the population infected with HIV, nutrition is an essential.
    In saying all this, there is a shortage of food, the Fat Cats in Government scoops all the cream and leaves the tidbits for the people on the ground. Fortunately we are hard working Boer people and however dire the situation gets, we’ll always survive. Growing organic is healthier, more nutritious and beats pumping more tax money in to State treasury chests.
    The point that I’m trying to make is that we all are heading in to a third world war and it will be economically motivated. Be prepared, stock up and pray.

  • rds

    The more prices go up, up, up, the less, less, less I spend, spend, spend!
    How does that work out for your inflation!

  • I’ve heard no one talk about the point that all those folks on food stamps are artificially inflating the demand for food. If they were not given money for food,the price of food would be coming down although there would still be demand, but those EBT folks would not be buyers because they would not be in the market…no mon no food.

  • Phil

    Anyone making less than $20,000, married and two kids is not paying one red penny into income taxes and these are the one’s collecting all the free government benefits. They are the ones who also holler the loudest about the rich, but who do they think is paying the taxes so the government can give them all that free money. Lo and behold it has to be the rich because there isn’t a money tree in the White House’s backyard. 50% of the population pays no income taxes and yet still expect to collect from the insurance policy of Social Welfare. Get a job and store your own food with the money you earned and not with my money.

    • Jack Russell

      The rich don’t pay taxes. They have tax breaks for themselves and corporations that aren’t available to working people. They can afford high-priced accountants and lawyers to legally evade taxes. Learn economics before speaking about economics.
      There may be social welfare but it is tiny compared to corporate welfare and welfare for the rich, which they NEVER stop taking.

  • WG

    I cannot believe there are people here actually boasting about their use of welfare!

    • Jack Russell

      Wealthy corporate welfarists are laughing at all of you as they steal your future, your children’s future, their children’s future, and on and on and on and on. They are parasites producing nothing but more paper and numbers while stealing the productivity of the working people. Not only are they proud of being corporate welfare bums but they are laughing at “geniuses” like you who actually support them in their theivery. Exactly what value (if any) do Wall Streeters produce? How does a hedge fund manager justify earning $1 billion a year? And if they f**kup, they run crying to the gov’t to bail them out and you’ll hppily hand over your hard-earned savings to these corporate criminals.

      I don’t even know why I bother here as it’s obvious that most SHEEPLE just don’t get it.

      I’ll leave y’all with a quote from Albert Einstein:
      “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

  • Good to see I’m not the only person following the food situation:

  • Lovas

    Scarcity is not dangerous for the current system, it is actually a necessary part of it. The Abondance is dangerous (because the current system doesn’t make much sense anyway) and can cause a crisis and then a global or local war.

    That’s why our Overseers are not worried of the situation. If the hungry Slaves start causing problems, they have the police and water-guns and tear gass bombs ready…

    The solution is not to throw down the Overseers (they’d be replaced by others) or to start producing more (if we create Abondance, the system will start first destroying food and other goods and if it doesn’t help, they will start a War).

    The only solution would be to replace the current system, based on scarcity, slavery, property and money, with another one, based on abondance, resources, rationality, science and technology.

    Want to find out more and perhaps even wake up? Take the Red Pill here:

  • jill

    Too many subsidies.
    Too many environmentalists with government jobs.
    Too much welfare.
    Too many controllers. (water, land, fertilizers, oil prices)
    Politicians who can speak boldly, but know little regarding what they vote for.
    It just goes on and on and on……

  • jo

    you are already fighting here so humanity is a risk from their neighhbour first most….
    we are all slaves regardless….

  • Kelli

    Very disturbing, but I’ve known for months that this would happen. Stock up on food and learn to grow your own everyone! Now more than ever we need to support our communities and get back to nature so we can all somehow survive.

    Kelli C.

  • Kev

    Saw this coming in 2007, so I started buying year-supply units of freeze-dried foods that last 10 – 20 years. Garden seeds too. I’m good for the next 6 years, come what may.

  • GreenLeaf

    Social welfare IS corporate welfare. Great article!! Thanks!

    • Jack Russell

      Is this guy for real??? My jaw just dropped at that response.
      Corporate welfare is welfare for the rich. The Banksters went to
      your government for $trillions in bailout. Wow!!!
      Corporatists are always going to the gov’t for more and more handouts.
      And I’m not even American. I’m Canadian.

  • Darth Maul

    Wow the world is all pain,stupidity and greed.It looks bad,like god is evil or something.Theres one camp that says there is no god but that doesn’t make it suck any less does it.Hey kids who wants to build a deathstar?

  • Philistine

    I’ve got 3 kids. That makes 5 of us, so foodstamps pays almost 800 a month. We are vegans. We buy fresh veggies and staples. 800 gets us (for now) a month of fresh foods plus about 2 or 3 months of staples (flour/beans/peanut butter/etc) because it’s cheaper to live healthy.

    The benefit amount is calculated based on a) a meat diet, and b) a diet of expensive prepared foods and junk foods and soda pop. This is why almost all poor Americans are obese.

    The best thing that could possibly happen to this country is for starvation to set in for a while. According to the TV show America’s Fattest Loser the process takes about 12 weeks, and some of us may be eliminated, but after the new year we can be free to then focus on important stuff like makeshift wheelbarrows for all the cash we’ll have.

    • Cj

      In what state do you get almost $800.00 a month in food stamps? Or is it that you have no reportable income that your allowance is so high? I am on SSDI, my wife does not work so she can care of me, we are a family of 4, and SSDI gives only $1300.00/mos, food stamps gives only $258.00.
      Please let me know the name of this wonderous state. Either that or tell me how to better scam the system.

      • eman

        “Either that or tell me how to better scam the system”

        So you are already scamming the system?…what a loser!

        You kind will be the first to disappear when all goes to hell. I cannot wait!

        • Jerry

          Yes that is true , I will go first , but you my friend will have to stick around for quite some time , enduring a slow tortureous wasting away of your body . You will watch your family members all scrawny and wasting away as well crying out for the End … living out a modern day Auschwitz existence and begging for death in a deranged stupor is how your final days will come … Still can’t wait ?

      • Steve


      • Jack Russell

        Idiots!!! Abolish corporate welfare first and foremost. Then you’ll see humanity uplifted.
        Starve the super rich useless eaters.

        • Jack Russell

          Social welfare is miniscule copared to corporate welfare and bankster
          and Wall Street theft from the people. If it weren’t for them, there’d be enough for everyone.
          Open your eyes, “geniuses.”

      • Amy

        While not stated as eloquently, I echo John’s sentiment. My husband and I both work to support our family and children (and apparently yours as well). We can barely afford to keep decent food on the table (fruits, veggies, whole grains and the like) while you are feeding your family on ORGANIC (and expensive) foods on the taxpayer dole. How is that even fair???? And $800 a month? We have to squeek by on a little more than half that amount!

        Enjoy it now while it lasts because the amount of people paying into the system is less than those taking from it and increasing all the time. The entitlements will eventually crash, it’s just a matter of time.

        • Amy

          After re-reading the post I see that there was no mention of organic foods but the rest of my comments stand.

      • Lisa

        ditto. This must be why I had to give up so much of the proceeds from selling my tiny little business to the IRS. People who shamelessly live off the labors of other are parasites, no different than the worms that inhabit a dogs belly.

        • Jack Russell

          You tell her Lisa,

          These idiots would begrudge someone just trying to survive, but they’re either silent or fully in support of the rich stealing the country blind. It’s the wealthy class that destroyed the middle class, so that there is only them (a tiny minority)
          and the rest of the population paupers.
          We have stupid sheeple like that in Canada too, in spades. They seem to
          think it’s noble being pauperized while the rich steal them blind.

          • Jack Russell

            When the Great Cleansing comes, all I can say to stupid sheeple is “good Riddance!!!”

      • Elaine

        YEAH! Wow, I live alone, self employed picture framer (not the most booming biz in this economy!) but I manage to live on under $10,000 a year and I never miss a mortgage payment and I don’t get food stamps. The outrageous thing here is that those who don’t work at all get more in food stamps than I get in total income…..I am not whining, I am quite content because I am independent and refuse to submit to the nanny state. Oh, yeah, I work with a bad back and bone on bone arthritic knee. No health insurance but I don’t want the government to take control of my body either! I try to eat healthy and work as I can….which is a whole lot more than if I went crying to DSS and then sat back waiting for “my share” of other peoples wages! “Lilies of the field works!”

        • Elaine

          Oh, yeah, and because I am self employed, I had to pay instead of get a refund on taxes for the last 2 years! Over $500 last year! Hope you able bodied folks on food stamps are using my widow’s mite wisely.

    • Robin

      You are 100% correct.

      • Philistine

        I know.

    • Scott

      Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? I work 3 jobs and spend between 80-110 hours PER WEEK at work! All so you can sit at home and get 800/mo for food and you don’t even have enough pride as a human to feel ashamed. I paid over 17K in federal taxes ALONE last year To the people that are on the government tit I say… Get some pride and get a job, or 2 or 3 or 7 if that’s what it takes!

      We so need to just stop all of these welfare, give away, “free” programs. If you are physically able to work, then you get no assistance at all. If you are disabled (a real disability) and are truly unable to work then I don’t have as much of a problem helping out but for the rest of the leach’s cut them off.

  • Very true article. In fact, I wrote a long blog post yesterday, highlighting just that (amongst other things) and an opportunity for a few people to invest in something amazing happening here in India.

    Please visit

    if you feel called.



  • Steve

    Thank you! true True TRUE!!!

  • Joey Tavares

    It’s time to get food out of the hands of the speculators.

    This is ridiculous.

    This species isn’t juvenile, but it’s ‘elite’ are quite backwards.

    • gerry

      We need the commodities market to keep prices an a relatively even keel. Otherwise cornflakes would be three dollars a box one week and twelve dollars the next. However, the emergence of huge funds and other king sized speculators has skewed the game. Regulation is key. t

      • We are not experiencing a normal supply/demand price effect in commodities IMV. Harvests & carryover stocks are decent and demand is stable. Rather, investors/speculators are moving some money out of financial assets (stocks, bonds) and redeploying into tangible assets generally, commodities specifically, in anticipation of inflation/hyperinflation. The subsequent price distortions are a result of the mismatch between the notional value of (an effectively unlimited supply of) financial assets and the practical limitations of commodity production. Consider that a one percent reallocation out of ABS (2006 issuance @ ~ $8.5 tril) could by itself double commodity prices in the U.S. (2006 production @ ~ $80 bil). Throw in some currency debasement for good measure (QE anyone?) and youve got yourself a price rise.

  • mount

    I have seen this coming since the first of the year, and have set in a pretty good supply of nonperisables also guns and ammo!

  • I just wrote about this very thing on my micro farm blog. In the article I urged, as well as I do the readers of this essay, to grow a garden in what ever amount of property you can devote to it just to help cut out some of the costs they have to face at the grocery store. Added bonus: a bit of exercise, sunshine and, if gardening organically, better food than they will ever get at the multinational big box china-marts. Save your money for staples like oil and grains, grow your own veggies and fruits and, at the same time, stick it to the man (a dish best served steaming hot and angry).

    • Adam

      Do you realie how expensive it is to grow a garden? I have done it myself and gave up when I realised it was costing me more for fertilisers, seed, lawn tools, water (water costs money), etc. The quality is wonderful but it kills the bank. Organic methods are even more time-consuming and expensive.

      • GoneWithTheWind

        Water with greywater. Feed the outlet from your washing machine and shower to a couple of drums and use that. Use compost instead of fertilizer. Gardening can be very inexpensive if you try. If TSHTF you will need a garden and it is easier to have one already then it is to get one going when you are desperate.

        • Kate

          Bravo GWTW. I have been growing my own veggies/fruit and berries for 9 years. This year I ran out of veg. garden space and started planting squash etc among the flowers. My neighbours dig up the city
          boulevards and plant veggies on the boulevards and anyone who wants some can help themselves. Extra fruit ie apples we bag and hang from fences for passerbys to take. I only use compost no chemical
          fertilzers. Use heirloom seeds. The city gardeners have a couple of “Seedy Saturdays’ where we all exchanged seeds that we harvest from our veggies ourselves for the next year. It can be done you just
          have to cooperate. I am Canadian and live on the West Coast. Just one comment. why is it when people who live in the USA talk about ‘stocking up’ it always involves guns and ammo? If you are planning to hunt and trap I can understand it but why does it always seem you are planning to shoot people instead of coooperating with them for the good of everyone.

          • rosiethebear

            To Kate
            Why are the americans stocking up on guns and ammo – well – for the few who are – maybe its because they are living in a police state now, with the potential of being tossed into a fema camp if they open their mouths about the wars and corruption or for wanting to plant vegetables in their yard like you do – its now against the law, probably because Monsanto wants to make sure that everyone is forced to eat their GE food. and what is happening their will be happening here especially after the north american union passes. Thanks to Nafta corporations can come and overrule Cdn laws and Ceta coming in will attack public services. I have the utmost respect for the american people now because of what they are having to go through and because they will help save our butts. and Harper is nothing more than a NWO henchman. Obama congratulated him on how fine a security force he provided during the G20 summit in Toronto where loads of civil right abuses occurred and the Ontario Ombudsman is declaring the need for investigation and accountability.

    • I totally agree with you Mike. You can get as small as you want with gardening. You can even live in an apartment and grow on the balcony with Square Foot Gardening. The benefits of this gardening method; water savings, less work, pesticide and herbicide free, very little weeding, and of course easy accessibility make this the ideal gardening method for both beginner gardeners and old pro’s alike. Everyone can garden with this method.

  • kt

    All this talk makes one hungry

  • The food prices have been manipulated by the Hedge Funds using Derivatives and by the Governments keeping Inflation deliberately high.
    In India edible oil prices are 100% up,Garlic 120%,staple food grains 25%, sugar now 100%,from a recent high of 300% and garlic 80%.
    Things are going to be tough as far as food is concerned.Growing vegetables in whatever amount of land one is having may offer some relief.


      Well, I suppose we “fatties” will lose a bit of weight when this comes to fruition. Did you know that our ancestors ate until they were obese. Than, in great famine, survived because the body fat was eaten by cells without food. Many fat people survived starvation during WW2 while thin people died fast. Being fat can save your life at times like these. This is the logical excuse for my chocolate sugar addiction.

      • Linda

        They also ate to pack on the extra fat to keep them warm in winter, and native Alaskans still do.

      • AKM.

        Ummm, during WW2 many rich folk were obese; and because they had money they also had power, or even vice versa. So of course they did not starve. Power, connections and money. Black market food. Contacts to officials in charge of rationing etc.
        Skinny folk who were poor, already half starved, had no hope.
        Witness Stalingrad, Berlin, Moscow…….