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Bad News from NASA

Published on May 4, 2011

This is going to be the most extraordinary communication so fasten your seatbelts; we are in for a rough ride. I have known in my heart for months that I would have to make a communication like this but had no idea it would be this soon. Back in January, while investigating the underground city that is alleged to have been built under the new Denver Airport, reported on by the former governor Jesse Ventura, I put the puzzle together and came to the conclusion that a planetary event was in store for us in 2012.

Today I am presenting rock solid information; it does not get any better when NASA is your source. What you are about to read and see is happening. Last night, looking at a NASA mathematical model of comet Elenin, I found out that a large celestial body has already penetrated the solar system and is on course for a near and possibly horrific encounter with the earth in the fall of 2011. What we do not know is the size and mass of comet Elenin though I have no doubt that it is known by the authorities.

Elenin is presently being tracked as it goes through the asteroid belt on its way into the inner solar system. I am truly sorry to have to be the bearer of such grave and threatening news but the source, NASA, is impeccable. We have an incoming mass (what might possibly be a neutron star) coming in and it will do a hard turn around the sun like any comet would, crossing and coming in between Mercury and Venus before starting its journey back out. On its way out it will cross our bow, meaning it will pass very close to the earth and the earth will pass behind it, plowing into its tail.

In the video below you will see this explained graphically. What you will see with mathematical precision is that every time this celestial body comes into alignment with the earth and sun we have a huge earthquake. The last three alignments produced the Japanese 9.0 quake, the one in New Zealand and before that the one in Chile. On March 11th Elenin was much further out. When the next alignment happens it will be devastatingly close. The main point to understand is that if Elenin was just a normal comet it would not have the mass to generate a gravity pull that would affect the earth when the earth swings around into alignment.

David Morrison, Astrobiology Senior Scientist at NASA, in an official communication on March 1st acknowledged no threat from Elenin. Ten days later Elenin came into alignment with the earth and the sun and Japan was almost destroyed.

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Morrison confirmed that Elenin’s perihelion (closest to the sun) is in early September 2011 at a distance from the sun of 40-45 million miles. He said it will be closest to the earth on about October 16, at a distance of about 21 million miles, but he believes there is no reason to think Elenin is any different from a normal comet. I wonder if he changed his mind after March 11th. He dismisses everything alarming as pure fiction.

This is the real deal though—that alignment did happen as we can clearly see from the NASA simulation. Now we have to live with increasing radiation spreading around the northern hemisphere. We know how easy it is for people in authority to cover up information and lie with a straight face. The Japanese government admitted it kept in secret at least 5000 radiation measurements and assessments after the nuclear event that struck the Fukushima Daiichi NPP in March. This was done in order to not induce panic in the population, a representative of the staff dealing with the nuclear emergency told ITAR-TASS.

We have to acknowledge and accept that there is a danger and a possibility that part of our civilization and the people in it will be lost. This is not a time to deny anything or a time to hold back the tears. I hope to God I am wrong but the evidence cannot be dismissed casually, though of course it will be. One picture is worth a thousand words and NASA has given us visible proof to suggest Elenin is playing a role in events down here on our planet even from a long distance. It is not a time for fear; rather it is a time for love and cooperation in the context of preparation on all levels for what is to come.

There is a history to Elenin that has been visible for years but now she is upon us and there is nothing we can do but prepare and pray—and love like we have never loved before. We have to acknowledge and accept that there is a danger and there is a possibility that part of our civilization and the people in it will be lost. The below video displays what has been known by NASA for decades.

The whole solar system seems to be heating up, the sun is becoming active and earth-changing events are becoming more frequent and intense with beyond-worst-case-scenario climate changes hitting around the globe. We have increasing geo-activity, volcanoes, earthquakes, rogue tides, sinking islands, magnetic pole migration, mass animal deaths, huge unexplained whirlpools in the Atlantic and so much more it would make anyone’s head spin.

We were tipped off to something unusual happening when Greenland experienced sunrise two days early, which was a strong sign that something was off with Earth’s orbit. On January 25th I said, “There is a lot of information (except in the mainstream press) about 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar that many are obsessing over but there is more than enough in 2011 to worry about and act on. Last week I was knocked off my chair with the report from the Arctic Circle in Greenland that the sun came back over the horizon two days early. That’s no small occurrence, is not something easy to make up, is not being reported as expected in the mainstream press, and only wild and stupid theories like global warming (since we really have rapid cooling) are being blamed for the event.”

Next Few Months

August 3, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the brown dwarf perigee position, while the brown dwarf is crossing the earth orbit location. About two weeks pass and on August 18 the brown dwarf crosses the Venus orbit some 67 million miles from the sun. Then 24 days pass to when the brown dwarf reaches the nearest point to the sun at 44.73 million miles. September 25, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the second conjunction with the sun, brown dwarf, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus in line for another gravitational alignment.

This video from the top of a mountain in Japan seems to have caught Elenin on camera.

October 2 is the day that the brown dwarf crosses Venus’ orbit again to begin trekking in the direction of earth. Two weeks go by and the brown dwarf crosses the earth orbit line to pass directly in front of our planet at just 22.3 million miles away, which is the nearest point in our encounter. The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit line on November 14, 2011 on the way to the third conjunction on November 22 where the earth once again passes directly between the two like on March 15.


An approaching brown dwarf star answers a lot of questions about what is happening all around us that others simply cannot begin to answer. No one really knows what will happen in the fall of this year as this incoming celestial body gets between us and the sun and then rebounds out again and heading directly into earth’s neighborhood. One person has speculated that it could rip our moon loose. It could hit us if its flight plan is changed by hitting an asteroid in the next few days. That could be possible if it really were a comet, but if it is a neutron star with a large mass, nothing will deflect its ordained path. If we are lucky, nothing will happen but humanity is not looking or feeling lucky these days.

What seems likely is what most of the ancient cultures and religions remember—huge floods that pass the world over. The only way the world can have a global flood is if there is some event like an asteroid impact, polar shift, or a very dense object passing close by earth that causes a massive tsunami tide. The gravitational pull would grab the water and pull it over the land on a massive scale, much like the moon does today on a smaller scale in the form of tides.

Safe Zones:

1.   Move 150+ miles from the coasts.
2.   Move 600 feet above sea level.
3.   Move away from volcanoes and super volcanoes like Yellowstone in northwestern USA.
4.   Move away from earthquake/seismic/avalanche/fault zones like the New Madrid Fault Zone in central USA.
5.   Move away from dams that will break.
6.   Move away from nuclear power plants that could become compromised.
7.   Move away from high elevations where radiation levels will be highest.
8.   Move away from large population areas where food riots will escalate into chaos and mayhem.
9.   Join into survival groups with people of like mind that have survival supplies, gear and guns to protect them.

There is no shortage of flood legends. The earliest extant flood legend is contained in the fragmentary Sumerian Eridu Genesis, datable by its script to the 17th century BCE. In the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh there are references to the Great Flood (tablet 11). The best-known version of the Jewish deluge legend is contained in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 6-9). God selects Noah, a man who “found favor in the eyes of the Lord” and commands him to build an ark to save Noah, his family, and the earth’s animals and birds. After Noah builds the ark, “All the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.”

There are many sources of flood legends in ancient Chinese literature. The Shujing, or “Book of History,” probably written around 500 BCE or earlier, states in the opening chapters that Emperor Yao is facing the problem of flood waters that “reach to the heavens.” According to the Australian aborigines the water covered the land. Only the highest mountain peaks were visible, like islands in the sea.

# # #


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  • Daniel Freed

    Dr Mark Sircus you are a moron. Anyone with an IQ of over lets say 40, knows that if a neutron star was to enter our solar system we would be feeling the effects long before it even reached the orbit of Neptune. We would see two suns in the sky and millions would die once it reached as close as Saturn’s orbit. Do you get a kick out of scaring people who are not smart enough to know better. You are pathetic.

  • Gregarious

    I think perhaps somebody did a little bit too much, shall we say, “experimentation” during the 1960s/’70s.

  • Claudia – IMVA Staff


    Dr. Sircus has already acknowledged that Elenin has disintegrated and poses no threat to us as originally feared. Check out his more recent essays.

  • Becky

    Anon, don’t be so sure as the time predicted is midnight on the east coast. I hope this does not happen and if you are so sure, why are you even here?

  • Anon

    SO…todays the ‘day’and NOTHING HAPPENED…totaly BS…

  • John

    Why don’t we hear anymore news? shouldn’t you be showing Us new footage the the media and Gov does not want us to know? Last time you said something was In late July.. Give us a Fact Update. I have a few Questions : what will happen to the Planets before us in the Their Alining? there alining even before we are, like Mercury. on your Graph Mercury will aline 4 to 6 times be for us.What will happen to it? and #2 Plus they say its a ICE Star cause the hygiene never ignited.Right? . well in that case wont are sun ignite this star?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      I hope you’re following the newsletter…….Dr. Sircus has been giving updates weekly, and most recently on Sept 11, 2100. Please see:

  • Edward Young

    I noticed how his best advice was to buy silver from him in your panicked state. I love it how he throws in the religious admonition to get some of those customers as well. Very slick. Over 2000 years have passed and it appears that there are still money changers in the temple.

  • John

    Plus they say its a ICE Stare cause the hygiene never ignited.. well in that case wont are sun ignite this star?

  • John

    what will happen to the Planets before us in the ration? there alining even before we are like Mercury it will aline 4 to 6 times be for us.

  • Great article for bunker shelter groups.

    In an interview conducted June 19, 2011, Mr. Lawhorn, a representative of the American Reassurance Communities, stated that the number of private bunkers has risen by over 1800% since 2009. Obviously people think (or feel, as I’m told often) a major catastrophe is imminent and underground will be the only safe means of survival. American Reassurance Community Bunkers or (ARC Bunkers dot com) has bunkers in every state and in every major city.

    People want a safe comfortable place with a long-term sustainable “independent” environment, and ARCbunkers delivers it all. Our units are designed to support one person or a community of thousands.

    The United States Federal Government has been buying our bunkers since the 1970s and for good reason; when it comes to bunker installation, we “literally” wrote the book, no really; it’s called Principles of Protection, authored by our CEO and President, Walton McCarthy, and it is THE book utilized by many Governments, including the USA.

    Thousands of ARCbunkers line our country-sides and cities… everything from a 500SF backyard bunker to a 1.1 million square foot underground community shelter… big enough for 23000 people to live underground for up to 5 years with power, food, livestock, hydroponics, self-government, everything is thought of in advance, no last minute scrambling for you and your family’s survival.

    Most people have Life Insurance… American Reassurance Communities is Life Assurance. There will be times in our future that are uncertain; whether that uncertainty comes from another country or space, it only makes sense to be prepared. ARC (the “R” stands for RE-ASSURANCE) and when there is a TRUE safe place to go, then you will experience true piece-of-mind.

    And that is evident by the number of new bunker sales we are experiencing. If you would have ordered a bunker system in 2008, we could have it completely installed within 120 days, right now, June 2011, the same bunker system is 16 months before we can even begin. This late in the game, your only option is to get accepted on a Greenpass Membership or buy-in to an existing ARCommunity. The Louisville ARC is the next to open by September 1st 2011, and membership into that one is very low. You can see more at

    Well, that’s the entire news article. I personally did buy a membership for $9500, and received a discount because I have EMT training. It seems if you have medical skills, hydroponics skills, engineering, law enforcement skill, the list goes on, then you can maybe qualify for discounts (even FREE) for your family or yourself. The neumber on the website is 800-381-3454. Good luck!

  • Henrique Lander

    My suggestion to all interested is: Please read WORLDS IN COLISSION and EARTH IN UPHEAVAL by Inmanuel Velikovsky – published by MacMillan 1950, and later, by Doubleday because of conflicts with the scientific community of the time. These are not religion inspired books. These are the conclusions of a dedicated and serious researcher who was, and still is, ignored by the media including National Geographic and even NASA. Get those books by Velikovski and you’ll realize that the threat from ELENIN is quite possible. After you read those books, your comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Henrique Lander

  • Peter

    Serpentz, great!

    I want to see if the author of this blog will have the courage to leave the post in the air. I really hope so. This post will be getting one as an example of nonsense.

  • katesisco

    So many comments to read & they degrade so quickly. There has to be a better way to post.
    From geologic evidence S W Carey saw two expansion events separated by 50 my. Velikovsky’s assesments based on work of main stream researchers.
    Think the incoming magnetic field is held by a neutron bit. Don’t think it will cross as depicted, will stay outside of Venus orbital circumference. No bitter end, no Charlies from Flowers for Algernon, no genius either. Compression and obedience to gas laws expected.

  • Tom

    Whatever. Unbelievers argue until the bitter end. It’s coming so pray.

  • Tommy Tynes

    False Prophets….

  • I had to laugh at this whole article. The comet will fly by and nothing will happen…..except the credibility of this blog will vanish completely. Watch and see.

  • Tim

    As I understand it, this celestial body has an orbital period of 3.5 or 3.6 thousand years. In 1628 BC a huge volcanic eruption, the largest ever recorded , ripped the island of Thera, in the Aegean Sea, apart. Its massive drowned caldera is still visible today. Thera is now known as Santorini; it is very possible, from the map of how it looked which survives today, that it was the island of Atlantis which Plato speaks about, he got the story from Solon who got it from the Egyptians. Evidence of a massive tsunami wave is seen on the north coastline of Crete.
    We are also told, above, that the Sumerian Flood record dates from the 17th century BCE, which I think means BC. So that is entirely in accord with the Theran eruption.
    But what Ann Maria says is the stark and simple truth. The wickedness which is appearing at this time is beyond belief. The Earth is being destroyed by Satanic forces; for he knows he has but a short time before the millenial rule of the Lord Jesus, God’s Christ.
    “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”.

    • Peter

      Nobody until now calculated with scientific precision the period of this comet. His information was taken from a web site somewhere?

  • Josef

    Just get off your computers and live a little real live.

  • Dr. Michael Smith

    Why do we insist on listening to these idiots like Harold Camping and now this guy. Notice please that while he talks of NASA and experts he gives NO source to go to to see what they really said. Do not be deceived. Matthew 24 says in the last days many will come saying this and that–do not be deceived.

    • Tim

      If you check out NASA’s website, they are warning thei “Nasa Family” to get ready for a cataclysm.

      • Peter


      • Phill

        That message is there before the discovery of the comet.

  • Leigh

    Bring it on… humans need a huge wake up call just sorry for those who are truely good and the beautiful animals that may get caught up in the disasters.

  • Derek

    To all you Christians who Preach so vehemently: –

    FEAR is the beginning of Knowledge

    There is no Fear in Love
    The one who Fears is not made perfect in Love ( Apostle Paul )
    Perfect Love drives out Fear.

    Stop preaching and look to your own needs.Allow everyone to have their own beliefs and opinions.

    You show little Love by trying to scare people. Our Love must be unconditional.

    You sound like it is you who FEAR.

  • Looks like being ready is going to be “IN” this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Talismancer

    It’s a COMET…NOT a neutron star OR a brown dwarf. It’s a small lump of ice that melts when it gets close to the sun and leaves a trail that is thinner than the air we breathe. It DOESN’T effect our orbit (WAY too small) and will pass at it’s closest over 20 MILLION MILES from us.

    Please learn some basic science before you put up this nonsense.

  • 2tim17

    Please people, just because you read it on the web doesn’t make it the truth. If you believe alot of this junk maybe you should make one of those aluminum foil hats from the movie “Signs”. It might protect you from the HAARP facility controling this countries weather or inducing brain tumors. LOL. I do believe the days are hastening to a great triumph. So, don’t you think we ought to be about His work in our lives. Or do we honestly believe; “Quick, look busy, Jesus is coming?”
    Be blessed

  • Uk101

    Wow…. I cannot believe the turnout of all the religious propaganda on here… I knew you Americans were insecure but give it a rest.

    I also love the comment from the person with the science degree, doesn’t that actually teach you about god, I mean after all he did create existence as we know it… Didn’t he?!

    Though I have a feeling science would contradict that previous paragraph.

    Sorry but unless I can see, feel, smell or at least have some material proof of the existence of a person so great and powerful I’m not one to believe and personally if you have voices from god in your head, then maybe you need to book yourself in to a doctor and not force religion upon the rest of us who do not need to believe in an imaginary friend to get through life.

    While I’m not a believer, I do believe that there is something but without proof I have no idea what… And before anyone tries to flame me for sounding anti religion which I am not, I just don’t like it being forced upon other for no good reason. The earth will not end; life will not cease to exist and if it did, then praying to god isn’t going to stop it or help us. It’s just going to take what little time we have left from seeing family, friends and having one last day of fun before the end finally arrives.

    However, while reading about the subject of earthquakes, now I’m just thinking out loud but with all the oil and gas that companies are pumping out of the ground. Couldn’t this be the real cause to earthquakes?

    I know that to extract oil from under the sea two holes usually more are drilled. One being the outlet and the other the inlet, the inlet is then flooded with pressurised sea water which in turn forces the oil out. I’m not 100% sure but as I guess I would say that water doesn’t have the same density as oil and it certainly doesn’t have the same lubricating properties.

    Now I’m no expert but I noticed Jay previously posted a list of earthquake affected areas:

    9.0 Japan Earthquake – 3 days later March 15, 2011
    8.8 Chilli Earthquake – Feb. 27, 2010
    7.2 Christchurch Earthquake – Sept. 4, 2010

    Now what follows are earthquakes of equal or greater intensity of Christchurch’s 7.2 Earthquake, within the same time period as those mentioned in above video:

    7.2 April 4, 2010 Baja California Mexico
    7.2 May 9, 2010 Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
    7.3, 7.4 and a 7.6 all on the same day of July 23, 2010 Moro Gulf, Mindanao

    Next time you have a few minutes, do a search for oil rigs in these areas, and then make a mental note of how many rigs are located near or around them.

    We use oil to run and lubricate machinery; couldn’t it be the same for the earth?


    • Hi MJ…Firstly, I would like to say, “Thank you”.You have been aware of this for some time now and I’m sure I have, so with out further confusion, I would like to put a little ease to this mess, we call, ‘the end’.
      I do not pretend to know a lot and I do not know the dynamics of science as our’professionals’, nor do I fully understand the wholeness of our surroundings, including above or below us…All I can say, with strong convictions is this”, Everything we need is above the ground”…I have been telling people for 15 years…..and I have known it most of my life of over 50 years
      This ‘natural gas, petroleum, oil sands’ and all that we are doing is the increase of lifes’ suffering, including the human race….
      What we need is food, water, air,and shelter, which includes clothing for warmth and to cover us.
      Ok, let me say this again, ‘What we need is food, water, air and shelter, which includes clothing for warmth and to cover us.
      Does this include anything from under the ground. All our resources are above the ground.
      The only thing missing is a good honest day’s work, for man is to work to stay strong.
      Does anyone really know what happened to ‘man’? Really, be honest with yourself….Does anyone really know what happened to ‘man’?
      Let me go back to my first thoughts on this site…..Thank you for stating what is really happening to our Earth…..For with each action there is an equal and opposite reaction and because ‘man’ does not have ‘rights’ to the underground, nor does man have ‘rights’ to above the ground, meaning the sky, then Earth will react as it should……
      Earth will be in harmony with itself and it has to adjust to it’s natural ways, however, it will act equally in devastating ways, as man tries to adjust it in unnatural ways, such as suck the life out of it.
      Earth, with it’s magnetic core and all it’s elements from center to the top, as we see it, are necessary to sustain vegetation, grasses. herbs, fish and animals and finally, what we consider most important, are us, humans.
      There is something magical about us for some reason, so let us work diligently for solutions to using the Earth with better care, quickly, for a better reaction.
      Further to all this hype, the illumination of the sun increases every 1000 years or so, therefore, we will experience increased radiation and increased heat and upset to technology for the said reasons, however, Earth has a magnificent way of healing itself and it has increased it’s warmth to grow more vegetation to increase more oxygen to take in more carbon-dioxide… and so it goes…No one is elaborating on this for it does not go along with dooms day thoughts.

      My final comment that will surely be dismissed it this, ‘The world will never end , as the Lord stated, but what is controlling our thoughts will end in the world, as we now know it.’
      It is not for me to decide who it is or who it isn’t to change things for only God can do what is completely right, however, we can trust Him and have a little faith and hope for the love of our fellowman. I leave you all in peace and hopefully understanding.

  • Robin

    people here that call this fear mongering and then dismissing it are silly in my opinion, and i do have knowledge in science, but to my point if the writer for this post was truly fear mongering there would be no maybe im wrong etc, Ive seen fear mongering that is nothing but “we are all going to die, whats the point i would even commit suicide etc” this writer is doing nothing more than speaking the truth that they see thank you 🙂

    love you all

    • Gilgamesh

      The truth is, that no one knows how the universe works. Every night thousands of people, and telescopes watching the havens, and they notice, that some stars that was there the night before vanished. Every year thousand of stars go missing, and maybe their planets also, and nobody knows what happened to them , or where they went.
      But I dont think this will happen to our Sun and the Earth, Maya Calender, or not.
      However, it could happen, maybe 10 thousand years from now, or a billion years from now, or maybe never?

  • James

    Pardon me, for I am new to the whole discussion of “Elenin”, but I am rather familiar with the Bible, end-time Prophecies, Nostradamus, the Mayan “calendar”, etc. I’ve spent years researching these things, to see “what if its really happening” and can point all the way back to the early 90’s when the internet really became commercialized to see how quickly phenomenon (sp?) can turn into various things that can capture our attention and imagination.

    I have no science proof or conviction to say this particular object is this or that, but I can say with conviction I sincerely believe that we are in uncharatered waters. I’m only 42, but it does seem to me that things are happening rapidly and with great verocity – earthquakes, animal die offs, global financial problems, wars, etc. Yes, some of these things have indeed been happening for “eons”, and some have not. Christ did tell us these would be the “beginning of birth pains” – Matthew 24:8. He did tell us too, like someone mentioned, it would be like in the days of Noah, where people where eating and drinking, and given in marriage.

    That being said, I’m more likely to believe that this comet or whatever it is in itself is harmless. However, given everythis else going on right now, including Palenstine trying to become a state, I really believe that Christ is returning soon.

    Those who are prepared (like the Virgins with oil in their lamps) will be ready. They are not worried about what will happen, because they understand that things like the Internet, mass media, etc, will spread every distraction possible so that the Truth is suppressed. What is that Truth? that Christ is real and alive, and will return to Judge the nations as King. Those who believe this know that Christ paid for their sins, and “try” to serve Him as best as they can, by being obedient to His Word as best as they can, knowing despite their imperfections that Christ has already purchased them through His blood. His Holy Blood that He spilled for everyone.

    That’s the difference between believers and non believers, ones who will use science and logic to dispute the Message. Believers look to the sky for Christ who has redeemed them, they look with faith. Non believers look to see signs of something great happening because they are still searching for Him, and not quite ready to accept that He will judge their sin.

  • Sonia

    We are ALL GODS! Everyone and everything in the Universe is made up of God Essence…. What separates us is RELIGION mainly, like Jesus is IT! Get over yourselves…. God does not judge and neither should any of you…. Jesus, Budha, Mohamad have God realization and most of you don’t that is why you are still relying on someone else outside of yourselves to guide you. LET WHAT’S INSIDE OF YOU GUIDE YOU, YOUR PURE GOD ESSENSE!

    • Paul Whitcomb


    • Sofia Lily

      I understand your opinion and I see what you think to be true, but GOD and Jesus Christ will judge and it is up to us to search for the way, the truth, and the light, and in that we will be spared of judgement by JESUS, however those whom ignore or do not look will be judged. Read the word!

  • Raka

    To all of you, for and against this information I have only one thing to say…prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I would rather believe in something and be proven wrong, than NOT to believe, and be caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

    You can ONLY gain by starting to read the Book of Revelation and other prophecies about the end times. Humanity is programmed to believe what is comfortable OVER what takes them out of their comfort zone, and it has cost them dearly in the past. That is the reason history repeats itself. We remember what is convenient, and forget that which is painful, to our own demise.

    Time is running out, if you are NOT scared…then you are simply STUPID! The Word of G-d tells us that the END times will be as the TIMES OF NOAH…not meaning the flood, but that people will be scoffing at the facts and turning a blind eye to what they can see coming but refuse to compute.

    I beg you all…the ONLY safe place to be in the dark days coming, is IN THE WILL OF G-D…and that means accepting Yeshua the Messiah as YOUR personal Saviour and Lord. Eternity is a very long time to spend regretting wrong choices, and there is NO action replay button. By the time you see His Coming with the naked eye it’s TOO LATE!

    Science says “seeing is believing”… G-d’s Word says “believe and you WILL SEE”. I agree with that, since seeing is NOT believing, it’s knowing. But G-d only reveals Himself to those who honestly seek Him in faith. A word of warning though, if you decide to turn to Him just to get a ‘ticket’ out of the mess approaching, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

    You live in His universe, He doesn’t live in yours, and whether you agree by consensus that what is or isn’t coming is or isn’t going to affect this planet and its inhabitants…it will make NO DIFFERENCE as to what is in store… G-d is not a Democrat, and He doesn’t withdraw His hand just because you decided not to believe the facts. Call it fear mongering, call it whatever you want but TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!

    How many coincidences does it take before it computes that this is NO coincidence?

    WAKE UP, before He returns!!!

    With all my love in the Lord for humanity…


  • Jay

    Well there may well be some connection between Alignment of Elenin, earth and sun, and possibly an earthquake as projected in the youtube video for Sept. of this year (2011). However, the logic and reasoning used to make this assertion is very weak. Look at the facts, first with 3 emphasized in the video:

    9.0 Japan Earthquake – 3 days later March 15, 2011 – Elenin alignment
    8.8 Chili Earthquake – Feb. 27, 2010 – Elenin alignment
    7.2 Christchurch Earthquake – Sept. 4, 2010 – Elenin alignment

    Now what follows are earthquakes of equal or greater intensity of Christchurchs 7.2 Earthquake, within the same time period as those mentioned in above video:

    7.2 April 4, 2010 Baja California Mexico – NO Elenin alignment
    7.2 May 9, 2010 Northern Sumatra, Indonesia – NO Elenin alignment
    7.3, 7.4 and a 7.6 all on the same day of July 23, 2010 Moro Gulf, Mindanao

    • Jay

      I mistaking submitted before completing this post…
      the Moro Gulf , Mindanao earthquake – No Elenin alignment

      • Raka

        The earthquakes not aligned, are all more or less 7… and we don’t know if our calculations about alignments in that early period was correct. Also notice the ones linked to alignments are from 7 HIGHER than the ones prior.

        G-d bless


  • Rey

    Ancient traditions and Biblical Prophecy all come to a confluence this fall. Now for our Occums razor moment. An object with great mass is in the vicinity of Comet Elenin or is Elenin itself. Our general lack of knowledge about astrophysics coupled with the lack of direct evidence leads to speculation about this object being a neutron star, dwarf star or some unknown category or yet to be discovered classification. It is currently 1.88 AU away and has remained at this distance for a couple months now. This is the lull period. In mid July it is going to be closing much faster til late October. I expect in late July symptoms will emerge that will give us some indication of its potential. The magnetic anomalies, animal die offs, weather patterns,volcanism and seismic activity will begin to intensify. I pray that Im wrong. Follow the good Doctors advice above and You and your family will have a chance. May God watch,guide and protect You all in these times.

    • Raka

      This is the period of ‘silence’ in heaven that Revelation is talking about… If we talk about the 70 weeks of Daniel… the ‘tail of the end’ then the last 7 weeks is the ‘tip’ of the tail, also described as the GREAT TRIBULATION. This has just come to pass since Israel has just celebrated their 63 year of repopulation… They became a state again in 1948. Taking this as factor, then the the ‘half hour silence’ that appears in heaven works out to exactly 3 months…

      1 year = 1 week
      3 months = 1/2 hour

      It will be worth it to research this from a Biblical perspective… We can know what is going to go down.

      G-d bless


      • Sofia Lily

        I know quite a bit Raka, and this gave me something to think about. Thank you, we may not predict things but we can have a damn good guess if we utilize his tools that we have been given. I think it’s all about being prepared for anything! This imparticular speaks to my heart for reasons unknown……….thank you in his name and God bless.

        • michael slater

          there is information in the bible that say,’ man will not know the time or the date of the end, not even Jesus, so PLEASE stop running to and fro trying to predict what and when the end is near, too many people are fearful of these predictions.
          I’ve noted by reading the letters to the editors of major newspapers how many of us are runnning scared about their future, because of the amount of trouble happening around the world, now, wars, threats of wars, famine, diseases, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, draughts, pestelance, political instability, risinh seas, melting ice, infestations, etc, etc, etc.
          The person that will rise up as the anti christ, I believe, will be a woman, sorry, why? it is written, “as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end”, Eve, which represent all woman, was easily inflenced by the snake into believing that by taking the fruit would make her be like God, or better still, better than god, whilst Adam, which represents all men, had a choice, Eve co-ursed Adam to join her, that is then the beginning of mans downfall, it’s where we are today on the cusp of destruction, why? because man wanting to know all about good and evil.
          Everthing in life has an equal and opposite force, one cannot live without the other, and our headlong search for the truth on how to develop a more prosperous life, an opposite effect has occured.
          Which brings me back to , why, a woman, as the anti christ, simply because she is the one most likely to listen to the lies of Satan, and man will be co-ursed into believing her.

  • me

    this is not true, this can not cause earthquakes at all, here is why

  • Gilgamesh

    I think , the prophesies are confusing to people. As I understand, first the Antichrist have to come, and after the tribulation, and after the rapture, and maybe some other things, and after all these things happened then Jesus will come.
    But so far as I know, the Antichrist did not come yet,there is no sign of him anywhere, so it could be a few hundred more years before Jesus come, in the new age.

    • Dean

      Maybe Hitler was the antichrist? Or bin Laden. why do all these prophecies have to happen at roughly the same time and not spaced out over decades or centuries.

      • Gilgamesh

        In my opinion, Hitler, Like Joseph Smith, and many others were maybe influenced by aliens.

      • Sofia Lily

        I like that response………..I once said the exact same and I agree…………things DON’T have to make sense to us………..only him………he is in control. I do feel these people were antichrist.

  • Dave

    Maybe Elenin is the angel that will sound the trumpet and hurl the censer (Honda) to the earth and thus begins the tribulation. Check their paths. Don’t know?

  • TJ
  • Truth

    Agreed, elenin will pass through our solar system very far away from earth. We all are safe. But our sun is not gonna keep quiet. This mighty object will come out with voilent storms enough to destroy our satellites within a blink of an eye. We will be back to square one. Everything comes to a standstill. Mankind will not know where to go and what to do. Beginning of the END.

  • casualobserver

    You religious folks create your own reality to provide mental comfort for yourselves, then create your own hysteria to justify your discomfort, then spew it at the rest of us like it’s the final word, while bouncing checks when it comes to any proof. At least the scientists are making some attempt to construe some sort of reality backed up with an attempt of deductive logic. However, when you settle down and use common sense, it’s hard to believe anything here at all. This supposed comet is millions of miles away, and we are supposed to be able to measure it with some accuracy? Yeah sure, buddy. We polluted a planet enough to raise temps in what, 100 years of real pollution? Sure. Global warming, destructive comets, so on… Since when does the Earth follow a strict pattern? Random things are going to happen. Variance. We haven’t been here long enough to render an accurate opinion on any of it. We are all newbs on the cosmic scale. Use whatever equipment you want, someone else will come along and give a different answer later. If lightning strikes my house, is it because of the alignment of the electrical devices I have? Not likely. Is it punishment from God? Not likely. It’s all B.S. And no one will ever be able to prove anything otherwise. The explanations you seek can be summarized in two words made even more famous by Forest Gump, “shit happens”. Shit always happened too. We just hear about it more because can communicate better. It doesn’t mean more shit is happening than before. And no one writes a story titled, “Everything is fine, nothing to worry about.” We like drama. All of this God and scientific theory talk is just self-flattery. If there is a creator, to say our individual fates matter to it is a pretty big assumption backed up with absolutely nothing. We aren’t as smart or as important as we think we are (or want to be), and if for a moment we think that we are, well consider the source.

    • Dave

      “A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you’re looking down, you can’t see something that’s above you.”

      Whoever clings to him/herself will love themselves. Whoever loses themselves for Christ’s sake will truly find themselves. The Bible, Matt. 10:39

      Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important. T.S. Elliot

      “The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man who is proud of his large cell” Simone Weil

  • twinstar

    i think all this obsession with ‘end of the world’ is an excuse for humans (us) to NOT take responsibility for the mess we are in. the mess the WE have created. the mess that exists culturally, environmentally and economically, this mess that is affecting us all on a global scale reaching far beyond just human existence.

    When we waste our precious energy chasing “What-Ifs” we get no where.
    “What If” 2012 happens. What if Jesus Saves US!
    (What if the story of Jesus is just a metaphor? ) What if Planet X rams into us?

    Well, what if, none of these things happen? then what?
    Then we might have to wake up and take some responsibility and hold OURSELVES accountable to creating a healthier, cleaner, more sane and just world for the next generation to inherit.

    What if we stopped waiting for a savior, a space ship, a catastrophe, a comet, and started contributing and collaborating to heal this place, ourselves and each other. As I know we all know its broken, and its only beyond repair if we abandon what we could do to make it better in the here and now and instead chase “What-If’s” that live in the land of tomorrow.

    wishin the best for all,

    • Raka

      1 Corinthians 1:18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
      1 Corinthians 1:21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.
      1 Corinthians 2:14 The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

  • Firekube

    Planetary alignments and such correlations
    prophecy predictions and proper time-dating
    Ancient Civilizations
    spectrometer Logistics
    severity of weather statistics
    Atmospheric conditions and issues
    Seismicity Levels and Statistics
    Volcanic activity increased
    Earth Shifted total of 7 inches in past year
    Earth Aquifer shifted
    Greenland experienced sunrise 2 days prior
    Comet Elenin does not have a Diameter on JPL
    Comet Honda shares approximate orbital path and time
    WikiSky, Google Sky, and Microsoft World Wide telescope–
    All have anomalies surrounding certain parts of Elenin–
    In earlier Satellite imagery data created by Micronscans–
    2MASS, and other such imagery devices–
    Most case in point, all the records being broke in history
    In close proximity to the upcoming March 15 alignment of Comet Elenin, which is just a few days away, there has been an earthquake in China, a big one in Japan (8.9), a new late winter storm in Turkey and Greece and yet another volcanic eruption in Indonesia. We noted an X-class solar flare a day or so ago, too. All of these things may be related to the approach of Comet Elenin.
    5h 53m 27s -6 10 58 <– blacked out (2007 DSS) Google sky Coordinates

  • PHIL72

    Something is wrong with our planet that’s for sure anyone can see from recent events messed up weather earth quakes and so on, when you look at what we have done to the earth out of greed it is a disgrace, maybe we need a drastic cut in population as a natural thing and comet Elenin will deliver this. Call it God, science,nature what will be will be.

  • mesierman

    This is amazing. I cant believe it. You should write a Scifi book. On second thought you should write a bible. The form and prose will be easy for you, take a bunch of facts remove thier actual significance and give them attributes that support your conclusion. Then go out to a street corner and recite this paranoid delusion to the crowds, I am sure you will amass a following of equally deluded and misguided individuals that are willing to believe your “Facts” and give you all of thier money so you can set up a cult camp in subsaharan Africa then with no internet acess we, ‘the educated’ will no longer be subjected to your diatribe. Please, Go Today!

    • michael slater

      It’s the truth mr mesierman says, you sir are an ostrich, with your fat egotistical head buried deep in the sand, like the tree wise monkeys you see no evil hear no evil speak lots of evil, leading anyone and everyone astray with you, it doesn’t matter, thats what you believe, leave those who do alone, as they say KARMA is a bitch, bitch.

  • freepress666

    I think this planet surface has seen extinction events in the past, to many unexplained, artifacts in marble that is 300 million years old, civilizations completely wiped out, millions of years later to find evidences of such to only be ignored.

    For this solar system to not have a twin is against the odds, and for it to be a failed one is about 1- 10,000, isn’t it funny that Sumerian would be some 6,500 years ago, and they had a alphabet of 400 letters to write with, come on were out of the caves and now we can write, Just a miss of the whole concept, something had to have dramatically change things to jump that quick, outsiders maybe?

    Regardless of the facts, we find ourselves faced with astronomical changes coming like a charging bull, never have we, the humans of today had the ability to communicate world wide as we do today, there is so much disinformation out there on purpose, to keep you in the dark like mushrooms.

    The POB will never reveal the truth about nothing that may disrupt their wealth gathering, science gathers get paid by the ones, so most information is bias.

    If this planet X dose show its self I don’t think anyone will survive at all, underground or not, to many power plants with nuclear by products. We will go as the ones in the past did. Even if you did survive the first part you could not live long after, humans are for the most part killers when it comes to surviving, looting is first.

    Last and not least, I can assure you the body may die but part of you never dose, we are in a reality simulation according to quantum physics .

  • After experiencing hurricane Ike, my husband and I wrote a book that parents, grandparents or teachers can use to aid them in talking to young children about disasters such as hurricanes, etc… The book explains some of the precautions that families can take to ensure their own safety and survival but in a way that will not traumatize younger children. The book is Paddy the Pelican Survives the Storm and it is illustrated by Carol Alden. You can get a copy today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble online.

    We put this book out because you need to teach your children the truth about life; there are dangerous things that occur but if you plan and prepare you can ensure your own safety.

  • Guera

    I have a degree in science, so it’s kind of hard not to believe in different theories. I also, have faith in God, so no matter what I’m not afraid. I just think that you should live life everyday as if it were your last. Also, more people should believe in God, maybe believing in him is the only purpose of life.

    • Dave


    • Sofia Lily

      It’s the only thing I have!

  • Remedios C.Balbin

    Fear Not, for the Father in heaven will simply keep His Word. We do not need all the mathematical calculations for He told us – way back in the old testament yet – that He will come and see once again, and evaluate what we have done with our lives, using the Ten Commandments as the yardstick.
    Are we ready to face him? This is not fear-mongering, but a simple reminder of the Father’s word when He said that he will not again send A Great Flood. There is still time to do what we should have done years ago in our personal lives. And to undo what we should not have done. And if what we have done is irreparable, to make amends and seek His forgiveness –

  • Albert

    About planet x over Japan……I would believe it was a UFO, never a planet or a comet. I am Jewish and I think our Messiah will come to make Jerusalem His Throne. We do not think of comets or planets visiting us to destroy earth and Jerusalem with it. We may have some sunamis and plenty of earthquakes and people leaving bad habits to live more decently. The book of Revelaton mentions a shift of axis in the planet (I saw new heavens, said Prophet John) but that will be thousand years from now. As for now, keep busy and don’t spend your money buying books on…..Planet X.

  • pepetrueno

    Have anyone notice how close whatever this is comes of Mercury?
    I choose Mercury as the center, magnify it using the zoom… mercury is right on it’s path.. after that thing hits Mercury… has anyone calculated the projected paths?
    Yesterday another 5.1 in Spain…

    • Mark

      Pepetrueno, this object may go very close to the orbit of Mercury but it never gets close to the actual planet. The only planet it does get close to is Earth.

  • Ann Maria

    As a christian, I have been observing everything which has been going on in the world around me. As a christian, I also read the Written Word of God, which is The Bible. I tell you this; ‘if a person has brains and understanding-wisdom and common sense, everything which is happening in the world now, is scripturally prophecy coming TRUE. Mankind has become nothing more than a huge black cespool of sin. The Creator of the Universe wants his people to submit to Him, and to trust Him to provide for all of their needs.
    As a christian, I am NOT dwelling on the terrible things happening all around me. What I am doing- is what my Lord desires and expects of me; to show people the love of Christ, and guide them into a life with Christ in control. Trust and obey…for there really is NO OTHER WAY.
    As a christian, I am INSTRUCTED by God to not be fearful, and to not be anxious…not for anything. There is a very good REASON why Christ taught that we need to keep our eyes on Him-to keep our eyes always looking upward! That is what I am doing, because doing so IS indicative of wisdom, common sense and understanding.

    • LS

      Awesome! I agree. God Bless and be with us all. John 14:6.

      • lovemyJesus

        I love it!!! Yes! This is so true!! I feel that during these last couple of months, God has been molding me into a person to honor Him daily; I feel that He is helping me see Him and myself for who I am.. a person who cannot function daily without His grace and mercy! Jesus is THE only way, y’all!!! I have so much joy, peace, comfort, and fulfillment in knowing that He is my Savior!!

        • BentStraight

          2 Pet 3:10-15 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless; and account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation–(NKJ)

    • Mary

      I agree we have to keep our eyes on the problem solver and not the problem and to remember that God is still on the throne and He is in charge. This is end time prohpecy so look up because He is coming soon.

    • Melissa

      Amen Amen! Jesus is LORD and He is coming. No degrees, or earthly logic, or man made ideas Will Be able to keep you from that truth! You will stand in front of God Almighty, And every knee will bow and confess he is Lord, There will NOT be totally destruction of Planet Earth, but there will be HIS wrath. As Ann Maria stated Above, it is because of MANS continued sin and disrespect of Gods Love and Truth that these thing’s will come to pass. WATCH, and you will see.

      Only Jesus saves you, Repent and turn to the blessed hope!

      • Dear,

        Jesus Peace be upon him will definitely come to save there wrong believe and making them into correct path.

    • Joyce

      Well said Ann Marie. Read your bible and you will understand what is happening in our world.

    • Dave

      Wow, finally, phew, at last common sense. Do you guys detect the calming nature of Ann Maria’s thoughts – that’s the Holy Spirit speaking. Listen, be open and you know what? Science will confirm everything exactly! Why? Cause God created science too.

      • Sofia Lily

        Couldn’t have said it better my friend in HIM.

    • Maacah

      God also loves the WHOLE world and is not willing that any should perish, but have eternal life.
      God is also a God of LIFE as we are to be people of LIFE. Sounds like someone likes to sit in God`s place of judgment. Maybe God gave you more brains than others but you do not need to flaunt it. It is is Blood that cleanses us from all sin and it was God`s love for us that He redeemed us from the bondage of the enemy. As a believer in Messiah Yeshua I am also instructed by the Scriptures to speak whatever is pure, good report, lovely, and of virtue toward my fellow man. If any one lacks wisdom, let them ask of God, who gives LIBERALLY without finding fault.

  • leeanne w

    all i can say is bend over and kiss your butt good bye

  • Sharon

    What people don’t seem to take into account is the fact that the earth is moving on its axis. Of course there would be tectonic plate upheavals. Everything magnetic within the earth will try to turn itself to the NEW North. Airports have had to adjust their longitude and latitude as planes would be landing in the wrong areas of airports. This is also true of the shipping industry. The last time the earth changed its axis no humans were on this earth so we don’t know what exactly is going to happen. Like everyone else – we shall wait and see. In the overall scope – this is history in the making. Also, how did you get off the subject of an underground city under the airport to the brown dwarf???? We already know there are many underground facilities to be used by the government and personnel for THEIR safety, no one elses.

    • Evelyn

      I think what he was pointing out is that the Government knows/believes and is preparing for these events but isn’t reporting them to the population so they can also take preparedness measures. I think it’s interesting that the earth was “knocked” off it’s axis and we lost up to 2 seconds of time during the 2006 & 2011 earthquakes/tsunamis. Also interesting and puzzling is why NASA is disbanding… 60 Minutes reported last evening that have pink slipped most of their employees. Hummmm……. just some thoughts.

      • Claudia – IMVA Staff


        < Also interesting and puzzling is why NASA is disbanding… 60 Minutes reported last evening that have pink slipped most of their employees.>

        Not all of NASA is disbanding. NASA is only disbanding the manned space shuttle program to make way for new development of more economiical, less problematic, and more reliable space exploration vehicles. Yes, the employees of the current space shuttle program have been given their pink slips….many have lost jobs and this is so sad.

        Please see:;lst;9 which gives NASA’s explanation of why the shuttle program is ending and what’s ahead.

  • Harry W

    Woo boy….this is a perfect example of what can be ranted about, by someone with a loose grasp on the reins of understanding science does, when they only read their own press notices, and listen to ClusterFox….wow!

    Tin hats, getcher tin hats, riiiight here!

    • Heulwen

      @Harry W: Don’t be too eager to knock this ‘bad news’. There is nothing worse than persuading others that it’s safe to swim in hot lava.. and then finding that you are all alone in the world..feeling a ‘fool’ is nothing compared to that. Be careful, be ready and keep ‘safe’.

  • devi

    yup, i agree with laurie, this is indeed FEAR MONGERING which is far more insidious than anything mentioned as potentially happening here….

    my stargazing expert friend sez this “Comet Elenin is a tiny ball of dirty ice & will come no closer than 34 million kms in mid- October. It will have absolutely no effect on the Earth. The Japan earthquake was caused by normal tectonic activity- the Pacific plate is slipping under the Asian plate, as it’s been doing for a very long time. It’s just more apocalyptic, doomsday airy-fairy New Age nonsense (sorry). It propagates through the internet because of the high degree of scientific illiteracy in the general population (sigh!!!!!). If people were more educated in even basic science they’d realize how silly all these doomsday theories really are. My predictions for next year are- earthquakes, floods, cyclones, droughts, tsunamis etc… no more than in any other normal year. Two years from now people will be laughing at how silly they were carrying on about 2012.

    More exciting though is what is going to happen on July 15th- the (unmanned) “Dawn” spacecraft is going to slip into orbit around minor planet Vesta & start taking lots of hi-res pics. Vesta is the largest of the asteroids, about 500 kms in diameter. Should be awesome! Soon after it’ll fire its rocket & head off to dwarf-planet Ceres (which orbits between mars and Jupiter)… which it’ll reach in 2015. Ceres used to be the largest asteroid before it was promoted to “dwarf-planet” status. And don’t forget the “New Horizons” spacecraft will reach Pluto in 2016. Looking forward to the first ever hi-res close-up pics of Pluto!

    think i’ll go dnacing!

    • Judy

      I love this quote: “If people were more educated in even basic science they’d realize how silly all these doomsday theories really are. My predictions for next year are- earthquakes, floods, cyclones, droughts, tsunamis etc… no more than in any other normal year.” Do you have a blog? Maybe you should! We need reasonable voices like yours to counter the hysteria.

      • Bruce Hayden

        So…let’s see here. This year we’ve had a 9.0 earthquake in Japan which will most likely end up decimating their population. Record flooding in the south and midwest. Near record tornado deaths. Drought all over the planet. Food production will be at an all time low. God knows how much else I’m not mentioning here. Keep drinking that kool-aid and taking the blue pill. You’re going to need lots of it as the year is not even half over!

      • Bruce Hayden

        I forgot to mention chemtrails. They have been spraying us with a toxic mixture of crap including lots of barium and aluminum for over fifteen years now. Monsanto, the scientists who make the Frankenfood (which is pretty much banned in the EU) now has aluminum-resistant seeds. Since several of you that have posted here seem to have all the answers could you please tell me what the purpose of this is? And don’t tell me it’s just regular contrails as you will be made to look like an idiot. All one needs to do is look at the sky on a daily basis and google ‘chemtrails’ to see the reality. In the meantime, have some more kool-aid. It prolongs the denial.

      • Heulwen

        @Judy: You seem to think all that has happened recently is the ‘Norm’? These things are ‘written’ in the Bible it. These are critical times..yes, worse is to come.. I mean in these next few months. So you will not be able to say that nobody told you. or rather ‘warned’ you. Jesus is looking after me and my family, I love and trust Him to look after us always. Who will you turn to in order to keep you and your nearest and dearest from harm? Take care.

        • the owl

          More evidence that “the less people know the more they believe” THE BIBLE IS CRAP,
          if you know your history you will know the bible is made up of VERY DODGY accounts of events that happened hundreds earlier

          • lovemyJesus

            I am respectfully telling you that you need to ask forgiveness for calling God’s Holy Word “crap”. It is most definitely NOT. The best way for you to be ready for the future, whatever may happen, whenever it happens, is to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I will be praying for you and every one else. God bless 🙂

      • Sofia Lily

        For all those non believers, there sure is a lot of hysteria.

    • me

      just think its one more thing they can make a movie about hahahahahahahaha 😛 lmao

  • Dr. Sircus – I call fearmongering and bad science. Read Underworld by Graham Hancock if you want a much more probable explanation of the flood mythos.

    Is the approaching object a comet, a neutron star or a brown dwarf? They’re really very different objects, and I feel you do your readers a disservice by mixing and matching these terms. I don’t know what that thing is coming towards us, but I seriously doubt it’s a brown dwarf:

    I do believe something is going on and the earth is going through a period of increased tectonic activity, but I don’t believe your explanation. I think objects within our own solar system have a larger influence:

    Laurie Neverman
    B.S. Math/Physics, M.S. M.E.

    • Melissa

      Dear Laurie

      Please DON’T Degrade HIS readers, I don’t appreciate people assuming that because he has viewers and because he stated his views the way he did that we won’t take the time to research it ourselves.

      Try Put your faith and trust in Jesus instead of in Your degrees that you proudly display. Time is short ether by this or when we die of natural causes.

      Your degrees money,fame and fortune will not save you from the what will be coming next. Please think about, Jesus IS REAL, and He is coming soon, FOR ONLY HE CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL, Laurie Neverman! Praying 4 You!

      • Freelancelot

        Melissa, readers like you deserve to be “degraded”, if you’re going to come up with hollow responses like yours. You’re just part of the fear mongering hordes. As a researcher into this very matter of Nibiru and the Sun’s companion brown dwarf for nearly 15 years and as a scientifically literate professional writer I can tell you that while there is some interesting, even fascinating, information to ponder in this blog post, in the end careful thought needs to be taken about what might be good, useful information about Reality and what is hype and the shape-shifting mental distortions of fear. I’ve “heard it all before” in my many years of research and inquiry into this matter, and there’s little “news” here for me. And I can tell you this: the brown dwarf does NOT enter into our solar system. If it did, and if it did so periodically, there would be none of us here. And a mere comet’s passage causing an earthquake in Japan? Oh, man, and here I thought it had been deliberately caused by a secret Chinese HAARP attack. Spare us.

      • the less you know, the more you believe.

        • Equinox

          Well said.

          • CrzyCanuck

            The more you know…The less you believe.

          • Sofia Lily

            Or maybe not………if you believe like I, you’d see that science and creation go hand in hand, like a couple of merry little children skipping down the street!

        • Dave

          Quite the contrary, according to people like Einstein and Churchill…I guess you are not educated enough. A Bachelor’s perhaps? Nit enough to know anything about anything, at best it will get you a mediocre job, LOL!

      • BobPDX

        Hey Melissa, I am preparing my family by making sure they are all one with our Lord Jesus Christ.

        There is so much evil in the world now it is becoming much clearer to me how to me how to prepare for whats coming and it’s not guns, ammunition, food, water etc.

        It’s God…

        • elizabeth

          Amen. I’m no scientist, and I don’t understand much of any of this, but I what I DO know is the only way to truly prepare is to have given my life over to Jesus Christ!

        • SIRIUS9990

          Hey BobPDX Hopefully God does finally get rid of all the evil in the world. I am however gonna still keep my guns,ammo,food and water. Just in case

    • BobPDX

      Hi Laurie, check out The Denver Airport Murals.

      Something is coming.


  • SpiritedWomanSF

    The image of San Francisco being hit by a Tsunami is kinda fascinating yet disturbing because I live on the West side of Nob Hill, which is to the right but not depicted TG! Because San Francisco is on the tip of a peninsula we are surrounded on 3 sides by water ; 1 by the Ocean and 2 by the bay and the Tsunami is coming from under the Golden Gate Bridge into the bay to hit SF. The thought of this happening is strangely evoking a numbness because I want to belive this might happen and take action to flee to higher ground but it might not happen. It is complicated because I have my two Sons (21 & 19) living with me and I don’t think they would believe this will happen, if it were just me I would have left a long time ago but I don’t have the money. Stay and manifest energy to join others who are emanating the epsilon phi energy…..? Have no doubts about it!

    • Hey Spiritwoman
      I’m not a parent but i’m telling my family all about what is going on in Fukushima. Your kids will make the right decision if they have the same information. So what if it doesn’t happen. It’s not a bad idea to do a trial run in case you are lucky enuf to be warned of impending doom in the future.
      One of my brothers, who works for the epa, said i was acting hysterical about the threat of any radiation getting over here from Japan. He’s well educated, smart, and dedicated to his family, but if he doesn’t hear it on nausiating pasturized radio (NPR) it doesn’t exist.

    • I live in the UK and few people are talking about such things. I am aware that the US are generally more savvy. However the more people the more likely theories are bandied about. Get a full tank of petrol and be ready for the off…

  • TUNA


    • Equinox

      It’s not God that would destroy the world with said flood, it is possibly a giant star.

      • Deana

        And WHO controls the stars? GOD, duh!

        • Trolol

          There is no God, only flying spaghetti monster you can try to prove me wrong, i also have book about it 😛

          • nico

            That is called the Holy Book of Spaghetti then right ? :-).

            I have the other copy, written by Brian (his life was filmed , always look at the bright site…, remember)

          • daniel

            god, as so many religions put it.. does not exist in the way they say.. god, means infinite consciousness… we are all part of god, the universe is a hologram and we are but fractles whole and complete unto itself, no matter how fractated that is. god is all and all is god. everything is one. now regarding this flood business.. yes it stated god will never destroy the earth by flood again, but that was by flood alone. there will be floods, but earthquakes, solar flares, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tornadoes and a lot of other physics stuff too…. so even though your bible states god will not destroy the earth again by flood, the upcoming events still do not conflict what god supposedly said.

          • Yeshirine

            GOD is so real, He is the ONLY CREATOR while everybody is all HIS creatures… GOD is still GOD without man, but man is nothing without GOD…

          • Sofia Lily

            God is, was, and will be forever and ever amen! For if it weren’t for him I would have NOTHING and yet a poor, helpless soul has everything they need and all the answers they looked for………..just as it has been stated in the word, light and truth. I feel peace in my heart for whatever the future holds, for I know JESUS WALKS.

          • Jeff

            The Bible is a great book, full of lessons, but none of us were there to see Jesus. all we have are stories that were passed down from generation, written by man. yes, God exists.. but i prefer to call it the creator, because it doesn’t seem to me that a god that’s capable of doing anything would want me to worship it, you see.
            yes, there’s peace with God and the way of Jesus’ teachings.. to be kind to each other and to yourself, to be skillful in what you do, how you act. just be respectful. let’s not get into finger pointing, who’s right who’s wrong. soon enough, we’ll all know the truth. so just be kind to each other.
            peace and happy thoughts folks.

    • Dean

      The world won’t be destroyed. Just the people on it.

    • Maybe God lied.

      • Megan

        Maybe the person who created this story lied. Jesus will take care of those who have faith and will be brought to a better place

    • Toni DeGain

      And I reflect on Isa 24:20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again. Rev 6:12 ¶ And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; Rev 6:13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. Rev 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

  • TUNA


  • TUNA


  • GJS

    I honestly don’t think Elenin will be a problem but I am worried about what bodies will follow that are also inbound. There are many more comets due this year & next, plus one must consider how good luck has prevailed over mankinds survival thus far but alas good luck always runs out, it’s just when.
    Remember we are always in unchartered territory, mankind has only witnessed a fraction of one revolution of our Solar Systems journey around the Milky Way Galaxy so there are bound to be things that will happen to amaze us & hopefully we’ll live to tell the tale.

  • Grant

    The Real Deal and Scientific Precision both at the same time! What can one say besides “Wowser” or “Cowabunga!” ? Thanks for letting us know.

  • Scientist

    If you want a well-deserved laugh at the expense of conspiracy theories, check this:

    I expect even Dr. Sircus will be able to laugh at it, because there’ll always be people who take his nonsense seriously–and when they do, it means $$$ for him. “Silver, folks–buy SILVER!!! FROM ME!!!!”

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      This is the second reference to some “silver selling site” that you have associated with Dr. Sircus. Dr. Sircus is not associated with any such site, nor silver supplements, nor colloidal silver or anything else silver. I do not understand your criticisms here nor where you are seeing anything about “silver”. Dr. Sircus is not promoting anything “silver”

      • Scientist

        My mistake. I listened to the video, which started with “I’m with Silver Coin Reserve–we sell silver” and assumed the speaker was Dr. Sircus. So my sincere apologies, Dr. Sircus–I stand corrected. You may not understand physics but you aren’t the one who has a clear financial interest in promoting panic.

        • Claudia – IMVA Staff

          Scientist and others,

          Thanks for clarifying your error about Dr. Sircus and silver. Kelvin must have been dreaming too. Sometimes other websites post Dr. Sircus’ essays and have thier own propaganda attached to the site which could make it look like an endorsement by Dr. Sircus when it is not.

          Thanks again! And let us know where you saw this and I will check it out!

          • Scientist

            I saw it on, which has as its header “Dr. Sircus’ Blog”. The page is headed “Bad News from NASA” and as you scroll down there are three videos. At the beginning and end of the first video, the speaker, refers to selling silver. I had assumed that the video, which was otherwise not identified, was done by Dr. Sircus. –It would help if Dr. Sircus would tell the reader whether or not he’s the person speaking in videos that he presents.

            I do want to emphasize that the speaker on that video knows nothing about physics and has a clear motivation for promoting panic.

      • Kelvin

        Dr. Sircus does clearly mention at the end of the clip that people can buy silver from him or claims to have great rates. Or was I dreaming?

  • zak

    Dude – dude… wtf due… planet? what planet.. next your going to tell me we have a black president and smoking dope is legal! haha.. right…

  • Pastor Chris Morey

    Why wonder what will happen next when its all told in the Bible. The Bible gives all the answers as the auther God has informed mankind of every catastrophy. In it we read the past, present and the future. The problem with mankind is we believe science, which is not bad, but would you rather know the contents of a book , or the author who wrote it. God is and always will be in control, and if all this info bothers you,you may try reading how to survive the future by reading what God says about it. he made the earth, and only He can destroy it. Be at peace God is in conrtol.

  • Ray Mc

    Comet Elenin is NOT planet X! Elenin is a comet that TPTB will report on alot to keep everyone occupied. Also, so when planet X actually shows up and is visible with the naked eye, many will confuse it with Elenin and not be worried because they will feel they were told about Elenin and it’s no big deal. The Elenin coverage is just another ploy to help TPTB keep the world running until the last minute.

  • lyn

    My grandmother had a saying; you prepare for war in the trime of peace.

  • Scientist

    Folks, we have a wonderful opportunity to test the hypothesis that NASA and JPL are evil (or ignorant, or frightened, or make whatever adjective suits you) people trying to manipulate us all: Let’s see what happens on September 27.
    Sound reasonable?
    If you, Dr. Sircus, are correct and there are major earthquakes (–I’ll call anything > 9 on the Richter scale “major”–seems reasonable if this brown dwarf has already caused such havoc at far greater distances than will be the case on the 27th) from this brown dwarf that you say is out there, then I’ll grant that despite your apparent lack of understanding of physics and your apparent financial interest in stirring up paranoia, you were correct.
    If nothing happens, then I suggest that you, Dr. Sircus, submit to the punishment required in the Old Testament of false prophets.
    Meet you all back here on Sept 28.

  • Stargazer

    “Today I am presenting rock solid information; it does not get any better when NASA is your source…”

    Perhaps you are not aware that the NASA is keeping the people way in the dark. For instance:

    The glass structures on the moon
    The faces on Mars
    The explosion on the moon to find water. They knew before there is water on the moon.
    The moon ringing when they landed.
    And so much more

    NASA is far from being a reliable source to the public

  • PepeTrueno

    Original Nasa Link:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#orb

    You need flash player to see the animation.
    Pay attention to all of those alignments specially through out November, and on Dec 31, 2011. Even there is another alignment on Dec 31, 2012.
    I guess we are simply doom.

  • CY

    Whatever and whenever, it is a time to prepare. The recent world wide crop production is going to lead to shortages regardless of what else may come. Get ready. It is going to get real interesting from here on out.

  • GrayEagle

    Elenin, Planet X, Nibiru, is Wormwood: The Logic is Undeniable

  • afk

    just be cool.

  • Truly it is important to wake up and see that the world is no longer flat and that we are not the only life..There is more happening that one can know and more happening that all should know.. As a people we must become the NEED TO KNOWS. Instead of waiting to know. So to all you out there that May come ACROSS information that shows itself approved.. Stop Listen Analyze and RESPOND> BE READY FOR ANYTHING And enjoy as much as you can in between. LIVE To the Fullest and do not FEAR anything. Especially man made things. There43 earth and this Universe have been doing this longer that we have, we should be grateful to be allowed to Watch. Blessings to you Souls. See you On the Collective side of Consciousness..

    …Aeon Pi
    Peaceful Inhabitant.

  • David

    In Scotland about 5000BC everyone build stone structures and covered them with one ton of earth, even barns. The air temp. reached 2000F, hot enough to vertrify the exposed rocks. Remains of whales were found 200 miles from shore. The vast pine forests were cut off at gound level. The wind that was easterly became westerly. All of this is proven. Similar remains have been found in India. There are maps of the spots where civilization has survived past events. All the structures entrances pointed toward the mid-summer sunrise , excepy one, it pointed toward the mid-winter sunrise, as we know it now. Look it up. A Story of Scotland. Might be a good idea to follow if it’s not to late.

  • QuickRelease

    I’ll be just fine, made my tin foil hat today. Peace out!

  • alan

    regarding the bright object in the sky seen from Japan…….I believe that during April 2011 because of Planet Saturn being at opposition one can notice that as sun sets in west Saturn rises in the east and visible all through the night (as it climbs highest in the sky at midnight) whereas by the time it is morning Saturn would set in the western sky when sun is rising in the east.
    This may explain what that object setting could be…

  • Folks, if any of you fear any of what is said here, take a trip over to the 2012 Scenario and read what is anticipated for 2012:



    • Why would you lead in with …. if any of you Fear. what is it your hoping to lead us too?

  • Deborah Hart

    I think the article was very well researched and informative. I also thought some of the “rebuttals” were good, but most of them were just people siting their beliefs and faith, which is how many people are able to cope with fear of the unknown. I like to keep an open mind, but at the same time, it really won’t matter in the long run. If great catastrophies continue to happen, many people are going to perish, regardless of the bottom line scientific reasons.
    I happen to live at the base of a volcano, Mt. Shasta, and although it hasn’t been active is umpteen jillion years, I often wonder if and when it might “come alive” again. this may sound
    evil on my part, but it could only be a GOOD thing if lava buried the town I live in. (Weed, CA.)
    The majority of the people on the planet, myself included, are not in any position to move a nicer town, let alone the penultimate “safe zone”. Just like all other predictions, we will just have to see what, if anything happens. THE WAITING is the hardest part!!!

  • Alvin Davidson

    Do you know any amateur astronomers who are watching it?

    Have you seen any photos or discussion of it in the big popular astronomy magazines like Sky & Telescope?

    Just think about it. No one could hide Nibiru if it existed.

    Your God does not want this fate for you.

  • Kelvin

    That’s right folks. Follow your book of doom. It’s going to happen because revelation says so.
    No need to question. Look, everything dies and in an ever more secular world many are ever more
    Accepting of this fact even upon a backdrop of grey realism and that takes more balls and acceptance than
    When u hold a belief that some spirit will save you..
    But there really is no need to spell it out in scripture and as for timing..
    When is this end upon us? Some said 1984, some said 2000, 2012… it goes on.
    It’s in built in our psyche that we ponder over our own demise. But no-one knows and it has not been written.
    Everyone so far has been wrong. Where’s the credibility in this tired ongoing excercise?

  • Anon

    It doesn’t really matter what, who or how you believe. It was written in revelation and also

    the ancients and in prophecy. Just accept it and find peace instead of saying if it

    were this or it was that.

  • Bruce

    It always makes me laugh how people can be so self centered to think that after millions of years the world will end while they are alive.. what makes you so
    Believe what you want.. whatever helps you maintain sanity in this crazy world.. I for one will count myself lucky to have been around for 48 years and will take nothing for granted.. with or without your knowledge or lack of … Don’t be afraid to die.. be afraid to live in fear… for if you do.. no God can save you.. Have a nice
    ………………………………………………………………….. Bruce

  • Bob Webly

    So how do they keep all the Amateur Astronomers quiet?

    Surely if this hoax were true, the Amateur Astronomers would back up this story. But they don’t.

    So please give all your stuff to charity, and climb a mountain.

  • José Carlos

    Indeed, facts are scary, but believers in the Lord will keep quiet because they know the Creator’s will is manifested.

  • ducq

    I had this article sent to me, so i went to NASA to verify it. We won’t know until “it” whatever that is, is in sight.

    However, there is more to planetary gravitational anomalies than simply “lining up”. For example, three planets forming a right angle triangle is nearly as strong. And the spin of the planet (or asteroid) is a significant factor, especially with the inner planets, as we have both the sun and Venus spinning retrograde.

    Anyways, if this ends up something to take seriously (and i agree regarding NASA’s duplicity), here are the key dates, which you can double-check if you have the six hours i spent drafting and calculating them: 7/14, 7/23, 8/16, 9/6, and 9/25. The straight-line alignments of 10/21 and 11/20 are already in the article.

    7/23 is the tricky one, as it has the potential to throw the asteroid off course.



    • Rosa, I went to the site you posted. What is a fairly unknown Russian scientist doing in the New Mexico laboratory.? He is the one that found this asteroid , for the NASA group. Our New Mexico laboratory is supposed to be a highly guarded libratory of America’s weapons, war strategies, etc. No one but the highest authorized people are allowed to be there. Under Clinton’s watch, there was a theft of a video, during a scare a fire was nearing the laboratory. This fire was started by the forest service as a fire break. It supposedly got away. One month later, in the unharmed laboratory, the video turned up. It was reported by the liberal news that it must have fallen, or been displaced. Never any investigation.
      This makes me think, this is false fear spreading. The Communist training of Americans at the university of Lenin, is to teach physico politics, which is to brain wash the American people through lies, and to use disasters to control, and to control the minds of the people until they are completely brainwashed. NanH

  • Rose

    Thanks again Mark for the heads up. I really appreciate the time your took to share so thoroughly and with such care. I am grateful to be able to hold the questions and imaginations in my heart.

    Here is another article posted by one of your followers on FB that ties in the NASA research with the Mayan Prophecies and the American Indian prophecies:

    Many Blessings!

  • Really?

    Hands up who’s noticed that almost everyone interviewed by Camelot / Avalon
    (where I sourced this web article) is trying to plug their latest book or DVD.
    I have no doubt some work only for the comfort the receive from the perception
    that they are doing a great service to humanity. But many are in it for the money.
    And the film and tv series writers are very aware of the speed of growth in popilarity
    of this phenomenon to the point where they’re studying more and more fringe ideas
    to include them in their productions. It’s a Market, just like everything else.
    You breath or sh*t in this world and someone makes money from it.
    People farming is a lucrative business.
    I would go on to compare you all to sheep at this point, but it’s unfair and untrue.
    You all have minds and hearts and probably something that can be described as a soul.
    Remember your free will and instinct and with a little luck we’ll all get over this blip.

  • Sid

    You propose the “mass” could be a neutron star? You must have absolutely no knowledge of astronomy then. A neutron star entering our solar system would have already completely destroyed the delicate gravitational balance of the planets orbiting the sun. There is no possible way it is a neutron star, which quite frankly, invalidates your entire article as it shows a serious lack of ability to understand the physics of planetary astronomy.

    Again I say, if there were an object with the mass of a star in or even near our solar system, it would have already have catastrophic results, including the orbits of the outer planets being completely changed. This is pure lunacy on the part of the author.

    • bluebare

      agree with for this and many other reasons. this article is totally bogus.

      • Meg

        Just go back to basic physics people… Force of gravity is proportional to the inverse of the distance CUBED. So if Elenin triggered major earthquakes when it was 4AU away it must be a BIG MOTHER not a comet lol!

  • Kelvin

    I’m sorry but how is this threatening and fearful article any different from the many others being told by so many the world over which 99% of the time have NOT come true.
    And then it’s conveniently blamed on some ridiculous anomaly like ‘shifting timelines’.
    I really am sorry to have to lay this down as I have for a long time been a great believer and follower of this type of media but I feel the need to paint another the other side of the wall. And please don’t tag any further plugs for your own Silver trading business onto the side of such articles. I hope this is for love, not for the money in our pockets and our continued worship of Christ. And if it is the first, then we are brothers and I am sorry.
    I’ve seen so many false prophets come and go after telling such bleak yet believable tales I have allowed such stories to rip out the heart of people’s worlds.
    As a result, I’m willing to wait for the 26th September event until I head for that cave on high with life on back. If it happens, then I’m right there will the heart of those left to do my bit and pay my due to this crazy but beautiful race.

    and now a song…

    While the paranoid fear monger, preaching how best to survive.
    and the new age place their every egg in spiritual reprise.
    Well I guess it all comes down to which version you believe.
    Pick your prophet from a packed nest of hypothesis.

    Cause how an you survive something you can’t even describe?
    Or save your soul with some great unattainable state of mind?!
    If it does all fall to pieces, bury me where I land,
    ’til the earth is me and I am she, I’m fearless as I stand.

    If water’s my destroyer then I’ll run for higher ground.
    If it’s spiritual awakening, I’ll immerse myself in sound.
    If it’s solar flares.. well I don’t have a bunker underground.
    So burn me up Frith…Scatter me around…

    • Lady E

      I’ll Live Until I Die.
      When all the ‘facts’ are in, and ‘ground zero’ is found, let me know, I”ll be right there, because I do not want to survive and start again. This life has been good, but I’m not going to live in fear of ‘the end of the world’ (makes wooo wooo sounds), I’m just gonna live, and make sure those I love KNOW I love them, and take my life one day at a time.
      The rest of you can live in fear, gather your supplies, move underground, whatever, I’ll be standing with my arms outstretched and eyes open watching Mother Earth’s fury, and pain.
      Til then – Blessed BE!

  • Frank

    As Peggy, above, says, Thanks to Judith for the reality check. But, in case Judith is wrong the following two comments are appropriate.
    Who amongst us ever thought we’d get out of us alive?
    and, an aquantance of mine, many years ago and at that time in his late nineties and who, I was told by others was a truly enlightened person, used to frequently talk about the “delightful uncertainty of life”.
    OK, I’m done. Thanks.

  • Fear fear fear….stop it man. NASA is the biggest liar on the block. Look, dying is OK…just a part of life but we dont need panicky wimps like you, trying to panic for everybody else. Really, the tone of this is very offensive Mark. Like I say…..STOP IT !! Actually something too wonderful to concieve is about to happen to us all.

  • Gilgamesh

    This just my own opinion, that the Earth Planet here is not going to go pooff, and its over, not in 2011or 20012 or any time soon.
    But the radiation is here to stay for decades and longer, for us for our children, and maybe for many generations, and we will have to protect our selves from the dangerous affects, with nutrition, Diatomaceous Earth, subtle energy products. My grand mother use to make her own soap, and my wife also knows how to make soap, and I think I will start making Ormus soaps, and Ormus shampoo, and tooth paste, etc, for a better protection against radiation.
    We may also have a lot of Earth changes, and severe climate changes etc. I bought land in the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona, and I will have to get workers to plant grapes on the mountain, and make fine wines, and build a wine cellar and shelter under the mountain,but I dont want big tractor trailers, and big diesel trucks to go in and out of the wine cellar and shelter, Maybe use electric trucks inside.
    So if the time comes, that we have to stay under ground for a few weeks or months, we, and all our workers, and their families could stay in the winery shelter.

  • Glen

    God never existed , there is no proof any where in the world to support the claims, Believe in God if you want but don’t push it down other throats’
    Religion has been the curse of the world since day one and will be until it ends.

    • john nelson

      God isn’t religion…the path to God is!

      • Zydushan

        Yeh John like Buddhism was Made a Religion when its a Way of Living…God/Anti God was Manufactured to Explain does not have Domain on Chaos…im talking in a Gaia generality here…Poetically and Symbolically an All/Father Mother is Satisfying…But Uneccessary…if you let Go of Ego Cravings. So if God Dies Who Knows When?

    • bambi

      “no proof any where in the world” ???
      you obviously take far too much for granted then my dear. dont let your anger for religion condemn your relationship with your maker, your creator, the source.
      No matter what you believe will happen in 2012, this is the one truth of your entire existence that will become innately understood by you… you have a lot of work to do if you believe that everything is only explainable through science as we know science today… Science is an ever expanding book of knowledge…new discoveries in quantum physics explain things far beyond conception 100 years ago, and yet it continues to grow closer towards a spiritual acknowledgement of the human being. Believe it, there is more to us and our world than we know. And God is at the source of it all. He is inside of us all. Open your heart, your eyes will then see.

      • bambi

        my typo mistake, ….comprehension, not conception

        • Zydushan

          Bambi dear doe…Add JC s Birth Date of 8 years ie prior to BCE …from a consensus of Christian Biblical Sources and its allready 2019…so how about that Deer Park!

    • Lynda

      Then who created that tree in your yard? Who hung the sun in the sky, who put the stars in the heavens?

      One day every knee, yep yours too, will bow and declare Jesus is Lord!!

      • Zydushan

        Allah be praised and Buddha and all and YHVH and millenia before them as well to Gods of Nature before life crawled…or is it for you only 3114 BCE the Zero point!…Get Real Lynda who created You!

  • Ivy

    This did cause me some concern, but there are a few things in the above videos that caused me to question their credibility.

    I think this is worth watching:

    “NASA’s David Morrison, expert on Earth impact hazards and currently Interim Director of the NASA Lunar Science Institute, speaks on what are the risk to Earth in 2012. He addresses misconceptions related to the year 2012, Earth crossing objects, planetary alignment, and related myths like Nibiru. More information on Dr. Morrison can be found at david-morrison.

    For more information on this topic, please see ask-an-astrobiologist/?intro/? nibiru-and-doomsday-2012-questions-and-answers.”

    I still appreciate the sharing of information. It is up to each of us to look into things as we see fit and to make up our own minds.

    If people are really concerned, they can always take the steps necessary to be prepared – preparation for all situations never goes astray.

    • Gilgamesh

      NASA’s David Morrison is wrong about the existence of the Planet Nibiru. It is a giant Planet, and with many moons. It is a reddish planet, the last time was visible 610BC-556BC.
      And it will be in our Solar System again About 900-1000 years from now.
      But Morrison could be right about everything else.

  • Enid

    Many thanks to Dr Macus on his wonderful Research, and helping people understand whats happening in a calm way , Your a life saver Enid

  • Cat

    The only reliable Truth is the One who called Himself the Way, the Truth and the Life. All this other stuff peopls have been saying in these comments is ancient demon worship, in the guise of pseudo-New Age mumbo jumbo. It is as much crap as the crap science all the NASA haters here are also promting.

    The planet is precious to G-d because we are here and He loves us. His Word says He wants none to perish, but that He desires that all come to the knowledge of the Truth of His Son Jesus. But His compassion and forebearance have a time limit, a deadline He alone knows, and that He has set.

    Is this the deadline? I don’t know, and won’t presume to guess. The Holy Scriptures speak of planetary calamities, of wars and rumors of wars and all manner of catastrophies, and these are but the heralds of the end of things. We have had heralds before. Maybe we will have them again. Maybe this is it, finally. I just don’t know.

    The one thing I DO know and AM certain of, aside from what I asserted about G-d wanting all to come to the saving knowledge of His Son Jesus, is that He loves me, and He is in control. Not the false demon god of Matthew, Hatonn and Suzy Ward, as mentioned above, but the real G-d, the one who has revealed Himself to mankind over and over countless times through the ages, on corporate and intimately personal levels. THAT is Who is in control. The One who would reveal Himself to you, if you earnestly seek Him, and desire to know Him. And if this be the end, whether for me or for our much beleagured planet, it is in His presence I will live and rejoice forever with all who love Him. I hope you choose to join us.

    • Lynda


      You spoke a parable!!! They don’t know it, because it is true

  • Elaine

    Oh, Dr. Marcus….

    Of all this news and talk that has been leading up to this realization, I copy and paste below the most important thing you wrote above:

    “It is not a time for fear; rather it is a time for love and cooperation in the context of preparation on all levels for what is to come. ”

    How I wish I could join you at Sanctuary and see through these times to come, to live with a group of like minded individuals, young and old, and in between.

    God Bless You for your TRUTH…..”VERITAS”. And may you be blessed for all you have given of your life in the caring of humanity.

    If we really do have to reincarnate, if we share in a karma of “time” of “community” of all aspects in which we live, then I have but one biggest wish, and that would be that if we all end up back here in a familiar way, I pray with all my HEART that you will be the equivalent of what today is the head of the World Health Organization, W.H.O.

    Then, we WILL have a “Golden Age”.

    Forever grateful,
    Elaine ~*~

    • john nelson

      Look at the time you posted….9:11, jus sayin!

  • Dear Mark,
    Your article today is terrific. You have helped me realize that we must teach people that our Mother Earth is hollow and that it has rivers, oceans and mountains inside just like out here. This can be our safe haven while Mother Earth restructures her seismic outer plates so that she can have full consciousness as well. We are but crystals of light on her surface assisting her in this resurrection process. Everyone is ascending. Even the bad guys are shifting in consciousness.

    We need to understand that we have been taught a history that is bull shit in order to keep us enslaved and stuck in 3D. Mother Earth wants to move back into Full Consciousness from which she was removed by the Universes dark forces 13 millennia ago, starting with manipulating the pristine beauty of the earth so that Lemuria sank and “they” got control of us. Well they have been trying very hard and every so often each one of us gets a split second inkling of what life really should be like and we keep hanging in there.

    From what you are reporting it looks like we will be making the leap into full consciousness before the fall and we really need to let people know the real history and that NESARA is starting to get implemented right now and that we are moving into transitional governments as I write.

    I still get deaf ears from many people that I talk to but now that I am 68 I don’t care so much about what people think about me, thank goodness. When this shift happens it will be dramatic; 3Ds will get to 3 1/2D, 4Ds to 41/2D and the 5Ds to 51/2D etc. Our TVs, Internet, radio, newspapers, etc will be taken over for a day or 2 while we are told the real truth of life on earth and are introduced to our galactic human friends and Ascended Masters and some real technology. As you know some of us know they are real and have been working with them. Even though things have been set up for us to think we are being invaded by aliens, we have to do whatever we can to facilitate a fuller consciousness in people before the shit hits the fan any more. Or we will lose many of our friends and family. Of course it is their choice.

    I talk to everyone I possibly can right now because if this happened today all the guys trying to do good would most likely get shot. I’d like to at least have a few people that realize there could be good coming from all this chaos and help me in this process.

  • unbeliever

    Come I love your other insights, but honestly you just was falling in a NASA pseudo science crap. These guys still believe in the big bang, so why this event will be any different. There are no real scientist working there.. Why your event will not happen inform yourself and go to and give yourself a real education.

  • grump bear There are many near misses shown on this NASA link & many more in the future. Remember the quote from the orig movie “Dune”, “fear is the mind killer”. Thanks for the heads up Mark. You are old enough to remember the song “live til I die, I’m gonna live,live,live until I die”. gb

  • Gilgamesh

    The Planet Nibiru is 4X bigger than the Earth Planet, and the comet Elenin can not be Nibiru.
    Zecharia Sitchin wrote in his books, the Earth chronicles, that the Planet Nibiru will not be visible in the southern sky for another 900-1000 tears.

    • mutopian

      Sitchin was a disinformer – that was his job, apparently. According to an illuminati insider he was present at many of the rituals the royals and vips attended. The illuminati didn’t totally trust him, however so it’s hard to say what his ultimate role was. Certainly, he does contradict himself in his own writings.

  • Scott

    I am not a big fan of external body theories changing events…and I especially don’t trust NASA. They are a DoD department, that should say enough. As for coming changes…I do believe that the earth is expanding, time for momma to grow, and that will cause large earthquakes, storms and hurricanes to get bigger and stronger. So protecting and preparing yourself is paramount…but maybe for different reasons.

    • Zydushan

      Good on you Scottie…Scott Free!

  • NASA is not a reliable source of information but rather part of the larger psyops machine run by the globalists. Of course it is compartmentalized like many other agencies, but Free Masonry and neo-Naziism run through it like a river of blood. Please see the work of Jim Marrs and Richard Hoagland.

    Just seeing the words Niburu and Planet X on these videos is a blatant giveaway. Please do a search on these terms and you will find yourself in the theater of the absurd.

    In an environment of global psyops and mind control of individuals as well as large masses, there is no way to find truth. That is our work, I agree, to love as we have never loved before in the face of this epistemological uncertainty and the possibility of worst case scenarios. I just don’t think Planet X is one of them.

    Please consider other various theories regarding these earth changes, e.g., Dr. Nick Begich on HAARP (not just intentional weather control, but its messing with our planet’s upper level electromagnetic phenomena with no concern for unintended consequences–chilling stuff, and playing Russian roulette).

    • peggy

      thank you, judith, for the reality check.

      i was hoping to see such in the comments.

      haarp in the hands of inbred sociopaths is
      our problem. not something outside of ourselves.

      our work truly is to love ourselves and others.
      our work if we wish to continue to inhabit this
      planet is to disable haarp.

      it is physical and it sits on this planet.
      it is doable.

    • Gilgamesh

      If the HAARP mind control on individuals, or the masses works, it is not a hundred% success.
      But if it would work on a group of people, I would guess, that they all would believe the same, would be of same mentality, same belief, same mind set, and they would have a great fear of anyone who would oppose them, any opposition would be a great treat to them, even if the treat would be very small, or even zero, they would react instantly, even abnormally, and even unprofessionally. I think some of them would not even live, or move into a town, or state, or city, if the people would not be in the same mind set as they are. But all this is just my guess, and also my guess is, that subtle energy products could protect the individual, from HAARP mind control, and even radiation.

      • Jennie

        Dear Gilgamesh, the power that protects us from HAARP is God’s power… yes an unseen spiritual power – it cannot be verified or proven or seen. “God rescued / delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us to the kingdom of His Son (Jesus Christ).” By THAT power and grace, our minds and emotions (souls) are rescued from the control of darkness. It is true. Those who are in Christ, are protected. It simply means your soul (mind and emotions) is in the domain of Christ and not in the domain of darkness.

        • God Bless you, Jennie, for speaking out in a forum like this where the Gospel is usually not appreciated!
          Remember: “The Message of the Cross is foolishness to the perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.”

      • My guess is that subtle energy products could protect . . .

        . . . useful in blocking the dis-harmonic, disease-causing frequencies of UHF, ULF, and Electro-Magnetic Emanations, and energetic transmissions such as those used in HAARP, EMP, and Scalar-Pulse technologies.

        This mathematical formula ( )for directing interdimensional electrical impulse through the body and DNA template serves to block, disengage and neutralize the inorganic scalar-frequency transmissions used in most types of visitor interdimensional implant technologies.

        • mutopian

          Hi there. Have clicked on the link you gave and it looks very impressive, not to mention easy to follow. There are no other links, however. Can you tell me who wrote the sequence and the website it comes from? Thank you.

      • The earthquake in Japan caused an eleven inch wobble on the earths surface
        . The one in New Zealand a couple of inches, and the one in Hattie caused some, This alone would cause
        weather changes.
        But these and all of the above are effects, not cause. Our whole earth could change in the instant of the blinking of an eye, If enough people knew:
        Jesus Christ came into our earths atmosphere, to save us from the idolatry that
        Adam and Eve cast upon all of mankind by choosing to live under their own authoraty, not God’s. Under God’s authorative, ALL IS ETERNAL peaceful, Loving, harmonious, blessed forever.
        When Jesus came he paid the price on the cross, and with the shedding of His blood we are saved from the worlds idolatry. Idolatry is the self destructive darkness we are living in.
        Jesus is the light of salvation out of this darkness. When we understand this and begin living under the will of God, His power, called the Holy Spirit enters each of us. That Holy Spirit in us, is each our own identity and cannot be destroyed. It gives us authorative, (dominion) over the weather, sickness, hate, fear, all of the temporal things of earth.
        If there were enough people that fully understood this, we could change the weather patterns,(still the storms) heal sickness, receive God’s abundance for us, etc. One of the benefits of receiving the Holy Spirit, is knowing His Love, and feeling the peace of His presence.
        God has never forsaken us, but we have forsaken Him. It is because of God’s LOVE, (He created all things in His LOVE,) that He sent His son to show us the way out of our disruptive darkness. I know Him. He has spoken to me, He has healed me several times, He has protected me, He gives me direction all of the time. I am just ‘one’ but a special ‘One’, just like you, and you, and you.
        I am still learning to be still, and pray until I receive His direction, I have stilled the storm, and have had many miracles through Christ, who God has given authorative to save us, You see God is not in our darkness. He does not cause pain, sin, bad anything. He is our, mankind’s eternal creator, our Father, His love for you, is for you only.
        All this turmoil would vanish, as we could lift this darkness off the earth, and would be experiencing the Paradise He created for us to be in. If we knew how to pray through the Holy Spirit of God, in us, through His beloved son Christ Jesus,. He alone sits on God’s throne in heaven, and has been given authorative over earth, to save as many as will receive. . There is no other path to salvation for the people of earth, for everything else is the disruptions of idolatry. (Living outside of God’s will). We choose our own destiny.We can change othersa destiny, by loving them and wittnessing the Christ In us through Jesus the Christ of God.

        • Zydushan

          After Jesus no sin all was forgiven for eternity..Yet chaos does not discriminate wong from right so there will be creation/destruction ie change..humans live with change its called adaption..Im not Fatalisic so Lets Blast this Asteroid/Dirty Brown Giant with love and our human Hearts and Minds and Take Care of The Garden!…Never mind YHVH or Elohims or Demons!

        • Harry W

          a-HA!! Jesus’ entering the atmosphere, eh? Gosh, as the Son of God, I was SUURE Jesus could teleport, or use a higher form of transport, than simply *plunging* through the atmosphere.

          No WONDER I’m an atheist…;)

    • Rocio

      Gracias el texto del Dr Sircus y por el comentario de Judith
      HAARP no sólo esta en manos psicópatas como dice Peggy, fue creado con esas intenciones no me cabe duda. Y si seguimos su agenda y la humanidad es capaz de “desactivarla”, el grupo globalizador encontrará un nuevo mecanismo. Nuestro trabajo como individuos es hacer mejor nuestra labor diaria, amar a nuestros semejantes y reencontrarnos con nuestros simples pero complejos orígenes. También es nuestra tarea divulgar lo que conocemos aunque resulte poco. De esta manera nos fortaleceremos y tenderemos la posibilidad de supervivencia como especie.

      • Claudia – IMVA Staff

        Translation from Rocio:

        Thanks Dr Sircus text and commentary by Judith
        HAARP is in the hands not only psychopaths as Peggy says, was created with those intentions I have no doubt. And if we follow their agenda, and mankind is able to “deactivate” the globalizing group find a new mechanism. Our work as individuals is to better our daily work, to love our neighbors and reconnect with our simple but complex origins. It is also our duty to disclose what we know but little result. In this way we strengthen and extend a chance of survival as a species.

  • Oh dear Marc,
    You and ALL your readers, fans & followers alike, absolutely have to get up to speed with that which the current ‘powers that be’ or whatever other term anyone wishes to use for them, do not wish to encourage, as it rightfully dispels all fear. Fear is our biggest weakness & their greatest strength & control over us, just as it is with ALL man-made religions too, and has been for EONS!
    PLEASE, I urge you to familiarize yourself with my Heavenly mentor’s monthly messages. If I were you, I start from the very first, since it’s clear that you haven’t yet read the 4 Matthew Books. If pushed for time, use the search facility in the meantime. U trust Matthew, Hatonn (Chief of Inter Galactic Communications) Suzy Ward (Matthew’s Earth Mom) & the God they speak about & to (different from most religions) frequently, absolutely IMPLICITLY.
    Our Galactic friends & families have shifted MANY such ‘bodies’ in the past & shall do so again & again & again. We & Gaia (Earth) are far too precious to allow to go up in flames, smoke or whatever!
    With love & LIGHT & much confidence,
    ~@nnie ~ Durban ~ South Africa ~

  • heres a new video of the same thing with more detail and better evidence for people who think that last video was bull

  • Jeffrey Cooper

    Thanks for the communique, Mark. You’re on the cutting edge, much appreciated!

    Southern Oregon, U.S.A.

    • Harry W

      I think just on the edge, is a better explanation.

      The edge of understanding the *barest* glimmer of the scientific method, and then, just the edge…;)

  • sally williams

    Many thanks Mark for keeping us informed.
    I like to be prepared and in the “know” so I can adjust my life accordingly.
    Many thanks for collating all this information into one excellent text.
    Keep up your great work.
    Sally Williams Australia

    • Julio

      This is all fear so it can be in the consciousness of people. There is a plan for humanity, and it is not destruction! If we all fear, then it will manifest. Stop the fear mongering!

      • m moet

        agreed..more scare tactics..the earth is not going to be wiped off the solar system..who the fuck is spreading fear like this and some ahole spreading like wildfire??

        • Carry

          Remember the dinosaurs that got cold and snuggled together in a pile and froze to death?
          This was presumably after the large stone struck earth in the now current gulf of Mexico area and turned off the sun for years and tossed us into the last ice age. Its not fear mongering to know the truth… unless your head just can’t handle that life is precious and must be lived with joy in all things. Being born is the beginning of our earth journey and death of the body is the transition to the next phase of life. Don’t be afraid, it is part of the plan.
          Remember, when you have the hiccups you are as close to death as you get until you die, and we’ve all had the hiccups!

          • Carrie

            YES it is FEAR… IF you let yourself GO there. HOWEVER being AWARE is way smarter than living as if nothing is wrong while enjoying the sound of the ocean.
            Just saying..

          • Vic

            Nothing wrong with being prepared, for any reason: storms, blizzards, floods, hurricanes and a worldwide catastrophe. But I also understand the fear principal. We just need to be balanced by preparing as best we can, then letting the fear go it merry way.

          • jen

            Ain’t it great to be ALIVE at a time like this? Nothing left to do but, smile, smile, smile:) 🙂 🙂

        • Ram

          If you feel fear, you have something to resolve. I know I feel fear, but also hope. So I have something to resolve too. I think this is a horrific time for people who are not spiritually oriented because economical/ecological/socially things are already falling apart majorly. It is so official. If this is true man can shift their focus on survival by actually starting to love each other, and acting out of this sentiment. But speaking of fear, we are more interested in greed and wars as a collective and justify it- that the real fear causer, and sorry for my judgement but current human collective goals are stupidity.

    • Would like to know how you are manipulating the comet video to show the path. All I found on JPL’s site was a still pic. Please let us know. Thanks.