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End of the World We Know

Published on May 23, 2012


As everyone is well aware, Europe is an absolute mess. The gravity of the global debt crisis is getting worse and for sure it’s the end of the world as we have known it. EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht recently said, “The endgame has begun, and how it will finish I do not know.” There is an implosion happening in Greece, and Spain is not far behind with Portugal and Ireland running neck and neck into the full embrace of depression and life-shattering bank runs.

Greece is a big deal and Spain is even bigger. Right now the European Central Bank (ECB) is starting to cut off funds from several Greek banks and there is a run going on at the same time. Those banks are going down the toilet into a black hole and there will be a loud sucking sound as these banks pull hard on other banks. The Titanic is going down at the bow and just because you are at the stern (in the United States), not in Spain or Greece, it does not mean the cold waters of economic calamity are not going to come to the shores of your life.

Martin Weiss has a logical sequence that forecasts the ruin of our current way of life.

Forecast #4
The European Central Bank (ECB)
will kick its money printing presses
into overdrive and very, very soon.

“That’s the only way they know how to react to the riots on the streets, how to finance their budgets, how to rescue their banks and save their own necks politically. And if you think Europe is too far away from your hometown to matter very much—too far away from Main Street USA—think again,” says Weiss.

Chris Martenson said, “Well, my hat is off to the global central planners for averting the next stage of the unfolding financial crisis for as long as they have. I guess there’s some solace in having had a nice break between the events of 2008/09 and today, which afforded us all the opportunity to attend to our various preparations and enjoy our lives. Alas, all good things come to an end, and a crisis rooted in ‘too much debt’ with a nice undercurrent of ‘persistently high and rising energy costs’ was never going to be solved by providing cheap liquidity to the largest and most reckless financial institutions. And it has not.”

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Graham Summers, of Phoenix Capital Research, just back from Europe says, “The situation in Europe is bad… How BAD? Well, France, Spain, and Germany have ALL implemented border controls. Spain, France, and Germany can each close their borders for up to 30 days at any point if they so choose. Why are they doing this? Because they know that when the stuff hits the fan and the EU collapses (which it will in the next few months) people are going to attempt to flee with their money… so they have made it so that no one can get it… and no one can get out,”

“A €1 billion run [$1.28 billion] on a recently nationalized Spanish bank has sparked further fears that the 17-nation eurozone is about to implode. “The U.S. media has completely ignored this story because the implications are truly horrifying: that the EU and its banking system could very easily collapse in the coming months. After all, there are already bank runs taking place in Spain and Greece. Once things pick up steam NO ONE will be immune. No less than Ben Bernanke has publicly admitted that if the EU goes down, it will potentially take the U.S. with it. Make no mistake, what’s coming will be bigger and worse than 2008. We’re talking about bank holidays, civil unrest, and the worse,” said Summers.

You think this is all to be taken lightly? The Italian government does not think so and has deployed 20,000 law enforcement officers to protect individuals and sensitive sites. The government increased security last Thursday at 14,000 sites, and assigned bodyguards to protect 550 individuals after a nuclear energy company official was shot and letter bombs directed to the tax collection agency.

It really is the end of the world we know, or the beginning of that end. Christians believe in the end of the world as a matter of course and the world is giving them every reason to think that their beliefs are correct. Our modern civilization is vulnerable from a number of different angles and the insanity of the elite and centuries of financial manipulation and control are smashing against the wealth of the masses and the very structure of society.

I read that Homeland Security is preparing for civil war, preparing to fight the heavily armed American people and internal security agencies have bought enough ammunition to kill everyone. Never has a public been so heavily armed so obviously the military and the police know it will take a lot to suppress Americans.

But they are not the only ones itching for war. Forty-nine headless bodies were dumped in Mexico and the idiots in Washington are still proud of their war against drugs. Modern civilization has been at war with its own people for a long while and now national governments are ready and set for war on a broader scale.

In the China Sea it’s the Philippines facing off against the Chinese and now we hear of a new unholy alliance in Israel that seems to have established a war cabinet to go full out to war with Iran. Russia and Putin are talking rough and I don’t think they are kidding about defending their interests from the mentally deranged Europeans and Americans. Syria has joined the list of countries being torn apart by civil war.

Financial Armageddon is inching closer and closer. The future for the first world is already being written in Spain and Greece and even California, places where the money is running out big time. And the volcanoes and earthquakes just don’t stop. They just don’t stop and the reports keep coming in.

John Rubino said, “Europe’s leaders—that is to say German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the bureaucrats running the various eurozone agencies from Brussels—have looked into the abyss and don’t like what they see. Specifically, a default and departure by even a relatively insignificant country like Greece might start a contagion that cripples or destroys the whole eurozone.

Paul Brodsky says, “The only way to deleverage is either to let credit deteriorate or to print money. Clearly the politically expedient way of deleveraging is to print money. Central banks can chatter all they want about not wanting to print money or wanting to keep the integrity of their currencies, but, at the end of the day, they don’t really have a choice. They either have to manufacture more electronic credits and put them in the banking system or they have to let their banking system fail. That is just the reality. There is one interconnected banking system and they all have claims with each other. If German banks end up in difficulty, it presents problems for U.S. banks.

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has some bad news: His cash-strapped state isn’t $9.2 billion in the hole, as projected in January; the Golden State is actually facing a yawning $15.7 billion shortfall.


The business and financial community is not paying attention to what is happening in Fukushima and how that alone will ruin the plans of mice and men.

Rich or poor, it makes little difference when we are challenged beyond our capacity to respond. Assuming that life will go on as it has these past decades is perhaps one of the greatest and most dangerous assumptions most people are making today. The mainstream news media feeds this almost universally-shared assumption, so when this greatest-of-all bubbles bursts, there will be hell to pay—that is for sure.

We are all going to have to turn our bows into more spiritual winds to manage the major upheavals headed our way. Depending on who and where you are, these major upheavals have already occurred leaving increasing millions desperate and without hope. The illusion of growth is fast fading and what will take its place is an ugly depression with a threatened currency collapse as trillions are printed to save the world from its own stupidity.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Laura

    Dr. Sircus

    I enjoy your articles and read most of them when they come to my inbox. This particular one caught my attention and since I did not have the time to follow up on it myself, I forwarded it to my father who researches everything, and incidentally is an economist, although in a different field. This is his reply, which I thought I would share with you here:

    “I did have quite a close look into the information you sent me. I am afraid to say that the various sources cited are almost all from people who write sensationalist newsletters for a living – and many of them recommend investing in gold as a precaution against the coming breakdown of society. If these people were really so clever, they would be immensely rich and would not have to write newsletters for a living. Of course, as with most things there is a grain of truth.

    Certainly, Greece is in deep trouble. But Greece should never have been allowed into the Euro as its economy is at an altogether lower level than the rest of Europe. However, we need to keep things in proportion – Greece is less than 2% of the European economy. Moreover, there is a big difference between banks failing and bank shareholders losing money. We know how to stop banks failing and in every country the government insures the deposits of ordinary people. The banks are crying “wolf” because the shareholders do not want to lose the value of their investments. They are making a much noise as possible to get governments to bail them out, so the bankers can keep hanging on to their very nice salaries and bonuses.”

    • Vladimir

      Thanks Laura. Also the Greek issue is connected to Goldman Sachs and trading in the Greek debt. The article begins” “As everyone is well aware, Europe is an absolute mess”. How on earth would this writer know?. Most people are not aware of very much really. I live in Europe. Everything functions.
      If you understand the fractional reserve banking system and how money is created out of thin air, you know what to expect. Look at an excellent youtube Our holographic world or zeigeist, I think. Avoid fear-based energies.They do not help anyone.

  • Ryan Grebe

    I agree with all that is being postulated regarding the end of days as we know it. I still am amazed at how some still will ignore the prophecies of the Bible and still say it’s hogwash and that man has the answer. The only answer is the Ancient of Days, the Holy One of Israel, the Christ. We can plan and think ahead but nothing will stop His Plan from happening. It’s just a matter of time. Don’t burrow your head in the sands of philosophies and the schemes of man.
    My one thought is…where is all the money gone?? Has it evaporated from the planet?
    No it’s in the hands of those who have being controlling the worlds finances from the beginning. I wonder how much time we indeed have.

  • Jana

    These are the same talks you can find wherever else… I do not understand this. Maybe I am wrong, but anyway: God is not “he” and there is no “he” who is going to save us and punish the enemies. It is “we” who is responsible for all which is – and will be – going on.
    “If you want to change the world, start with yourself” – Gándhí, I think
    So why to pay so much attention to all what is “bad” and give it so much of our energy? The simple physics. When we stop feeding it, it will die itself. Pointing fingers never has helped anything.
    So I, myself, better choose to see good things and good people – and the good in people as this way it is possible to contribute to it and let it grow. It is not an opinion, but the experience, and it does work. With fighting you only create another fight, and complaints cannot bring any contentment

    • Vladimir

      Absolutely Jana!! All is energy. This is proven physics. So you energize that is, create what you give your attention to. There is something far greater than Fukushima going on in the cosmos, including radiation, gamma rays, solar winds from the sun that not only affects the earth but our bodies and consciousness. From everything I understand, the very best you can do is raise your own vibrations. Do not give energy to fear. Fear has a slow vibration. It does not activate all the codes of the DNA. Love and joy are fast vibrations and do activate the 64 codes of your DNA. This is from research I have read. It is also from experience. There is no external reality. You choose what you will experience. You can feel compassion for catastrophes but do not go into fear. Be careful what words you use. Words carry a vibration. Bible, in the beginning was the word. nasle

  • Ellen

    The day these nations (including Americans) realize that their “debt” is a phantasm created by the global / central banks, that’s the day they get their lives back. It’s all a lie. Ask yourself the question: How can ALL these nations be in debt to these banks? Follow the money, follow the rabbit trails, go down the rabbit hole and the answer is that it’s all an illusion, a lie.

    The central banks are, indeed, implementing their “endgame” and that is to own everything.

    Chris Martenson’s “Well, my hat is off to the global central planners for averting the next stage of the unfolding financial crisis for as long as they have….” REALLY? This whole charade has been planned for a very long time using treasonous “leaders” in every country to give their countries’ wealth to the banksters.

    And Jerry Brown is just another liar; they’ve all got the funds but those funds are not on the books that they present to the unwashed masses. Look up CAFR.

    • mar

      You are totally correct, everything I have researched points to the truth of what you say.
      Thank-you for vocalizing it. It helps to know that I am not the only one that sees the clearly planned insanity of it all!

  • Tim Webb

    There is a perfect solution underlying everything we see happening. There is more than hope, there is victory beyond compare. But it is not a “business almost as usual” solution, or a humanistic and crisis-engendered revamping of Homo Imbecilis into a slightly better or cleverer or more scientific or less religious creature, nor is it a tinkering with financial systems, (and incidentally moving from fiat to a gold-backed currency is worse than useless, as the same people who have engineered the present catastrophic situation have also bought all of the world’s gold, with the fiat currency which we have allowed them to print, so they would still be in control.)
    The insight we need is to realise that what we are seeing has been planned out since man was first created. There is a battle which has been going on for the soul of man. This battle enters its endgame on 21st March. It is called the Tribulation. An openly Satanic system will establish itself, in Jerusalem, to which all are required to give their allegiance, on pain of death. Then will come such enormous galactic cataclysms as have not been seen since the world began, nor will be seen ever again. This is indeed a time similar to the time of the Flood, but more final. You have an eternal soul. You must place it into the hands of the Holy One of Israel, the Son of God, who has a Name which is greater than every Name. Every knee will bow to Him, yours included. There is no other name given under heaven amongst men, whereby we must be saved.
    If you think I am delusional, then I suggest that you go to the website called “The Other Bible Code”. There you will find that the Bible is quite manifestly the eternal Word of God. Therefore, you must now begin to listen to a voice which has been calling to you since the day you were born.
    The date I have given you is taken from “The Daniel Timeline”, which once again, is the very voice of YHVH speaking to you, whoever you are, and wherever you are; and I counsel all of you who have ears to hear, to respond to that voice.
    With regard to the poisonous ruination of this world which mankind in his complete folly has unleashed, be advised that a new heaven and a new earth will shortly be brought to where we are now, to replace these present examples. Go to Isaiah ch 66 v 22, where you will also learn about the punishment awaiting those who have transgressed against the Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the Ancient of Days, to whom be praise honour and glory for evermore.

    • Tim,
      It is very easy to get wrapped up in fear. I am encouraged by your post. It is the truth.

      Lord Bless you,


      • Sandi Teale

        Thanks for that Tim and Shannon. I don’t want to get wrapped in fear. But the truth is a different ‘story’



    • Vladimir

      “Go to Isaiah ch 66 v 22, where you will also learn about the punishment awaiting those who have transgressed against the Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the Ancient of Days, to whom be praise honour and glory for evermore.”
      America seems to be driven by a generalised fear that others do not understand. In this connection I found a study of the geographical distribution of fear in Europe. I think it was 2010-2011. Curiously, top of the list were Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the very countries now experiencing problems. Further, fear of one thing was the same as any other. Third, the biggest predictor of fear was belief in hell!! We seem a bit snug here in the atheist Czech R with one of the lowest debts in the EU. Remember the bible-What I greatly fear has come to pass. Who said that. The summary is posted separately for your interest.

      • Vladimir

        March 16, 2011, 12:47 PM
        The Geography of Fear

        By Christopher Shea

        Happiness studies, sometimes also called positive psychology, is very trendy in university social-science departments these days. But lately, “fear studies” would seem to be more appropriate.

        As it happens, Daniel Treisman, a political scientist at UCLA, has just produced a paper that would fall under that description. He identifies “clear geographic patterns” in the distribution of fear in Europe—and to a lesser extent in Asia.

        The study drew on six surveys, conducted by various groups between 2000 and 2005, which touched on such subjects as nuclear conflicts and accidents, terrorism, organized crime, medical accidents, genetically modified food, avian flu, and mad-cow disease.

        In general, countries that were afraid of one thing were afraid of all of them. In Europe, several Mediterranean nations—Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Malta—registered the highest levels of fear. They were followed by the former Communist countries. In contrast, the Netherlands, Finland, and Austria were least fearful.

        Three in four Portuguese expressed fear of world war, for example, compared with only 28% of Fins. And 82% of Greeks said they were afraid of genetically modified food, compared with 43% of the Dutch. (Fears of nuclear accidents were unusually consistent, and unusually high, the lowest incidence being 64%.)

        And the actual rate of occurence of certain events by region—medical errors, outbreaks of mad-cow—played little to no role in shaping psychological states of mind.

        A narrower range of questions was asked in Asia (nothing about nuclear accidents). Asians tended to be more worried about their home and work situations than Europeans, less so about international affairs. This partly rebuts a view offered by some other scholars that Asians worry less than Europeans.

        In general, levels of economic development appeared to be irrelevant. Religious tradition played some part in whether a country was fearful or not. But the most robust determinant of a nation’s fear factor, the study found, was the proportion of citizens who believe in hell.

        And belief in hell could be distinguished from belief in heaven: Ireland, for instance, displays very high levels of belief in hell, but an even greater belief in heaven, which evidently gives the Irish a rosier view of life and pulls them down in the European fear rankings.

        “Mapping the ‘emotional climates’ of the world—and explaining their origins—remains an important challenge for social scientists,” Treisman concludes.

        (His paper, “The Geography of Fear,” is part of the NBER Working Papers series.)

        East vs. West, heaven and hell, how religion shapes worldviews, positive psychology, regional differences

  • Anu

    If this is truly the end of the world as we know it, then peace and rebirth to all.
    For the end in spite of all the economic and political insanity appears to be fukushima
    I never would of guessed such a thing but there it is and apparently most of the world if not the entire world is either in denial or truly has no idea of the magnitude of the fukushima nuclear incident. I wonder if the biblical flood was like that, where most of the people of the planet were totally taken by surprise.

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    Now, I believe that it is all lost. The Elites and the Masses are completely evil: the one is rich and the other wannabe rich. satan rules their bodies completely. They access satan by eyeball reading. Its called mind-reading when applied to others. Money is their life, their religion….their all. The few people who are righteous are persecuted by both the masses and the elites. Its time to head for the hills…..but where?

    The best prophecies I have read are those of Mitar Tarabich and by the Who knows really how it will go. Is it complete victory for evil? Is it cleansing…..controlled by God?

    You are a soul. Purify and tonify so the satan within becomes powerless. If God uses you, guides you or helps you…fine. If not, we just die! Don’t let evil get away scot free! Curses and blessings are yours to give…on merit.

    There are no really good people for God to use to lighten the load of other good people. Divided and ruled are we…..this is the role money has played!

    If God has his own paradigm and intervention policy, we will find out. Won’t we?

  • Dr. Shakri

    This is accurate. The implosion of the global financial system is frighteningly close. Fiat based currencies and the unregulated credit they employ (ie enforcing new debt and insolvency upon ordinary folks) feed on the illusion of exponential growth. If we insist on inflating a balloon beyond the natural capacity of the latex to expand, well, there you have a metaphor for the inevitable and quite sudden collapse we are facing.

    Dr. Sircus is also accurate in pointing to the obliviousness with which those involved in the financial markets, including otherwise highly intelligent alternative exponents of gold backed re-monetization,( in brief, opponents of the fiat based cartel racketeers) ignore the presence of Fukushima, and most specifically Reactor #4. Leaving aside the unspeakably ghastly and gargantuan releases of the plutonium containing MOX fuel in that rickety shambles of a structure, the immediate financial fallout would take everybody by shock and awe. People are talking about debt contagion from default-ready nations like Greece and Spain etc. But if reactor #4 were to combust, what would happen to the Japanese stock market? Japan is already the industrialized nation with the worst debt to GDP ratio, and also the largest US creditor (ie. owner of American Treasuries). How can anyone not foresee how another crisis event at Fukushima, capable, after all, of ending Japan altogether as a functioning nation, would dwarf the financial end-game being played out with the bank shenanigans in the other “Western” nations?

    On the spiritual and energetic side, there is an “anaolgue” between radionuclides and toxic debt, since both emit violent destruction, and both are centrifugal vectors, destroying the “center”, whether this “center” be the DNA within the human cell nucleus, or the “way of life” of millions/billions of people on a macro level.

    It is accurate too to warn that the Homeland Security, which was set up supposedly to protect US citizens from terrorist attack, has placed a purchase order for 450 million high impact bullets. People need to draw their own conclusions.

    I must also concur with Dr. Sircus that this is also a time for mandatory spiritual “growth”, for want of a better term. As a holistic physician myself focused on multifactorial disease, I see with increasingly clarity how the environmental (ie. toxicological and also financial factors) impinge directly upon the immune and metabolic competency of individual human beings.

    I also concur that there exists untapped potential for wisdom and healing within the Heart Mind, or Wisdom Mind. We will need to mine internally for these spiritual “precious metals” to support whatever outward detox and contamination protocols we are pursuing.