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Fukushima on Steroids

Published on April 30, 2012


I wish everything I am reporting on were not true, or at least were less true than it appears. It does seem that Japan is in the process of contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean via continued uncontrolled releases of radioactivity at Fukushima. After low-balling initial estimates of radiation releases, the Japanese authorities now acknowledge that substantial amounts of radioactive material leaked from the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi reactors.[1]

The nuclear disaster in Japan has released radioactive isotopes that have poisoned the country’s soil, food, and water. The fallout is being rapidly taken up by living things and passed up the food chain with airborne radioactive isotopes reaching around the world but especially in the northern hemisphere where most of the radioactive particles will settle.

Most Americans have no idea what is happening. But within days of the accident at Fukushima radioactive contaminants were detected at monitoring stations in the Pacific Coast states. Nearly 1% of the “hot” sulfur released from the plant is estimated to have traversed the Pacific to reach southern California beaches.[2]

I don’t think anyone was really ever that happy about nuclear power and nuclear weapons but a lot of money and power were concentrated in the nuclear industry. Many of these people are riding around in limos today very happy with their luxurious lifestyle as the planet quickly becomes more contaminated.

Private companies are abandoning ship from the nuclear industry because the nuclear news is bad no matter how you look at it. And worse, others still in are headed for bad financial doom. According to a recent article in the New York Times, the operators of 20 U.S. nuclear reactors—including some with licenses that expire soon—do not have sufficient funding for prompt dismantling. If these reactors can’t keep working, their owners “intend to let them sit like industrial relics for 20 to 60 years or even longer while interest accrues in the reactors’ retirement accounts.”

Within the next 15 years as many as 100 industry-standard 900 MW nuclear reactors, concentrated in the “old nuclear” countries will have to be decommissioned, dismantled and made safe, which is impossible when it comes to nuclear plants and their dirty waste products. Human stupidity and arrogance has really boomeranged on us in the arena of nuclear power.

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It is extremely difficult and painful to entertain the thought that the future of the northern hemisphere—and perhaps even the habitability of the entire planet—is being brought into question. I am not a lone wolf saying this anymore for the story has touched the edge of the mainstream.

The story of the nuclear waste pools was just published in the Huffington Post. I imagine many do read that publication and what they read there should shake people up pretty good.

Pools are 100 feet above the ground and are completely open to the atmosphere because the reactor buildings were demolished by explosions. The pools could possibly topple or collapse from structural damage coupled with another powerful earthquake. Huffington Post

“The urgency of the situation is underscored by the ongoing seismic activity where 13 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0-5.7 have occurred off the northeast coast of Japan between April 14 and 17. This has been the norm since the first quake and tsunami hit the Dai-Ichi site on March 11 of last year. Larger quakes are expected closer to the power plant,” continues the Huffington Post.

If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire that could wipe out most of the northern hemisphere; certainly it would be a massive civilization-breaking event some are suggesting.

Amazingly this is not the only nuclear situation going on. There is a new scare:

Two blasts at a chemical plant in western Japan killed one worker and injured at least 22 others on the 22nd of April. The explosions and fire occurred at a factory operated by comprehensive chemical manufacturer Mitsui Chemicals in Yamaguchi Prefecture, an official at Yamaguchi prefectural police said. The complex is still on fire, and supposedly 3379 units of radioactive waste(200L in each unit) and uranium for nuclear fuel are preserved in the site.

One of the two missing workers was found dead, nine workers injured, and three residents in the area were also injured (cuts from broken glass). The prefectural government does say the depleted uranium is stored at the complex, but there has been no release of toxic materials from the fire, according to the prefectural government. Some, on the other hand, are saying that a cloud of depleted uranium is heading towards Hawaii and west coast of the USA. How they would know that I do not know. Well we have had that before, when the government used depleted uranium in its middle-eastern wars, and no one said anything about it so why would we expect it to be anything different now?

Biological Tipping Points

Are we going to wait until the emergency departments are overwhelmed with patients suffering from radiation sickness before we begin to get alarmed? In reality we really have no idea what is actually going to happen since such events have never happened before—not like this.

Every toxic exposure increases people’s vulnerability to radiation. Toxic accumulation, whether from heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, food additives or preservatives, etc., will each take their toll, weakening our resistance to, or ability to clear radioactive particles from, our bodies.

The human herd has already been vastly weakened by vaccines containing nasty preservatives and other chemicals. Our dentists have clobbered us with mercury fillings inches from our brains. The air is foul, the water is treated with poisons like fluoride, and many report that the air is full of chemtrails. The list is endless but especially telling is the tonnage of mercury put into the atmosphere each and every day by the coal-fired electrical plants of the world.

Britain’s most senior accident and emergency doctor told the The Telegraph that weeks of intense pressures had left casualty departments “overwhelmed” with patients. He said desperately sick people had been left for hours waiting on trolleys, with even those requiring intensive care enduring long delays. Dozens of National Health Service units have in Britain have cancelled surgery and clinics for outpatients. At least 10 major centers issued “black alerts”—the highest emergency warning—meaning they were at breaking point. For a large number of reasons it will not be long before modern medicine will be overwhelmed. Allopathic doctors will come up short not knowing what to do since pharmaceuticals just add more toxicity to the mix.

At Chernobyl no spent-fuel pools were destroyed.

We all are just beginning to grasp that the danger. Technically it boils down to the fact that it’s the irradiated nuclear fuel stored in spent-fuel pools amidst the reactor ruins that are posing the greatest danger. I have people writing to me telling me that the problem is astronomically vaster than Chernobyl in both complexity and quantity of substances released and that the total amounts of radiation being reported are way too low. Here I am freaking out that we are at risk for something in the order of the 85 times the radiation of Chernobyl and I hear it could be much worse than that because of the plutonium factor.

I wrote Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome and the second edition of Iodine to address the radioactive dangers we face. We have not only ignored the heavy metal and chemical situation but also radiation exposure—all this adding up to a hugely perilous predicament.

[1] Citizens find radiation far from Fukushima. Science. 2011 Jun 17;332(6036):1368.

[2] Priyadarshi A, Dominguez G, Thiemens MH. Evidence of neutron leakage at the Fukushima nuclear plant from measurements of radioactive 35S in California. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Aug 30;108(35):14422-5.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • What are you saying? That exprusoe to radiation will cause immediate and obvious genetic changes. That no rabbits or anything else has ever been born or hatched with birth defects?I agree that the Japanese government has not truly been forthcoming about the radiation leakage. Considering their recent history (if you consider 1945 recent, they do) I am not surprised at their reticence. But I expected something more logical and scientific from you. But maybe your being sick has affected your judgement, so I’ll give you a pass on this one.

  • david

    for what its worth, my brother in-law works at MITSUI, site of the explosion last week. he maintains to me that the DU is inert and undamaged… I have been expressing my ongoing concerns for the safety of family nearby.

    • JT: there is naturally rivtoaciade potassium-40 in bananas, which by anti-nuclear propaganda standards of half-life should be more scary than caesium and strontium!Natural potassium-40 has a half-life of 1,248,000,000 years, compared to only about 30 years for strontium and caesium!

  • Please see article: Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready…For A Mass Extiontion Event?

    Also: Fukushima- The Biggest Depopulation in Human History?
    go to 7.66 min see DOCUMENTATION: video is 13 min

    • I cut fish out- not so much because of Japan yet- but would have soon. I figrue all the oil dumped by BP is poisoning the fish right now! Not really safe to eat or drink just about any thing these days!

    • As bad as it is, radioactive Iodine is the least of our conrcens. RadioactiveCesium (half-life: 30years), and the worse of all Plutonium (half-life: 24,000years)is something that there is no escape from. Where there is one radioactiveisotope released into our environment there are the others. The amounts reaching the states are so far below levels to be of any real practical concern, especially on the East Coast. But remember, the situation is far from over. The Fukushima Reactor is still spewing radioactive material into the atmosphere and seawater, and radiation levels in the U.S., Canada, and across into Europe will rise. That’s the way it is!The best we can do to help ensure the future survival and viability of all life onearth yes, all life on earth, is to seriously go back to the drawing board and plan for safer energy alternatives solar, wind, whatever! The technology is already here. But do it now! Just one single accident, as we have in Fukushima, totally invalidates any and all advantages of nuclear energy, for the immediate and untold consequences of one single accident, as we are now witnessing, are horrific for both the present and for the future. Let’s not be in denial.

  • drew

    Dear Dr Sircus,

    How much can the Earth take of this madness, they are piling more and more on
    the Earth and it’s life in all forms. GMO food, pesticides, fungicides, nuclear energy and it’s corresponding death waste,chem trails, bi-oengineered virus’s and plagues. Not to mention vaccinations over 26 now at or soon after birth for humans and animals. Prescription medication for very young children diagnosed with ADHD and the like of course these are given for profit for made-up/ pseudo illneses and the TSA and their death nudis-can machines (these as you know put bubbles in a persons actual dna strand), as you know I could go on and on. The lack of common sense not to mention human decency and love for this amazing planet and the life it holds are just gone.
    Up is down, down is up, we are truly living in the Twilight Zone! l The most ridiculous things are politically correct and the U.S. Constitution is under attack, of course every country in the world is in trouble, just some like the U.S. more so right now. But everyone on planet Earth is in serious trouble and yet, everyone just plugs along. Is it the end, well for life as we know it yes. We all need to just say NO to this insanity, today and stop being politically correct and stop listening to the lying media!! But regardless I am of the opinion that in order for the human animal and of course all the other forms of life to survive, they will have to change drastically and I mean the DNA itself with change, life will look different and that includes us. I have read and used all your advice and continue to do so to mitigate all I can of the polluted planet we all live on both and stand for the Constitution no matter the cost, and I thank you for that gift. But I am really, truly asking what you envision for the future of the life on earth, it’s health, it’s politics etc.
    I value your words on this and I hope to hear from you soon

  • so much for the so-called scientific acumen.

  • George


    Look around for NIGARI. We used it (by the 50# sack) as a curdling agent to make tofu. It is magnesium chloride refined from seawater. Check it out thoroughly, though, as purity varies greatly with nigari. If you live in a city with a shop which sells tofu making supplies, you may find this the least expensive form of MgCl available. It is also used in gardening and horticulture, as a de-icer, in erosion and dust control, hydrogen storage, and in marine aquariums, so there are other sources.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      I agree with you George,

      People must be careful about their sources for magnesium chloride. some of the products used for making Tofu are only calcium chloride, and some of the magnesium chloride products used for de-icing roads are actually proprietary blends of magnesium chloride and other substances that can be cancer causing. Read your labels!

  • George

    We applaud the efforts of Dr. Sircus to keep us informed, even when the news is unpleasant or even shocking, and we applaud his work to inform us of the remedies and solutions we can all implement in the face of this oncoming radioactive assault.

    Our planet also has a large scale remedy for rampant radioactive particles, and that is fresh volcanic ash. Earth’s immune system will likely kick in at some point, as it does periodically over geologic time. W hope that we haven’t already wiped out life on Earth first, the next time Toba or even Yellowstone caldera has a major eruption. A bitter-pill remedy, surely.

    Thank you, Mark. I know I don’t have to say “keep up the good work”.

  • Olive Oyl

    @Robert, @Susan,
    I have bought several packs of magnesium chloride crystals. I can’t afford to use the packs as a foot soak; I mix a cupful of crystals with a cupful of distilled water, stir for 5 minutes, and put in a spray bottle. I apply the magnesium oil once daily. Dr. Sircus has said that it helps in detox.

    I also keep epsom salts on hand, which are cheap enough that a cupful can be dumped in the bath water. Again, good for detox and alkalization. Both the sulfur and the magnesium in epsom salts are important. Most of us are deficient in both minerals. Sulfur is a great radioprotective agent.

    When Fukushima first erupted, I stocked up on baking soda. I continue to buy it as I can. It can be added to bath water after a suspected radiation exposure and it helps in detox. The doctor wrote a previous post about using baking soda to clean the soil after radioactive fallout. You can find the post, I think, by clicking on the Blog menu above.

    I keep iodine on hand, to try to remain iodine sufficient as defense against radioactive iodine landing in the thyroid gland, and for detox. Each day, ordinary tincture of iodine can be painted on a small area of skin (the size of a playing card, for example), and this pushes a bit of iodine (about 12% of what is painted) into the system for use by our immune system and any excess to top up our stores. This amount of iodine will not exceed the so-called “safe upper limit” — at least, it won’t exceed it by much.

    There is a lot we can do as individuals to protect our health. It doesn’t have to be expensive. And people should get used to the idea of helping each other. If somebody orders mag chloride crystals, they can give out some of the crystals to friends. Iodine tincture is cheap (or it should be); someone with a couple of extra dollars can buy a bottle for a friend. Same with boxes of baking soda.

    Read Dr. Sircus’ old blog posts. There are helpful tips throughout. He’s so good about sharing what he knows with us, but he can’t repeat everything every week.

    “Come on, people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now.” Mankind is being taken to a place where love is all we have.

    • Tina

      You know, I’ve read where you use baking soda to clean up the soil, but how?

      Do you just throw it out there? Then how do you take it out?

      • Claudia – IMVA Staff


        A number of ways to use bicarbonate to clean up soils have been tested. Its used for removing some radioactive particles like ploutonium and some PCB’s and other toxic substances.

        Here is a technical article describing some of the techniques used.

        Do an Internet search on sodium bicarbonate to remediate contaminated soils and you will find a lot of information on how they do it.

        • drew

          You can also use borax ie boron, in the desert this is found on the sand I am of the opinion that it is also natures cleaner for radiation in the water and soil. It is important to use a bit of borax/boron in the washer when you wash your clothes to get the radiation off of them.

  • Susan

    Would adding baking soda to drinking water help?

  • robert

    Perhaps a suggestion: we understand and know all that is reported here. If perhaps for repetition purposes and to help us make a move, if the good Dr. could put on line of a suggestion to ‘do now’ at the end of all his writings. We do realize he has written books, but as we all are paupers at this time, we still need to do something. It could be ‘buy five boxes of baking soda today at the grocers’ or some action we could all take, be it small, do today. Is that possible? I read his blogs and end up feeling empty at the end. These suggestions would be hope for life. Thank you.

    • Vladimir

      “I read his blogs and end up feeling empty at the end.” If we grasp the holographic nature of the world, understand it is an illusion, understand that only about 1% of reality is through the five senses, understand that what you focus on is magnified, then you have the choice to switch channels to the positive. Dr Hawkins-the vibratory level of earth is about 200 or so-low. The best we can do is vibrate at the level of love or higher. Then we influence many thousands of people. It is about vibration. Today, this moment is beautiful. There is the movement of planet earth, the incoming energies from the cosmos, the great shift in consciousness. What do choose to focus on? It is like the computer. You open one window and it is real. You open another and see something different.

      • Great post. I was checking cnottansly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful info particularly the last part I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    • I did a little reecsrah and most of the sites I found recommended limited contact for three days, not just one. Not only did it mention limited contact, but other things like eating and hygeine. Check these out:Look for the precautions section.

  • robert

    I too, saw this reference from another source. Sad. I saw another note about you speaking on Noah’s water. Well, money is a barrier. How can we take our tap water and make it be better and do us a service? What filter sources do you use? What items do you add back in? Please help with suggestions. Thank you.