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Goodbye President Obama

Published on January 19, 2017

President Barack Obama holds a news conference at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. August 4, 2016. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Obama what do you think the next president of the United States should do to you for trying to undermine his legitimacy with fake allegations and “binding the president-elect hand and foot to prevent him from fulfilling his election promises.” You have said that Donald Trump was “unfit” to lead the country. How fit are you as a human being and president playing games with Russia risking so many lives with a war with them? The people of America just saved the world from you and your chosen successor Clinton.

Under Obama, the U.S. extended secret “special forces” operations to 138 countries, or 70 percent of the world’s population.

Putin, one of the most respected and popular men on the globe said recently about you, “People who order such fakes against the U.S. president-elect, fabricate them and use them in political struggle are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral restrictions whatsoever, and it highlights a significant degree of degradation of political elites in the West, including in the United States.”

As the Boston Globe put it, you are in part responsible for the, “confluence of events that represent perhaps the most profound political crisis that this country has faced since Watergate.” Most people are seeing what America now faces as being much worse.

Servando Gonzalez writes, “It is evident that one of Trump’s goals is to disassemble the New Gay World Order machinery the globalist conspirators have so carefully been assembling during the past hundred years. An investigation of Obama’s true place of birth may bring him to a long vacation in a federal prison and will automatically invalidate all his executive orders and maybe even his nominations to the Supreme Court.”

I truly hope that Trump is clear enough to put to bed one way or another the legitimacy of your presidency which does depend, it seems, on a fraudulent American birth certificate. Recently a police sourced forensic investigation concluded that you and your birth certificate are frauds. That is a criminal offense. You are guilty, you said so yourself that you were born in Kenya.

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If I was in Trump`s place (which thankfully I am not) the first person I would have arrested would be you. You have been a part of a system that has built FEMA Centers and wouldn’t it be funny if you ended up in one.

I hope a lot of things for Trump, Americans and the people of the world. However, we have all the reason to be doubting and scared because if he follows tradition he will be one more American president bringing American style violence to the world. Even if he does not intend that he is now going to be commander in chief of the American empire and the Deep State is going to go on no matter how much Trump huffs and puffs, unless there is an honest to God civil war.

In his final major speech in his post, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden issued a “call to action” to Europe and the U.S. to defend the “liberal world order,” decrying a growing impulse in the West toward “isolationism and protectionism.” One big difference between you and the next president came out in your final press conference where you defended the dishonest news media where he likes to smash and bash it. None of the people who distrusts the elite owned media trust you.

You are not alone obviously in wanting a one world government, wanting to enslave Americans and everyone else into a cruel world order. Half of America is rejecting that and so are Britain’s people and the French and the Germans and others are up in arms and turning hard to the right.

Progressives and liberals are not what they think

“Most of the world (the political left in particular) was blindsided by the results of the 2016 election. To say that some are having a hard time coming to terms with the words “President Trump” and what the next 4 to 8 years will bring, would be an understatement.”

“Those who told you that a Trump presidency was impossible were quick to remix their pre-election narratives, framing the Donald as something of a Hitler 2.0 and attempting to position themselves as leaders of a new resistance. Self-reflection is still off the table.”

Progressives and liberals are not what they think. They have taken their own liberal and progressive natures and turned to the dark side of the force because they cannot listen to any side other than their own. That makes them fascists! Just look at the climate change debate. There is no debate at all. No science but a lot of dummies totally ignoring the important role of the sun in climate change. Come on, that is like a gas station attendant ignoring that it is gasoline that makes most cars run—putting water in the tank instead.

Your friend Rep. John Lewis ignited a small firestorm when he told NBC that he didn’t view Trump as a legitimate president-elect. The swipe at Trump’s presidency caused Trump to denounce Lewis on Twitter. What do these people expect to come back at them? Public people, mostly liberals, progressives and especially Democrats are vomiting up anything that comes to mind about their favorite scapegoat, Donald Trump. I think these kinds of people are going to get from Trump exactly what they expect—for they themselves are creating the need for a dictator, and Obama and past presidents have legally paved the way for that. Just takes a signature.

Just imagine if all those who promise to wreck inauguration day keep their promises and go beyond to create a situation where martial law, that so many thought Obama would call, is finally called by Trump to stamp out the rebellion of all those who are against him in a traitorous violent way.

Islamic Sympathizer

You tried to get away with being a friend to Islam, being of Islamic background yourself. Now the much-needed backlash is arriving. In favoring Islam you are favoring the conquest of infidels everywhere. You are an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-white betrayer. You are ignoring the massive rape epidemic in Europe of white women by Muslims. Not a word from you on that. That will never be forgotten or forgiven.

Trump is a better human being than you are and that shows when it comes to dealing with aggressive Muslims who are out to destroy the West and rape its women.

You betrayed the American people. Your support for the war against your own people (war on drugs), your political positions on global warming lying to the public when it is cooling, your support through Obamacare for an insane killing machine, which is what modern medicine is. The list goes on. You’re a slick talker of that there is no doubt. Goodbye President Obama. Many of us would appreciate if we did not hear from you again and perhaps President Trump will help out a bit with that.

For anyone who thinks I am being a bit unfair in my goodbyes to Obama I say please look at the mountain ranges of unfairness being directed at Trump. Perhaps he we will be as bad as people are saying but he deserves a chance and he is standing on high ground on several issues. As far as I can see Trump is already a hero for his courage to confront the lockstep on vaccines.


I like what Mike “Mish” Shedlock had to say about who you would have liked to succeed you as president. “Although we do not know what Trump will do, we likely do know what Hillary would have done, and nearly all of it bad, especially on the warmongering front. I would rather deal with the unknown. Trump is likely to get at least some things right, and Russia appears to be one of them.”

I do hope President Trump comes to his senses on all issues related to women and homosexuals. This is where many politicians from the right fall off the cliff. Men should have no say in women’s issues and their rights. Same goes for homosexuals. Let them be free as everyone else.

# # #


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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • subhuti 2

    Dr. Sircus,
    As a long time progressive, I am amazed at how accurately you have portrayed the situation. I have been appalled at the baseless hostility to Russia, since it is all about hegemony and control. And I would guess that at least 60% of the Left has fallen for the Democratic party and Obama lies, too. Though there are still a fair number who do see that allying with the so called intelligence community helps neither Progressive politics or the country as a whole.

    However, I also did not believe that Trump would offer anything but a temporary respite from the imminent war with Russia proposed by Clinton. As I have pointed out many times, setting aside the Democrats’ and Clinton’s gross corruption and criminality, Trump’s businesses, such as his casino, beauty pageants, wrestling and his fraudulent Trump University show him to be a selfish greedy unethical person. Ralph Nader, who dedicated his life to the public good is the polar opposite to Trump and his Trump Tower egoism. Plus, he said he would pull back on meddling overseas, but promised to increase the military budget. He is increasing the war budget by almost Russia’s entire military budget! His appointess are mostly Russophobes, too.

    The Presidential election was a choice between Clinton’s WWIII and Trump’s corporate crony capitalism, aka fascism.

    Generally speaking, though you were correct in your overall assessment. Thanks for being open about it. We need more civic courage.

  • Mark Sircus

    I really hit a hot nerve with this essay and I can tell you it was not fun. For a year or two have talked to my staff which of course would rather me not turn off potential customers and clients with political views….but my committment to speaking out the truth really hard to get away from that…and from my passion and total comittment to speak…I will take down that link/video of obama I will take people`s word that it is fake….best thing about admitting one is wrong and making corrections is that it makes you right

    • 7LibertyForAll

      You were not wrong, Dr. Sircus. Please do not give in to political correctness. You are giving in to people who deny the truth that has been in our faces for many years. There has been enough of that. These folks are floating in the wind; they have absolutely no foundational truths to anchor them. They, like so many, have no idea about the foundation of this republic and that’s why we are and have been circling the drain for some years.

      They, like most, have believed the lying yellow stream media that was charged many years ago to withhold the truth from the Americans they were tasked to inform. That is one of the reasons I appreciate Mr. Trump’s recognition of those traitorous jackals. He circumvented them and informed the American people directly, something that the previous and illegitimate president promised to do but never did.

      The treason, lies, fraud, theft, and absolute lawlessness MUST STOP. Mr. Trump was elected, in spite of all the lies, violence, and crimes because many people in America have come to recognize that this country can take no more of this and expect to survive.

    • hope40

      With women’s rights, are you referring to abortion? If that is the case, what about the right of the unborn? Certainly, you have sense to know that every human being has the right to be protected!

      • Mark Sircus

        I am both pro life and pro choice….unfortunately Hope we cannot even protect those of us who are breathing…..and you can take any position too far. Most pro life people that I know are deeply religious and that usually means they are against homosexuals…how do we protect them from the sexism so prevelant in most religions?

        • hope40

          So many women are lied to about abortion and many of them are profoundly affected after abortion. How can they not be as they have taken the life of their own child inside their womb. I just believe they need to be told the truth and they need to clearly be given other options such as adoption. This is where the government should come in to create adoption programmes. Often they are led to believe that abortion is their only option. There are so many couples who cannot have children and adoption is often the solution to that.

          I didn’t want to touch the next topic but here goes. In my country of Australia, they have introduced quite deceitfully, I might add, a program called Safe Schools. They actually did this without notifying the parents and finally it has become a topic in the media and a topic of public debate.

          It bothers me that kindergarten age children are being indoctrinated in the lgbt agenda. They are confusing our kids more than ever telling them that their gender is fluid, they might be gay and this type of thing. I take objection to sexualising our children at such a young age and I will say again there is an agenda behind it. This is an attack against the traditional family which is the foundation of our Judeo Christian civilisation. Children thrive best with a mum and dad and biologically you need a man and a woman to make a child. So what does that tell you?

          In my opinion, being homosexual is an identity issue and there are many who have come out of the homosexual lifestyle after working through their issues. You can go on youtube and hear their stories.

          You have to ask yourself, where did the the idea of marriage originate from? It came from God and was given to the church. When there is an attempt to redefine marriage of course the church will fight to protect the marriage covenant which was ordained by God.

          In the west a person’s right to be gay will be protected. But stepping over the line to redefine marriage is a direct attack against the church and this is why ‘religious’ people are defending it’s very definition. Hope this makes sense.


  • Tiki Wish

    The birther issue died when Ted Cruz ran for President, was found not to be born in the US, and nobody but nobody cared. I agree, these comments should be in a separate political blog, not with health concerns unless it is related to health.
    The sad thing is that what everyone really wants is a better America, a stronger middle class which is what made us a better country in the past, compared to others. We have seen things change from good to bad for the middle class, but both sides really want the same thing. The media has helped to divide people against each other.
    Years ago I listened to an interview with a liberal talk show host and libertarian Ron Paul. Besides a couple of religious points, they basically came to and agreed upon the same conclusions. With this new President we seem set to bring on more division, let’s pay attention to what policy changes are going to be made. Will they really benefit people, or will they only benefit another monopoly? For example, like the pharmaceutical companies who are raking us with extreme price hikes (due to policy) that are not allowed in any other countries.
    At this point, we can all see powerful corporations controlling D.C., and we are not the benificiaries. We ran away from this when we crossed the Atlantic. We need to watch whether new policies are going to be at the expense of people’s lives and that is what really matters. We should focus on what we all want, what we have in common. Who wins when we are all divided, not us.

  • Alan Bates

    I have been reading Dr. Sircus for 7 years and I have l earned a lot about baking soda, magnesium, and iodine, etc from Dr. Sircus, and I am grateful. However the political commentary is unhealthy, irrational and just as destructive as radical Islam — and I have been studying the Rothchild’s and the New World Order for 40 years so I am not deceived — but tonight is the last night I will read anything by Dr. Sircus. His right wing social and political commentary is not welcome in my home, and it seems that he has moved from Baking Soda to BS

    • Mr. Steve

      Alan….. you need to read or re-read the constitution …. you haven’t learned much on your studies of the Rothchild’s or the NWO ……. what is happening now is a battle for the

      sovereignty of this and all nations . Your personal constitutional rights are at risk . Better get back to your studies…… you have much more to learn .

      • 7LibertyForAll

        Yup, sounds like a sock puppet pretending to be “aware”.

    • Mark Sircus

      Alan please you went way to far for radical Islam is killing, raping, chopping people`s heads off, enslaving women and on and on……… am glad you will never read me again…..

    • 1555

      Alan, I think as a woman , that what you wrote here shows to be a BS.
      Doctor Sircus expressed my feelings exactly, about the radical islam, and Obama;s
      support of. His unwillingness to call it such, and Obama’s rush to import more and’
      more of the radical islamists. Political correctness is dead Alan, finally.
      Who set it up in the first place ? Who are those who rush to club down free speech
      right of some, while pushing their own lies as “politically correct” ?
      Why believe them, and allow their bullying.
      Wonderful to read that you are not going to hopefully unsubscribe from this
      excellent site. Rest well with your believes. You have likely not learned too much
      from studying NWO for 40 years. Or you would not complain when Dr. Sircus points
      out the many rapes of women on my continent of origin – Europe.

    • rubricon

      Think of all of your potential customers who don’t post here who feel the same as Alan. That’s a lot of books left unsold.

  • paleo

    A very insightful analysis-well done!
    Paleo Martin

  • John Brailsford

    I think you have gone round the twist.

  • TimeTells

    Dr Sircus, I really enjoyed your health educational work so far very much. It helped me and others well and I am looking forward to see more research in the field of health from you.
    I do not share your political views at all and nobody can say how the world thinks in 8 years …. are you right??? What happens to your good name in the field of health if you are wrong? Think about it.
    I see Trump as unpredictable. The outcome of his actions could be great for Americans and maybe even the world but what if …. ? I suggest you stay out of politics and concentrate on health issues – that is what you are doing very well! Thank you!

    • Mark Sircus

      My wife would agree with you…..I am not placing heavy bets on Trump….he is an American president now yielding American power……hard to trust that

    • 1555

      Time Tells, Dr. Sircus is not endorsing Trump, merely pointing out the very bad legacy
      that Obama left. The amazing damage caused to appointing pro-GMO heads of agencies, the amazing river of lies about “you can keep your doctor”, and “your premiums will be lower”…That is fully in domain of health. And Dr. Sircus’s observation
      is right on, as Obamacare damaged so many people’s lives, as millions lost not only
      their health insurance, but also their full time jobs ! We no longer hear about that aspect
      of Obamacare. The incredible farce of ordering those of us who do not use western
      medicine to not only pay for alternative out of pocket, which we are fine with, but now
      BEING FINED in order to subsidize big pharma care for some other people.
      So again, it is quite in Dr. Sircus’s right to write about it. Perhaps it is not your view,
      but it reflect view of my family, and dozens of my friends and acquaintances, including
      several naturopaths.

  • Janine Rickard

    Anyone can see that the video of Obama “admitting he was born in Kenya” is a total, dubbed fake.

    If Dr Sircus can spread this unexamined alt right propaganda how sensible are his conclusions about health?

    …oh yes and the “fake” birth certificate” was determined by Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s man, not a trusted source.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Go back to your safe space, snowflake. This country needs people who will roll up their sleeves, think for themselves, put America FIRST, and get out of the way so we can rebuild this country from the damage that’s been done to it over many decades–and the damage has been great.

      As has been said, denial is a river in Egypt; get over yourself, grow up, become a functional part of this country. All hands are needed. You have the choice to waste your breath and life on nonsense or get with the program of rebuilding.

      I am not alone in having endured the past 8 years of utter treason from a foreigner who fraudulently occupied our White House….GW before him, Clinton, GHWB, and on and on. Read our founding documents to gain an understanding of how this country is supposed to be run AND what a president’s actual duties are. Learn what you and the rest of us were never taught, and that was intentional. And by the way, America is a Republic, NOT a stupid democracy–another lie that’s been taught for many years.

      • Janine Rickard

        Yes, yes, speaking of thinking for yourself, did you watch the video of Obama “admitting” he is Kenyan yourself, or did you just take Dr Sircus’ word for it?

        • 7LibertyForAll

          I verify things for myself, as we all need to do. I agree with Dr. S on most things–not all–but I greatly respect him for seeing clearly the travesty of the past 8 years. I have watched a great many vids that were never shown by the yellow stream media. You will never hear/see the truth in the YSM because they’re owned by those who seek to rule all.

          I wish you well in your continuing education that most Americans would do well to embark upon.

          • Janine Rickard

            I have never seen any kind of real evidence for the birther-thing. But my point is that Dr Sircus is negligent in vetting his material, as are most alt-right forms of “evidence” in my experience.

            The ones I’ve seen are laughable, and because I agree with most of what Dr Sircus says, it is incredibly damaging to healthy progress when people peddle material that is faked and therefore making it so easy to ignore ALL of what the people are saying.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            I don’t believe that you’ve looked very closely at the birth certificate examinations. If you had, you might see things differently–my opinion.

            You are doing yourself a great disservice by dismissing things out of hand that do not fit in your particular paradigm. I do not share your trust in our rulers; perhaps that’s why it was a little easier for me to go down so many rabbit holes, get the crap scared out of me, deal with some depression as a result, and pick up and move on, wiser for the experience.

            The fact that you are willing to discuss says much for you, Janine. I encourage you to continue with your eyes open and allow for the possibility that things are definitely not as they seem.

            Best to you.

          • Janine Rickard

            And best to you, thank you I am enjoying this discussion.

            I’m pretty sure I’m not dismissing it out of hand. This issue has been around a long time so I’ve certainly looked at some evidence. But how about this:

            If there were real evidence why didn’t Trump find it?

          • 7LibertyForAll

            I don’t think it was Mr. Trump’s job to investigate anything as a candidate. As our president, it still is not his job to investigate things; that’s why he has the ability to delegate :-).

            My perspective is one that respects those who read, understand and obey the Constitution. This is a very rare thing at ANY level of our government. Hence, my respect goes to Sheriff Arpaio. The investigation that was carried out because of his interest in the truth relied on experts in the field of the document in question. I think that was a very good path to verify and use the skills of people not connected with his office.

            Did you know that the county sheriffs are elected by us, the people, and are (supposed to be) accountable to us as they interpose themselves between us and all those who unlawfully threaten us? They have more power than whoever occupies the highest political office in this country; most have no awareness of that. A great many of them have NO idea what the Constitution says even though they swore to that oath before they began their duties. They are as ignorant as the next person because they were never taught what the supreme law of this land is….just like the rest of us. That was by design. If we do not know what our rights are–all of them, and they are numerous–how can we exercise them and defend them? Most sheriffs believe they are supposed to enforce regulations, codes, statutes, penal code–none of which have any legitimacy whatsoever.

            I believe there is a much larger picture of what’s occurring in this country and the world and came to that conclusion about 9 years ago. I am sick to death of the long line of puppets who have occupied our White House and who have participated in the destruction of this country–OUR country. All those puppets are OUR servants as are all public “officials”….do you think they serve us in protecting our rights? In a nutshell, our rights are whatever we say they are UNTIL our rights infringe on another’s rights. With those rights come responsibilities also, they go hand-in-hand, as one would expect.

            Our country is a republic, meaning that it is one in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whom those powers are specially delegated. A republican form of government was chosen to protect the sovereign people’s inalienable rights by limiting the government with a contract (the Constitution) that was made in writing to bind down the government from it’s malignant growth.

            The reason it is so vital to know and understand our founding documents is that any law that comes in conflict with the Constitution is null and void of law, bears no power to enforce, no obligation to obey, and basically does not (should not) exist. No courts are bound to uphold it nor enforce it.

            Now, if we have no idea what the Constitution says nor what our rights/responsibilities are, how in the world can we take care of our rightful business? We cannot. How’s that for hogtying the people of America?

            Notice how many people (including our public SERVANTS) refer to our country as a democracy. Our disgusting schools have taught this for many years. What is a democracy? It’s where the sovereign power resides in and is exercised by the citizens directly or indirectly by representation. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, it is rule by the majority without limits–your neighbors have the right to take your property should they wish to vote on it. Your property rights are not protected, therefore you have no rights as the minority voter. This situation devolves into voting for anything and everything they desire–regardless of the supreme law of the land. Anything and everything becomes fair game–you might agree that this is a very dangerous situation.

          • Janine Rickard

            I think the political system is as broken as you do, for sure, but I think we disagree on the remedies. Sanders would have had a great chance of beating Trump had the Liberal establishment, which I probably loathe as much as you do, not made sure they got their puppet through the primaries.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            I am a crusty Yankee :-). Some years back I paid attention to Mr. Sanders and found some truth in what he said. Over the years, I found his leanings to be decidedly communistic, socialistic, and definitely not what this country is supposed to be about. If one understands the founding documents/supreme law of this land, one realizes that Mr. Sanders is blowing a lot of hot Marxist air. He is not on my list of people to listen to nor does he have any credibility for me any more–that list is a long one. Most of what he advocates (not all) does not stand up to the criteria of constitutionality. Does that sit well with you? It does not for me.

            How can the remedy NOT be going back to the Constitutional basis for this government? It would be a novel solution because, for the most part, it’s been rejected out of hand to one degree or another by all those in positions of power and responsibility–a very sad commentary on our supposed republic form of government.

          • Janine Rickard

            Hey , looks like we’ve run out of steam. I just wanted to thank you for such a nice, interesting dialogue. Cheers and Blessings!

          • 7LibertyForAll

            Just saw your post. Yes, very enjoyable. I wish you the best and blessings, for sure.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            And, I might add, the solution is EDUCATION; diligent, purposeful, long-overdue, and righteous studying/examination of the Constitution, the writings of the founding authors. If folks are not willing to do this, they have no right to a sane, rightful government that protects its people from enemies within and without.

    • Mark Sircus

      I have not seen or heard anything to cast doubt on the Sheriff or any of his people…you are second person to put doubt on that video…so sure I make mistakes

      • Janine Rickard

        The first birther video is an obvious fake, so I’m guessing you didn’t watch it?

        We’ve all done this before, likely, but in this time of “fake news”, I think it’s incumbent on us all who want to share information and perspectives to thoroughly vet every single reference, not just read the title and think it’s ok because it validates our beliefs.

        Also how likely is it that there is real birther evidence out there? Our now president spent years trying to find evidence. He had motive and opportunity and resources and what did he find? Nada.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        Dr. Sircus, you were not mistaken on this!

  • chevalmarin

    Excellent summation!

  • HCS

    Thank you for having the guts to speak the truth when no one else will. The liberal progressives are the true fascists and those who do not recognize this are blind. Everything you said in this article is exactly on point and people with true wisdom from above (not the fake liberal elite knowledge being spewed at our public schools and colleges) know this. The dark forces have taken hold of the liberals. Obama is guilty of everything you say. I knew it 8 years ago when my stomach turned as he was sworn in. We the people are thankfully turning to the light again after a long downward spiral. I just pray we continue to the light, as the darkness can be very alluring.

  • Mr. Steve

    Dr. ………. you hit the nail square on the head . The progressive socialist are choking . 50 years of the planning of the world as they see it are unraveling in front of their eyes. For the first time in 30 years I see real “hope and change ” Keep up the good work

    • Janine Rickard

      What change do you want to see? What will be the test of success for Trump’s administration for you?

      • Mr. Steve

        A return to the constitution . Supreme court justices who follow the constitution . And over turned executive orders that are unconstitutional . ( By the way Trump is off to a great start already ! )

        • 7LibertyForAll

          My wishes exactly!

        • Janine Rickard

          OK, thanks, but what does that mean in practice?

          Just like the Bible, the constitution has to be interpreted, and, just like the Bible, there are many, many contrasting ways to interpret the Constitution, and this has essentially been the task of the Supreme Court via case law that has built up over 200 years +.

          Anyway, how could a document made in the 1700’s, when the US population was 2.5 million, possibly be able to anticipate all this issues of this post-modern world? The Constitution has to be alive, fresh and relevant, and not used in some futile attempt to turn the world back to a time that bears little resemblance to the reality we live in now. Not saying that is what you want, but certainly some strict constitutionalists do.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            No, you’re mistaken there, Janine. The Constitution is very clear in what it says. Those who want to keep deceiving us say that it must be interpreted. Think about it: when you leave it open to interpretation instead of researching the volumes that the founders left regarding it, you allow the vipers to misconstrue and outright change what was written. The supreme court has way usurped its mandate. It issues opinions and its opinion MUST line up with the Constitution. The supreme court has abrogated its duty time after time. When this happens, their opinions are nothing but hot air to be vented to the outside, away from the people that they are supposed to be protecting BY ALWAYS UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION.

            Comparing the Constitution to the Bible is erroneous as well. While opinions differ in some things that were written, the basic tenets that God caused to be written are solid, not constantly shifting like the loyalties of man. God never lies and has never stopped loving His created beings. He provided a way for all to come back to Him through the righteousness and work of his Son.

            You’re advocating for the famous “living” constitution. It’s obvious you’ve never read the document nor the volumes penned by those who wrote it. Opening that door allows those who are intent on destroying this country carte blanche to say that the constitution means anything they dream of.

            The Constitution IS alive, fresh and relevant–much more than you’d ever suspect but you have to care to read it, desiring to understand it. To be sure, its language is one of very educated people–our public fool system long ago abandoned such an education; it takes fair effort to read it and understand it and that’s a very sad commentary on our faux education.

          • Janine Rickard

            Whether the Bible was written by God or not, men still have to interpret the words, which we know have been translated by men many times from the original Aramaic. All translation leads to some kind of meaning distortion.

            If what I am saying weren’t true, why have their been literally thousands of Christian sects over the years, each with their own interpretation of the bible?

          • 7LibertyForAll

            Are the Ten Commandments ambiguous? Is Christ’s deity and sacrifice a question for you? That there have been many men who doubt what the Bible says is not in dispute; I was one of such at one time. The world is replete with such people. The Bible, being God’s word, is surprisingly interesting and full of truth that, if one accepts it as such, is life-changing. If you had read this tome, you would not be parroting the faux arguments of those who “haven’t read the Book” but like to make very mistaken claims about it. There is and has been spiritual warfare since the beginning…..of course there will be countless folks claiming that THEIR version is the one. Like the Constitution, if ya don’t read it and seek to understand it, you’re way off in the weeds.

          • Janine Rickard

            I’ve read the bible, overall, I thought the old Testament was a hellish account of tribal violence and territorial wars and retribution from a vindictive God, though there are some great psalms, proverbs and archetypal stories, like Job and the prodigal son.

            The New Testament was completely different in tone, God’s love is much more apparent, where Jesus embodied kindness and compassion and forgiveness, turning the other cheek rather than attacking back, judging not, and recognizing that the lust for obscene wealth is antithetical to the spiritual life- camel through the eye.

            These are all the great moral principles and observations that I believe in but I have not yet observed that Christian pundits in the political sphere actually practice them, or if they do, they need a lot more practice.

            It’s money money money for the mega-churches and the Christian capitalists, it’s multi-millionaire pastors, it’s zero tolerance for sexual “deviance” (Jesus accepted Mary Magdalene), it’s no sense that these people understand “do unto others”, because of the often unkind things they say about gays, feminists, or whatever enemy of the Church they are attacking. I don’t think Jesus would have behaved like this.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            Just saw this post also, Janine. My view of the Bible (Old Testament) mirrors yours; I found it very bloody overall and I dismissed it out of hand. However, my view is the opposite now. I now understand that the sacrifices pointed to the coming of Jesus, who was the ultimate sacrifice who paid the price for our sin so that we wouldn’t have to. That is what a loving God does!

            Yes, looking around at those who SHOULD be leading the way back to moral lives, love and reverence for God and obedience to what He wants, we see little that attracts good attention. I was fortunate to find a church that lives it. Though we make mistakes, our intention is to reflect what and who Jesus is, the Son of God.

            Money, yes, that’s why the Bible tells us that the root of all evil is the love of money.

            The Bible does truly say that sexual deviance is not acceptable. If my God says this, I believe it. However, I have known and do know some gay folks and love them dearly. There are good people everywhere. and they are good people. All I can say is that if God says this about sexual deviancy, there is a very good reason that He doesn’t want us to do those things. He is a loving God and wants only the best for us.

          • Mr. Steve

            OK, thanks, but what does that mean in practice? You are already seeing it in practice……. the next 99 days will really show you what that means……… Stay tune and pay close attention !! :-))

  • Jo

    If I want to hear or read about this, I can watch the news. I’d rather receive health oriented information than political rhetoric.

    • Mark Sircus

      I posted this to the news arm of my publications not the medical…meaning it is optional when signing up for my newsletter

    • 1555

      Jo, what Dr. Sircus wrote here covers great impact that our former president had
      on state of caring for our health in this country. For those of us who do not use western
      medicine as it does not work for us, Obama created a horrible mess by fining us in order
      to fund his Obamacare program. He lied, repeatedly so, that people will be able to keep
      their doctors, and see lower premiums. None of it was unfortunately true. Millions
      lost their full time jobs, as companies changed various jobs to part time, so they did
      not have to support that travesty program. Fining those of us, who did not sign
      up for a so called health care is an illegal tax, on something we are not getting.
      How can you tax people on something they did not purchase ? Do you go to Target,
      buy nothing, and on the way out they grab your shoulder and slap a tax on you ?
      That is the situation for millions of people who are not poor enough to get a subsidized
      insurance, but who are fined to pay for other people to get that subsidy.
      That is a really insane lack of logic.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        Jo won’t find anything of value in the “news”. They’ve lied to us for many years and continually manipulate what’s parroted by every one of them. Mark Twain said if you don’t read the newspapers you’re not informed. If you do read the newspapers, you’re misinformed. Even back then, they were playing fast and loose with the truth.

      • Wondering Woman

        Not only did Obama lie, but most of the politicians and appointees during this administration all seemed to fit some wise one who said: “If their lips are moving, they’re lying” and most of them still are in trying to take President Trump down before he can drain the swamp and destroy the new world order organization.

    • rubricon


  • rubricon

    You should know that clearly half of the population of the US disagree with your political views. I can understand your posts about politics when there is a medical issue of concern to you then a post is understandable. This article is clearly not about a medical issue. Why would you steer half of your potential audience away from your medical practice and literature by making such incendiary political diatribes? Start another blog separate from this one for your political views and keep this blog about medical issues. That way you don’t drive half of your potential audience away.

    • Mark Sircus

      it is a separate blog….

      • rubricon

        Then I misspoke. I thought a blog was this whole sight but apparently a blog is separate discussions on this site? My meaning still applies, change the word blog to this site. My point was the mixing of your medical advice with your political views and the effect it has on your potential audience on the medical side.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      And just because they may disagree, that makes THEM right? Makes them the authoritah? Enough with the bully tactics.

    • Mark Sircus

      Well my staff will create a new blog for me it seems but I have taken the royal road of being a truth speaker and not a business man angling for maximum income or profits….I started my quest as a prophet of my first book called The Marriage of Souls, so it was a spiritual quest, a quest of always speaking the truth….not filtering for popularity or to be nice (being nice usually is not being real) so I do not look to win friends and influence people though I have had a great influence coming out of no where 12 years ago and have changed how medicine is practiced all over the globe. Politics and truth normally do not mix though with Trump we have at least a shot at some truth, climate truth, Islam truth, medical truth, anti nuclear war truth….if we just get that with him we are way ahead and still alive….the have you are talking about wanted to insanely elect a person ready for war with Russia…insane, psychopathic, sociopathic…..

      • rubricon

        Creating a separate place to post political stuff is a good idea. Most people don’t mind seeing political posts that have to do with medical issues because that is your specialty. When someone is in office that pursues Medical law that you don’t agree with, most people who follow you for medical advice would likely be glad to hear about those issues and even advocate to their elected officials as a result of your views. People on the other side of the fence from you in this election feel completely opposite from what you espoused to the point that they consider your writings to be just more conspiracy theories. You’ll very likely never change their minds but you may drive them away. If you feel so strongly about the good that your work does, why would you drive that part of your readership away? That just doesn’t make sense to me. BTW, I just finished reading your sodium bicarbonate book and have tried the bicarbonate bath with lemon juice among other practices in the book and found the bath to be very soothing. THAT is what I like you for, not your political views. That is MY form of truth telling. I’m not bitter about the Trump win, he will make his mark and then in four years we get to do a reset if that is what the masses want. I wonder if he will even make 4 years before his party turns on him. Right now, they are holding their breath to see what happens. As a Democrat, I feel that he has earned his chance to lead. There are many positive things that are likely to come from his presidency, not all will benefit the working class unfortunately. Time will tell.

    • Mark Sircus

      How about because most of my audience is interested in truth as an answer

      • rubricon

        That is what you think, but the reality is that people with my political alignment, and there are more than what you think, as I said clearly half of the voting population are contrary to your political views. I subscribed to this feed to get medical information not political diarrhea.

  • Lucy Todd

    You’ve really gone off the deep end with your conspiracy theories and destructive lies. Get a grip!!

    • rubricon

      Dr. Sircus, you should take this comment to heart. You are destroying your livelihood.

      • Sally Ban Geoengineering Parke

        Please read my comment above…

      • Mark Sircus

        I have taken every word to heart but that is incredibly arrogant for you to presume what the consequences are for my personal life…gee…..I happen to live in heaven… my Sanctuary…….I am not destroying anything, I am persuing my dreams of bringing heaven down to earth right here….

    • Sally Ban Geoengineering Parke

      Conspiracy theories??? It’s obvious you don’t live in the REAL world Lucy Todd. What Dr Sircus is saying is totally correct, maybe you need to start listening to other news other than mainstream media and also, doing your own alternative/independent research on the points that Dr Sircus mentions, instead of believing all you are told by media/scientists who are owned and paid for by the people who do not have the best interests of the world’s population at heart!

      GREAT article Dr Sircus!!!

      • Janine Rickard

        Totally correct? Did you watch his video “evidence” of Obama’s
        supposed foreign origins, or did you just take Dr. Sircus’ word for it?

        The first one is so obviously a total, dubbed fake, that Dr Sircus’ credibility is all but destroyed for me.

        Watch it for God’s sake, all of you who think this counts as evidence.

        • Shelley

          Couldn’t have said it better! People, wake up!

        • 1555

          Janinne, I have looked up your profile and it seems that you have only
          created your Discus account quite recently, with just ONE comment outside this amazing outpouring of your sentiments here, after Dr. Sircus
          (thankfully) kissed Obama’s Obamacare legacy goodbye.
          Wonder – are you a real person, or are you getting paid to post here ?

          • 7LibertyForAll

            I’ve been having a conversation with her(?) but it seems that she(?) is just another sock puppet. I sincerely hope not.

          • 1555

            Yes, a troll. Wonder if she is getting paid to post here ?

  • Keram

    Pretty strong!

    • Steve

      The TRUTH is welcomed everywhere, it’s evident your liberal listeners are still not supportive of Truth and Goodwill to all…. Thank You for your LOVE of mankind as well as the needed info on all phases of our life!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • John p

        Yes!!!! Thank you dr Sircus for your bravery!!!! Speak the truth once and for all!!!!!!! Wake up people!!!

        • Richard Von Stein

          Politics have everything TO DO with medicine….well educated people know this as well as Dr Sircus. Too many people including children(God bless them) have been SERIOUSLY injured by “WRONG medicine”!!!!! How can you say the two aren’t related?? You are watching too much television…

          • H

            He is right. The news world owned by monopolies news cartels is against a free agency citizens voting for freedom
            Voting against the machine of a progressive one world government
            Owned the same news monopolies
            The news is told what to say by the debt masters all of our debt masters who skim only all the profits from us debt slaves
            Remake freedom destroy all the big banks who are trying out to enslave us with their debts
            Watch the Inside Job movie
            D.C. Has become Post cica Rome corruption

          • Mark Sircus

            very funny and very true and very sad for the hundreds of thousands who die and many more who suffer at the hands of modern medicine