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Gulf Coast Toxicity Syndrome

Published on June 23, 2010

IMVA Emergency Alert


Vicki B. Escarra, President and CEO of Feeding America, wrote, “Alongside natural disaster, a very real human disaster looms. The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has wrought havoc on sea and on land. But attention is now turning to the long-term effects the disaster will have on the coastlines, on businesses, and on American men, women and children. The immediate effects of the oil spill are obvious. Others, such as its effects on American families, will be hard to measure and will take years to document.”

There are effects from the oil spill that you can see, like oil washing ashore, and those that you can’t, like when oil compounds break down and go airborne. What is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico is truly a nightmare of epic proportions. And it’s going to be a health disaster whose dimensions are growing exponentially behind curtains erected by the federal government. Few people are grasping the magnitude of the Gulf oil tragedy, not grasping the grave consequences for many millions of people and eventually the entire world. It is going to affect not only the livelihoods and employment of locals but will also contribute to the health failure of millions of people. It is so profoundly sad – like watching a loved one with a gunshot to the belly witnessing the blood coming out, but in this case it’s the planet belching up black blood and poison gas in huge and very possibly unending quantities.

This monster disaster is going to affect not only the livelihoods and employment of locals but will contribute to the health failure of millions of people. It is so profoundly sad – like watching a loved one with a gunshot to the belly witnessing the blood coming out but in this case it’s the planet belching up black blood and poison gas in huge and very possibly unending quantities.

There’s an old adage about not seeing the forest for the trees. It means getting wrapped up in the details of a circumstance and losing appreciation for the big picture. Sometimes we need to step back and look at things from a different perspective. Consider the extraordinary situation in the Gulf. Not that much news coming out of there, no mention of deadly threats but we do know who went to the yacht races last weekend. Life seems almost normal on the front page of the Times or in Yahoo or Google News. Things are stabilizing at the king of pop’s mansion, and Obama is personally meeting with a young gay girl who was given a hard time with her prom.

While the situation in the Gulf is grim it will soon get a lot grimmer. There are certain chemicals mixed in with the oil that release toxic gases, finding a way to make it up into the air. Many different gases from hydrogen sulfate to benzene are being released into the air at around 4000 times what it considered safe to humans. As a result of this people are going to become gravely ill. People are going to be poisoned and unfortunately some are going to die. We have already seen breathing problems in the Gulf region and now reports are coming in as far away as Atlanta, Georgia.

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Large amounts of rusty substance washed up on the beaches and floated beneath the bridges and into the Bay of St. Louis Sunday. “These 18-inch boom systems didn’t even slow it down. This is not protection,” Mayor Les Fillingame said. “This is a wake-up call.”

You will be shocked that you are not reading what you are in this essay in the corporate-and-government-controlled mass media. The same people and government that love secrets seem to be holding back on us but this cannot be sustained for long as the disaster continues to unfold into a planet-damaging event. “Health officials say there seems to be little reason to worry at this point.” If you believe that, well, what can I say but that is the official position at this point on the 21st of June. “But some note that health effects months or years from now remain a question mark, particularly for the workers who are in the thick of it, cleaning up oil from the BP spill in the Gulf.”

On June 14th Obama promised that “things are going to return to normal” along the stricken Gulf Coast and the region’s fouled waters will be in even better shape than before the catastrophic BP oil spill. He even declared Gulf seafood safe to eat. Meanwhile people are hurting around the Gulf with many facing bankruptcy and complete life destruction and they are now talking openly of permanent ruptures to the seabed floor around the oil well.

According to F. William Engdahl, “Vladimir Kutcherov, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, predicted that the present oil spill flooding the Gulf Coast shores of the United States “could go on for years and years … many years.” According to Kutcherov, a leading specialist in the theory of abiogenic deep origin of petroleum, “What BP drilled into was what we call a ‘migration channel,’ a deep fault on which hydrocarbons generated in the depth of our planet migrate to the crust and are accumulated in rocks, something like Ghawar in Saudi Arabia.” Ghawar, the world’s most prolific oilfield has been producing millions of barrels daily for almost 70 years with no end in sight. Ghawar like all elephant and giant oil and gas deposits all over the world, is located on a migration channel similar to that in the oil-rich Gulf of Mexico.

Engdahl  also writes, “According to a report from Washington investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, “the Obama White House and British Petroleum are covering up the magnitude of the volcanic-level oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and working together to limit BP’s liability for damage caused by what can be called a ‘mega-disaster.'” Madsen cites sources within the US Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection for his assertion. Obama and his senior White House staff, as well as Interior Secretary Salazar, are working with BP’s chief executive officer Tony Hayward on legislation that would raise the cap on liability for damage claims from those affected by the oil disaster from $75 million to $10 billion. According to informed estimates cited by Madsen, however, the disaster has a real potential cost of at least $1,000 billion ($1 trillion). That estimate would support the pessimistic assessment of Kutcherov that the spill, if not rapidly controlled, “will destroy the entire coastline of the United States.”


So unworried are health and medical officials that cleanup workers are not being given protective masks.

The president had it right saying this disaster has the dimension and feeling of a 9/11 crisis but this time we are facing something much more disturbing and profoundly threatening to the world, starting with the southern United States, Cuba, the Caribbean, Mexico and then the North Atlantic and eventually Europe. But it is a mystery why the Obama administration has turned down thirteen countries that have offered to help us clean up the Gulf.


No respirators – Isn’t there one real doctor in the US government?

The true depth of the disaster is being lost partly because events are being reported without much context and with more attention paid to boat racing executives on weekend holiday than to poisonous gases in the air. In terms of health and medicine there is a cover-up going on and that is nothing new or surprising. Historically it has been impossible for medical officials to be truthful about public health issues. This is exemplified by their dishonesty regarding the danger of mercury-containing dental amalgams as well as the danger of mercury-containing vaccines. So how can we expect them to be capable of coming clean about the health implications of the Gulf oil spill disaster? This is not a joking or theoretical matter. You may or may not have not noticed on television that workers in the oil cleanup are not wearing masks, meaning medical and health officials learned absolutely nothing from the Valdez disaster and the toxic sickness that enveloped them. See Part Two – Medical Treatments for Airborne Poisons (Part Two will be ready tomorrow)

Dolphins are already suffering.

Allopathic doctors are neither ready nor able to treat the victims of the catastrophic toxicity arising from the oily vomit coming out from the bowels of the earth. Doctors need to be keenly aware of potential health risks to people exposed to not only oil in the water but also to fumes in the air. It should be perfectly clear that as long as the well remains uncapped, the situation will grow worse with more and more people’s health adversely affected. Notice how they are not talking much about the end of this disaster anymore and for good reason.

The evidence is growing stronger and stronger that there is substantial damage beneath the sea floor. Indeed, it appears that BP officials themselves have admitted to such damage. This places an enormous urgency to reduce the amount of – or completely stop – the leaking oil this summer.

As early as the May 7th the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an environmental action group, was warning that people along the coast were already reporting headaches, nausea, coughing, and throat irritation. “There are significant health risks associated with this oil spill and the risks aren’t just to wildlife, they are also to humans,” said Dr. Gina Solomon, senior scientist with the NRDC. “The risks include acute health effects from the air pollution from the oil itself, along with health effects from burning the oil as well as contamination of the food chain, all of which can result in a long-term health concerns.”

From Tampa Meteorologist Bobby Deskins from almost two months ago, “Here in the Bay Area, there were widespread reports of an odor in the air. Air quality tests have proved to be inconclusive, but it is not a far stretch to believe the odor came from the incident. That possibility seems even more likely when you consider the smell went away once the winds here then turned to the SE-S. That would blow the odor back toward the northern Gulf of Mexico.”

A high pressure system centered over the Gulf of Mexico will bring light northwesterly winds to the oil spill area over the next few days was the report from Tampa on the 18th of June. As a result, models that attempt to predict the future track of the spill are suggesting that the oil will head back toward the southeast. These kinds of reports are going to become increasingly important to doctors and patients alike who are going to have to deal with the deadly winds, as they will probably soon be called.

Chris Landau is a proponent of the inorganic oil creation process and has published on this subject warning people of the danger of drilling so deeply into the bowels of the earth. The process of oil creation he talks about differs from what we were all taught in school. He poses that oil is the byproduct of natural deep earth processes and that oil doesn’t come “from decayed plant matter.” The gulf oil volcano is proof that he is correct and that the oil coming up from 40,000 feet has nothing to do with dinosaurs but has everything to do with deadly chemicals and life-threatening toxicity.

Landau says this is not a “spill.” A spill is finite. This is a blowout, an explosion of oil spewing out of the earth under great pressure. What is spewing out, blasting out with more pressure than we comprehend, is a toxic mixture of various chemicals, some of which can kill you at a mere 400 parts per million. There’s hydrogen sulfide, benzene, methane, pentane, propane, ethane, butane, and a host of other combinations of hydrogen and carbon. All are dangerous in various concentrations. They are dangerous to breathe in and dangerous to touch. They cause cancer, lung damage and death. Some of them are so dangerous they cause genetic damage, passing their destruction onto generations yet unborn.

Hydrogen sulfide has been detected at concentrations more than 100 times greater than the level known to cause physical reactions in people.


Landau explains the process, where the deadly gas comes from: “Hydrogen sulfide is coming out of the earth itself, part of deep down below. At lower concentrations, hydrogen sulfide gives off a rotten egg smell, but you can’t smell it at 150 ppm. This is what makes the stuff so dangerous. You can’t smell it at higher concentrations, and it will kill you at higher concentrations. The EPA itself has observed odor-causing pollutants associated with oil on the shore in the gulf region and is constantly taking measurements.”

Inhaling air contaminants is making some people sick now and may make many more chronically ill in the future. Local populations are already toxic from other chronic exposures from airborne mercury and other chemicals making people more sensitive to current toxic assaults from the oil disaster. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division has issued a Code Orange air quality alert for Metro Atlanta for Friday, June 18. That means the air is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups.

The wind can easily spread the oil in any direction according to the direction the wind is blowing.

Reports are coming in that people in Atlanta are reporting breathing problems. It seems many are feeling sore throats, constant slight headaches, extreme fatigue, and nausea while outside. Is it so surprising that when the rain and wind come up from the Gulf into southern Georgia people would suffer from the toxic fallout? Those living in the Gulf region are at serious health risks and neither the media, the EPA, the CDC nor the president is warning them. In fact there seems to be a complete cover-up and news blackout of the events as they are unfolding, though we see scattered reports from local news agencies confirming most everything in this presentation. Thousands who are doing cleanup duty and working on the ships are seriously in harm’s way. And then it is anyone’s guess how far and wide the toxic damage will carry.

The Louisiana Environmental Action Network released its analysis of air monitoring test results by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA’s air testing data comes from Venice, a coastal community 75 miles south of New Orleans in Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish.

The findings show that levels of airborne chemicals have far exceeded state standards and what’s considered safe for human exposure. For instance, hydrogen sulfide has been detected at concentrations more than 100 times greater than the level known to cause physical reactions in people. Among the health effects of hydrogen sulfide exposure are eye and respiratory irritation as well as nausea, dizziness, confusion and headache. The concentration threshold for people to experience physical symptoms from hydrogen sulfide is about 5 to 10 parts per billion but has been measured higher than 3,000 parts per billion early on in this exponentially unfolding disaster.

EPA is monitoring for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at a number of
locations near Venice and Chalmette, Louisiana, and Mobile,
Alabama. Monitors are detecting H2S in the Venice, LA area.

Louisiana’s ambient air standard for the VOC benzene, for example, is 3.76 ppb, while its standard for methylene chloride is 61.25 ppb. Long-term exposure to airborne benzene has been linked to cancer, while the EPA considers methylene chloride a probable carcinogen. Air testing results show VOC concentrations far above these state standards. On May 6, for example, the EPA measured VOCs at levels of 483 ppb. The highest levels detected to date were on April 30, at 3,084 ppb, following by May 2, at 3,416 ppb.

Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico are populated by more than 10,000 workers. They must be protected from hazardous exposures to toxic VOCs.

Tens of thousands more are deployed on shore and at sea trying to hold back the dark waters. Depending on their proximity to the oil leak, wind direction, wave action, and cleanup tasks being performed, BP Deepwater Horizon cleanup workers in the Gulf are potentially exposed to the Mississippi Canyon crude oil components n-hexane, naphthalene, benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, and xylene; other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in dispersants and other oil spill remediation chemicals; methane, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases; acid gases like sulfuric acid; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and particulates from diesel and gasoline engine exhaust and burning oil. Even this list is not exhaustive. Potential short-term health effects from these exposures include Irritation to eyes, skin, and respiratory system; dizziness; rapid heart rate; headaches; tremors; confusion; unconsciousness. Potential long-term health effectsinclude cancer, birth defects, and permanent nerve damage as well as damage to the liver, kidneys, respiratory, reproductive, blood, and immune systems.

Here’s a chart based on the data from LEAN’s analysis, which was done by award-winning analytical chemist Wilma Subra:


“The media coverage of the BP oil disaster to date has focused largely on the threats to wildlife, but the latest evaluation of air monitoring data shows a serious threat to human health from airborne chemicals emitted by the ongoing deepwater gusher,” the Institute for Southern Studies blog reported on May 10. Any one of these chemicals in these concentrations would be lethal. Mixed together into a toxic soup the oil disaster is truly unthinkable and is a medical and health disaster of unfathomable proportions.

In addition to destroying the wildlife, killing animals and devastating the coastal economy, the massive oil spill in the Gulf will have damaging psychological and physical consequences for Gulf coast residents, the entire state of Florida, and now it seems that Georgia and the rest of the southeastern United States could be threatened considering we are already seeing problems from people in Atlanta. And we are not even talking worse case scenarios.

Louisiana and Alabama residents know an inconvenient truth: BP — not our president — controls the response. In fact, people on the ground say things are out of control in the gulf. Riki Ott

Marine toxicologist and Exxon Valdez survivor

Two months since the deadly explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, mental health professionals in the region are preparing for the worst, citing the potential for depression, domestic violence and even suicide, but we are not hearing from the CDC or anyone else about the health hazard and what to do about it. This is in great part due to the fact that it is the official policy of the government to ignore toxic hazards coming from industry, from coal-fired electrical plants, from incinerators and crematoriums as well as from doctors and dentists who compromise the very fabric of society with their totally insane use of mercury in their professional practices.

Dr. J. Steven Picou, a sociology professor at the University of South Alabama, describes Cordova, Alaska, the area most adversely affected by the Valdez, as a community marked by loss of social capital – meaning loss of trust, family, friendships, networks and the sense of belonging within the community. As Cordova’s sense of community “corroded,” there was a rise in domestic violence, self-isolation, medicating and depression. He also noted that prolonged exposure to an oil spill will cause many to dwell on the horrifying realities of the disaster, eventually leading to more severe mental health conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With the emerging evidence of fissures, the quiet fear now is the methane bubble rupturing the seabed and exploding into the Gulf waters.

Others are worried about a massive loss of life through a methane explosion that would create a tidal wave that would take out all of Florida and most of the rest of the Gulf region. Included in the worst case scenarios is a toxic rain falling upon tens of millions further north from the Gulf as wind patterns and or a hurricane comes barreling into the region. Others see the entire North Atlantic turning into a black and very dead sea and the nightmare scenarios go on and on making any serious readers’ stomach sick to death over what has been done to our planet. We have allowed corporate capitalists do something they cannot undo and this is sad and truly tragic for the future of our children.

# # #


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  • Mags King

    This is September, 2016.
    The Feds AND bp have admitted complicityABOUT THE AMOUNT OF OIL SPILLED, AMT OF Corexit used, THE lack of almost any safety equipment for the 75,000 workers. Now, folks are getting really ill, we cannot eat the seafood that has sustained us for centuries. We cannot make a living from the sea. Our men are too sick to work. BP will not admit that the spill is related to 1000s of ppl simultaneously bleeding from the eyes, nose, fevers, respiratory probs, pneumonia, infections, rashes and lesions….then nausea, confusion seizures, dementia. Ina decade, we will see cancers, kidney and liver failure, birth defects, ….the ecosystem in the Gulf will collapse.
    Y’all wanna yak about how we need to develop alt fuels or regulate oil m ore. I want to talk about the biggest coverup, the biggest depraved indifference murders ever. Obama knew how toxic Corexit was, he knew that 200 million gallons spilled. He knew that 75% of the oil is lying on the seafloor, killing the low rung on the food chain. He agreed with BP that workers should not wear masks because it will upset tourists!!!!!!!! The govt and BP are KILLING US and y’all are sitting around talking, and doing nothing! So, we paid the highest price there is: our way of life, the safety of our children, our exquisite ecosystem, our very lives. So, I kinda don’t care if you have to pay more than $1.75/gallon to fill up your freaking Escalade to pick up the soccer brats. We are getting louder, although BP and O set up-[ a media blackout, and no-fly zone and bought search terms from Google and Yahoo to obfuscate further this clusterfuck. We are getting noisy and really mad, and something better start rolling here……we need the best toxicologists and doctors, scientists and labs. We cannot fix this ever, but we can start to limit the cascading damage……The Great Lakes are full of oil, the Pacific is glowing neon from Fukushima, fresh water reserves are being drained by fracking……are ya pickin up what I’m puttin down? You and your family are next, so you better start giving a damn right now. Thanks.

  • barbalicous

    We the people of this nation has as much to blame as anyone in this mess. Until we are willing to accept responsibility for the role we played in the harm of our planet absolutely nothing will change. We are suppose to be a republic government not a democracy. A democracy by it’s very definition is the most vile form of government to ever exist. For too long we have allowed our media and government to use the two terms with one meaning, when they are completely opposite in definition and scope. They manipulate the populace with their words, and keep them in a state of confusion and fear! Not necessary. They are 1% we are the 99%. We must not allow them to set the narrative! They use double speak, confusion, non-issues to keep the focus off what is important! Sorry, not for me! I will address the real issues and they are multiplying! War is not the answer to this issue and crisis, it is only a means in which they manipulate the populace. I can not speak about what is happening in other countries because I can not trust what is being reported as the truth! I can take responsibility though for what is happening in my own country and it is there where I can make a difference. The real issue in America is not a democrat vs republican issue. It is by all means a judicial event. Our judges are under oath and affirmation to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The problem in America is a enemy from within working against the American citizen’s and in violation of their Constitutional guarantee’s., that is the issue in America.. What amazes me most is the people will allow these usurper’s to steal from them personally and for future generations to come. They have convinced the youth that the constitution does not apply to them, wow! Okay that is their narrative. Let me give you my narrative. They only means in which they may govern is by consent. Please understand that simple fact. THEY CAN ONLY GOVERN WITH OUR CONSENT. Why, because we have a contract. Every, natural born citizen in America has the same contract. It matter’s not your sex, your religion, your political stance, your color, your sexual orientation, etc. Because this contract says ALL MEN OUR EQUAL. Yes that is what it states. This contract goes on to explain that there is no law in which man can create that will supersede it, there is no FEDERAL LAW, FEDERAL STATUTE, FEDERAL REGULATION, STATE LAW, STATE STATUTE, STATE REGULATION, NO CITY ORDINANCE OR REGULATION THAT CAN SUPERSEDE IT AND IF ONE DOES EXIST THAT IS FOUND IN CONFLICT TO THIS CONTRACT IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID. I do not see why people do not get this. I do not see why they refuse to see the power of this contract and would allow such sleazy, corruptible, low life of the earth tell us that just is not the case. They have splintered us into such little special interest groups one for each side. They decided the narrative. My narrative is as follows. I have the unalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not granted to me by man but endowed by my creator. I have the unalienable right to clean air, clean water and food. Humans die 3 minutes without oxygen, Humans die 3 days without water and 30 days without food.. This contract I have and hold as self evident truth guarantee’s me EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. I am entitled to the same protections as any other human and greater protections than a man made entity known as a corporation. For the purpose of any government or corporation to exist is for the good of the people, not just the good of the shareholders, CEO’s, banks, but the entire whole of the people who’s lives it impacts. Corporation’s in any community should have to renew their charter’s every seven years to gain the community’s permission to continue to operate. Do know for any contract to be valid both parties must present something of value. The government my contract promises me is a republic form of government in this form of government my rights are protected. Because we as a public have failed to identify the real issue and have been divided by non issues my rights as well as everyone else’s have been violated. Fact of the matter is we had a criminal cabal to infiltrate our government in 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. In 1933 these criminals with the color of law had stolen this nation’s treasury and bankrupted the country by design. The great depression allowed them to buy up our publishing houses, media and major corporations. I can prove this because you can take any bill out of your wallet and it says across the top FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE

  • Roger LeBlanc

    This device should stop the leak. It also gives BP the option to secure a new pipe to the surface.

  • Joan

    Man or woman can’t fix this problem, only God can. Get on your knees America and pray!

  • tobesograteful

    The sea was wet as wet could be,
    The sands were dry as dry.
    You could not see a cloud, because
    No cloud was in the sky:
    No birds were flying overhead–
    There were no birds to fly.

    The Walrus and the Carpenter
    Were walking close at hand;
    They wept like anything to see
    Such quantities of sand:
    “If this were only cleared away,”
    They said, “it would be grand!”

    “If seven maids with seven mops
    Swept it for half a year.
    Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,
    “That they could get it clear?”
    “I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,
    And shed a bitter tear.

  • ew_keane

    Shudda stuck with horses.
    This whole thing makes the infernal combustion engine look bad.
    If not horses, why not run those contraptions with vegetable oil?
    Also…whats the big idea of letting BP ride in the drivers seat?
    I think that the danger of an empire in an empire is a good example of why corporate persons ought to have a defineite life span, and to have their assets put into probate so that damaged claimants may have a shot at getting some relief.

  • As this is not in mass media, I would like to know the source of the information your relaying?

    Kind Regards


    • claudia

      On behalf of Dr. Sircus, to Donna:

      Donna my sources are both mainstream and alternative press in terms of oil spill but if you are talking about the medical side of things then that’s from my books and research and contact with others…

      Dr. S.

  • AgreeToDisagree

    Anyone remember the game Dune : Emperor?

    USA is quite like Giedi Prime with those oily seas, industrial towns and oppressed citizens. USA practices torture, wages wars all over the world, has 1000s of military bases encroaching on nations worldwide and is militarist like the Harkonnens. USA probably has the highest number of Goths and Dominatrixes per capita and is ‘dark’ like the Harkonnens. With nanotech pollution via morgellons or pharma dependency-vaccinations, expect ‘heart plugs’ soon.

    Check out the Harkonnen maps and compare to the oily seas of the new Dystopia of the world . . . Frank Herbert might have created a zeitgeist that has USA in a psychological grip it has yet to escape, alongside GMO genetic pollution, manmade H1N1 and mass deaths of bee populations, who knows if HR Giger’s Aliens are already in production is some hellish basement lab in the Pentagon this very moment . . .

    So be very worried when humanoid androids take the last blue collar jobs, with no right to grow food, live free of taxes, nor have an environment to grow food in, and no social safety net, healthcare or guarantees to the same, the depopulation scenario bandied about by propagandists is looking highly possible unless the people of the world CUT THE PUPPET MASTERS’ STRINGS.

    • Quite brilliant and fitting analogy there, Sir.

      Which leaves me with one question :

      Who then, is the Quizat Satarak ?

  • Frank

    I meant BAD idea.

  • Frank

    I always thought that using a nuclear device to “solve” the oil problem was a bas idea. Mainstream science still hasn’t told us the full effect caused by exploding these devices, which should have never been created in the first place. I vote that it’s a terrible idea and who really knows the full effect it would have on the water.


    Do you believe everything you hear from the media and the government? Please. Search out the truth for yourself and the “conspiracy nuts” will start to make a lot of sense all of a sudden.

    Also, the date April 20th apparently has very important numerological meanings, same as with 9/11. All things have meaning. Especially numbers, symbols, colors, etc. They all resonate to a certain frequency – as all things do. Keep that in mind.


  • Red Heifer

    Organic Chemistry is the study of Carbon-Hydrogen molecules; Oil/Methane and other related Organic components were once living; having died when God buried the pre-flood world not willing to make an Ark like Noah. Pressure, Heat, Water and Organic material=Oil. Chris Landau and the Abiotic Oil crowd are liars who deny God; they got this rediculous notion from Cornell Professor Emeritus Thomas Gold about 10 years ago. This event was planned at least that far back; 7 valves do not fail by accident without a relief well being drilled. Get right with Jesus Christ; it’s going to get far worse going into the Golden Age of Luciferian rule.

  • caterina

    This is a new 9/11. Create problem, reaction ……and solution. MARTIAL LAW. This is what they have been waiting for.

  • dervish

    how can anyone focus on soccer while this threat is looming upon us??

  • Grim Reaper

    Cha -Ching Cheney is in the hospital. Wouldn’t it be a shame if he died before he could see what he helped cause ? Dick, if you do decide to die….I hope it’s painful and miserable and lasts a long, long time. Oh, and take the idiot Bush with you.

  • The nuclear option is off the table in light of the immense super concentrations

    of methane gas throughout the Gulf and under the sea floor which would instantly

    erupt into a terrifying RADIOACTIVE chemical-laced methane tsunami.

    Let your voice be heard at Thank you. – D.B.K.

  • Lynn D.

    Sorry, I mean 4 aspects! Got carried away with the obvious…..

  • Lynn D.

    This was definately another false flag catastrophe to serve the New World Order agenda in at least two aspects: 1. to allow easy expedition of the Cap and Trade carbon tax law and 2. to cull the population of more of what they call “useless eaters” and 3. to relocated millions of people to the center of the U.S. so that they are easier to control and 4. to destroy a vital part of the ecology so that people who live off the water and the land around the Gulf (and later when the toxic Corexit rains contanimate the rivers and streams) are no longer able to sustain themselves and are forced to depend on the government’s cancer causing, genitically modified Monsanto Frankenfood. Control the food, control the people. This is ancient war strategy done for thousands of years by the ruling classes to the general population. Of course this was done on purpose. Of course they are allowing it to get worse and worse using their bribed, robotic-minded beaurocrats such as the Coast Guard and the EPA to block any and all legitimate efforts and methods of cleaning this mess with proven solutions. This is why Imposter Barry Soetoro did not accept help from the 13 countries that offered. This is why BP is in control. Bp is owned by the International Banking family of Rothschilds who own (i.e. have stolen) half the wealth of the WORLD and who start and fund BOTH sides of every war. The Rothschilds also employ Barry Soetoro (obama) and are the puppet masters behind all high level politicians of the world. All of this can be easily verified. As far as James comment above about “conspiracy nuts” in my humble opinion, only those who DON’T see all the OBVIOUS conspiracies going on now and in the past are the true NUTS. Not only are they nuts, but they have been totally programmed and “downloaded” by the mass media that has spoon fed them their bovine excrement their entire lives and they have greedily and happily swallowed it rather than searching out the truth. Truth is like treasure, you have to LOOK for it. It doesn’t fall easily into your lap while watching the nightly news or reading the Daily Propaganda Journal.

    • Deb

      You forgot to say all the government boiler rooms of government workers to blog to discredit any truths that are being told, to warn the people of thier impending illnesses, and deaths.

    • Lisa B

      I totally agree with Lynn D. My whole family has blinders on and believes every iota that MSNBC broadcasts. None of them can see the storm clouds on the horizon and I have been telling them this for years now. They all think I’m a Zealot, or a mental case.

      Most of the people in Florida and along the Gulf Coast have no idea what’s in store for us in the near future. If BP decides to implode the Oil Volcano with a nuke, my family with have to stay here, drinking the Kool-Aid, but as for me, my children and my husband, we will be in an RV headed for the Smokey Mountains. DONT’L LISTEN TO ANYTHING they say, or anything they do.
      I hope Barry took a good long lungfull of the air down in Louisiana…filled with methane, thorium, Hydrogen sulfide, Benzine. I hope he enjoyed those chemicals with his beer.

  • Richard

    I am a reformed former insurance broker, including much oil & gas. It should be understood that big cos and ins cos calculate the costs of death and injuries and this forms part of their “risk management” (that means money). They know full well that claims for deaths cost far less than serious injuries/ disease that add huge medical/ care expenses to the claim. Therefore, increasing the lethality of the toxic soup and not reporting it may be deliberate with the above in mind, bearing in mind that there is toxicity from the well. Why not add more (Corexit) as well as denying such as respirators to the cleanup workers to increase the lethality if it helps the bottom line?
    Gods trigger finger is itching!

  • David

    They will drop in the millions of cancer and other diseases .most people’s health will be affected
    many will experience poor mental health many will die.they will die after a prolonged agony.
    perhaps 10 yrs or 15 yrs from now,BP will have moved on by then.

    I suspect BP will drop some money for the clean up and stall on any and all health claims ,until long after the last man ,woman and child are dead.

    Of those who live there and did not evacuate I can only say that they are the fools of our times
    to have put faith in their govt.

    The EPA is not to be trusted ,the govt is in collusion with the corporations indeed the corporations run USA which itself is a corporation.
    The American people have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and the most astonishing thing is that; they line up to vote for the same two parties that have raped them for more than 100 years,
    that in itself is a mental illness.

    • Deb

      Hey, look at Alaska and the Exxon Valdez (or how ever you spell it) It is still in the courts. BP has kept it tied up for 20 years. And all of those in the clean up and close to the spill are all dead. Wake up.
      Ans I am sure they suffered terribly before they died. And doctors don’t like to get involved in situatiions like that. So those people most likely had a hard time just finding decent health care before their deaths.

  • Patriot 2012

    We all know this has to be the action of another conspiracy just as 9/11 was. If the American People had God and knew deep down what is right and wrong in the spirit, the actions of the Feds in DC would be taken over and order preserved. There are those in DC bent…and I mean hell bent on destroying America! Just another disaster used to control us.

  • Everyone in the water!

    Last one in is a rotten egg — or worse.

  • Dan

    Up in Canada we get acid rain
    It destroys lakes and land depending on the concentration.
    All the gasses escaping into the atmosphere probably have components or
    products that will fall as toxic “Rain”

    Have you ever seen a “cracking tower” where they separate the components of oil as they rise up the tower?

    I guess if it can rain frogs and fish, oil should be a piece of cake

  • steve

    those who postulate that oil can’t rain are armchair theorists at best. I have chicken houses, in northwest arkansas, with large metal roofs. we harvest rainwater for use in our operation to suppliment our water well. over the years an amazing array of items has fallen from the sky onto it. everything from 1 ft. pieces of 2×4 lumber to peaches to currently valid vehicle license plates from New York state. not to mention tons of ash.
    I am certain it can rain crude oil too. not to mention the lighter volitiles that are emmited from the crude as well as the toxic dispersants.anyone who says it can’t happen is full of…..

    • GARY

      Hello Steve..NW arkansas myself and wonder if lately you have had the smell of smoke when it rains ..Many here benton county area have noticed this and there are no wildfires to account for this never known before event.Have you also smelled smoke at the beginning of rain lately ? I have also video documented many plant damages of burns over the last 4 years in crops and trees..much like those recent postings of crop damage now being shown.

  • ozzypotter

    One very large component to this situation is the unatural heating of the Gulf waters. Sealed by surface oil, there is no local cooling from evaporation, plus the dark thick emulsified oil retains the suns heat. The oil surface is very, very hot. With these conditions the vaporization of volatiles must be tremendous.

  • Dr. Ibrahim

    Normal rains will sent moisure from clouds, which will absorb gaseous vapor and particles.
    This will then hit the surface as ‘toxic rain’.

    The effects of this, and of hurrticanes surging a toxic brew of oil and Corexit, will cause deaths, birth defects, and will poison crops and the soil they grow in.

  • Linda Pray

    I find this article most interesting but they left out one crucial item. And that is the mention of the oil being spewed out as being RADIOACTIVE. And just HOW did oil get to be radioactive? One guess per customer. A nuclear explosion can be the ONLY cause of this oil being contaminated. The Russians figured out that there WAS a nuclear explosion deep under the water that caused the rig to explode and the sea floor to be ruptured in so many places. I have NEVER heard of oil being pumped out of the ground that was radioactive before this particular incident happened. Crude oil is not radioactive naturally. This was definitely a deliberate attack upon the US to wipe out the USA in my opinion. There is no other explanation that seems to fit with this man made disaster other than it was preplanned.

    • Karen

      No offense intended, but since YOU have “never heard of such a thing” this indicates you have not done ANY homework on the matter! It’s a FACT that many/most oil and mineral depoites have NATURALLY occurring radioactivity! (Why do you think they make radiation assessments of oil fields before drilling, and measure radiation exposures when drilling for oil? ETC.) Search on “Natural Radioactivity” and you will find research, measurement, and how/why/which isotopes become/became radioactive.

      FYI: Here’s an excerpt from an abstract from the Niger Valley that found low doses of naturally occurring radiation, thus presumed ‘safe enough’ for drilling…

      The activity concentrations of the radionuclides were measured using a well, accurately calibrated and shielded vertical cryostat, Canberra coaxial high-purity germanium (HPGe) detector system, and the derived doses were evaluated. The metal concentrations were determined by the graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopic (GFAAS) method. The radionuclides identified with reliable regularity belong to the decay series of naturally occurring radionuclides headed by 238U and 232Th along with the non-decay series radionuclide, 40K. The averaged activity concentrations obtained were 10.52 ± 0.03 Bq kg?1, 0.80 ± 0.37 Bq kg?1 and 0.17 ± 0.09 Bq kg?1 for 40K, 238U and 232Th, respectively. The equivalent doses were very low, ranging from 0.0028 to 0.012 mSv year?1 with a mean value of 0.0070 mSv year?1.

  • Jeff

    Of course this is nothing compared to “swine flu”, right?

  • anonymous hero

    First of all, now we see why they want to gather so much data on everyone, to keep track of protesters and squelch their voices.

    Employers can have a weird attitude toward respirators and other protective gear. Such gear costs money.

    So, if they think it is not needed, they will forbid wearing it to save the company money. Then, the only way to get it is to buy your own and work in a place where you have a speaking arrangement with your immediate boss that if he leaves you alone and lets you wear what you feel you must, you’ll get the job done satisfactorily.

    OTOH, if they think there is a liability issue, then they will require safety gear whether you want it or not, and you cannot be caught with it off but must wear it throughout your entire work shift, even on hot days and even in the direct sun and even if you may decide your specific work area does not warrant it.

    Here, I perceive that what they are saying may be true; that BP and associates are afraid it will ‘look bad’ for workers to be seen wearing safety gear.

    This flies in the face of Hollywood traditions of showing workers in Level X bio-safety gear (i.e. ‘spaceship suits’) and doing triage and body counts in disaster areas.

    Which points right back to why BP may be forbidding safety gear, to avoid the classic Hollywood scenario.

    I can’t close without mentioning the relevant Book of Revelation;

    Seas turned to blood (seems to be happening) – Revelation 16:3: And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

    Rivers and ‘fountains of waters’ turned to blood – (will the next hurricane produce this?) Revelation 16:4: And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

    Global Warming prediction (hasn’t happened yet) – Revelation 16:8: And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
    16:9: And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

    There were other ‘vials of God’s wroth’;

    Revelation 15:6: And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles.
    15:7: And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever.

    One wonders why these are not happening in chronological order.
    Or perhaps a later issuance of ‘waters turned to blood’ is yet to come, on a bigger and broader scale in conjunction with the remaining ‘vials’?

    Waterboarding is upheld as a ‘torture no man can resist or endure’, exemplifying the power of the New World Order to conquer the world.

    But early Christian saints met far worst tortures from the time of Christ until the time of Constantine when Christianity was accepted by the Roman Empire, and those saints are known to have overcome all forms of torture through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    There is a ‘rule’ having to do with such tortures, a ‘rule of martyrdom’, that ‘if martyrdom comes to you, do not flee it’, and ‘if martyrdom does not come to you, do not seek it’.

    This prevents anyone from falling victim to the sin of ‘vainglory’ by deliberately seeking self-glorification through intentional martyrdom. The proper attitude is one of humility, letting God decide who is to face martyrdom. Thus, if it comes to you, the Scripture to reference is Matthew;

    Matthew 10:16: Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
    10:17: But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;
    10:18: And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.
    10:19: But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak.
    10:20: For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

    Repeat; 10:20: For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

    Thus is shown the power of the Holy Spirit, which will not only speak in you, but uphold you throughout waterboarding, crucifixion, beheading, or any other torture that you may be subjected to.

    The specific showdown this is all heading towards, is affirmation or denial of Christ. The ‘all paths lead to God’ crowd will demand you join them or die. When you espouse ‘Christ only and Him Crucified’, then is when they will want to come for you as per Matthew 10:17.

  • a rose

    There were no commercial plane crashes on 9/11. These same military, government, and military owned US media outlets (GE owns NBC, Westinhouse owns CBS etc) are at WAR with the planet. Military is in the business of death. Never forget that.

  • James120756

    Why is it that a catastrophe brings out the conspiracy nuts?

    • good one james

      And why does it also draw out poorly researched, brainwashed corporate media fodder such as yourself james. Just because something is a “conspiracy theory”, does’nt mean it is’nt true. I suppose you think that 9/11 was orchestrated by muslim extremist hijackers, JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, and that the war on terror is about the western good guys versus those dark evil muslims. The phrase “conspiracy theorist” is now routinely used by the corporate media(sorry, propaganda machine), to destroy the credibility of anyone who has anything to say that is damaging or contradictory to the governments of the world, and the corporate oligarchy that stands behind them, pulling their strings. Hows this for a conspiracy theory James, i reckon if you pulled your head out of your ass, and converted your IQ into currency, you would be bankrupt

      • James, sit down and be quiet. You don’t know what you don’t know.

  • Dr. Sircus, If a low yield, thermonuclear fusion device (successfully applied by Russia in similar circumstances) is used in the Gulf to seal the crack and the bioremediation co’s are allowed to do a proper application of bacteria to render that crude oil inert, the damage and toxic exposure should be minimal.

    Should be. But it seems that the WH/BP wants that oil to keep flowing. WH/BP demonstrates a blatent disregard of life by firing their “tom, dick, and harry” cleanup crew if they try to wear a gas mask. This is what really makes it bad.

    It seems that the U.S. has made a blatent switch from democracy to oligarchy. “Something” has pushed these people into unleashing this “holocaust.” How long was this planned? We need only look at Hitler’s B’day.

  • martin

    There is a Japanese oil cleaner, used more than 25 years by the Japanese Coast Guard, the Japanese Air Force ,and major Japanese auto makers, which is 100% bio-degradable, plant based, which works! Anyone who thinks they can help put me in touch with local Gulf people on the fighting edge of doing things, please contact me as the EPA, the US Coast Guard are all controlled by

  • Jude

    A seer a la Nostradamus predicts that we will not be under any government control in about 700 yrs. Is it any wonder?

    Government has no expertise in anything but how to control us, clearly
    the derelict national media, and officeholders in collusion, who did not certify the safety of this procedure in our waters, whereas anyone with an independent mind, that is, not taken in by government lures to depend on them, continues to have common sense enough to protect
    themselves as they immediately, unlike the government, would have sought to ozonate oxygen-deprived waters, also detoxifying them of chemicals to the extent possible with the continuing seepage, providing EDTA and other chelation therapies with medical help other than what Obamacare would provide

    • Sara

      Speaking of Nostradamus, Jude, check out what he says about MABUS in his prophecy. Then think about Obama naming a guy named Mabus as the man in charge of the Gulf oil spill. Obama referred to him as “a son of the Gulf” at a news conference when he appointed him as Mr. Mabus is from Mississippi. Freaky!

  • Dr. Stuart Scheckner

    As a victim of mercury toxicity from a spill in my dental practice,I understand the insidious danger from poisons. The average physician does not have a clue when it comes to toxicity. Diagnosis and treatment of toxicity problems are not well understood by many physicians. Toxic rain and air will be a nightmare. How do you wake up those who represent us. I had already thought about the toxic effect of the oil on residents around the coast so this article was very compelling to me.