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Mankind’s Most Desperate Hour

Published on May 3, 2012

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May of 1998. This is a close-up look into the insanity of the main governments of the world over the last 67 years.

It’s totally amazing what we have had to live with and get used to in the modern age. Increasing radiation is just one of the menaces building up in the background as we badly pollute our world with heavy metals like mercury and with a host of other chemicals and plastic. It looks increasingly like we are drawing the curtains over the future of all our children and that is profoundly sad.

We are being blindsided from multiple sources, kicked and buffeted around on the parts per million, billion and even trillion levels and this is polluting our bodies and gumming up the works. What I call the Hun Hordes of mercury is now being joined with the Hun Hordes of uranium, Hun Hordes of a host of other radioactive particles, and even Hun Hordes of plutonium because just a little bit of that will subdue the human race, putting many into their graves.

Our governments and the nuclear power industry have created a strong nuclear wind that has been circling the globe for decades but is now intensifying because of what is happening in Fukushima. This past year alone we have changed the radioactive profile of the entire northern hemisphere.

Imagine a nuclear war starting tomorrow and for the next 2053 days (approximately five years) a nuclear bomb going off somewhere in the world. Would you be frightened? All I hear these days from informal sources is that cancer rates are going through the roof. If so, would they tell us? Perhaps in a few years when it’s too late they might.

One does not have to be a prophet to see what is coming at this point. The earthquakes are real and are intensifying and so are the volcanoes. This weekend is a super moon (see below) and the gravitational forces will be a shade different because of the closer proximity of the moon. The earth has been threatening. Yesterday Mexico got hit with two big earthquakes. I think there is a good chance something is going to tear along the ring of fire in the Pacific this weekend—could come anywhere but the last place we want this to happen is off the northern coast of Japan.

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The creation, accumulation, “stock-piling” and dispersal of incomprehensibly astronomical quantities of synthetic radio-nuclides represents a planetary biological weapons system aimed right down the throat of humanity and its children. We have failed ourselves and we have certainly failed humanity’s children. We are robbing them of their future and this is one of the ugliest truths about us. You can clearly see the banks and top government officials around the world doing that financially, but when it comes to radiation contamination, it’s forever.

We really should all probably being praying that building No. 4 does not come down. If there was ever a moment that humanity should be praying together, it is now. If that dirty, radioactive spent-fuel pool goes down, the consequences are really too horrible to imagine. It’s mankind’s most desperate hour but you would never know that by looking at the news.

Christians should know what Christ meant when he said to himself, “Devil get thee behind me.” A saint knows when their mind fabricates insane thoughts and ideas, and that is what makes them a saint. The rest of us fail pretty miserably (that’s why we are not saints). Few people know of or admit to their own ignorance and how that contributes to a matrix that is weaving our downfall.

Our desperate hour is, in part, created by our failure to see or properly define what human insanity is. Everyone I know would agree that it would be insanity to inject lead into a kid’s veins via the childhood vaccination program, but doctors get away with injecting children with mercury, which is much more toxic. Dumping toxic fluoride into public water supplies is insane, but they do it and get away with it.

While we are talking about Christ, he also said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Well we can see our civilization is going to end on this point so beware and take care. It is the rich men who are running the world into the ground and we are letting them. Most of us are actually with them, with the mainstream that is helpless before their supreme handlers that pull the strings from behind the curtains. They are insane and are permanently barred from the kingdom of heaven so they really don’t care the havoc they wreak and the ruin they create, it seems.

Immanuel Velikovsky wrote in his book, Earth in Upheaval, “Denial, omission, marginalization, disinformation and outright lies have surrounded every aspect of ‘the peaceful atom.’ In the wake of Fukushima, public relations, the engineering of consent, and reality-inversion have reached unprecedented levels of incredulity. The global mass-media apparatus continues to be instrumental in maintaining the ‘deafening silence’ on all things nuclear. Meanwhile, the radioactive fires rage on, bringing ‘hot particles’, cancer and mutation to every corner of the globe.”

May 1, 2012 – SPACE – Skywatchers take note: The biggest full moon of the year is due to arrive this weekend. The moon will officially become full Saturday (May 5) at 11:35 p.m. EDT. And because this month’s full moon coincides with the moon’s perigee—its closest approach to Earth—it will also be the year’s biggest. The moon will swing in 221,802 miles (356,955 kilometers) from our planet, offering skywatchers a spectacular view of an extra-big, extra-bright moon, nicknamed a super moon. And not only does the moon’s perigee coincide with full moon this month, but this perigee will be the nearest to Earth of any this year, as the distance of the moon’s close approach varies by about 3%, according to meteorologist Joe Rao,’s skywatching columnist. This happens because the moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular. This month’s full moon is due to be about 16% brighter than average. In contrast, later this year on Nov. 28, the full moon will coincide with apogee, the moon’s farthest approach, offering a particularly small and dim full moon. Though the unusual appearance of this month’s full moon may be surprising to some, there’s no reason for alarm, scientists warn. The slight distance difference isn’t enough to cause any earthquakes or extreme tidal effects, experts say. However, the normal tides around the world will be particularly high and low. At perigee, the moon will exert about 42% more tidal force than it will during its next apogee two weeks later, Rao said. The last super moon occurred in March 2011. – SPACE

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Mainstream Media Can’t figure out how to handle the consequences of this event but finally found a way to report radioactive Tuna.

  • There is a nuclear test missing in this display. South Africa and Israel conducted a joint test in the mid 1970’s in the South Atlantic.

  • Aleida Centeno

    Why is it that ARGUS (August 27, 1958 to September 6, 1958) is not acknowledged. It waa performed between latitude 8 and 10 longitude 55. No mention to it near Argentina. It has driven the most scary behavior being the DARPA”S project Sleight of HAND (High Altitude Nuclear Detonation) a remediative project to “deflect” radiation deep into the atmosphere. Yes where we live. (Page 253 and 254 of DARPA’s 2005’s Budget and a Report to The House Committee on Weapons and Asymetrical Threats, dated March 2006. Please read page 6 of a document totled “The Arecibo Geomagnetic Conjugate Point in Argentina”. It describes how radiation is being sent to the earth to protect orbiting satellites!! If we are to fight against nuclear devices, fighting against remediative programs is in order to protect life in earth.

  • roun

    Sad. In watching the nuclear detonations, my brain was forming when California had the majority of it’s detonations and Nevada. My IQ must have suffered somewhat, I believe I lost some IQ points during brain formation. Just a fraction below gifted. Makes me wonder how my life could have been.

    • steve

      what you lack in iq is more than compensated by pomposity- fraction below gifted – hahaha

  • drew

    And just more food for thought here is a headline( shown below) I received today from a friend of mine. This is very scary stuff, this is a symposium at the University of Philosophical Research in LA.

    End of the Human: Extinction or Transcendence?
    Posthumanism, Transhumanism, and
    Superhumanism in the 21st Century

  • drew

    Dr Sircus

    What do you advise on nsodes? These are supposed to be in place of vaccines.


    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Here is what Dr. Sircus responds to your question about nosodes which are used in homeopathy:

      He said: “I really don’t like homeopathy that much but it is safe. And for the future with survival concerns on the table I would suggest people stick with the basics.”

  • Gilgamesh

    Brown gas can clean up nuclear waste, but the Chines developing the Brown gas technologies. I dont know how Brown gas would clean up the planet, but it could be a good way to clean up the nuclear plants. But I guess big corporations already have billions of dollar contracts to store, and handle nuclear wastes, maybe it is a big money maker.
    To clean up the Planet, and the environment, I think we would have to use The Tom Bearden
    technologies, he wrote about it on the American Kabuki website.

    • drew

      The powers that are running planet Earth have no desire to stop the madness nor “clean up the mess” we need to come together as one human group carrying the torch of humanity and tell the “powers” destroying this planet that we will not take take it anymore! Call, write, protest using all forms of communication. Just say NO! Run for Office in you town, city, county, state, country! Be the change and for God’s sake hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are in serious trouble here on Earth!! A line from the show Star Trek is on my mind lately! Chekov is stuck on a nuclear “wessel” in San Francisco and about to be captured by the 20th century ships crew, the nuclear power of the ship is inhibiting Checkov’s escape and just as the door is being breached Chekov calls into his communication device “Scotty, now would be a good time”! So yes if we could all get off the planet now would be a good time, but since we can’t, now would be a good time to SPEAK UP!!!!

  • Jerry Johnston

    Two or three things Dr. Sircus. I respect your work, especially your lack of fear to tell the population of this world the truth as to what’s being carried in our high winds and why. If we are gaining on our time here on this plane, we will go knowing you spoke up as to what’s going on, rather than hide it, as the powers to be do so well. You speak of the Saints knowing the insanity of the world, and they do but from what I understand they are beyond the mind, and know of the future as well. They say karma dictates everything, and that has always been His plan. Where there is a pull, there also is a push, physically and mentally. So there’s always been a balance, and even though the end seems close, as it has many times, that balance always fulfils itself, so we will survive this as we did before. Your insight has no piers though. Now on a more sober tone, have you ever thought about writing to us about sugar. Not just of its mainstream problems like diabetes, but for us who try to live and eat healthy, we are inundated with, for example too many vegan cookies over a 6 month period, with dehydrated unprocessed cane sugar, that can cause the overgrowth of yeast which can cause many problematic issues. I personally did this and had a Pilondial Cyst that keep oozing whiteish blood until it just stoped, and it was the second one in my 60 years. Then with antifungals and molybdenum to push it out of the body, and kidney and liver herbs for strengthening for the detox, to still have problems from the carbs in the pasta I so much like for dinner. So there’s sugar or carbs or of whatever form always causing havoc, with our digestive tract, flora, and other fungal issues from mold and such. Someone needs to put, what I haven’t done here very well, into some kind of order, so for the millions who been abused with antibiotics, given for everything known to man to help cure, and had the good flora eaten and repleaced with yeast, to probably forever lose that balance of flora, that we now have allergies, skin flare ups, pimples, on 50 year old that are a true nuscense. If someone could put it together so we that have through much effort and sacrafice got our bodies healthy to a pretty good degree, not have to have these inflammatory conditons that I think relate back to sugar to big degree. Thanks for listening. Sincerely Jerry Johnston

    • David

      There was a Japanese doctor who saved most of his patients within a mile of the nuclear ‘terror’ bombing in 1945. His patients that survived ate seaweed – they became known as the seaweed eaters. They also ate NO SUGAR. Sugar interferes with your immune system, leaches minerals from your bones, plus other ill effects noted above. My nuclear survival menu includes miso soup with seaweed and shitake mushrooms (grown indoors), and NO SUGAR or refined carbohydrates. Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome = excellent ebook on staying alive. The elite told us they plan to kill off over six billion of us, and Fukushima will be one of their biggest killers. The gulf oil ‘spill’ is another, which like Fukushima may have been planned. Tepco, BP, and all the other big cartels are owned by the House of Rothchild (HOR), which owns most of the planets wealthy and wants it all. WAKE UP!!!

      • Claudia – IMVA Staff

        Thanks David for the good information!

        Dr. Sircus has written about the Miso soup benefit and experience of the Japanese doctor treating radiation victims. Its good that you are obtaining indoor grown seaweed and hopefully no one will rely on seaweed products coming from the oceans near China or Japan, and maybe not even from elsewhere since radiation is affecting so much of our waters. We now need to watch our sources!

      • Gilgamesh

        Criminal farmers growing GMO foods and feeding it to innocent animals.
        See picture of pig, that was fed with GM soy on, in health and wellness.