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No One is Watching

Published on October 1, 2013

We are within weeks of what may be humankind’s most dangerous moment and it is coming just as the greatest credit bubble in history is about to pop. Images of the movie Armageddon, with Bruce Willis, have been hanging like a cloud over me. In the movie, everyone on earth was watching to see if Willis would succeed in blowing up the incoming asteroid. If he and his team failed, everyone on earth was going to die so everyone was paying attention and praying for salvation.

The most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced is upon us and no one is watching. Only a few have reported on what is about to happen starting in November. The operation, to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel beneath the plant’s damaged Reactor No. 4, could set off a catastrophe greater than any we have ever seen, independent experts warn. An operation of this scale, says plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company, has never been attempted before, and is fraught with danger. 

The New York Times reports, “Thousands of workers and a small fleet of cranes are preparing for one of the latest efforts to avoid a deepening environmental disaster that has China and other neighbors increasingly worried: removing spent fuel rods from the damaged No. 4 reactor building and storing them in a safer place.”

The Japan Times writes, “In November, Tepco plans to begin the delicate operation of removing spent fuel from Reactor No. 4 [with] radiation equivalent to 14,000 times the amount released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Removing its spent fuel, which contains deadly plutonium, is an urgent task. The consequences could be far more severe than any nuclear accident the world has ever seen. If a fuel rod is dropped, breaks or becomes entangled while being removed, possible worst-case scenarios include a big explosion, a meltdown in the pool, or a large nuclear fire. Any of these situations could lead to massive releases of deadly radionuclides into the atmosphere, putting much of Japan — including Tokyo and Yokohama — and even neighboring countries at serious risk.”

The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is preparing to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel from a damaged reactor building. Containing more than 1,300 used fuel rod assemblies packed tightly together they need to be removed from a the third floor of a building that is vulnerable to collapse, should another large earthquake hit the area.

Tepco expects to take about a year removing the assemblies. Each fuel rod assembly weighs about 300 kilograms (660 pounds) and is 4.5 meters (15 feet) long. Spent fuel rods also contain plutonium, one of the most toxic substances in the universe.

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Former U.N. adviser Akio Matsumura calls removing the radioactive materials from the Fukushima fuel pools “an issue of human survival”. Mycle Schneider and Antony Froggatt said recently in their World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013, “Full release from the Unit-4 spent fuel pool, without any containment or control, could cause by far the most serious radiological disaster to date.”

The operation, beginning this November at the plant’s Reactor No. 4, is fraught with danger, including the possibility of a large release of radiation if a fuel assembly breaks, gets stuck or gets too close to an adjacent bundle. Removing the rods from the pool is a delicate task normally assisted by computers, according to Toshio Kimura, a former Tepco technician, who worked at Fukushima Daiichi for 11 years. “Previously it was a computer-controlled process that memorized the exact locations of the rods down to the millimeter and now they don’t have that. It has to be done manually so there is a high risk that they will drop and break one of the fuel rods,” Kimura said.

Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata stated that if the 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground—collapses it will affect the common spent fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4. In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air. This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced. Such a catastrophe would affect us for centuries.

Hiroshi Tasaka, who has a doctorate in nuclear engineering and is now a professor at Tama University said, “The biggest risk during the meltdown crisis wasn’t the reactors themselves but the spent fuel pools sitting atop them, particularly the one above reactor 4, which still contains about 1,500 nuclear fuel assemblies. I would say the crisis opened Pandora’s box.”

A spent fuel pool. Highly radioactive “spent fuel rods” must be kept submerged under at least 20 feet of constantly circulating cold water for at least five years after being removed from the reactor core

The infrastructure to safely remove this material was destroyed as it was at the other three reactors. Spent reactor fuel cannot be simply lifted into the air by a crane as if it were routine cargo. In order to prevent severe radiation exposures, fires and possible explosions, it must be transferred at all times in water and heavily shielded structures into dry casks.

Arnie Gundersen, a veteran U.S. nuclear engineer and director of Fairewinds Energy Education, who used to build fuel assemblies, has a lot to say about what we all have to live through during the next year. “They are going to have difficulty in removing a significant number of the rods. There is a risk of an inadvertent criticality if the bundles are distorted and get too close to each other. The problem with a fuel pool criticality is that you cannot stop it. There are no control rods to control it. The spent fuel pool cooling system is designed only to remove decay heat, not heat from an ongoing nuclear reaction. The rods are also vulnerable to fire should they be exposed to air. I think they’re belittling the complexity of the task. If you think of a nuclear fuel rack as a pack of cigarettes, if you pull a cigarette straight up it will come out — but these racks have been distorted. Now when they go to pull the cigarette straight out, it’s going to likely break and release radioactive cesium and other gases, xenon and krypton, into the air. I suspect come November, December, January we’re going to hear that the building’s been evacuated, they’ve broke a fuel rod, the fuel rod is off-gassing.”

“I suspect we’ll have more airborne releases as they try to pull the fuel out. If they pull too hard, they’ll snap the fuel. I think the racks have been distorted, the fuel has overheated — the pool boiled – and the net effect is that it is likely some of the fuel will be stuck in there for a long, long time. The net effect is they have the bundles of fuel, the cigarettes in these racks, and as they pull them out, they are likely to snap a few. When you snap a nuclear fuel rod, that releases radioactivity again, so my guess is, its things like krypton-85, which is a gas, cesium will also be released, strontium will be released. They’ll probably have to evacuate the building for a couple of days. They’ll take that radioactive gas and they’ll send it up the stack, up into the air, because xenon can’t be scrubbed, it can’t be cleaned, so they’ll send that radioactive xenon up into the air and purge the building of all the radioactive gases and then go back in and try again,” concluded Gundersen.


All the resources of humanity need to be mustered and focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4. There is doubt that even such a concerted effort would have the scientific, engineering or financial resources to handle it. It is a national security matter for the United States, being directly downwind as it is, but the American president would rather go to war with Syria and much of the rest of the world and the congress would rather stop his Obamacare even at the risk of shutting down much of the American government. This crisis comes just as the Obama Administration is trying to provide a $8.3 billion loan to build the first new nuclear plants in the U.S. in almost 30 years. What kind of ironic insanity is that?

The absence of media attention and focus reveals how much in the matrix the masses of humanity are, led by arrogant people whose stupidity knows no end. We are in the worst hands imaginable, ones who have the most difficult time imaginable admitting fault or mistake.

Special Note: Now that we have really blown it on the nuclear front, why don’t we call on the alien races that now officially are declared to live among us to help us in our need? If they are supposed to be so superior let them go over to Fukushima and clean up the mess. What trip they are into playing hide and seek with us is beyond me but the game is over and all intelligent life on this planet needs to come together to not let the worst-case scenario in Fukushima happen. 

Perhaps these alien races have been trying hard to save us from ourselves (I don’t see much evidence of any success with that.  At the minimum we (through prayer), our governments, militaries, engineers and scientists, need to come together in a Manhattan Project (but this time definitely not led by the United States government) to do everything possible to protect future generations from a nuclear nightmare that only plutonium can bring.

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  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    What trip are they playing?
    It’s called “The Prime Directive”
    and most humans and politicians and CEO’s cannot handle that.

  • Shorty

    God Help us!

  • Brady2600

    “much of the rest of the world and the congress would rather stop his
    Obamacare even at the risk of shutting down much of the American

    This doesn’t help keep focus on the real danger. “government shutdown” is no where near actual government shut down. 85 percent of government was operating as it always does, and the portion of employees that were not were able to not only collect unemployment, but also receive back pay for work they never did after it was over. The administration went out of its way to block off access and provide additional policing of areas that normally have no policing, no access restrictions. Much of what the government did concerning the shutdown represented increases in government.

  • Olivia Perez-Armendariz

    It seems like we need to begin focusing on a way to nutrualize the toxic substances versus remove them at this point. There is such a large concentration of contaminated water and nowhere to dump it anyway. A new solution must be invented…

  • Joy

    Green energy can also help!

  • Ana Morris


  • ann clarke

    a monumental ‘fail’ in the making. kiss goodbye to life as we know it

  • Johon, Master of the pan flute

    Isn’t this the Gozilla story?

  • susan

    ☢ Fukushima Petitions to Sign & Share! ☢
    ☢ Japan Needs Worldwide Help NOW! ☢

    “Seventeen international scientists and experts, including Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen, wrote to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging international action on the Fukushima Daiichi crisis.” Read their letter here:

    ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢

  • simpleman56 & both are up dated daily about what is going on with this disaster, they are not perfect but better than the MSM who lack of coverage proves they are own by the corporate elite whom have ensured this story does not reach the public who believe every word the MSM puts out! is a must read for those who what the truth from what went on from day of the Fukushima nuke plants melt downs. You will see FOIA reports from Japan, the White house, the NRC, EPA & Military! This one provable cover up by the heads of state, even France was scared it would damage how people in France felt about nuclear power! Also our nuke plants have been having problem after problem & some have been shut down while other remain running when they should be shut down for good! Our Spent Fuel Pools are at risk from mother nature & man made screw ups! Why are these fuel pools over full? Congress would fund to put these SFR’s in dry Cast at the request of the NRC & the group of concerned scientist!
    Nov is coming soon, all eyes will be on spent fuel pool 4!

  • boggaeddin

    Commenting on post by Kai Chung below:

    “If you build a reactor somewhere which is not exposed to natural
    disasters you can increase the safety exponentially over what they had
    at Fukushima.”

    Where is that exactly? The moon perhaps? There is ample evidence that from the long term perspective this entire planet has been and will again be exposed to natural disasters on a massive scale. A global flood that wiped out an advanced civilization 12,500 years ago may seem a work of fiction to most. That does not alter the growing body of evidence that such an event actually took place or that we have yet to rediscover most of what was lost.

  • Guest

    Any cited works or sources in this article?

    • Faustinah Santiago,

      At least 7 works/sources are hyperlinked in this essay………look for the lighter blue and underlined words and click on them to take you to the source article.
      Claudia French

  • CLS Nolan

    And this has what to do with what they’re doing in China? Not a damned thing.
    “but the American president would rather go to war with Syria and much of the rest of the world and the congress would rather stop his Obamacare even at the risk of shutting down much of the American government”.

    • First of all, CLS Nolan, Fukushima is in Japan, not China, and secondly I guess you missed the point about the US President and the US Congress’ priorities in light of the serious problem in Japan that is going to affect us all. It a powerful statement on the real US amount of concern for the world and its citizens.
      Claudia French

  • jake

    really?… a “big explosion” or a “nuclear fire?” Its pretty obvious to anyone who has any background at all in any of the areas of science that you are referring to that you really don’t know what you’re talking about… either that or you are really trying to dumb it down. Which is equally bad. I’m not disputing the story. Just tell the truth and don’t exaggerate so you can have more hits onine.

  • Jennifer Strang

    There are multiple problems with :”green: energy and other energies that can be described as technotopian. The main problem is that they do not address the “business as usual” approach to the “Western World’s” attempt to keep consumption and privilege at status quo (which is why will continue to see racist attempts to blame other industrializing nations for not doing their part). Current consumption levels cannot continue. They cannot even be close to the current ghost slave usage. If people simply read the most important book on technology ever written, they would understand this. Overshoot by William Catton. Read it please. Another problems with most green energy is that it is also highly pollutive and also requires high amounts of “nongreen” energy to function. If copper wiring is involved it will kill us in the end. Oil/coal/gas will still be required to make “green” energy equipment (wind mills, solar power batteries, etc.), to transport it, to repair it, to install it, to replace it. Wind power and solar (and others) is utterly dependent on gas to function. We could continue clear cutting all the forests as well or put microwaves on the moon (a real proposal — I shit you not) or develop hydrogen cells or use hemp (etc etc). The real problem is that we have overshot our landbases with people and the corresponding technology that came with it (what this means is that the US is far and away the worst even though other countries like India and China have many more people). As technology grows and expands the crash bubble keeps growing and growing and growing. It will eventually pop and the longer it expands, the larger that burst is going to be. We will all be back to the stone age (well most of who survive — the uber powerful will have their well guarded eco villages) at some point. Civilization and progress are the problem — not the answer, as technotopians will have you believe. Overshoot by William Catton — please read this — it should be required reading for every high school student. Do away with mandated tests and just make this book mandatory reading.

  • patricia

    If this is true why don’t they build an enclosure around the pool and rebuild the computer system needed ? Or why don’t they move the entire pool ?

  • Hardy Kalberlah

    I don’t think we can wait for “aliens” to solve this problem for us anytime soon. A very long time ago I heard a wise man say that “using nuclear energy to make electricity is akin to lighting your cigar with a stick of dynamite”. I had to agree with him then and I still feel that way now. Maybe…..Just maybe we as a human population could make the decision now to shut down all nuclear power plants and clean up our own mess before we are forced to leave behind a totally unlivable world.

  • I do not see this exercise beginning on November being accoplished without error.
    This is not “doomsday thinking”, this is common sense.

    What is being attempted has never been done previously so to a great extent they’ll be making it up as they go along, having no precedents for guidance.

    When even a minor error or misjudgement may have major unwanted consequences for the whole world – and possibly beyond – politcal wrangling, war and fiscal inconveniences pale into insignificance.

    Folks really do need to re-assess their priorities.

  • Frederick E. Reeves

    We are years late taking Nuclear Reactors seriously because a company like GE was so big and had such a perfect record everyone poo pooed our concerns when we were talking about places like the Z 9 trench at Hanford’s Nuclear trigger plant whose waste problem ended up in the Colombia River and you could watch the progress on the internet. This is bupkis compared to four reactors simultaneously getting corrupted.

    Much like the dumb fucks at BP who built thousands of wells below the level they were accessible to fix when there was a catastrophe. Corporation ARE responsible for what they create to make profits. If their creation fucks up the planet, they pay from their profits what is necessary to fix the fucking problem. This is not too hard to figure out. Except Congress is a useless sack of shit these days letting a few corrupt Congress men and women take money from the corrupt Fascist Businesses that control them because they want the government to come down because they DON’T want to be held legally responsible for their own lack of responsibility in the Nuclear movement. They just wanted to take the money and run. Who cares if the stupid planning caused the biggest nuclear disaster on the planet. GE don’t give a fuck….and so it goes. Good luck and the last one out close the lights.

  • Angry Person

    hahaha I expected this to be something about the actual EARTH but instead it’s another toxic man made problem. what the flying FU*K. Why doesn’t the world use natural energy, wind, water, ect. oh yea BECAUSE IT’S FREE. Money hungry world.

  • Alejandra Quintero

    We humanitiy need to once and for all take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and stop hoping that some God or duperior Alien saves us from the mess we’ve created. That is the evolutionary lesson we need to learn, and that is why they can intervene. we need yo grow up as a species and reclaim our power!

  • simpleman56

    Put a frog in a pot & turn the heat up, that is what a pro nuke is! He will die with billions who eat, drinks & breaths Pu!

  • simpleman56

    Over 50 plus years of nuclear testing have killed more people than WW1 & 2, the cancer & other radiation deaths have been hidden by the pro nuke profiteers, now add in Fukushima where there is no known way to contain the damage already done & in the process of expanding to every ocean & fresh water source on earth with no way to stop it from ending up in all of the food & life that the earth sustains! If your a pro nuke you have been apart of the worse crime against all life! That being said, there was many different forms of energy that was shut down because it would have ended the families strangle hold on humans! There is a difference in Hemp & Pot, hemp garments will not mildew & cotton will, which one would be best on a wound? So If the people knew the truth & not the force feed Propaganda this world would a hell of lot cleaner & not looking at 250,000 years of Pu to stop killing !

  • Joes

    Horribly written sensationalisim.

    For example, once I got to “plutonium, one of the most toxic substance in the universe” I couldn’t read this drabble any further.

    Because a substance that is “most toxic on earth” wouldn’t be quite toxic enough? Because plutonium is just so toxic that you have to compare it to other substances in the universe that can’t be found on earth?
    Grow up Dr Sircus, Ac. OMD, DM (P)

  • Jiiah Rose

    Thank you for this article. My question is, what can WE the people do? Right NOW!!!?? Are we all just sitting ducks? Waiting in anticipation for the end of the world as we know it? I just can’t believe that a minority of twisted people are in charge of the well being of our precious planet. And we the majority have no choice but to shit back and watch it happen? Writing our big thoughts in little columns, posting on facebook etc, while they watch, and try to keep us distracted with staged WARS, movies, miley cyrus’s and what treats you’ll find in your next Mc Donald’s happy meal. ‘They’ the governments we know and “trust” are probably well prepared to protect THEIR families from such devastating events. When Sh*t hits the fan, you think Obama is running back to save you? and maybe that the people that would ultimately be saved from this sort of catastrophe would be the ones who created it. What does it take to get THE PEACEFUL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD to stand together? I think it’s time for another 60’s revolution!! People need to WAKE UP and RISE UP…NOW!
    It is truly time to take back our rightful power as a human being born unto this world. They, the people that “take care” of us, who make sure we have safe little boxes to live and operate in, VERY CLEARLY have no clue what they are doing, well….or do they? are they the ‘intelligent’ life force? I truly hope not. But either way, why are we waiting? I’m pretty sure there are enough intelligent people on the planet right now to make the change we wish to see. And yet, we wait, and consciously watch, as they win, destroy and manipulate our minds and our home.
    We are ALL strong, loving beings, that know what is good for our planet. A collective consciousness, whether like it or not, we ARE all one. You would think that in times like these we would remember that.
    Passports, borders, money, walls, status, everything surrounding you right now…. means nothing when our planet is dead.
    There has never been a more vital time to act. But how? Where do we begin? Any suggestions…..

  • densely

    I don’t see why this nuclear engineer is so concerned over the lack of control rods in the pool. Dumping a wheelbarrow full of borax into the pool would prevent a criticality incident.

  • RMG

    Surely fraught not wrought.

  • Ken

    Did you mean “fraught with danger” rather than “wrought…” ?

  • LuvinJesus2

    Yeshua is the answer: His Name means Saviour

  • Rasikananda dasa

    Here’s an innovative natural solution to Radiation: Cow Dung

    Anyone able to do any tests?

    Would be interesting to see how it could be used in this dire case.

  • Miriam Delicado

    Thank you for this article. I for one am a part of the “alien” presence here and no…. that is not a joke. I will have all my threads praying for all involved in this work for Humanity and life here on the planet. I woke up today after a nightmare that I woke up to a nuclear blast that destroyed a city and effected the world. This article coming to me today causes me to have great concern more than was there a day ago. I will be sending as much strength for the work to be done with ease. To protect life itself. thank you. Miriam Delicado

  • Matthew Duncan

    Bamboo is the answer. It grows about a Meter a day. Processes 10 times more CO2 than trees and produces 10 time more oxygen than trees. Bamboo can now be made into: roof tiles, material, bed linen, scaffolding, cutlery, bowls & plates, Flooring and a crap load of other items. It grows like wild fire, looks beautiful, and will save the world in more ways than one. The density of bamboo means it burns hot and last a long time.
    I’m surprised it’s not being grown/ used more.

  • AvaSD

    I think what we need to get from this article is that the long term solutions, though really great to present for the future of our planet, may not even matter if we don’t survive this cleanup happening in our immediate future. None of it will matter. None of it. This sucks to say the least. It really sucks.

  • Elyse O’Connor

    Omg this is serious. Thank you for posting. I believe more help s on the way…i

  • vglap

    hey, can any of you recommend a solution to the immediate issue of these fuel rods? Otherwise thoughts of alternative fuels will be moot….

  • apeman2502

    More Google pinheads.

  • apeman2502

    Drt. Sircus, please email me at My information and requests are being erased. If it is you doing it, say so.

  • apeman2502

    Discus lacks the spine to positively manage necessary correspondence on this matter. please email me at

  • apeman2502

    Ditch the Rockefeller/Bush criminal cabal or we are screwed.

  • apeman2502

    Sanity, Dr. Sircus. Thank you for this. If I may suggest…
    STEP 1) Terminate the command of the Rockefeller/Bush criminal cabal, with extreme prejudice if necessary.
    STEP 2) With the accomplishment of STEP 1, expect a relieved group of TEPCO and other Japanese competent and able scientists and technicians familiar with aspects of the Fukushima plant, its operations, and damage. They then can positively advise as to how and with whom to proceed.
    STEP3) Call me up to help, but not before STEPS 1 and STEP2 have been achieved.
    STEP4) Send the Rockefeller/Bush criminal cabal the bill.
    STEP5) Any delay in payment-in-full should result in confiscation of ALL material assets of related parties and incarcerate whoever gets in your face during STEP5. Any attempt to hide assets should be met by permanent incarceration. Permanent.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Free energy is as real today as it was before Tesla demonstrated a wireless light bulb and cold electricity in 1899. Theory was not understood at the time, it is now.

    Basically, the free energy is coming from our high speed motion as we travel through the universe. Does it seem unimaginable that we are travelling at 559.4 miles per second in our journey through space?

    Extraterrestrial technology could shut Fukishima down using their advanced processes. The first thing though, we need to STOP THE WAR. We must have the authority to issue our money to hire the specialists to handle the job. We can do it, but it must be done before the plant blows up.

    Once that plant goes Vesuvius, it will be too late. Hopefully labor will rise up and STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the authority to issue our money. Only a short time to do it.

    As to free energy, here’s a link that explores the theoretical aspects.

  • An educated scientist

    I find this article to be alarmist and written with a bias to make people unnessarily anxious. The author has a loose and poor understanding of the science and engineering issues at hand. What background does a naturopath and acupuncturist bring to this discussion?

  • Mary Maxfield

    Anyone who thinks human error is just, well, insignificant human error, also forgets that the BIGGEST human error that occured at fukushima was the idea to place the plant right on top of the convergence of 3 earthquake fault lines in the first place. The hubris of humanity is what is at fault with dangerous activities such as nuclear energy, and until that genetic defect is irradicated in the species, it is our obligation to future generations to continue standing up to the insane sociopathology of the ruling industrial elite looking for a profit wherever there is a dollar to be made.

    And just another point, about hemp; hemp was planted at chernobyl to help clean up the mess there, and it has done a miraculous job of “filtering” the radioactive contaminants from the air and soil. People who aren’t familiar with that need to do their research. People who think hemp is a pie-in-the-sky, dream-on concept are as victimized by the same faulty DNA as the those who continue to ride roughshod over the rest of us, resigning themselves to a dark “reality” of faulty thinking from the start.

    The god called complex technology is not our savior. That god, complex technology, is a trickster, fooling the human into believing they are in control of the energies in the elements–wind, air, earth, fire, water–of the earth.

  • Julie Martineau

    For your information, about breakthrough energy:
    The Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013
    is SOLD OUT, but is going to be live streamed.
    For free !
    Oct. 10, 11, 12 – 10 AM-9 PM MDT (UTC -6) (Boulder, Colorado)
    Watch the free broadcast here:

  • Mike Lucido

    You nailed it squarely on the head, my friend.
    “… the masses of humanity are led by arrogant people whose stupidity knows no end. We are in the worst hands imaginable,…”
    We make your cars and buildings as safe as possible, but we build the most deadly imaginable, unsafe power sources around them. That’s like having no-smoking signs next to a raging yet controlled, bon-fire in the center of the auditorium, on-going to keep the seats warm.

  • rustin27

    he had me till he started talking about aliens…. don’t get me wrong, I believe in aliens, but there is a time and a place for talking about them and this was not it. bad form peter, bad form.



  • Ali

    Why don’t they build the containment facility around the plant and then extract the rods?

  • Expert Idiot

    So, is nuclear power really “clean”?

  • bioduk

    Where will the rods be moved to???

    • densely

      To another storage pool that’s in the ground, not on the fourth floor of a damaged building.

  • DanishHawaiian

    Hello Doc. You got a mention on SuspiciousObserver (YouTube) yesterday.

  • Fear and Loathing on Fukushima Unit 4 SFP (Plume-Gate)

  • Floyd Kelly

    This would be the perfect time to open a dimensional-portal to send
    all those spent fuel rods to another place and time and dimension —
    just an idea — this situation requires thinking outside the box

  • debunker of crazy people

    ok this is ridiculous Aliens!!!!! what the heck is this coming from? it make the entire article unbelievable! Dr. Sircus should stay in the circus and top writing stupid articles..

  • jenni b

    It should be noted that the president avoided war with Syria and the war with Congress was started by congress.

  • boece

    Watching the responses to this post is like watching a toddler amped up on twelve Monster energy drinks run around the day care with a freshly-sharpened straight razor in each hand. The level of irrational stupidity and echo chamber indoctrination is just that insane.

  • mumu

    what is it with the alien intelligent beings stuff at the end of this article? is it a joke?

    • Ken

      I know, right?

  • Manda O’Brien

    also, that video link above in the Special Note is very important, thank you again.

  • Manda O’Brien

    I thank you very much for that very important info. I wish the aliens would do the same, since its well known they have intervened in the past. Peace & Love to you and yours.

  • Steve

    I’m not a nuclear scientist, but is there any way to just build some kind of casing around the whole thing and leave it? Something that won’t allow radiation to escape? Lead based possibly? Why in the world are they going to try this with such a risk of disaster? Seems to me they should be able to do something else.

  • duh

    Meh meh meh meh, why won’t the aliens help us? waaaaaah why are we humans so retarded? mehhhhhh. Go do something yourself instead of depending on an alien race.

  • Alice Buehring

    Thank you for shedding more light on this dangerous operation. I have been made aware of this information from another concerned physician as well. I appreciate your mention of the damaged and precarious condition of the unit #4 building. Is it not also the case that building unit #4 is also significantly “tilted?” This “tilt” creates even more possibilities for catastrophe as cranes generally can only pull “straight up.” Gravity remains the same after all. Picture that. Given the US is down wind of this serious disaster in the making, the fact of the regular media lack of coverage of these events is a serious breach of trust. Pray the Divine guides the workers every movement.

  • UncommonStats™

    Yes, hemp is the answer, but the corporations who have cut down all the forest ran a Propaganda slime story back in the 30’s because it would have cost them trillions in profits, hemp was used for meds, food, & millions of uses for 1000’s of years, but the big Pharma & agents of the Rothschild’s & Rockefeller’s made sure is would not be used. Henry Ford built a auto all fro hemp & even fueled with hemp, but the elites had their way to shut it down!
    No to nukes & yes to GOD’s gift to all man kind, HEMP, it would bring millions of jobs to the USA & world & send the corporate Pharma to the landfills where their drugs need to be put in a container that would never leak out all of that poison! Hemp helps the soil & removes radiation studies have shown, but they never make the MSM & we know why!
    If States would tell the Feds to get out of their business & plant as much Hemp as possible, just the protein from the seeds would help to feed millions!
    George Washington found Hemp had many uses & so did the Indians who taught them the many uses!

  • Andrew Craig

    Perhaps you might have included the word “Fukushima” somewhere in the first four paragraphs?

  • Exquisite Corpse

    Time to develop the long-speculated technique of nuclear waste disposal known as ROCKET TO THE SUN!

    • Exquisite Corpse

      P.S. Anyone concerned about the environment as I am, and concerned about the ethics of sending nuclear waste into space, please consider that sending anything made of the solid, liquid, or gas states of matter via a rocket towards the sun, will vaporize completely and turn to plasma once inside the orbit of mercury and long before it reaches anywhere near the actual surface of the sun.

  • simpleman56

    If they screw up 4, they will not be able to get close enough to these spent fuel pools to ensure they are kept cool, so then you will have 3 fuel pools out of control sending Pu & all the other radiation elements into the air ,sea & food chains as it has already done for the past 2.5 years! All you suck ups to nuclear power as the clean safe energy remind me of these profressors who are over paid fagets that only show up for a pay check! When its your kids who die of radiation sickness you will change very fast! You nuke lovers are sick!

    • penguinsareflying

      The problem isn’t nuclear fission power itself, but Fukushima in particular.

      “In 1990, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) ranked the failure of the emergency electricity generators and subsequent failure of the cooling systems of plants in seismically very active regions one of the most likely risks. The Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) cited this report in 2004. According to Jun Tateno, a former NISA scientist, TEPCO did not react to these warnings and did not respond with any measures.[34]

      Filmmaker Adam Curtis mentioned the risks of the type of boiling water reactors cooling systems such as those in Fukushima I,[35] and claimed the risks were known since 1971[36] in a series of documentaries in the BBC in 1992 and advised that PWR type reactors should have been used.

      Fukushima had been warned their seawall was insufficient to withstand
      a powerful tsunami, but the seawall was not heightened raised in
      response.” (

      • Simon Svetlik

        What about uranium mining and its impact to community and environment?

        • Taylor

          What about the 2.4:1 birth ratio? That’s the main problem. More people more everything

      • Brady2600

        No, the problem is universal, because it is not about if nuclear power CAN be safe, but if those in charge will ever make the right choices simply because doing it right costs so much money. These fuel rods all could be inside dry casks, but they cost over a million bucks each.

        1,535 x 6,375 x 1million dollars+. They simply arn’t going to do that, especially considering they didn’t even build walls for the tsunamis.

    • Terry

      You make are really poor argument especially when you use and intentionally misspell a word like “faggot”. I’m sorry but your limited choice of derogatory words render you completely unbelievable. So sorry.

      • Ty

        i disagree with you fully.

      • Taylor badspell

        People who complain about grammar and spelling have nothing else to say usually because they are wrong lmao IMO. Nubs omg he is like not spelling that right omg omg I can’t stay on topic so I’m gunna complain like a bitch. This dude is right nuclear is fucking stupid way to cover the problem at hand, it’s never a preventative measure its always a “cure”. Thank you pharmaceutical company for making you all think that way.

  • DanishHawaiian

    We need to be shutting down and dismantling ALL nuclear devices pronto. We have what “They” are calling a comet (Comet Ison/Nibiru) headed our way right now and it has the potential to wreak havoc upon the Earth like nothing we have ever seen. Unless one is fortunate enough to be “Beamed up” as a part of the “Rapture” we are destined to see the most shocking changes the Earth has ever seen. Fukushima is just the tip of the iceberg if this catastrophe happens while hundreds of nuclear weapons and reactors are active and not dismantled.

    Only our mental ability to create our reality has the power to change this game before it is too late. WE DO create our reality, so I would like to suggest that we focus upon what it is that we WANT and create THAT, rather than stew in this pot of negativity and woe. Let us band together and see the Fukushima fuel pool safely dismantled and see the rest of the worlds nasty locations dismantled as well. WE ARE CREATORS! KNOW THIS and BE EMPOWERED!
    LOVE and LIGHT, to ALL

    • starlight

      All nuclear reactors should be dismantled immediately. There is way more happening Go to, Fight For Our Freedom Radio with Pattie Brassard(ex-Nasa astronaut) Pole Shift may be coming.

      • DanishHawaiian

        Starlight would you please post the link to the actual interview with Pattie Brassard? I have tried the link you provided, but cannot find the actual interview you recommend. There are too many categories and sub categories on this site to find this one.

    • TheSkyIsFalling

      So which alarmist doomsday theory are you referring to – Comet Ison, which has an ice core diameter of only a few miles (small in astronomical terms), which will have virtually no effect on earth, short of a direct impact, if it even makes it through the solar gauntlet? Or “X Planet” Nibiru, as predicted by Nancy Lieder in 1995, who claims to receive extra-terrestrial communications from the Zeta Reticuli system via an implanted chip in her brain? I would genuinely like to know what particular flavor of crazy you are, if nothing else than for personal curiosity. Don’t forget your foil hat when you get beamed up, I hear teleportation is hell on the old noggin.

      • DanishHawaiian

        Hey TheSky… NO Alarmist doomsday, The Hopi and many other indigenous cultures have reported this phenomena for centuries. If you have not seen this “body” because you’re not inclined to pay attention to NASA/JPL/SuspiciousObserver or other weather and satellite sites, then you might want to see what you can find out there now. Most of the major telescope sites have been shut down because they do not want people to see what is out there. The government shut down effected NASA more than any other agency (97% of the layoffs were to NASA) that was not by accident. They control those sites where the data and telescope images are kept track of. You are a shill. Always the same stuff out of you guys. There was a fly-by of Mars just a matter of days ago. Then suddenly the Gov. shuts down and removes all evidence of Mars being twisted around and pelted with massive debris. You keep talking big boy-shill. Then we will see what is coming behind this celestial body.

    • Harmony

      THANK YOU, this is all we can do and we can all do it.

    • Kasha

      OK yeah, but seriously, its last chance world, everyone start giving a fuck and donating money and expertise asap! hasn’t happened since this whole thing started, foresight of our race in general=not on that level …at all… fuck

    • Sean

      its not the comet that will hurt us. the sun that will light up the comet that could release a mass ejection, could. if at the time of ejection the sun is facing the earth, the flare has the potential to rip our atmosphere away

  • Lori

    Patrick Flanagan says he knows how to neutralize Fukushima. He is one of the top scientists on Earth.

    • paulrevere01

      with all due respect to Dr Flanagan…I watched his video, went to his site. The video is no more than his opinions about his dietary supplements plus a bit of “I know how to completely neutralize Fukushima”…well fer goodness sake there SIR, why are you waiting for ‘the experts’ to come to you? Why are you not IN FUKUSHIMA or where ever decisions are made showing your chops on how to do the neutralizing OF THE GREATEST CATASTROPHIC POTENTIAL TO HUMANITY EVER??

      Talk is cheap as they say…

      • Lori

        He did offer to go and help. Maybe they didn’t invite him to help. Someone would have to ask him for a current update.

  • chuchiputch

    Tons of this stuff is buried miles down into the Earth (is it Norway, Sweden, some place like that I forget – sorry memory problems), the are having to go deeper and deeper. Only trouble is the rock around it is beginning to show signs of strain , the casing is showing signs of deterioration (not expected). Some believe this digging out/tunneling nearer and nearer to the Earth’s centre is having an affect on the planet. What will happen if the casing go, the rock gives way!!!

  • Bluegreen

    The article is riveting up until the conclusion. This is a global dilemma, not O’Bama’s. It is not up to the USA to solve or respond to every crisis. Look to the UN to blame for inaction or solutions. Keep your ideologies out of the science.

  • Camille James Harman

    As a former alien abductee, I now believe the “aliens” are demons in disguise. Don’t wait for them to help us. How about praying to God. Also, according to the Bible, aliens don’t come down and help us and humanity does not have a happy ending. Nevertheless, we should make an effort to be kind to each other and clean up this mess as best we can.

    • falconfalkor

      that’s the plot of childhood’s end by arthur c clarke!

    • Mary Froemke

      what is god but an alien?? a higher intelligence that existed before the earth & therefor outside of it.. god = alien.

    • David Makin

      If you’re serious please seek psychiatric help.

  • Timothy Bauer

    The shear stupidity of all you morons on here should be harnessed. If it could, we would power the world for eternity. The events at Fukushima were the direct result of a tidal wave (aka tsunami) that flooded the auxiliary diesel generator power supply that runs the cooling pumps for the reactor and spent fuel pool. The earthquake did not cause any problems with the reactor, it was the ensuing tidal flooding. Let’s count up the death toll from the “nuclear accident”… um ZERO! Now let’s talk about how many Japanese villagers were swept away by the same tsunami… 15,000+ NEWSFLASH: Nature is dangerous!

    And comparing Fukushima to Chernobyl is about as moronic as it gets. Chernobyl was a positive reactivity coefficient reactor, as opposed to Fukushima and all other reactors in the the free world, which are negative reactive designs. Chernobyl used a graphite moderator and all other reactors use water. Look, before your eyes glaze over from these technical details, understand that Chernobyl happened because it was the worst design in the history of mankind and was run by an overly corrupt government. The reason that Fukushima happened is a massive natural disaster occurred. The result: Natural Disaster death toll was infinitely greater than that of any nuclear related issues.

    Do you really think that if solar and wind power were viable options, power companies would choose nuclear instead?! That’s moronic at best and fear mongering at worst. Wake up! Nuclear technology is safer than any other form of energy that ever existed. Stop fearing the unknown and get educated. Check and see how many people die from the flu, car crashes, meteors falling from the sky, sharks, etc. and then tell me how nuclear power is what we need to worry about.

  • ATB

    Please remove the Dr. from the byline at the bottom of the article, because it is in bad form, given that his professional credentials (Ac., OMD, DM) are listed after his name. The time when one uses Dr. is in addressing the person, either in a speech, in writing, on a postal envelope, etc. It is redundant and improper to use BOTH “Dr.” and the degrees when listing a professional’s name. It would be okay to say, “Dr. Mark Sircus” and then, underneath, list “Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Osteopath, and Doctor of Pastoral Medicine; Director, [comma] International Medical Veritas Association; but, to list all the professional initials after his name, when having preceded his name with “Dr.,” is amateur (especially when, again, spelling out the meaning of some or all of said initials.

  • Paul Crittenden

    Aren’t we all glad that Japan refused to stockpile nuclear weapons? Turns out, we’ll all be glowing, all in the name of energy.

    • david david

      Here is an idea>>>Obama wants to shut down Gitmo he can send the terrorists to Chernobyl HEE HEE

  • Da Raw Journalist


    • Julie Martineau

      Not a solution, as explained by the late Brian O’Leary in his book “The Energy Solution Revolution” — in the end it’s as polluting as using fossil fuels.

      • Julie Martineau

        Here are the new energy solutions presented by Brian O’Leary. As described in the conference (and his book), even wind and solar power are not real solutions. Go directly to around 40 minutes in the conference video to watch this part.

        • Scott Petersen

          Hemp oil biofuel actually produces a net reduction in atmospheric carbon
          because the oil is extracted only from seeds and the rest of the plant
          material [i.e. captured carbon] can be used for animal feedstocks and
          fiber materials like cloth, ropes, and fiberglass alternatives at very

          Hydrogen is not a viable fuel source. I did my Sr. Research Paper on it so I could graduate from college in Chemistry. It was complete with all of the thermodynamic calculations necessary including losses for transport and liquification. Hydrogen gas is a pipe dream at best.

          Cold fusion is still a failure on just about every scientific front, and even the famed e-Cat devices from Dr. Rossi have yet to materialize into any manufacturable form. Chances are, the devices never really worked. His website hasn’t been updated for over a year.

          Zero-point energy is a fun term pseudoscientists like to bandy about because it sounds cool, kind of like quantum this or quantum that. All Zero-point energy is is the lowest possible energy state that a quantum system can have and still function. Harnessing *anything* energetic on the quantum scale for Newtonian scale use has proven next to impossible. Extracting energy into usable means is the most difficult part of this equation, and even the most sensitive, sophisticated equipment we have now can’t capture Zero-Point energy. A guy in his garage physics lab could never hope to do it.

          We can create matter-antimatter collisions that produce enormous amounts of energy, but capturing that energy into a useful mode will probably elude humanity for at least another century.

          The real energy source we should be looking to is Solar. For all conceivable human time scales, the sun is a functionally limitless source of energy. The major stumbling block we have now is converting photons to electrons for use in our power grid. But I think that in a decade we’ll have solar cells efficient enough to power most of the things we use rather easily.

          • David Makin

            Cold Fusion *will* work – compare how much money was spent on finding and getting oil in the early days or on initial development of fission – convert into today’s terms and the money spent on developing cold fusion is comparatively pocket change – as is the money spent on the renewables. We just have a situation where all the money is tied up in oil and fission and the shareholders are scared to death of any changes – otherwise the oil companies themselves would be those pushing for the switch to cold fusion and renewables in order to preserve they’re long-term existence. It’s total insanity. However personally I do not want the current big energy corps having anything to do with our future energy provision. so I hope they don’t wake up.

          • Scott Petersen

            All of the wishful thinking on the planet isn’t going to fuse atomic nuclei together at room temperature.
            In order for people to want to invest money, there has to be real, promising research that seems like it would have a fruitful end. And frankly, there just isn’t. Could you even show me one thesis or ongoing experiment on the subject that has external funding besides the e-Cat in Italy? Even that is being slowly taken apart by those who are testing them. What’s sad, is that time and money that could be spent on useful research is instead wasted on crap like this.

          • David Makin

            > All of the wishful thinking on the planet isn’t going to fuse atomic nuclei together at room temperature.

            Hahahahaahahaaha – that part works – and isn’t the problem – I suggest you go back to school.

          • David Makin

            Shit – apologies, I wrote “cold” – I didn’t mean “cold” at all, I simply meant Nuclear Fusion – nothing to do with room temp. – I wondered why you said “room temp.” please re-read my replies in the context of “Nuclear Fusion” not Cold Fusion and I hope that makes clear my complaint about the comparatively pitiful amount being spent on research as compared to the early days of oil and Fission – in fact that complaint also goes for all the renewable forms too.

          • Taylor

            Time money solar…. Hmmm solar has been providing energy for the whole planet no time and a small amount of money to be spent. Fuck cold fusion if no one can do it yet how are you all so sure about it? Did you science teacher tell you that, o wait do you believe some man 100 years ago told you the equations? Cool I don’t believe half of the scientific great minds, because their equations only work on a certain scale and we all know we don’t know any thing yet. So why are we trying so hard to break bonds and store spent fuel for 100years that might kill us all? So we have like 50 nuclear power spent fuel rod holding cells all over the world?O god please help us…

          • Ryan Peace Reeves

            Geothermal energy should also be considered along with wave and tidal generators. We can always bring Wardenclyffe tower back to life.:)

        • Dennis

          Zero point energy, cold- fusion… please get a master in physics. and what are ‘advanced hydrogen and water technologies’? I hope you mean (normal/ very hot) nuclear fusion since that would actually make sense.

        • Taylor

          Lol ya.. Solar power… Not enough… Maybe you just need to change your lifestyle. Energy is a joke it’s all about efficiency. My car could burn gasoline but we would just need to re harness the energy in the tires spent and re incorporate it back to the engine vola! Efficiency! That’s not hard is it. Or even better if every one just had their own energy creation like solar or wind or water current ect ect then the overpopulation energy problem can be covered up and the next problem will rise… S the main point is if we had less people we wouldn’t have any problems like this.

      • Captain Planet

        Julie, that statement is true. Burning plants does produce as much pollution as fossil fuels. Fortunately, there is a very strong BUT! All dying plants produce pollution, it does not matter if they wither and die in the forest or are burned in fires. The difference between using fossil fuels and, lets say Hemp or Corn, is that we dig out fossil fuels from under the earth and release its pollution into the air. Using plants is just recycling our pollution instead of adding more into it. Using plants may not be the answer we need to reverse our pollution, but it is a giant step from adding toxins to our environment.

      • Patrick Ira DonEgan

        It is a practically solution for today while we wait for the ever promised
        “free energy” (free as in beer) “zero point energy” to become a practical reality.

    • simpleman56

      Yes, hemp is the answer, but the corporations who have cut down all the forest ran a Propaganda slime story back in the 30’s because it would have cost them trillions in profits, hemp was used for meds, food, & millions of uses for 1000’s of years, but the big Pharma & agents of the Rothschild’s & Rockefeller’s made sure is would not be used. Henry Ford built a auto all fro hemp & even fueled with hemp, but the elites had their way to shut it down!
      No to nukes & yes to GOD’s gift to all man kind, HEMP, it would bring millions of jobs to the USA & world & send the corporate Pharma to the landfills where their drugs need to be put in a container that would never leak out all of that poison! Hemp helps the soil & removes radiation studies have shown, but they never make the MSM & we know why!
      If States would tell the Feds to get out of their business & plant as much Hemp as possible, just the protein from the seeds would help to feed millions!
      George Washington found Hemp had many uses & so did the Indians who taught them the many uses!

    • apeman2502

      That is why they call it dope. It solves nothing in the long haul.

      • Becky Fields Johnson

        You are an idiot!

      • derp

        You don’t know the difference between hemp and cannabis…. do you? In an age of information; being ignorant is a choice. Educate yourself, son.

        • D

          ^incorrect use of semicolon
          A semicolon should be used to separate two entirely independent clauses. However, the phrase ‘in an age of information’ is not an independent clause.

          Correct use example:

          A semicolon should be used to separate two entirely independent clauses; however, the phrase ‘in an age of information’ is not an independent clause.

          Ignorance is not always a choice; some people don’t have access to educational resources and others lack the neurological capacity to obtain and sustain knowledge.

          Brush up on your grammar if you’re going to insult another’s intellect and/or knowledgeability.

    • Nick Parata

      I agree but that won’t fix this immediate issue.Plan B needs immediate application.

  • Mark

    Nothing but pure ignorance here folks, because without nuclear power, how are we supposed to make nuke missiles and bombs? Duh!;)

    • clare Hedin

      I hope you’re joking, Mark. 🙂

      • Mary Froemke

        It is a joke. a cruel, sick joke on you & I. But it’s true. At the fundamental core of it, we only have nuclear power as a front/excuse to have & develop nuclear technologies for weapons, with all its domestic testing & storing of wastes. WAR, CONTROL & POWER, those are the only true reasons we have or “need” nuclear power. PERIOD. Otherwise there would be only ONE source to finger for damages. It’s a liability issue. Think about it.

  • bo fiddley

    The good Dr. may be an expert (?) in his subject matter, but his writing skills need work. He didn’t even mention Fukushima until the fifth paragraph, even the most basic English Comp class tells you to state your thesis strongly up front, then back it up with argument. And while we’re on the subject, how is a “Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine” also an expert in nuclear science? What you say may or may not be happening, but at this point the Human Race is so confused and misinformed that maybe this is Natures way of cleansing itself of it’s most pesky “virus” yet, if I were Mother Earth I’d say “good riddance”!

  • All the resources of humanity need to be mustered and focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima
    Jct: Yes, the Argentine Solution should be used to provide the funding for: All the resources of humanity need to be mustered and focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima. Too bad it’s 2.5 years later and still no maximal effort. I’ve done my best and am ready to meet my maker (no rush), have and are you?

  • Galina St George

    The main focus in Dr Sircus’s article is on the dangers of the planned operation in Fukushima. As the naturally mined sources of energy get depleted, the world will most probably be more and more reliant on nuclear energy, despite all of its dangers to the ecology and life on earth should things go wrong – as they sadly did for Japan.

    The main thing now is to recognise how dangerous the present situation is either way – whether the rods stay where they are, or start getting removed – and bring all the resources to minimise these dangers. An error is simply not an option as Dr Sircus has rightly pointed out in this article. Whatever the future of nuclear energy, we may not have a future at all should something go wrong. Putting our heads in the sand is not going to help anyone.

    • Grant Madden

      Solar energy is abundant,non radioactive(Well no worse than a sunny day) and the technology is getting better all the time so no,the world does not need to rely on nuclear energy.There is no excuse for carrying on with such dangerous technology when safe power is here now!!

      • hempangle

        People who try to sell anyone on the use of nuclear energy are trying to keep people buying electric.They know we can have free electric with solar or wind.Only the mentally ill would even suggest using nuclear power for electricity.There is no safe way of terminating the power plant in Japan or anywhere else for that matter.No studies were ever run for nuclear power plants before they built one.Have any power plants like this ever shut down before they hurt or killed someone.

        • Hooty Hootowl

          yes. St. Helens Nuclear Power plant in Oregon.

          • Mary Maxfield

            platte river nuclear facility in colorado.

        • Scott Petersen

          All of the Nuclear plants in the United States are essentially running on technology that was developed in the 50s. If you’re going to get your panties in a wad about Nuclear Power, it should be that we aren’t allowed to refit the existing plants with better reactors [See: Thorium Cycle] that also produce much less waste material.

          The biggest hurdle to safe nuclear power is lack of reactor modularity, and idiots who run their mouths and don’t understand the science, keeping the plants from being properly overhauled so they can be updated and made safer.

          • Sean

            Nuclear? Safe? What part of nuclear is safe? it will never be “safe” its a tool of disaster, that has been made into a glorified steam generator. we can just as easily boil water with the sun. liquid salt plants, heleosates and a few acres = abundent safe energy.

        • Kai Chung

          The Fukushima disaster is absolutely horrific for the planet and for humanity, but it was a disaster waiting to happen. The plant was poorly designed and placed in an area where it had great exposure to a tsunami. If you build a reactor somewhere which is not exposed to natural disasters you can increase the safety exponentially over what they had at Fukushima. This is not to mention that there are new reactor designs which are far safer and use a liquid fuel, so that in the case that the reactant (fuel) overheats, it will melt a cap which causes it to drain into a tank filled with carbon rods to prevent it from going critical. Nuclear power can be safe, using modern designs and VERY careful planning so that they aren’t disasters just waiting to happen like Fukushima.

          • hempangle

            @Kai Chung.Does the world need to be concerned about the rods being pulled at Fukushima in November.

          • AndTheyWantToExpand

            turkey point in Miami is on the ocean, just waiting for a Hurricane or sea level rise

    • Mary Froemke

      I second that. WE DON’T NEED THIS.

    • Chuchiputch

      We have some of the worlds biggest and hottest deserts/outback, just desolate hot lands. We could set up enough solar panels to feed the whole of Australia, doing NO damage to the fauna and flora, why wont they !!!

      • David Makin

        Doesn’t cost enough so they can’t have the ridiculous profit margins that they justify on current energy supply

      • Nelson

        because the people are too passive, that’s why!

      • frillbot

        I’ve asked the same thing about the American southwest. I’ve been living here in Nevada for several years. A lot of empty government land around that could be covered in solar & wind farms.

      • alex

        What do you suggest we do for power once the sun goes down?

        • Sean

          liquid salt plants generate electricity and at the same time charge what are basically giant batteries. use your head…..the same can be done for any other plant, they just don’t because they have the option of constant electrical supply. it may even lower the overall price of electricity doing so since the supply would go up with demand staying the same.

  • ditkofan

    This guy Dr. Sircus is a near hysterical fear monger who wants to run the world on windmills and solar power I guess. Japan will have to go back to nuclear power one day because it can’t afford to keep importing oil to replace nuclear power. Germany will also have to return to nuclear power for the same reason as Japan.

    The Fukushima earthquake was a once in a thousand year event. Are we supposed to make rational energy policy on events that occur every thousand years? Of course not!

    But even that powerful quake however didn’t destroy the Japanese reactors. The reactors melted down because their power supply from a different building was destroyed in the earthquake. I bet you didn’t know that Dr. Sircus, or maybe you did but don’t want your readers to know that?

    The new generation of modern nuclear reactors of today have self contained power supplies and are much safer and easier to use than the antiquated 1970s style reactors that being used in Japan. More and more of these reactors are being ordered by South Korean, Israel, China, India,the U.S. and other countries who realize that nuclear power is the power of the future. The world can’t run on windmills and solar panels; they are to inefficient to run a modern economy and fossil fuels will not last forever. In the long run, nuclear power is the only way to go if the countries of the world want to maintain the benefits of an industrialized civilization. The number of people killed or injured in nuclear accidents over the last 40 years is statistically insignificant compared to the number of people hurt or killed mining and transporting oil and coal. France has been using nuclear power heavily since the 1970s with no problems. The spent fuel rods and other waste are stored in the basement of one building. The same was true in Japan until the 1,000 year accident happened. Nuclear energy is the safest and most efficient form of energy ever devised by Man. The environmental folks love to show photos of birds covered in oil when an oil spill happens so as to demonize that old fossil fuel bogeyman, oil. Funny how those folks never show photos of the thousands of birds killed every year by the rotating blades of their beloved windmills. When safely used, nuclear power doesn’t kill birds people or birds.

    Yes, cleaning up the fuel rods in Fukushima is a dangerous and messy business but it will be accomplished and in a few years time Japan will be back to using nuclear power. If I’m mistaken and Japan elects to stay off nuclear and keeps importing expensive oil the Japanese will have a much harder and darker future for themselves; as will the world if it really does turn its back on nuclear power in the future. Maybe Germany and U.S. will prove to be that stupid, but our competitors in China and India and much of the rest of the world surely won’t.

    Lewis Forro

    Virginia Beach, VA

    • David

      You do not seem to be well-informed about oil or nuclear power. There is no shortage of oil that requires taking risks associated with nuclear power. The world has had enough nightmares because of nuclear power.

      You were mis-informed about the causes of the Fukushima melt-down. Go do your research instead of harassing the Doctor!

      • MJ

        How disturbing it is when arrogance overrides intelligence ..

        • MJ

          Sorry David, I replied under the wrong post ..

    • MJ

      How disturbing it is when arrogance overrides intelligence and common sense …

    • Guest

      Mr. Forro, although you certainly does not guess, you are made of biological molecules that cannot stand radioactivity at the levels put out by melting power plant cores. We do not need nuclear power and Fukushima is the proof. Now, 1 in a 1000 years accident?! Do you really think people are so stupid? Look at the records and you will see that in the last 30 years we lost Chernobyl and now Fukushima plus all the other leaks and near accidents in several other power plants, submarines and all other stupid uses of nuclear power by devolved soulless techno-morons. Please go take a hike in Chernobyl and watch all the monstrosities around that fantastic destination to idiots like yourself.

    • Paolo Zanotto

      Mr. Forro, although you certainly do not care, you are made of
      biological molecules that cannot stand radioactivity at the levels put
      out by melting power plant cores and other stupid outcomes of this bad and devious technology. We do not need nuclear power and
      Fukushima is the proof of that. Now, 1 in a 1000 years accident?! Do you really
      think people are so stupid? Look at the historic records and you will see that
      in the last 30 years we lost Chernobyl and now Fukushima, plus all the
      other leaks and near accidents in several other power plants, submarines
      and all other stupid uses of nuclear power by devolved soulless
      techno-morons that do not begin to understand what they are made of. Please go take a hike in Chernobyl and watch all the
      monstrosities around that fantastic destination to mindless cretines like yourself.

      • Fact Checker

        Chernobyl was caused by workers deviating from proper operational procedure, not a natural disaster.

        • David Makin

          WTF – and all future workers in nuclear plants will be perfect ? You cannot avoid Murphy’s Law.

        • Ken

          I think that doesn’t matter. Whether the issue was caused by man or a natural disaster, the problem is that when something goes really wrong in nuclear power, man is relatively helpless against it. Problems like natural disasters and human error are going to crop up. We’ve already had TWO disasters happen in just the past 30- years. Nuclear tech is too dangerous. The excuse the solar or wind or anything else isn’t ready for primetime is just that, an excuse to keep new technology back and keep the current system in play. The first step that needs to take place is that people need to understand and believe is that nuclear tech is too dangerous. It’s great while things are going well at the plant, but when they don’t, all hell breaks loose. Why is anyone willing to accept only these extremes?

    • Elizabeth W

      How do you know Fukushima is a ‘once in a thousand year event’? If it’s happened twice already (including Chernobl) within the first century of nuclear power, then it’s two in a hundred (we hope), right? And the earth can’t afford that. There are MANY ways of keeping ourselves warm without relying on nuclear, but the petroleum industry has bought the patents and suppressed them. Get real – we can’t carry on like this!

      • Why do I bother.

        I think he is referring to the earthquake, followed by a Tsunami as being a 1:1000 year event. It is actually more frequent than that, but the real issue with bandying such numbers about is that there is a systemic risk, above and beyond the site specific risk of earthquakes. That risk is that if you set a threshold for catastrophic failue at, say a 1:1000 probability, then go out and build 1,000 nuclear reactors, on balance, one reactor every year shall fail catastrophically. It would be true that every individual reactor would have very slim chance of failure, but failures would still happen all the time. Many reactors are situated in densely populated areas, and even if they are remote, downwind is a MIGHTY BIG PLACE.

    • Kapil Arn

      Well Lewis, Ur one ignorant fool if there ever was one ! If I could , I would send you to join the clean up team in Fuck u shima and be one of the many heroic souls who are going to have to sacrifice their lives to clean up the mess and try to keep the rest of us safe. ( check out how many had to sacrifice their life’s in Chernobil ) The mess created by ignorant cretins like you !!!
      Nuclear Power has never , and will never,
      be safe !

      • Matt Kaylor

        so first you insult the Japanese workers with the “fuck-u-shima.” comment then you call them brave? what side are you on dude?

        • Please no name calling or your comments will be deleted.
          Claudia French

          • Matt Kaylor

            then i suggest you say the same to who i was replying to or read what i was saying in the first place and see that i was not calling names i was quoting a comment posted by Kapil Arn.

          • Sorry Matt, my comment was mostly meant for Kapil Arn but it posted under yours. Claudia French

      • Claudia

        I know this is a topic that brings a lot of emotions to the forefront, but please keep your comments respectful and without name calling or they will be deleted. Claudia French – IMVA

    • Grant Madden

      What a complete dick you are!! Not oil or radiation but clean energy is available and denying it wont make it go away.Where have you been for the last 30 years?Solar energy and wind and wave power is here,abundant and clean.What excuse have you got to persevere with dangerous energy when clean energy is available now?Snap out of the old world blindness and start thinking about a cleaner safer world.It’s time to change the way you and the rest of the world think.If there was as much concerted effort to bring clean energy on line as there seems to be to promote dirty power we would all be a lot better off

    • Ramune

      1 in 1000 years? was chernobyl accident a 1000 years ago?

    • dustonzo


      you have just eloquently and verbosely just confessed to suffer the greatest case of dumbassery on record. You fucking retard.

    • Pamela Trzaskowski

      you are an idiot ^

    • eddy b

      You are delusional

    • Pandora’s box

      Go bakc to your hometown Fuckyoushima asshole!

      • ditkofan

        You are insane.

        Lewis Forro

    • David Makin

      FFS read the real info on renewables – Germany have already made several reactors redundant. The oil/fossil and nuclear camps are plain lying (usually through others) about the cost and difficulty of implementing renewables *because they are so much cheaper to run* that there’s no way energy companies could achieve the same profits through remewables that they can with oil/fossil/nuclear.