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Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima and Death of the Pacific Ocean

Published on May 28, 2015

The Guardian starts out a terrible tale saying, “The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it’s possible to see the sandy bottom below. Viewing the ocean from the state’s famous craggy headlands, it’s impossible to know that the ocean’s unusual clarity is hiding a cruel beauty: clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into a desert, and the chain reaction that causes that bitter clarity is perhaps most obvious on the beaches of the Golden State, where thousands of emaciated sea lion pups are stranded.”

There are a lot of death stories out west, up and down the coast, in the sea and inland we are hearing tales of animal deaths. The amount of accumulated pollution, on both land and sea, is astronomical, with a heavy lacing of heavy metals—mercury, a severe neurological poison—is everywhere interfering with biological life. However, since Fukushima a bad situation has gotten significantly worse.

We know that the northern Pacific Ocean is now polluted with radiation from Fukushima. Now they propose for even more dumping of radiation into the sea. There is no solution there it is just dump it into the sea and let other people, at another time and place, suffer the consequence. In Japan thyroid cancer continues to show up.

Michel Chossudovsky wrote, “The World is at a critical crossroads. The Fukushima disaster in Japan has brought to the forefront the dangers of worldwide nuclear radiation. The crisis in Japan has been described as “a nuclear war without a war”. In the words of renowned novelist Haruki Murakami:

“This time no one dropped a bomb on us … We set the stage, we committed the crime with our own hands, we are destroying our own lands, and we are destroying our own lives.”

“Nuclear radiation –which threatens life on planet earth–, is not front page news in comparison to the most insignificant issues of public concern, including the local level crime scene or the tabloid gossip reports on Hollywood celebrities.” The most recent news from Fukushima: It has released 13,000,000,000 times more neutrons than initially estimated — “Obvious implication for human health” — Gov’t: “Neutron radiation is the most severe and dangerous radiation” known to mankind; Can travel great distances.” Has any government stepped up to the plate to warn its people about the increasing radiation dangers so they can do something to protect their children? Everyone knows the answer to this!

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“Neutrons are the bad boys of the radiation story, and are only found as a consequence of a nuclear reaction (controlled or uncontrolled). Their penetrating power is extraordinary, requiring several meters of solid substance to stop them. They work their harm by indirect ionization, which is not unlike a pool ball smashing into a lamp. A typical example would be the capture of a neutron by a hydrogen nucleus consisting of a single proton, which is then ripped away from its position by the kinetic energy contained by the neutron, and then, like our billiard ball, careens about breaking things, ionizing some atoms/molecules, or shattering the bonds between atoms. In terms of biological damage, neutrons are horrific – roughly ten times more damaging than beta or gamma radiation on a per-unit-of-energy basis,” writes Chris Martenson.

Early on, we read about neutron beams.

"International nuclear experts believe that melted fuel is causing a small, uncontrolled chain reaction there sending out a burst of heat, radiation and a blue flash of light ­ what the nuclear industry calls a localized criticality. From what we understand, this is not good news for the workers trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown there."

 One person gave this reflection on blue beams He was a medical student when the nuclear reactor was installed at UT. The joke on campus was that the good news was that they had an ultraviolet detector that could pick up this type of radiation leak – the bad news was that if you were in a position to detect these ‘blue beams’ that you were going to be dead in a few weeks.

Radioactive Xenon

Much damage has already been done. “This is very amazing to me, having been working in the radioactive xenon monitoring field for about 17 years now. This was astounding to me… You can see background levels around 0.1 mBq/m3… Note the peak concentration we saw was in the range of 45,000 mBq/m3 — so that is 450,000 times our background level. For me that’s astounding. We never have ever seen anything even close to that. So the concentrations went up and up and up every day, and so that was quite amazing to see this 7,000 kilometers away from the event… I only show some of the data here, but it actually persisted for weeks at very measurable levels, and filled the entire northern hemisphere and mixed into the southern hemisphere.” Reports one of the researchers and posted on ENE news.

One form of radioactive Iodine lasts for 16 million years. It decays into radioactive Xenon 129 sometime during these 16 million years. Xenon 129 gas causes lung cancer. This Xenon 129 then decays into radioactive Cesium, which also causes different kinds of cancers and heart problems, while destroying the immune system, among other things.

Some types of radioactive xenon is produced from nuclear fission. Other isotopes of xenon are produced by beta decay meaning heightened world levels of xenon are a symptom of numerous other types of radioactive particles decaying in the broad environment. 131mXe, 133Xe, 133mXe, and 135Xe e some of the fission products of both 235U and 239Pu.

This is a small piece of uranium mineral sitting in a cloud chamber that shows us the process of decay and radiation emission. It offers a look at the death principle that radiation is, especially if any radioactive particle gets inside our bodies. One atomic particle, absorbed into the body, especially plutonium, can do a person in. Science and medicine have been corrupted with the ‘radiation is safe’ paradigm. In truth all increases in radiation lead to increasing incidences of cancer.

The reactors at Fukushima did not just suffer a meltdown, or even a China syndrome type melt-through, but a series of melt outs. Scientists have no idea where the cores of the nuclear reactors are and even if they did, there would be little to nothing they could do about it.

The chief of the Fukushima nuclear power station has admitted that the technology needed to decommission three melted-down reactors does not exist, and he has no idea how it will be developed. In a stark reminder of the challenge facing the Japanese authorities, Akira Ono conceded that the stated goal of decommissioning the plant by 2051 may be impossible without a giant technological leap. For the rest of our lives and our children’s and their children’s lives and possibly forever, humanity has a festering nuclear sore on the surface of our planet.

In response to the Fukushima crisis all governments have declared Fukushima and radiation itself to be a non-problem that we do not need to lose sleep over. However, Japan has banned journalist coverage, and Japan has once again slid into fascism. The United States is not far behind. The truth is ugly so it need not be told by those who want to remain popular.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • zergatron


  • Chelsei Bradbury

    The use of the fake map at the top of this article was all I needed to know that most of the rest of the article would be bullshit.

    I was correct in that early assumption.

  • Mala Velika

    I can’t say for sure if all the facts from the above article are true, but I can question the amount of the world pollution. Is it so huge not to be opposed?

    If we can imagine the World as one single human body (living organism), we can see the degree of World pollution. This parallel indicates: The human body pollution is a process where toxins overpower detoxifying processes – these beeing intiated by body itself or by our will.
    Each living organism functions on these premisses. Health is the result of subtraction between positive and negative general intake in the living organism. Therefore, the cure is only the increase of positive intake and the decrease of negative intake into living organism.
    The same goes for the planet Earth. Every action that decreases pollution, contributes to ‘health’ of our planet. That is to say – if you, with your community, clean the beach of trash, you will counterweigh any polluting crime.
    If you decide to cure yourself (with reduced entry of harmful substances and enhanced input of useful substances), at the same time, you heal Earth, because we are all her children 🙂

    Not to mention the possibility (and the real one) that HAARP succeeded in developing of Tesla knowledge, so being able to develop weather and tectonics control over the Earth.
    Nevetheless, it is pollution, and can be couterweighted 🙂