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Nuclear Insanity

Published on May 30, 2012

What kind of stupid insanity places hundreds of tons of exceptionally dirty nuclear spent-fuel rods in the same building and area as a nuclear reactor? Demonstrating how insane nuclear engineers and scientists can be, they put the most dangerous pool in the solar system where?

Pools are 100 feet above the ground and are completely open to the atmosphere because the reactor buildings were demolished by explosions. The pools could possibly topple or collapse from structural damage coupled with another powerful earthquake. Huffington Post

The New York Times said, “What passes for normal at the Fukushima Daiichi plant today would have caused shudders among even the most sanguine of experts before an earthquake and tsunami set off the world’s second most serious nuclear crisis after Chernobyl. Fourteen months after the accident, a pool brimming with used fuel rods and filled with vast quantities of radioactive cesium still sits on the top floor of a heavily damaged reactor building, covered only with plastic.”

building four.jpg
For More Pictures of Destroy Fukushima Nuclear Plant

“The urgency of the situation is underscored by the ongoing seismic activity where 13 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0-5.7 have occurred off the northeast coast of Japan between April 14 and 17. This has been the norm since the first quake and tsunami hit the Dai-Ichi site on March 11 of last year [2011]. Larger quakes are expected closer to the power plant,” continues the Huffington Post. A magnitude 7 or 7.5 earthquake would likely fracture that pool, and disaster would ensue, says Arnie Gundersen.

Hey folks, I don’t want to ruin your day but I have to report that there were two 6.0 earthquakes off the northern coast of Japan. One I reported on last week[1] and now already another. And before I can even finish this essay there is a third. Do you hear the drums of doom? And before I catch my breath… a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck northern Argentina early on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake occurred at 2:07 a.m. local time (5.07 a.m. British time) and was centered 72 miles (116 km) east-southeast of Santiago del Estero, the USGS said.

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A deep 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the region of the Bonin Islands at a depth of 472.6 km (293.7 miles) on the 27th. The epicenter of the earthquake was 201 km (124 miles) W of Chichi-shima, Bonin Islands, Japan and 979 km (608 miles) S of Tokyo, Japan. However, the quake was the second 6.0 magnitude earthquake to strike off the coast of Japan in four days, and the third in a week.

According to Fukushima Diary, a TEPCO worker at Fukushima said: “If another major aftershock hits Fukushima, they can’t even get close to the reactors and the risk is not only SFP4, it would be all the reactors. I tweeted this before but in case of another major aftershock or Tsunami, it won’t be only reactor 4. I think all the reactors will be in crisis. TEPCO says they have prepared multiple coolant means, but if the radiation level goes too high, we cannot even get close. Also even if the reactor buildings remain safe, roads won’t be safe to approach the reactors. Actually 311 caused a lot of cracks on the ground; there were a lot of places where you cannot drive by car. Even pumper trucks or fire trucks cannot drive maybe. Above all, now we don’t have enough human resource or engineers to settle down reactor4 in addition to other reactors.”

It’s Happening All Over the World

Nervous shoppers fled into the streets when a 4.7-magnitude earthquake rattled the New Zealand city of Christchurch on the 25th—a 5.6 earthquake that jolted Bulgaria was strongest since 1858, and the aftershocks continue and the destruction was broad.

In Italy it was devastation. A strong and unusually shallow earthquake struck northern Italy last weekend, fracturing pavement, sending torrents of brick and rubble raining down from buildings, and killing seven people. The powerful shaking was a first for the region in centuries—and fairly surprising to seismologists. Data indicate the magnitude 6.0 quake, which struck on Sunday (May 20), was a thrust quake—the type of earthquake caused when two tectonic plates smash together—yet it occurred at a depth of just 3 miles (5 kilometers). Another earthquake in the same region of Italy occurred on May 29 measuring 5.8 and killing more people, disrupting train services and toppling many structures.

And now a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck northern Argentina early on Monday the 28th, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake occurred at 2:07 a.m. local time (5.07 a.m. British time) and was centered 72 miles (116 km) east-southeast of Santiago del Estero, the USGS said. On May 24, 2012, in the Arctic Circle a strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook a region of the Norwegian Sea at a depth of 8.8 km (5.5 miles).


One does not have to be a prophet to see what is coming at this point. The earthquakes are real and are intensifying and so are the volcanoes as is the coming financial storm that will burn down the paper house.

The intensity and characteristics of recent seismic activities has surprised scientists and is scaring the wits out of millions. Earthquakes are doing things that haven’t been generally characteristic of earthquakes before. It seems that the earth’s seismic dynamism is shifting and change is accelerating and this is not good news for the human race with the Fukushima reactor building No. 4 hanging by a thread.

Forty million Japanese are in “extreme danger” of life-threatening radiation poisoning. Tens of millions of Japanese refugees would have to relocate in the very-likely event that the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear facility’s reactor No. 4 completely collapses.

Most will continue to think, well it’s only happening over there in Japan. In my next nuclear essay, “Radiation Hitting the Streets of LA,” we will see clearly that it would be a mistake to believe this. Certainly the northern hemisphere has been well nuked by Fukushima already but many are preparing for act two of the Fukushima drama when and if building No. 4 goes down lighting a nuclear fire that will burn through people’s cells the world over.

If those cells have holes left by mineral deficiencies nuclear particles will be all too happy to attach themselves so they can burn up cells from the inside. I will be publishing an essay soon titled “Full of Holes” to explain this phenomena and what to do about it.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Our best protection from radiation is organic sulfur. Numerous studies including this one attest to this Everyone has been made deficient in sulfur since the sulfur cycle was broken in the 40s and ’50s when the USDA got farmers to stop using manure as fertilizer in favor of using synthetic, petroleum based fertilizer for increased crop yields. We have all paid a huge price for this change because since the sulfur cycle has been broken it’s triggered a huge rise in every kind of degenerative disease, especially cancer. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1930 for his discovery that cancer is anaerobic, it can’t live in the presence of oxygen. Sulfur increases the permeability of cell membranes to flood your cells with healing oxygen, and it facilitates proper waste transport from the cells. It will help protect you from radiation from Fukushima and from toxins from chemtrails which are being sprayed on us for population control purposes. Questions? Call me at 1-800-333-2553 John Hammell

  • Olive Oyl

    Electronics are quickly fried by radiation exposure, but why is this an insurmountable problem at Fukushima? Before the semiconductor age, devices worked by electromechanical means. Possibly a remotely operated electronic controller could be shielded in lead and connected to a long electromechanical articulating arm with attached tools, to be manipulated with the help of pulleys, gears, levers, etc.

    Everyone hopes that the Japanese (some of the best in the world at engineering and manufacturing) have not been sitting on their hands. Surely teams of elite engineers have studied the problem and proposed solutions. If not, why not? Is anyone in authority listening any more?

  • Linda

    I saw a story on the news the other day that confirmed all this information. They reported that the fish (tuna, I believe) that were caught and inspected contained high levels of radiation. They then determined that the fish were still okay to eat. Yeah, right. That scares me to death. You know they are covering up to protect the fish market and to prevent panic.

    I think our Lord will be coming for his bride soon. We’ve damaged this beautiful world just about all we can. God help us.

  • medbear

    Interesting I read about 2 yrs ago that the Bush family bought & owns 8500 hectares of land in Uruguay which is 21,000 acres. The land has one of the largset water sources in the area & has military troops guarding it. I’m still waiting for their invitation to their ‘sanctuary’…still waiting. The Japanese were bombed yrs ago & now, ironically, we have Fukushima. We are all like the White Rabbit of Alice with “so little time,so much to do”. I worked at 2-hospitals in emerg care & listened to the few who had the near death experience.There is “another side” & they did not want to come back to this physical reality.I had the same experience twice in my youth & believe me it was beyond words/worlds. This earth experience is definitely a school of higher or lower learning. Stay positive,keep humor alive,if not for ourselves,especially for others whom we are not separate from. They are our other self,both good & not so good. Stay focused ‘troops’, may all be well.

  • And so my fellow humans, what Dr. Sircus is telling us in a nutshell is that
    we are simply waiting for a 7.0+ earthquake to strike northern Japan near
    Fukishima, where 1500 spent nuclear fuel rods wiil come crashing down and radiation Cesuium 137, plutonium etc.) will quickly spread across the northern
    hemisphere at possibly 85 times greater than Chernobyl poisoning our bodies
    to an early death.
    I guess that about sums it up.
    Good luck, everybody.

    • Gilgamesh

      I m sure, the government will have a vaccine to protect all of us against radiation poisonings,
      and people will be lining up by the thousands everywhere to get their vaccinations.
      All the doctors and nurses will be urging people, young and old, babies, cats, dogs, all animals to get vaccinated.

  • Jeanette

    Interesting, the report of radiation in the tuna. Everyone thinking that it is the recent report, however, it is the report from last year.

    Many people were saying they did not think the radiation was too high in the tuna, so they were not changing their lives and food intake. DAH! Cumulative radiation, all it takes is one drop of it to cause damage, also, the NOAA representative stated “the radiation that was released had a half life that it is already deteriorated” What school did SHE go to? Any kid with a computer could debunk that.