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Oh No, It Just Can’t Be – Gulf Disaster

Published on July 2, 2010


I received this note: “Thanks for the Gulf update! But you forgot one important recommendation – MOVE OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY! Pack up your wife and kids and get the heck out of there NOW!!! Many already in those Gulf States are being slowly poisoned, but now with the new storm or anyone storm yet to come they will get well oiled and gassed with many, many VOCs from the heavy rain and wind. People need to get out of there! Curious don’t you think that with all they know, all the articles and news about people getting ill, crops and landscapes dying inland from the toxic rain falling there in the last few weeks, that there has been NO mass exodus of people leaving those affected areas?”

Kind of extreme don’t you think? Don’t you think it’s better to wait for an evacuation order from the government? I don’t think so because if you wait for the government to warn about dangerous toxic exposures you are waiting on an organization famous for allowing industry, doctors and dentists to expose the public to massive amounts of chemicals and heavy metals. Sorry to be a spoiler on a holiday weekend but it is really not time to party and relax; it’s time to make plans to deal with an emergency the likes of which has never been seen.

Below you will see three map overlays tracking complaints from the oil disaster since its beginnings and you can see how the effects are spreading. And it will keep spreading and spreading out as the toxic tidal situation slowly spreads its wings and takes flight in the atmosphere.

End of April

End of May

End of June

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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will gradually find its way toward Europe and the Arctic to damage and endanger wider ecological areas.

Dr. Shira Kramer, an epidemiologist who has conducted research for the petroleum industry on the health consequences of exposure to petroleum, said she is concerned that the risks are being downplayed. “It’s completely scientifically dishonest to pooh-pooh the potential here when you are talking about some of the most toxic chemicals that we know.”

“Oil is a complex mixture containing substances like benzene, heavy metals, arsenic, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons – all known to cause human health problems such as cancer, birth defects or miscarriages,” said Kenneth Olden, founding dean of New York’s CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College, who is monitoring a panel on possible delayed effects. “The potential here is huge and we have to be diligent about protecting the public health and these workers.”

The greatest threat is from the poison that species-killing storms will soon be churning over Gulf cities, pouring degraded oil and dispersants everywhere the rain falls.

The government has not been providing the news people are looking for, and the mainstream media seems to have gone blind in recent days, airing less specific information about the crisis even as the crisis continues to expand and more and more oil and toxic chemicals are leaked into the sea, land and air. Perhaps the government is being kind by sparing its people disturbance and stress. David Ike said, “The potential magnitude of what is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico simply cannot be overstated. It is far, far worse than is being admitted, and what we are allowed to see is catastrophic enough.”

Thermal Image of Gulf Steam Current and Possible Path of Oil Spill

Ike and, I am afraid, others are asserting that Goldman Sachs sold 44 percent of its holdings in BP, a total of 4,680,822 shares worth the best part of $300 million, in the weeks before the Gulf disaster that sent BP shares plummeting, and Tony Hayward, BP’s disgraceful chief executive, is reported to have sold his £1.4 million shares in BP a month before the explosion. Just eight days before the Gulf blow-out, Halliburton also announced that it had agreed to buy Boots & Coots for $240.4 million. Who are Boots & Coots? The world’s largest oil-spill clean-up company that also deals with oil well and gas well fires and blowouts.

Did the explosion rupture the casing for its entire length? If that is so, then a relief well will be unable to plug the hole. Ten relief wells would be unable to plug the hole. What on earth is going to plug the hole in the earth?

I heard it said that if BP loses control of the flow completely, the scope of the disaster would be unfathomable. Well, no one is in control of the flow and the disaster is continuing to expand and surround the State of Florida as the oil begins its race up the east coast. Things are so out of control that today in the mainstream press they finally started talking about nuking the well. Bill Clinton at least thinks it’s a good idea and we should hope for the best.

Vast underwater concentrations of oil sprawling for miles in the Gulf of Mexico from the damaged, crude-belching well are unprecedented in “human history” and threaten to wreak havoc on marine life, a team of scientists said, a finding confirmed by federal officials. Researchers aboard the F.G. Walton Smith vessel briefed reporters on a two-week cruise in which they traced an underwater oil plume 15 miles wide, 3 miles long and about 600 feet thick. The plume’s core is 1,100 to 1,300 meters below the surface, they said. “It’s an infusion of oil and gas unlike anything else that has ever been seen anywhere, certainly in human history,” said Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia, the expedition leader.


This graphic demonstrates how the oil could interact with the world’s major ocean currents.

On May 3rd, Dick Snyder, director of the Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation at the University of West Florida, began conducting water samples on Pensacola Beach every Tuesday and Thursday because beach and health officials were only doing visual assessments. In recent weeks water samples tested positive for dissolved oil. There are molecules that are dissolved in the water that you cannot see. Some of the oil will just naturally dissolve into the water so we don’t know how much of that there is. We suspect it’s a lot. What you can’t see in the water may be more dangerous than what you can see.”

People along the beach are getting sick but
public officials still have not closed the beaches.

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri writes, “Even before the explosion, there is enough evidence(even from the New York Times) to show that this was more than an accident. Insiders sold shares before April 20. Poor-to-no management. Warnings from those on site that went unheeded. The list goes on and on. With a well this deep, on a geologically unstable seabed, there was no precaution. No emergency plans. No care. No solid science. Just an accident waiting to happen. More likely it was no accident. Just another false flag to distract us from all the financial theft and economic depression while another illegal war is planned. Greed trumps safety.”

We could smell the oil long before we saw it – the stench of garage forecourts and rotting vegetation hanging thickly in the air. The farther we travelled, the more nauseating it became. Soon we were swimming in pools of light Nigerian crude, the best-quality oil in the world. One of the many hundreds of 40-year-old pipelines that crisscross the Niger delta had corroded and spewed oil for several months. Forest and farmland were now covered in a sheen of greasy oil. Drinking wells were polluted and people were distraught.

You’d think that more than 20 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, scientists would know what, if any, long-term health dangers face the thousands of workers needed to clean up the Gulf of Mexico spill. You’d be wrong. “We don’t know a damn thing,” said Anchorage lawyer Michael Schneider, whose firm talked with dozens of Alaska cleanup workers following the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in preparation for a class-action lawsuit that never came. And this unfortunately is a big problem for the government and British Petroleum can continue to plead ignorance, which is just a cover for their arrogance and greed and the stupidity that breeds.

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  • jennifer chen

    I guess now we know what all those miles of stacked up black plastic coffins in US GOV installations – are going to be used for.

  • Your money talks. Make it a point to find out what and who your investment money is supporting. A great many of our every day products are petroleum-based. Start switching out the stocks that support petroleum-based products to companies that produce non-petroleum products. Buy natural fiber clothing. As for plastics – there are environmentally considerate companies who are manufacturing plastics derived from corn, wheat, algae – instead of petroleum. Better alternatives are already available. Support them.

  • Oh, oh, Jan…in your “enlightened version of blame and shame”, you just said the earth does not need humans! If talking of war creates it, if protesting about poverty, creates poverty, then…
    duh…you are contributing to our death sentence (count me out, please).

    Hey, Jan, I agree with you, but, take your own message in fully, because you are excluding yourself from the consciousness mix here– from the rest of humanity (isn’t that like wearing rose-colored blinders)?

    Mother Theresa did not write letters (or, would have blogged) about being ashamed of humanity, et al. In truth, she was living her love of humanity and quietly going about her soul’s revolution.

    Do what you do, be what you be, but if you see yourself as the exception, then….are you any better evolved than the mere “talkers” or “protestors”…. Dig deeper, Jan, I know Mother Theresa would want you to find and extend your love to humanity…and yourself!

  • I want to thank you for all of your fine research into this issue. I have been telling friends and family that this is more than just cleaning up some birds and turtles, but that this is going to affect weather patterns and the health of the human race for generations to come. I didn’t have the knowledge you have but I did know that my dad died of cancer. He started working with a company that manufactured and shipped X10 Sealer in 1963 and was passed away in 1971. He’d been battling cancer that was directly related to his job, we found out later as more lives were lost. X10 Sealer is Coal Tar based and like the oil spilling into the gulf, has high concentrations of benzene, which has now been proven to cause cancer. I hope you will continue to keep people informed of the toxicity levels that can only continue, as the spill has been allowed to get so far out of hand.

  • ruth stansfield

    hey have any of you heard about the guy from down here in australia who has been on our tv with a claim he has a solution that would enable BP to clean up and stop the mess with some sort of obsorbant solution, not sure in what for wether liquid or solid, yet he states that bp told him they were NOT interested, ?????Why

  • Humans are something else! I’m ashamed to call myself human, being related in part to a pack of animals who believe they are intelligent. Animals are far more humane and intelligent. The earth does not need humans, she will and can replenish herself.

    Rather than blame and shame, start looking at your own input into this situation of consumption.
    I live in paradise, the most tranquil part of the planet, but will still breathe the other side of the world’s air tomorrow. Part of that air contains your own expiration of toxic elimination of anger, blame, shame, hopelessness, frustration etc etc. I care for my planet, especially the part where i am making an imprint. I love it defend it and somehow know my own roundness is nothing without it.

    Mother Theresa knew all the bible predictions, she didn’t focus on them but rather, she became proactive. Note she never actively participated in a rally about poverty wanting world peace. Why? Because when you protest about poverty you are reinforcing poverty, the same as when you say there is no world peace you create no world peace which stimulates wars/fighting between the two legged animals for commodities like oil. When you focus on polution you create polution! Let’s put our focus on cleaning up the mess rather than complaining about the monumental catastrophes, poverty and wars and and and….

    A Million mile journey begins with one step. Each one of us can contribute just like Mother Theresa, she was one woman who simply began to walk her talk, she didn’t start the poverty, instead of complaining and blaming she walked the streets and before long the good in this world jumped on board her missions, she left a legacy of aid. Doom and gloom creates doom and gloom it filters out and creates a sense of hopelessness.

    For those close by and effected by this, what seems a hopeless situation….is, ask what can you do to rally with others and become proactive…for the rest of us in far off distances, ignorant and arrogant of the ways in which we can assist…ask us not through the biased media channels owned by the conglomerates but through this type of medium of the internet.

    Incidently the internet was started by war officials not wanting to keep military plans in one place to be blown up, thus the internet/ World Wide Web was born. Get positively active and use this medium to make a difference. Stay focused on being proactive, Lets rally….round up oneanother…find ways to heal/clean up the mess we ultimately have all played a part in. Thus the earth will eventually become more rounded for future generations to marvel at, wonder about and become so protective of that these situations wont ever happen again.

    Focus on the fact that the earth does not need us
    We need it for our very existence and roundness!

    If the Earth
    Were only a few feet in
    Diameter floating a few feet above
    A field somewhere, people would come
    From everywhere to marvel of it. People would
    Walk around it, marvelling at its big pools of water,
    its little pools and the water flowing between the pools.
    People would marvel at the bumps on it and the holes
    In it, and they would marvel at the very thin layer of gas
    Surrounding it and the water suspended in the gas. The
    People would marvel at all the creatures walking around the
    Surface of the ball and at the creatures in the water. The
    People would declare it precious because it was the only
    one, & they would protect it so that it would not be hurt.
    The ball would be the greatest wonder known, and people
    would come to behold it, be healed, to gain knowledge,
    to know beauty and to wonder how it could be.
    People would love it, defend it with their lives,
    because they would somehow know that their
    lives, their own roundness could be
    nothing without it.If the Earth
    were only a few feet
    In diameter.

  • beer butt

    How many people out there have been driving SUVs and big trucks, how many off you are frquent flyers and weekend road trippers in your mongo campers. Time to pay the piper, soooo many of us COMMIE liberals begged and pleaded to you all, help us stop the maddness, to no avail you pigs kept it going. Once upon a time the consumer could stop harmful compnies, they still needed your money. They don’t need it now because they are successfully implementing a world wide monarchy. They only need to keep smart people around to build thier space ships so they can go pollute other planets. Your useless feeders to those you have worshiped and put into power. Yes, I am doomed and so are you and it doesn’t matter anymore. You fools have sunk us all go prey, you won’t get to much help though the oil compnies own God too!!!!I prey there are nastier creatures in the universe who will eat thier brains out before they reach another solar system with an earth like planet.

  • Pat Kittle

    Foolish humanoids just keep overbreeding, no matter what.

    Population control was just too scary to even think about.

    Well, enjoy the alternative, folks. We tried to warn you.

    Malthus was right.

  • Joyce

    I wish all of you would realize that God predicted this because of sin. He has come to the people who claim to be His first, then He will judge all nations. We have turned against God and He told us just like He told the Jews what was to come if we turned from Him. And here it is!!! Read Revelation, Mathew Ch24, Ezekial, Isiah, the 3-4 Last chapters of Daniel, ect…. Even if you don’t believe, on the last day your knee will bow. If you repent and turn to Him Who is Holy and Righteous, you will be with Him in Heaven, the description is also in the book of Revelation(at the end of it). This oil disaster is a prophecy in the making. 1/3 of the earth is not destroyed yet but fact it will, because God said so. But worse than this is after they kill the Saints who are murdered because of their testimony, the whole earth will have such an earth quake that every island is put out of it’s place and every mountain falls, and the stars fall out of the sky and hit the earth. Then it still gets worse…The Trumpet judgments come, then if you still don’t repent by this time, that is if you don’t die, where you will go to a burning sheol/grave, you will have the Almighty Wrath of God on you and then get thrown into a Lake of Fire also called Hell, where there you will be in torment forever and ever. Right now you still have a choice to repent of sin and come to Almighty God through His shed blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. It’s your choice.

  • Crude oil continues to invade the Gulf; as BP, the US Government, and other official agencies monitoring the toxic crude, continues to FIDDLE. That is what I called the Dance of Deliberate Deception. No one will come forward with the intestinal fortitude, and declare the obvious – that crude oil is toxic to breathe. I have been told by OSHA that a medical study cannot be conducted until after 6 months of exposure. WHAT? There have been 21 years since the exposure of the crude oil in Prince William Sound, and no one is listening. So, after 6 months of workers in the gulf breathe in the crude oil, a study can be conducted? That leads me to believe that the government is holding up the rug, while BP sweeps known reports under the same rug, and the other agencies conduct the Dance of Deliberate Deception on top of the rug.

    Please watch the Youtube video then stand up with me and demand honest answers for the Gulf residents, and cleanup workers who will be suffering from the toxicity of the crude oil, if this political dance is allowed to continue.

    Keith Olbermann & Merle Savage
    Esquire Magazine:

    • Joyce

      Why do we need the Gov’t to protect ourselves? Can’t we do what we need to do to protect ourselves or do we really need the gov’t mommy and daddy to tell us. Are we so lame? I know what your saying though. This dance has been going on in the Gov’t for years and more than we know.

  • If it is the will of God, I will gladly walk into the mushroom cloud. I can not avoid all the evils man does upon man, all I can do is live my life as true to my ideals as I can. Treat others as you wish to be treated, and reach for happiness.

  • Nancy & Hollyse…

    thanks for the kind thoughts….in my book I describe the behaviour of my parents when they thought I was sleepwalking… a small child I was made to vacum, dust,..etc all while completely asleep……turns out at 49 I was diagnosed with genetic epliepsy and all those “sleepwalking” events were really post seizure fugues… march I drove off a cliff in a fugue state at 70 mph, rolled 8 times and was flung from the car about 40 feet…broke my neck in 4 places, my back in five, my tailbone and four ribs….big brain trauma and a detached retina….so I’m out of the battle for a while……you should read my book, Webster Groves will have you laughing your ass off….



  • Thank you Lynn D (July 4th) for your comments. I heartily agree
    There is no hidding place … except in He who is the Truth … for all Eternity.

  • floridabluewaters

    The Gulf of Mexico was food producing waters, now just wetlands along the coast.
    The seafood industry both recreational, & commercial has been destroyed for decades to come.
    Save, & add this animated disclaimer to your MySpace, & Facebook Pages.

  • hollyse

    Who are these crfiminal minds in Wash, DC? We’ve been in the programming to be killed as we’ve dumbed down to inviting our own mass murder by NWO occultists. THese people are insane to self destruction for a cuase of internal power and corruption. Out of chaos comes order is bullsh–t!
    I rfemember, but can’t locate on internet GW’s words, “Wait till people find out what we have planned for them. They’ll hang us up by our thumbs on lamp posts!” Why who these people are have never fully been vetted or Americans blocking from discovering who these people’s connections to each other are is remarkable how stupid people really are. Stupidity of a black woman, and it could be any person and not black responding to question, “Where do you think money is coming from that you blacks will be helped? Respopnse: “Obama’s stash!” Dear God… at this point there’s no cure for mankind’s insanity. We live in illusion from delusional forces.

  • Lynn D.

    This death of the Gulf is heartbreaking and I agree totally with most of the above comments about the freemasonic Illuminati being behind this latest “Problem, Reaction, Solution” sinister scheme perpetrated by the elite. The Rothschilds own 70% of BP and over HALF the wealth of the entire world through theft (illegal taxes, fees, usary, interest collecting funny money or “federal reserve notes” in place of gold and silver, ridiculously unfair home mortgages which entails paying the bankers 3 times for ONE house, etc.etc) The truth is though that Jesus Christ warned us in Matthew Chpt. 24 of all these things coming to pass in the last days. Matt 24:8 says “all these things are the beginning of sorrows.” For some, the beginning of sorrows came on 9-11-2001 but for me, the Gulf oil planned disaster is the beginning of sorrows. Fortunately, I submitted to Jesus Christ in 2007 and He opened my eyes to the evil machinations of the government and their masters who operate in the background. Now I know why He said His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36) and why the Devil tempted Him by offering Him all the kingdoms and power of this world if He would bow down and worship him (satan). This is because Satan controls the governments of this world, along with the media, military, Hollywood, music industry, etc. Those in the military who claim to be “christians” are serving two masters and Jesus said you cannot serve two masters. He said to love our enemies and the military orders them to slay their enemies. They are nothing more than pawns for the New World Order and do not “fight for our freedom” but instead, they fight for the elite to gain as many of the natural resources of other nations for THEMSELVES while they continue to destroy America from within. Anyone who can’t see this happening is either totally ignorant or in denial. Yes this Gulf fiasco is yet another false flag event designed to further their eugenics agenda and to gain more control of us “useless eaters or goyim” as they refer to us. They really do want to cull the population to about 500 million. That’s why we have flouride (rat poison) in our drinking water and they lie and tell us it’s good for “cavities”. That’s why we get injected with vaccines containing mercury, arsenic, diseased monkey brains, and aborted fetal tissues and they tell us it will make us “imune” to disease. That’s why they give us genitically modified Frankenfood which causes cancer and discourage us from eating or buying organic foods. That’s why all the pills the doctors and prescribe (doctors bribed by Big Pharma) cause more reactions that “cure” anything. That’s why they put MSG in our food so we will not be satisfied and will keep eating the poison and getting fatter and sicker and contracting diabetes and heart disease and then turning to the corrupt medical establishment for a “pill” which only shortens our lifespans.. That’s why BP is not allowing the clean up crews to wear respirators. They will die long before BP has to pay them any compensatory damages. Jesus said “The Devil comes only to kill, to steal and to destroy…..”John 10:10 If that’s not what’s happening in America now then I don’t know what else you’d call it! He also said “The whole world is deceived by the Wicked One.” 1 John 5:19 Seems to me like we should have listened to Him to start with. I hope everyone on this site will repent and get right with Jesus before it’s too late. And come out of the corrupt “churches”. They are all 501(c)3 government yoked, freemasonic infiltrated religious harlots. Jesus is the Word of God and can only be found in His Word through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is only given to those humble and repentant of their sins. And we have all sinned and come short of His glory. Rom 3:23

    • satya

      Up until only a couple of years ago, most Americans & Europeans would have written your comments off as ‘kooky conspiracy nutter stuff’. Guess they were just fooling themselves, hmm…?

      Good to see that the awakening is real, if a little late in the day – perhaps too late now criminality and gross incompetence have plunged to the depths of the well-spring of all marine life in the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream – well done ‘B’roken ‘P’lanet, your psychopathy knows no bounds!

      Spot on, Lynn D.

    • Nancy

      Problem, Reaction, Solution is straight out of David Icke’s information.

      As for “submitting” to anything… only weak fearful people “submit”… Nonetheless, I agree with what you wrote regarding the 501-(c)(3) organizations… the old cliche’ “You can’t make a deal with the Devil.. because he always wins”.. holds true.

      These are not independent churches, because they have “submitted” to Mamon.. the IRS/the World Bank/the IMF.. the Illuninarti.

    • Lynn, you have hit more than one BULLS EYE with your insightful comments! Or, to put it another way, you have connected some very important dots (more like bloody or oily blobs). There are more bloody blobs that must be connected to obtain the complete SOLUTION to The Puzzle (of human existence). You can find them on my Blog and website ( )

      There are VERY few among all the “Truth Seekers” in cyberspace who have found the CENTRAL piece and placed it at the center of The Puzzle!

      “You shall know the Truth {Jesus the Christ IS Truth} and the Truth will set you free”

      “No one comes to the Father except through Me”

      We have NOTHING to fear! 🙂

  • so I appear to be over-acting because I am “still” alarmed!

  • Thank you for confirming everything my intuition was telling me, or perhaps it is simply common sense. It appears that ignorance is the norm!

  • joe

    Check this out – how will they ever control the PRESSURE FROM THIS MASSIVE BLOWOUT?

  • carolyn baldwin

    Do people who don’t go to the beaches and live far away need to get out of Florida- Fort Walton beach?

    • Nancy

      Opinion… yes. The oil is already there…

  • spirittoo

    The elite have come up with an excellent way to get rid of stupid people. The less stupid people in the world … the better. Sheeple are expendable … they certainly are no help to the patriots that are speaking out against the fascism that has taken over the country. If the stupid sheep what to keep pretending that the corrupt government is looking out for them … fine by me. I won’t shed any tears when they die off.

  • F all people except a few

    another deliberate mass murder by our unelected UK-ruled, freemason-enforced slavelords

  • p.s.-

    As a teenager I worked on a towboat running the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico…this has ruined life for about 50 million people from Brownsville to….., well……everywhere on the gulf…amazing what a corporation can get away with that would bring a death sentence to the individual….



  • I’m fifty years old and have been around government corruption my whole life…dad was a corrupt cop, mom a corrupt court clerk and my brother a cop who got caught with phony $100.00 bills….went to work for US DoD and spent over twenty years in Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, Korea..etc,……and please, let me tell you…….it is as corrupt as it can get and still be managed(poorly) through PR efforts……I reported fraud, waste and abuse for years..and got my ass handed to me each time….even fighting back takes its toll…… I have been telling folks for 25 years what is coming and was laughed at, labled a “conspiracy nut”…even had a vist from the FBI…….just to shut me up……wrote a book about it called Webster Groves(……….so now I just sit here in my crippled body and watch the decay inch forward day by day….how’s America working for you?



    • hollyse

      Here’s an embrace for a man telling truth to fiction. Thank you for your comments. What mamkind can’t deal with is killed. REACTION to what is going on is necessary if PROBLEM is to multiply at an astounding rate for destruction. Why is SOLUTION last to PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION? The Gulf disaster has no solution and they insanity elite of NWO)know this. Death is feeding upon itself as the middle east’s death is progressing according to planning. Evil knows no other dimension other than itself. The USA is being sacraficed according to planning. The squeeze is on. It’s but a matter of time unless REAL human beings plan to attacking the core of this evil nest.

    • Nancy

      I love you… and I am grateful.

      Thank you. I regret your body… I wish I could help and perhaps I could if I knew you. The medical “profession” is as corrupt as anything else in Society, perhaps MORE… at least the participants are more heartless than just politicians, because they exploit elderly, sick, and damaged people.

      I try to restore function, using scenar devices, deep infrared heat, detoxification methods, herbs, deep muscle massage, etc. etc. etc. and there is great satisfaction in bringing back a measure of health to those who have been degraded by the so-called doctors.

      Bless you… keep the faith.

  • April 20th is Hitler’s birthday btw … The same day the MMS bombs were delivered to enhance the Deepwater Horizon’s demise)

    “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” (And if there is no crisis, create one intentionally … one hidden in plain view; and if possible use as a diversion from a military operation)

    Current White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (Israeli citizen – Obama’s first pick -began his current job on January 20, 2009, the day of Obama’s inauguration)


    Following the rise of sufficient indicators that BP knew about the conditions of its Gulf oil assets prior to the April 20 leak & explosion 70+ long days ago and counting.

    President Obama and certain allies, intend ram through Carbon Taxes and other Climate Change measures via stealth, and using the crisis of the BP Oil Spill to justify such socialist policies– when the Obama Administration’s bewildered response (much like the Bush Administration’s delayed response at Katrina) exacerbated the scale and depth of the crisis BP may have let happen.

    The geological properties of the area, and the nature of the deep oil system, were well known to the experts. The Gulf is one of the oldest and most studied drilling areas in the world. BP knew the outcome of the venture … and the CEO and brokerage houses dumped BP stock prior to the explosion.

    Texas A&M University oceanography professor John Kessler, just back from a 10-day research expedition near the BP Plc oil spill in the gulf, says methane gas levels in some areas are “astonishingly high.” Kessler’s crew took measurements of both surface and deep water within a 5-mile (8 kilometer) radius of BP’s broken wellhead.

    “There is an incredible amount of methane in there,” Kessler told reporters in a telephone briefing.

    History Channel Mega Disasters – Methane Explosion

    Guess we need to bug out to higher ground if it occurs in the gulf??
    ELE (extinction level event) … tsunami will hit Texas coast in the event.

    • satya

      I trust you will let everyone in your circle know before you ‘bug out’?

      And what happens when there is nowhere left on the planet to ‘bug out’ to? What then?

      Would it not be better in the long term to act cohesively with others to help all you can to soften the coming blow? I really don’t think ‘lone wolves’ will survive without they come together with others. This coming decade, if we ever get that far, will be a test of collective effort on a vast and unprecedented scale – at least, once the egomaniacs and bullets run out…

    • hollyse

      Higher groud isn’t the answer. Gses are trnsported by air currents released by natural air flow along with rain. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” is but a myth. These evil people who bring occult damnation upon a beautiful earth need to be destroyed. The USA is a preditor nation. We create socialism status and believe manipulation of the less to be game playing as if amusing oneself by death games. mvoing to higher ground may be short term increase survival rates, but then cellular destruction is occuring even now aswe speak.

      • Bonnie (Michigan)

        Many people in many countries look at the USA and think we are evil because of what our “elitist” govenment is doing. Yes, many of the American people have not been paying attention to what the elected officals have been doing but in fairness it is due to the mass media manipulation. There is no longer truth in jounalism, it is manipulated to the agenda of the elites. Many do not realize that the govenments of all the countries are controlled by only a hand full of people at the top. Divide and conquer is the their greatest weapon this is why American has been divided into two parties and numerous groups, instead of “americans”. People are looking to their govenments to solve all their problems instead of looking to God.. they’ve raised the govenment to “god” status and this has made it easy for those in power to obtain more power and wealth. The american people are waking up but unfortunately it is too few too late. If even just one mainstream media outlet would break away and start reporting “truth” the people would wake up and the rest of the world would see that most americans are NOT what they are seeing via media and news reports.
        Please do not judge us, the american people by what our govenment is doing, as we will not judge you for what your government does. God bless all

  • Bonnie

    Your map showing the present time.

    You forgot to include Hurricane Alex tht just hit Mexico. What’s the matter, other countries are not import to you?

    You, Gringos, loosened this demon, on people also, that had NOTHING to do with it.

    As usual, you, Gringos are insular and as selfish as you’ve ever been, that everything happening, only effects YOU.

    The rest of the world has stood by for a long, long time watching bemusement – and amusement, wat the way you handle not only your affairs, but presume, in your extreme hubris to stick yopur nose in other country’s business, and just attack and invade other Nations. Happy as a lark!

    Your economoy is down the shithole, and you Gringos, still have the nerve to call poor countries, “3rd WordD” and “Banana Republics.” You owe trillions to China. YOU are the 3rd World now!

    The our amusement is that you can still carry on wars, land even have the nerve to push for a new one in Iran, all for israel, of course. Don’t you know that?

    Well, – the stealing of other People’s lands, beginning with Hawaii, outright thievery from the legitimate Queen Liliuokalani, – the Drug Wars you’ve carried on, exporting all drugs across the world, – the the Civil Wars and Insurgencies you’re been responsible for, from South America to the Middle East, to Central Asia, to Africa, – all the foodstuffs and grains and Natural Resources you’ve taken from “3rd World” countries, – the Depleted Uramium you’ve loosened on the world, – the BP Well from Hell that you, Gringos, have opened on the rest of us, Latin America, will go home to roost in your country.

    The prophecy is that “America will fall on its knees.”

    Your come-uppance will come soon, and through experience of the suffering you’ve visited on the rest of the world, you, Gringos will learn what is is to suffer.

    But it will be all done through your own hand. All by yourselves.

    Thisa way you will learn Wisdom, and compassion and mercy. Justice and Ma’at.

    • Good Grief

      Get over yourself. Don’t include me in your hate chant. I have spent my life consuming as little as possible, walking and not using a car, recycling, working hard, eating small. I keep myself healthy to avoid a drain on the health care system, I volunteer, I don’t pop out 8 kids I don’t need to have. Can you say the same?
      I think one of the biggest problems now is that these huge faceless greedy evil corporations have brought destruction on millions but want us (all of and me and all the “gringos” and EVERYONE)to share in the guilt. Well I refuse. I will not share the guilt of this. I did not bring this on anyone. I respect the earth, I love her, I have spent my childhood cherishing her and her creatures and people. So why you’re busy blaming everyone else, think about that. If you are guilty then so be it. Meanwhile while you are doing exactly what the illuminidiots want you to divided and conquered instead of drawn together towards a common saving goal. It’s up to you, it is your choice now. But pointing fingers and name calling is so useless..why even bother at this point? We are all in this together..there is a very distinct them and a very distinct us..which side will you be on in the end? Wake up man.

    • LibertyTreeBud

      Bonnie,Yeah, don’t we know it. The rats have been slithering into positions of power for a long time, now. Oh, they have nothing but contempt for the average American because they believe themselves to be enlighten ones. Too fabulous to mingle with just plain people. I think all your smart-ass gringo yap was directed at those individuals who really count in manipulating the disasters of the world economies. We the people are in the grips of psychos from Hell. They no longer even care if we know they don’t give a shit. The volcano of oil was named Macondo, do you know what that name means? It is an African word and it means: Devils food. These people are psycho-killers and I think they are planning to poison as many people as they can while making money doing it. I am grieved about the damage being done to your country and all life on earth. We have a common enemy in this disaster, that you can be sure. I am not your enemy. God help us all. Good Luck.

    • Nancy

      “Bonnie” means beautiful in the language of my people.. the Scots. It would seem that you are not living up to the meaning of your name.

      Not everyone that is unfortunate enough to be born in, and live in the corporate “United States” can be classed as a “Gringo”… And here, I speak for myself.

      Everything you have charged the people of what once was America with, is true, and I have pointed out these (and many more) of the seven sins committed by “The Nation”.. But you must be aware that “The Nation” is NOT every individual man, woman and child who has been placed in the geographical area during this particular era of time.

      “The People” are ignorant, and mindless, brainwashed, dumbed-down hoards. But then never in recorded history have “The People” been different. The “live for the satisfaction of the moment” with no thought to “tomorrow” or care for others.
      So it has always been.. but there ARE exceptions.. and those are the builders of true progress, advancement that is NOT “growth” but enhancement of compassion and intelect.

      Try to restrain your ugliness….. and remember that YOU too are a brother of all.
      As in the microism… so in the macroism.

  • Les

    Another left wing scare tactic like the absurd global warming!! Lets see some legitimate scientific proof!! not just some doctored statistics from some jokers with an agenda.

    • Stacy

      go to glacier national park! you can see the proof of the “scare tactics”!!

  • Dru Saunders

    It is way past time for on the streets demonstrations to demand removal of B.P. from the containment and clean-up operations. Also , it is way past time for all those involved in profiting from this disaster, who also were directly involved in causing it, to have very bad things happen to them ! Time for REVOLUTION NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ines

    This is not news and has been circling the internet for a while now. While we can all estimate and blame, none of this information is helpful to these people. Where are 20 million people going to go? Lady, do you think people have money to just pack up and leave? They have mortgages, loans, boats, businesses that are going into bankruptcy, where in the hell are they going to move to?
    Although I agree that if I were in their place I would be looking for a way out, but moving takes money, they can’t even sell their business because it’s worthless at this point.
    Try and find friends, relatives wherever you can and yes, get moving soon.
    What we need is “SOLUTIONS”. How to stop this volcano so it does not do any further damage and what Americans need to do is gather at the White House and spray them all down with this toxic oil. There are more Americans than military, together you can fight this and throw these cabalistic sadists out of power and take your country back. That is your ONLY option. Everything else will not work, the Gulf is now a toxic zone and will be for generations to come. Get out there and start demonstrating, 360 million Americans against 3 million military? Man, you can do this !
    I live in Croatia on the beautiful Adriatic Sea and I am pissed if this shit comes our way.

    • Sadly I live here in the US, and a good part of the peeple here are sheeple, I’ve got my stockpile and am just waiting for it to start!

  • Seems to me it’s already happened… some of us are focused on manifesting heaven on earth while others appear to be hellbent on doing the complete opposite. I must admit I can’t figure out why some souls are so antagonistic to the idea of enlightenment, self-mastery, and realigning with cosmic principles. Could it be owing to early religious programming that convinces them they are already dead meat, condemned souls… so they might as well take as many down with them as possible?
    Afraid I have no simple answers… but I strongly feel we must never succumb to panic or outright hatred. No matter what action or inaction we choose, it’s important that we first center ourselves and expand our beings till we are able to grok what’s happening from a galactic perspective. There’s still too much fear surrounding the thought of our own non-survival. That’s not a good space to be trapped in.

    • LNAB

      I work on it daily Antares. As Eckhart Tolle says.. even the sun will die.
      btw..his prognosis for the long term survival for man as a species was not high.
      Sooner or later… we all must deal with the impermanence of flesh or the material.
      But I got to tell you… I’ve felt this disaster since day 3. Cried every day for 2 months.. and then got to work on acceptance, the positive and doing what I can. But the anger has yet to dissipate. BUT I’M WORKING ON IT LOL

      • mary

        Tolle is one of them – the nwo foofum – he is full of nothing – everything goes into the mix – that is what the nwo religion is – they mix it all together to get muck – power of now – just unscramble the letters – nwo – that is what it really is – him and oprah – or harpo – what a crock. The bp disaster was no accident – they want a one world dictatorship with one religion based on the occult – it will be a luciferian/satan system – don’t fall for it – if you can, stay out of it.

  • dragonfly

    Thank you TellMeNoLies for that link. What a brilliant and hysterical site. I needed a laugh. This disaster of biblical proportions is breaking my heart.

  • This has been incredible…something right out of the pages of a twightlight zone novel. How can anyone think this being allowed to happen is a GOOD thing? I’m hoping that a few of the nightmare scenarios DON’T happen…like a burn off, or a ‘gas buble’ generated tsunami. I fear that this will just play out like Katrina did…where they stand back and do nothing (coincidenally once again involving a HURRICANE)!!

  • Why wouldn’t you mention the fact that the oil needs some kind of chemical dispersant to have the property of dissolving in water? The nasty chemical they used is called Corexit 9500. They are spraying the gulf with it and pumping it into the well head. That crap is way worse than if they just left it alone. Also it is most significant the percentage of BP holdings that the evil bill and melinda gates foundation own.

  • Jean-Claude LaFontaine

    With no intention here of losing you in what is not at all an esoteric argument, permit me to point out that Government and the media have been in bed together for many years, and in the case of the major film industry this has taken the form in some cases of prophetic utterances. I am certainly not the only person who can point out numerous 911 references in pre-911 films, such as “Enemy Of The State” where evil NSA boss jon Voight was born on September 11th 1940, etc. etc. etc. So moving on here, you have the South African film “District 9” and please for our brief discussion here forget the film’s content for now. You can glean truths from the various films’ titles – in this case, District 9 is the U.S. Congressional District in Louisiana that is more-or-less most proximate to the BP oil disaster’s impact. This was certainly planned in advance, wither to advance prospects for cap-and-trade or (more likely) to finall desroy America’s prominence for NWO purposes, although in a longer posting I could make a case for the ‘appropriateness’ of using a British outfit for the purpose. Minus this specific knowledge about the films, all of you are speculating in the dark to an unnecessarily large degree, and here’s a little more insight – Tony Blair was on a rll towards presidency of the European Union when derailed by Baron Lord Michael Levy’s arrest on charges of seling national honours, such as in the case of Miramax Films’ Harvey Weinstein who was awarded CBE (Commander of the British Empire a 5th level accolade). I was one of those who wrote the PM about the outrage, accompanying my correspondence with a letter from the White House. There’s more to tell here, but let’s save space….this turned into a brouhaha of which you are not aware (annotated in their Cannes film later with the flick “What Just Happened?”), and later by a film the savvy amongst us could only have expected – “Last Chance, Harvey”, starring Dustin Hoffman. The title should have read “Last Chance, Harvey” with the apostrophe, as it was a direct warning to Harvey Weinstein for the angst he’d caused his handlers, as you may remember the similar situation in Dustin Hoffman’s film, “Wag The Dog about a complicitous film producer who ruffled his Government handlers too much. We could sit down for a few hours somewhere and have a really good time with the films here uncovering various monstrous offences committed by your protectors and some objects of their atentions. But now you know just a little bit more.

    • ght

      Interesting. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn these things are not accidental.
      Lately there has been some discussion as to the influence on the music industry as well. Lady GaGa and Christina Aguillera come to mind. Their latest videos are full of cult-like symbolism; violence, militarization and vulgarity. It is though the industry is trying to de-sensitize us. Once you start paying attention, you see these same sorts of disturbing images popping up all over the place. It is almost as though some group is in charge of setting the tone – following the same guidebook – for all these videos.

      • satya

        BORAT – this ghastly film says it all – especially about who is trying to desensitize humanity.

  • george avila

    OMG. 1st problem I see is that website your showing has all the “filters” on. Not all those red dots are ACTUAL REPORTED PROBLEMS RELATED TO THE BP SPILL. For instance, the “HEALTH EFFECTS” Has only, ONLY 7 DOTS. And many of those dots are not reports of problems experienced, but when you click on some of the red buttons it says “Hay Solution”, or in Las Vegas it says “I can clean up oil” You, Mark Sircus, are very misleading to have ALL the filters on and publish it as though these red dots are ANY indication that problems are happening in these locations. Shame on you for not pointing this out or maybe you just believe whatever you find on the internet as fact.

    • Billy

      Umm… actually, when I started clicking on dots (unfiltered) nearly everything that came up was either a health effect, or actual oil being spotted in the water or on the beach or smelled in the air.

      • george avila

        Yeah so your saying the dots farther inland are “oil being spotted” or “smelled in the air”? Give me a break…Yeah there’s probably some legit markers on the map. But my point was not all the markers are ill health effects…Waco, Tx is not experiencing anything…so why display it with the subtext that all these places are having issues? There needs to be more scrutiny of this map before it should be taken at face value…thats all I’m saying.

        • george avila

          and did I not give you an example in the post? Las Vegas…?

    • Glenda

      George Avila – One part of these statistics that need to be considered is that the beach cleaners are being told to only report to BP clinics. The BP clinics are not part of our hospital systems that share information. All of the cleanup workers for the Exxon Valdez are dead. That is something to consider. I know that any kind of exposure to toxic chemicals will always have a negative effect.

  • This Site has been reporting the truth for two months…

    It ain’t pretty but it sure is funny.

    Let see who has the LAST laugh.

  • TSGordon

    It’s the perfect storm. Bankruptcy, due to two illegal wars, followed by a fake stimulus in a deregulated sea of derivatives. Then came this oil slick. According to the woman whistleblower in southern most Louisiana, BP are already cutting their losses and ignoring the clean-ups for more pressing containment issues.

    Just like 9/11, people are rationalizing about their (presumed) ‘lack of sensitivity’ to a little extra poison gasses.

    Like my friend, David, who lived on Hudson St, just up the block from the WTC, was diagnosed with something serious about three months later. Moving was out of the question. By the time he and his wife did attempt to move, they were struck by yet another series of financially devistating events, and today I’m afraid their status is reduced from ‘Jet set,’ to ‘jet stream.’ ..So much for that “quaint beach house in the Hamptons.”

  • Lucretia

    With BP the biggest lobbiest for a carbon tax in which they will collect trillions from the people taking them into total poverity and austerity, since they could not get their carbon tax through their deception of global warming, looks like they sacrificed our oceans and millions of lives to get their fradulent tax. How evil can evil get?

    • leroy

      The truth behind all of this is stranger than fiction my friend.

  • Thanks Dr. Mark. I’ve been saying these same things to these people for five weeks. They won’t believe me. Maybe they’ll believe you.

    • TS Gordon

      JK, Wouldn’t it be safer to cross the Atlantic in a skiff, than to stay onshore in Biloxi, or say Ft. Meyers, etc… ??? I can’t help but think about the young Californian girl who tried to imitate the heroic Australian girl who recently did sail around the world, solo.

      After the exodus, can you imagine the fire-sale prices on +$20Million Mega-Yachts? The bottom-line; if you haven’t already, GET t.f. OUT!

  • Ellenor Whitty

    After day 21, I made arrangements to cash in some retirement funds and other accounts, then managed to get a corporate transfer from Houston to Minneapolis (I work as a media relations specialist in telecommunications). As much as I love Texas, I knew that if I waited to leave by some future government decree, it would be impossible to hire movers, rent a U-Haul truck, get the needed moving supplies, etc. And I didn’t want to be given a Camp FEMA t-shirt and put onto a bus, so I went ahead and left on my own, before the cost of moving from the Gulf Coast skyrockets.

    Minnesota has 10,000+ lakes with natural water sources, and NO affiliation with the Gulf of Mexico, OR the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It seemed to be the safest place to move. I got a good deal at a swanky midrise, but I’ll bet that if people start coming up here en mass, the rents up here will also go sky high. A lady up here told me to NOT tell anyone what I did because the people up here don’t want a KATRINA-type situation. Neither do I…… after Hurricane Katrina, the City of Houston went down the toilet and crime went out of control when they hauled all of those poor people to Texas.

    Just thought you’d enjoy my story here. I have no guarantee that I will survive any better up here than in Houston, but I feel a lot safer. Of course, many people think I am crazy for doing this, but I’m just lucky I could do this. It has already cost me around $10K, but the fun part is that corporate relocation expenses can offset my income when I do my 2010 tax return.

    Mega Thanks For Your Time Reading This,

    • bob

      I am right behind you Ellenor. I live in Houston to and now when I am outside for a long enough time I feel a sick feeling unlike I have never felt before and I have lived here all of my life. I can’t imagine what it will be like in the next months or when a hurricane blows all of this poison more inland. It is time to wake up people. Don’t listen to the main stream media. They are bought and paid for by the slime that is letting this happen.

    • Ellenor

      Smart girl – you out while the getting was good.

      BUT – – – don’t kid yourself into any nirvana-type safety zone in MI – keep your ear to the ground and listen for that ‘sucking’ sound – – – OIL, baby – broken pipelines from Canada’s tarsands, fracking shale oil deposits, whatever!

      And, if that won’t get you, try a nuke plant or two! Or, nuke waste dump upstream from your drinking water….

      Or, any number of ‘corporate’ ways to pollute your air, water, food, land, kids! Don’t take your eye off that reduce human population plan’.

      Good luck ….enjoy your new environs – while ye may!

    • Glenda

      Hey Ellenor! I live in Conroe. We really don’t have anywhere we can go and my husband thinks its all a bunch of nonsense anyways because he watches to much tv. I have a sister who lives one hour south of Dallas. Besides that, my only option I know of, my in-laws live in West Virginia. I just don’t know where to go or when.

      I’m thrilled you got out in time.


    • LNAB

      I’ve discussed this with my family as well.. upstate NY near Lake Ontario. It has been clear to me that our gov’t is covering up the globe changing nature of this man-made disaster. Reading about the toxic rain has not surprised me. The complete lack of discussion about the enormous amounts of methane being put into the atmosphere is a telling clue to those who are paying attention.

      I’m in OK… I dread when one of those hurricanes chew up through the middle of Texas to here. I’m staying put for now. But thinking ahead for alternatives.

    • Tina Marie Wendt

      Hey Ellenor!
      You may not remember me, but hi anyway.
      We used to spend time with you and Lee.
      Hope you enjoy Minneapolis. Tom has been there a lot lately working with the executives at Best Buy. He travels between Hong Kong and the US working with electronics.

      As for the problems in Houston, its pretty sad. I saw that tarballs are washing up on shore now on Galveston Island. When I think about all the time the kids and I spent in those waters, its sad to think about what it has become.

      I miss you and think of you often. Hope you are doing well.
      Tina Marie

  • Cat Callahan

    If you wonder why people(Illuminatti) would do this via BP, all you have to do is read the infamous Georgia Guidestones who state their goal is to reduce the world population to 500,000-which means getting rid of at least 5 billion people! In plain English-KILL THEM!If this is not pure evil and wickedness, I have no idea what would be! Anyhow, if you poison the planet what do you care if you have been promised ease and safety elsewhere? If these stupid Illuministgs haven’t figured it out yet, let me point out something: if they don’t care how many of your own species are killed, what makes them(illuminatti) think they will be treated any better and have their own promises kept? Or could they wind up on the Bar BQ spit as well? Hmmmmmmmm

    • They are saying that oil causes cancer. Well if that is the case why are they making more and more stuff out of plastic. When you buy anything bottled in plastic what risk are you taking?They are bottling everything now in plastic. Try to find something bottled in glass today.

    • Josie

      I agree with you Cat! What amazes me is the amount of people that think that all of this is a conspiracy theory! Hell-oh oh! Geez, if they can’t see this as the truth I don’t know what will jolt them. They are going to really flip out when the rest of us are ready for the big finale and they aren’t! As long as it is not them going to through the pain/suffering many of these humans don’t care and turn their back on their brethren. They also think that groceries come pre-packaged in grocery stores and that mother nature has little to do with it. Honestly these kinds of humans are the stupidest creatures on Earth. They make an amoeba appear smarter in comparison. You might really like to listen to David Icke’s audio called “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” at

      It explains the rest of the story better than any other source I have found yet. May the force be with you.

      • WARNING: David Icke believes that humanity is controlled by aliens on the Moon – and that the Moon is alien-made! Talk about psychos! He is right, though, about the reptilian nature of the ALIEN RACE which DOES control humanity (but not from the Moon). You can read all about it on my website and Blog.