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Seismologist Casts a Shadow

Published on May 13, 2012

(Photo by Sam Eaton)

University of Tokyo seismologist Shinichi Sakai has very bad news for the human race. Sakai is a prominent Japanese seismologist who is predicting a major earthquake to hit Tokyo soon.

He rattled nerves in Japan when he declared there was a 70% chance of a major earthquake in or around Tokyo in the next four years. Government scientists have already proclaimed a similar risk, but over a longer timeframe. When it comes to our nuclear future this is bad news, for whenever the next major quake hits that general area there is a high chance of building No. 4 coming down in a fireball of spent nuclear fuel.

After all Japan is one of the most seismically-active countries in the world.

Sakai says there’s been a fivefold increase in small tremors around Tokyo since the huge quake off Japan’s northeast coast in March last year that destroyed Fukushima, leading to the worst nuclear disaster ever.

This fivefold increase adds up to a mathematical omen for Sakai who, with the help of the University’s Earthquake Research Institute, crunched the new numbers and came up with a shocking prediction: “There’s a 70% chance a major earthquake will hit Tokyo within the next four years.” Sakai and his colleagues are among the country’s leading seismic authorities, so the prediction itself gave Japan a jolt.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor,” said Mitsuhei Murata, former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland and Senegal, Executive Director, the Japan Society for Global System and Ethics. The No. 4 pool is about 100 feet above ground, is structurally damaged, and is exposed to the open elements. If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire.The pool holding these fuel rods is already structurally damaged and ready to give way. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

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Health Ranger Mike Adams really puts this story into perspective saying, “The news you are about to read puts everything else in the category of ‘insignificant’ by comparison. Concerned about the 2012 U.S. presidential election? Worried about GMOs? Fluoride? Vaccines? Secret prisons? The resulting releasing of radiation would turn North America into a “dead zone” for humans… mutated (and failed) crops, radioactive groundwater, skyrocketing infant mortality, an explosion in cancer and infertility… this is what could be unleashed at any moment from an earthquake in Japan.”

Adams calls the media and Obama professional liars and that is what is being pumped into the collective consciousness of us humans—bald-faced lies of the most extreme nature.

Adams continued saying, “None of that even matters if we don’t solve the problem of Fukushima reactor No. 4, which is on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could unleash enough radiation to end human civilization on our planet.” It is extremely tragic to realize and have to admit that we are not going to solve this problem for two main reasons. The first is, it is highly doubtful that there is a solution and the second, there is never an intention among those responsible for such things to do the right thing. They only know how to do the wrong thing and that is why we are coming to a bad end.

And as we live each day the radiation levels are creeping up in Tokyo metropolitan area where over 30 million people live. Prof. Yamazaki from Kinki University analyzed the cesium in sea ground of Tokyo bay on 4/2/2012. He found out it increased since last August. The samples were taken at three locations in Tokyo bay, near Arakawa River Tokyo and Urayasu Chiba.


I do not think many even care about what is happening in northern Japan and I have met several people who never even heard of Fukushima. I know of some experts in the field of detoxification and chelation of heavy metals who seem like deer in the headlights when it comes to explaining to their readers what to do. I can only imagine this is because they are not taking steps to protect themselves and their families either.

Arnie Gundersen of course is the notable exception. “Move south of equator if Unit No. 4 fuel pool goes dry, that’s probably the lesson there—Like cesium from all 800 nuclear bombs ever dropped on Earth, except all at once. There’s more cesium in that [Unit No. 4] fuel pool than in all 800 nuclear bombs exploded above ground.”[1] He says it would certainly destroy Japan as a functioning country and the radioactive clouds would circulate round and round with the heaviest concentrations in the northern hemisphere.

But one of the chief engineeers[2] has a special warning for Californians and everyone directly downwind from Japan. “I’m telling my friends on west coast of the U.S. to watch Unit No. 4 like a hawk—Wake up every day and make sure it’s standing… have a plan to move somewhere.” Sorry sir, but by then it would be way too late. There would be no time for anything and the panic would escalate day by day. There are people who have the financial resources to make such moves but very few are listening to the warnings of impending disaster.

After visiting Fukushima Senator Ron Wyden warned that the spent fuel is a national security threat to the U.S.: “The radiation caused by the failure of the spent fuel pools in the event of another earthquake could reach the West Coast within days. That absolutely makes the safe containment and protection of this spent fuel a security issue for the United States.”

No one is making anything up. The spent fuel in unit sits in an elevated pool outside the reactor core’s reinforced containment, in a high-consequence earthquake zone adjacent to the ocean. It is open to the elements because a hydrogen explosion blew off the roof during the early days of the accident and sent the building into a list. The most dangerous radioactive pool in the world is in a building leaning to one side leaving us all ‘Hanging by a Thread’.

Special Note: Some people might remember that after Fukushima I offered to help a few families relocate to Brazil. Lately there have been several families from the northern hemisphere making inquiries, people who have been thinking of such things for years but still have not moved. Now, with financial Armageddon threatening, I think time has already run out. Takes time to transfer money, buy land and build a house. I could perhaps help one or two families with relocation. I am still building Sanctuary, and like Kevin Costner in that film where the voice from above says, “Build it and they will come,” I am waiting to see who and what will come.

I find Mike Adams recent comment, "At the same time, this is no reason to despair. I am working on a new article called the top 10 legitimate reasons for optimism even as our world is threatened with collapse. Can we really be optimistic in all this? I say YES! And I will lay out these reasons in the next few days," a bit unsettling.

It sounds like what I hear so often on the streets of Brazil, “beleza pura!” Sure we all need to keep our cool and be brave but it’s not a time to be stupid or look for good feelings before even beginning to understand the danger. Our challenges will be great spiritually as our physical world continues to deteriorate around our ankles and feet.

Part two of this essay is titled Frightening and in it I share what I have been personally going through these past ten days as I write about Fukushima. It will be published tomorrow. For me at least it is a time of great feeling, explosions in my heart as a new sense of reality dawns in my consciousness. I know how deep this rabbit hole goes and I know for sure few have been able to appreciate how this will affect the lives of our children and their capacity to have children.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Everyone loves it when folks come together and share views.
    Great website, continue the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Who agrees that they should just get rid of the nuclear plant all together and switch to solar energy? I know I do!

  • Judi Millan

    What about our pets? Can animals, in my case cats, have iodine or whatever else you suggest? I haven’t read your book yet, I will download it in a few minutes.
    And, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I gave my TV away years ago and wasn’t quite up to speed on this situation.

  • Elysabeth

    Dr. Sircus.
    I, & many more, appreciate & thank you for the work that you & others, like Fairwinds, are doing.
    Perhaps “Help Fukushimi, Help the World,” petitions, stories, via Facebook, Care2, Thom Hartmann, Bernie Sanders, Sierrra Club, Green Peace, etc.[& sent to every country’s political/business leaders] might be a way to begin to generate some awareness of what is happening. Publicity – Publicity – Publicity!! [Does anyone know if planeloads of boron where/are being dumped at site??]
    Maintaining a positive heart in the midst of possible extinction events is most difficult, but if we hold dear a two fold program – action & intent, we might change the world!

    Change will not happen by itself, by appealing to common sense, or lamenting the chaos, fear and anger in the world, but positive action taken, however minute might grow into such a groundswell that our “fearless leaders” would have no choice but to listen & cease their greedy, horrific & insane acts. Think: snowball becoming an avalanche! By multitudes of us taking physical, non-violent action while holding dear [intent] and implementing a dream of sustainable, green/wave energy, respect & acceptance for all life forms, the potential of a Golden Age just might be realised.
    Easy??? No way, those in power will fight dearly to maintain what they have…but so worth it
    But firstly, people must be AWARE of what is happening!!! And those who are aware, please…get together & take action while holding close the desired change – Don’t lose sight of the dream, cause we can make it real.

  • Vladimir

    The world is a holographic illusion. These catastrophes are part of 3D reality or illusion. The key is not to give it reality by the low vibration of fear. The key is in raising your vibrations. In this way you affect the whole. Planet earth is moving into new regions of the cosmos. Higher energies are coming into earth. These energies connect with your DNA, your consciousness but it all depends what you focus on. Focus on the negative and you amplify it. The gap between idea and manifestation is vanishing. This means that if you think of something like a catastrophe, instantly this is what you will experience. If you follow your internal guidance from inside, look at the positive, choose to be happy, you will have another experience. I can recommend the utube Our holographic world in 5 parts.

    • Alan

      Wonderful! Focus on the positive, in this specific case a successful resolution to the
      described problem. It might all be illusion, yet it’s our shared reality that there has been an earthquake and damage to reactors. What I see is all the world leaders realizing the problems severity and taking all of their resources to apply to a solution… without financial or manpower being restrained!
      Ok, perhaps I dream, but seriously, what is the magnitude of the engineering problem being faced? Dr Sircus, can you provide us with a site or a link that adequately describes what would a successful resolution to this problem, and the necessary steps leading to a termination of the treat? Is the problem being faced at present simply beyond sciences known ability to solve?

      • “…the No. 4 reactor building houses a storage pool containing 1,535 spent fuel rods, the largest number of any of the reactors.” “”If the storage pool should collapse and the 1,535 fuel rods began burning in the atmosphere, an endless amount of radiation would be emitted. Of course, that would mean that Tokyo would become unlivable,” he said. Murata continued: “Just 50 meters from the No. 4 reactor is the common pool for the No. 1 to No. 6 reactors. The common pool holds 6,375 spent nuclear fuel rods. If a fire should occur at the No. 4 reactor pool, the common pool would also not stand a chance.”” “TEPCO has also begun work to cover the entire No. 4 reactor building in order to start removing the spent nuclear fuel from the storage pool. Work to remove the fuel rods could begin as soon as next year.” – No – they’d logically be saying something like, that: they want to shield off the pools so as to empty them as soon as possible, and they want to shield off the reactor and it’s (China Syndrome) volcano of radioactive gases with air and water filters over and around it, etc.

  • Paulette

    Dear Dr. Circus,

    I have been following your blog for a while now, and I really appreciate that you make efforts to make people aware of the true state of affairs in Japan. This is a very great effort of yours. I find your blogs posts very scary and emotional. However I think in times of nuclear crises when there is a danger of radiation exposure, what people really also need is information on how to protect themselves. We are already scared, but we can’t relocate to the other hemisphere because we do not have the money. I think we need calm advice on what we can do to minimize health risks when radiation exposure is happening. You are a doctor, apparently you have studied this topic well. It would be really very useful if you could start a blog about what a common person like me, who do not have the money to relocate to Southern hemisphere could do to protect our families. Let’s face it that the vast majority of us in the northern hemisphere do not have an option to relocate, so some of us will have to live with radiation. So, in fact such a blog is long due from someone, ideally the governments of the countries who tested nuclear weapons and use nuclear energy should distribute the information. But they are not doing it for various reasons. Telling the truth is necessary. Giving information on how to deal with these conditions is essential. I live in north west of Canada, and I have no idea how much radiation exposure we received since last spring. I have family in Europe, and I have no idea how much they received. But if we know what to do to minimize the exposure, and we do it, we are empowered, this not only helps us and our families’ health but gives us peace of mind, knowing that we did what we could, thereby saving our strength, rather that wasting it on constantly worrying. That would bring a lot of good to many of us common people. Or if you know of anyone who posts blogs like that would you please share this knowledge with your blog readers. I know that someone in Japan keeps a blog with information on how to survive with radiation, and many Japanese find it very helpful. Unfortunately I can not read Japanese.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Dr. Sircus has written an entire book on how to cope with radiation and exposures from that and other toxic sources. Its called Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome and is available as an e-book here:

      Everyone should get a copy!

      In addition Dr. Sircus writes on this blog frequently about updates as he learns of them. We learn new things everyday and share them with you as soon as they are available. Questions about dealing with radioactivity are answered right here on this blog site daily as they come in.

      In addition Dr. Sircus will shortly be coming out with a video presentation on using his protocol which will be helpful to many who are exposed to radiation.

      He often repeats his recommendations to people in his essays, for people to stock up on and regularly use iodine, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oil, Vitamin C and other supplements to combat exposures……..

      Consultations with him for more personal guidance are always available too.

      And his name is Dr. Sircus! Perhaps you have not been paying as much attention to his blogs and essays as you should be.

      • Paulette

        I apologise for the misspelling, English is not my first language.