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The End of a Nation – Losing Sweden Forever

Published on September 8, 2016

Invasion of Europe

A pro-government Turkish newspaper placed an ad at Istanbul’s main airport on August 19 warning against travel to Sweden due to alleged high incidences of rape. What is the price Sweden has paid for the massive invasion (by invitation) of Islamic people? According to the Gatestone Institute, “Swedish Sweden will soon be lost forever, and in many areas replaced by a Middle Eastern state of affairs, where different immigrant groups (mainly Muslims) make war on each other as well as on the Swedes.”

Tobais Andersson writes that, “Sweden’s international image is being tarnished by a much darker reputation: as the rape capital of the Western world. The irresponsible policies of Sweden’s leaders have caused years of suffering for Swedish women. By opening the gates to massive immigration from Africa and the Middle East, Swedish politicians have brought cultures and values in strict opposition to ours. Immigrants raised in societies without respect for women, who see women as possessions whose main purpose in life is to please their husband, have no place in our liberal society. Many male immigrants, when faced with our liberal lifestyle and beautiful women, are unable to control themselves.”

“There are two ways to deal with refugees: one is to promote dialogue, and inclusion; the other to be unwelcoming and uncaring. The second has led to disaster before—and in one way or another, is sure to do so again,” concludes Annalisa Merelli. What she fails to understand is that there is no dialogue, no exchange of ideas, no real listening nor desire for Islamic migrants to integrate with the West.

What is invading the west is a religion that is not open for negotiations. When she says uncaring she is very correct, we should not be uncaring like the politicians are being when they continue ignoring the epidemic of rapes at the hands of the migrants. Just recently, we had another episode of mass molestation where 26 women were recently sexually assaulted at German concert, with victims surrounded by mobs of migrant men and groped in copycat attacks like those in Cologne

Local populations would have to be suicidal to bring in hordes of people who have among their numbers rapists and terrorists hell bent on destroying because of the intolerant way their religion treats infidels. And because of the way they were treated when the West invaded their countries and supported the rise of terrorism.   

Highway to Hell

Suiciding Western Civilization with massive amounts of Islamic refugees is what is happening. Europe, America and the rest of the world will be plunged into a thousand years of darkness and oppression under Islamic-Fascism if the West is not careful, which it is not being at present. Birthrates have declined all across the West but the Muslims are breeding like rabbits and by that weight alone they will eventually crush the West.

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Islam expert Robert Spencer reveals Islam’s ongoing, unshakable quest for global conquest and why the West today faces the same threat as the Crusaders did. Few in the United States or Europe want to face the frightening facts about jihad.

“What was arguably the most important defeat in the history of the Roman Empire had roots in something else: a refugee crisis. The Goths descended toward Roman territory looking for shelter. The mismanagement of Goth refugees started a chain of events that led to the collapse of one of the biggest political and military powers humankind has ever known. It’s a story shockingly similar to what’s happening in Europe right now—and it should serve as a cautionary tale,” writes Annalisa Merelli.

“I live in Europe in Finland and I can feel this continent collapsing.” “Sometimes the brain-dead decision of one person can set off a contagion that sweeps the world. Merkel’s open invitation to the Muslim, pretend refugees has been tearing Europe apart. The majority are not even from Syria. European states will raise their borders and require a passport because so many of these Muslim “refugees” are unaccounted for, especially after the Brussels attack,” writes Armstrong Economics.

“I have more than a few friends in Sweden and privately they confirm everything Mike “Mish” Shedlock says about the inevitable collapse of the Swedish welfare system. I speak Swedish fluently and been working there many years ago. Schools are not functioning due to overflow of young migrants that can’t read or write and couldn’t care less. There are over 50 no-go areas that the police do not want to enter without strong riot troops. The welfare and healthcare systems are imploding,” writes Samijr.

Germany’s Rape Epidemic Intensifies

According to the most recent report from the Gatestone Institute sexual violence in Germany has reached epidemic proportions since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into the country more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East that like rape a lot.

Germany’s migrant rape crisis has now spread to cities and towns in all 16 of Germany’s federal states. Germany is effectively under siege; public spaces are becoming increasingly perilous. Police have warned about a potential breakdown of public order this summer, when young male migrants are likely to see women lightly dressed.

During the month of July 2016, hundreds of German women and children were sexually assaulted by migrants (see Appendix). The youngest victim was nine; the oldest, 79. Attacks occurred at beaches, bike trails, cemeteries, discotheques, grocery stores, music festivals, parking garages, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, taxis, public transportation (buses, trams, intercity express trains and subways), public parks, public squares, public swimming pools and public restrooms. Predators are lurking everywhere; safety nowhere.

Dozens of women and children have been assaulted by migrants at summer festivals and public swimming pools — staples of ordinary German life. Incredibly, the liberals and centralists that are helplessly standing on the sidelines creating awful conditions for the women of Europe. The rising right wings are steadily increasing their threats against existing political order, which refuses to protect the women.   

We Needed and Got a Hero at Cologne

The hero of Cologne last New Year’s Eve had to resort to self-defense measures several times over the entire evening to defend “terrified women” who approach him, sometimes in tears, asking for his protection and to just be allowed to stand beside him because of the packs of hyenas who were following and sexually harassing and molesting them. Jurcevic the hero recalled, “Young girls, trembling right in front of me, begging, “Please, please, can we just stand next to you. We fear these people there. They are chasing us.” This was all in front of a great Gothic Cathedral that was also under attack that night. The religion of peace is attacking the Catholic Church and Christians throughout the Middle East and the Pope knows it but insists that Islam is a religion of peace.

Front Page Magazine writes, “Besides acts of sexual and religious terrorism meant to break down German society, the attacks against the women and the cathedral were also a show of Islamic power. Women and religious minorities can be terrorized by Muslim mobs just like in Islamic countries. Their reach is growing.”

"Islamophobia" has been regarded as especially unhelpful, and condemned as a means of silencing those who would warn of the growing hazards of Islamist radicalism, extremism and terrorism. This psychological operative technique is designed to work with Muslims and non-Muslims because both groups suffer terror at the hands of religious madmen.

Long Live Islamophobia

Long live Islamophobia, not as a fear or phobia but as an intense desire to stand up for what is beautiful and right—and that is to stand up for our women. Can anything be clearer? In the context of this essay Islamophobia translates into confronting Islamic rapists with an absolute no that has no fine print.

The famously liberal Swedes are now turning against migrants after being pushed to breaking point in the struggle to cope with the "totally unprecedented" influx of refugees. A new poll is showing that Sweden, which was previously was a welcoming country, has now reached its tolerance limit following months of migrant violence, sexual assaults and the death of asylum worker Alexandra Mezher in January this year.

Rise of the Right for Good Reason

The hard right is rising fast because they are the only ones with the guts to deal fairly with the Islamic refugee problem. Recently we had more corroborated accounts of how the Islamic State turns refugee women into sex slaves using them as human currency to attract and reward fighters in Libya. It is the same blueprint of abuse it employed on Yazidi women in Syria and Iraq.

There are many politicians who do not seem to care what happens to women; even Hilary Clinton is ready, like Obama, to invite more Muslims to America. Rape is a grave crime that our race has not been able to seriously address, and part of the reason is that sexual violence is sourced in the world’s great religions. The world’s religions were founded by men who felt that the fairer sex were not equal, and that certain sex crimes are punishable by death.

Eventually the human race will have to face the truth about religion; the violence of Islam will force us to. The present Pope does not want to see the truth so goes around preaching that Islam is a religion of peace and ignores what is happening to Christians in Muslim countries. Others are making so much money, and enjoy the show like the Roman emperors of old did, that they thrive on the violence and insanity.

Sexual Warfare

Orlando is Islam “in its truest form,” said Pamela Geller. “Muhammad said that gays must be killed. Muhammad is the supreme example whom all Muslims must obey. So killing gays is indeed the faith itself.” Christianity and Judaism have managed to reform themselves despite violent references to sexual practices in the Old Testament but the Islamic faith is not open to any kind of reformation of its beliefs. Though there are hundreds of millions of moderate Muslims the radicals are sweeping the world in an expansion of Islamic fundamentalism with its take no prisoners (unless they make good sex slaves) approach.

Islamic fundamentalists are taking the abuse of women to a new level that should not be taken lightly, which they are by liberals who are simply terrible at dealing honestly with this subject. They turn their backs, women are raped, and that is just the way it is to the liberal mind which has become tolerant of the intolerable.

A five year old girl was at the Fawnbrook apartment buildings in Idaho where both her parents and grandmother reside. She was playing in between those two apartment units when 3 boys (from 2 Syrian refugee families, ages 8, 10, 13) pulled a knife on her, held it to her throat, forced her into the laundry unit, stripped her naked, raped, and urinated on her. The 13 year old “coached” the younger boys as he videoed. Due to age restraint the boys could not ejaculate but did urinate on her. Father of this older boy was reported to high five his son.

I did not see this on any major news channel nor have I seen any reporting of the Islamic rape epidemic in Europe nor do we read about the epidemic rape of children in Islamic Turkey. These past few years we have been getting a close up look at what men are capable of when their minds are inflamed by a religion such as Islam. Perhaps we Westerners are not that much more civilized and in some respects we are worse but at least we do not gather in groups with the objective of assaulting and making slaves of women.

To Be Fair

Islam does not hold a monopoly on sexual violence though it is manifesting in new ways never seen before in the west. Rape is more acceptable to Muslim men so it is possible for men to gather in mass to do their raping. Of course the west has its share of gang rape but never has it been in large organized groups that gather for destructive purpose. For them it’s a justifiable form of violence against infidels so their religion even juices them up and urges them on. Non-Muslim men know rape is wrong but do it anyway, bad people tend to enjoy being bad with no justification needed.

However, to be fair, women in Mexico are being tortured by officials at every level of law enforcement, according to a report released by Amnesty International. Violent threats, aggressive groping, severe beating, gross genital trauma and rape are all tactics Mexican law enforcement officers use, with "almost absolutely impunity," to extract confessions.

Too many Catholic priests also show us how perverted non-Muslims can be. Though they cause a lot of pain they are not threatening a way of life. They are unfortunately a part of the West we need to protect whether they deserve it or not.

We are who we are in the West, though we could be so much better—much more humane. However, when we look at ISIS and other extreme Islamic fundamentalists it is easy to conclude that they are a throwback to the Dark Ages a place we just cannot go back to. Islam is offensive to women in general and this was again put on display recently when women were depicted as witches and demons in Palestinian school textbooks.

So men have to be real men and protect the women and children from a future too horrible to contemplate. Though most Muslims have as much distaste for radical Islam as Westerners do they cannot control or confront what is wrong with their religion.

We are all going to pay a great price and there is little to nothing we can do about that. But what we can do is protect the women and children and make that our guiding light. Though we know this is an impossible task for our present crop of politicians it is not going to be too difficult for the rising right.

In a passionate speech Marine Le Pen, the leader of the anti-immigration group, kicked off her presidential campaign in France, promising she would crush radical Islam and terrorist acts. The alternative is to let them continue to rape Western women, which is what the present crop of politicians are doing. That is why they will not stay in power much longer as people all over Europe wake up to what is going on. 

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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  • Shaise Mughal

    You’re an American that sees Mexicans as a blessing? Wow…you must be interesting at parties.

  • Lexxs

    Continue with your studies of God’s Word, you have a good appreciation of truth seeking.

  • t2vodka

    The women of sweden brought this on themselves. It is feminist and sjw policies that is allowing this. If I was there, I wouldn’t lift a finger to help those women, let them learn their terrible, terrible terrible lesson. According to them, the are mens equals, they don’t need no mans help, so let them solve their own problems for once, and men, stay out of it.

  • Stephen Moore

    Muslim men are sexually suppressed. That’s why many have fantasies of “72 Virgins” AFTER death. Islamists will die for that. Covering women from head to toe makes the men more obsessed. If they see an exposed ankle in the West, some are ready to rape. Sweden, Germany and other places all prove that! Their rape rates have greatly increased due to some male Muslim refugees who relate to liberal Western culture by raping Western women.

  • Lou

    “epidemic of rapes at the hands of the migrants.”

    IMO this is but a MARKER of the disdain and contempt with which the invader class is holding the “host country”. Worse and more numerous crimes will follow as night follows day.

    Please note the invaders are being settled in areas that do NOT contain the young daughters of the political elite who have invited the invaders to invade.

  • hangthegoatphuckerintheWH

    Coming to your town soon. Lock n load.

  • KaD

    And the third way-give them one final benefits payment for double the usual amount, and tell them that is their LAST one, they need to leave, and any resistance will be met with military force. And close the border, stop admitting these animals.

  • robert j mcgregor

    deport all muslums

    • Lexxs

      Now you know how the indians felt. Now it is your turn to be annihilated.

      • robert j mcgregor

        we will see bring it on may the best man win

        • Lexxs

          Typical response. You folks love violence and killing. Savages. … The funny thing is that this time you are killing yourselves because you cannot have or don’t want children. You can’t even replace your population. The rest will be cleansed from the earth by drug abuse and sunlight. Lol

          • t2vodka

            Well, I will be long gone when the world falls to muslims. All the blacks, asians and hispanics who thought we were just terrible, will find out just how bad things really can get. The good news is, the world will revert back to biblical times, so as the population grows, vast swaths of idiots will be killed off over and over by pestilence, disease, famine and other natural disasters. That thought brings me great joy, because stupid people deserve it when terrible things happen to them.

  • snappir

    Who is curious to know the truth, knows, that ISIS is Made-in-USA. Another terrorist organization Al-Qaida as we all know by now, was also created by US, with Osama Bin Laden as a CIA agent. The reason US created this proxy is to change the map of the middle east, with Syria being as the initial target for a total annihilation. But thankfully US didn’t take into account Russia. Putin by intervening in Syria saved this country and probably most of the Middle East from total destruction. But Putin is not only defending Syria alone. Syria and Turkey are the gates to Russia thru the Black Sea. Russia has also protected the rest of europe from influx of many more millions of refugees from Syria and other arab countries, together with members of ISIS. Russia basically SAVED Europe for the 4th time again. The first one was in 1812 against Napoleon. Then 1914 WWI. Then WWII. And NOW. The hatred of Obama to Russia is deplorable, unspeakable. This SOB is ready to destroy the world in order to destroy Russia. Thanks to coolest guy on the earth, Putin, the f… europe is safe more or less…for now. Obama destroyed Ukraine by creating a fascist coup there, in an effort to make Ukraine another american puppet. Nothing worked. Everything Failed. American Evil failed at everything it tried to achieve. And Russia is gaining momentum, with economy at high speed all the way up. The EAST, not the dirty west, is the NEW World Order. Russia is one of few safest countries, together with China, Mongolia and most of the far east.

  • Lexxs

    The same thing happened to German women and children at the end of WWII, Not to mention when Europeans invaded the Americas, Africa, India, Australia, other parts of Asia. This invasion of Europe crushes the head of the evil serpent of white supremacy/racism. It signals the beginning of the end of white hegemony. The European population will begin to decline more rapidly now. After 500 years of evil deeds,payback will be difficult.

    • And then you can wallow in the dark ages until we return to bail you out as usual.

      • Lexxs

        The first universities in the world were in Africa. Not to mention the Moorish invasion from Northwest Africa is what caused the Renaissance. So who bailed out whom? Lol

        • Oh boy, it’s another one of them “We Wuz Kangz” morons.

          • Lexxs

            Prove me false. Look up the world’s first university on your beloved device. Lol, Einstein.

          • The Moors weren’t black as you’d like to believe.

          • Lexxs

            Keep telling yourself that lie. Goodness you white racists are ignorant.

          • Lexxs

            The truth hurts white racists.

        • t2vodka

          Funny, your kind always talk about how white people are so stupid and pathetic, how we have no culture, that we stole our culture from blacks, how superior every other race is, especially blacks. Yet, history kinda tells a different story, how do you reconcile that? How did, basicly neanderthals in your opinion dominate the world? I mean, you can only steal so much, but if you’re stupid, you still can’t do anything with it, you still can’t make it work, you still can’t have a stable government. It’s okay though, you can live in your little fantasy world if it makes you feel better, you and all your self rightouse, holier than thou, never did nothin wrong idiots.

          • Lexxs

            Neanderthals are a hoax, just like Piltdown man was….. Since my facts could not be refuted you simply regurgitated false white racist talking points.

          • t2vodka

            Regurgitate white false talking points? Oh, so Europe and America are 3rd world countries, we’ve just been lied to. So, I bring up a valid point countering you, and that makes me a racist, oh brother, we dealing with high brow here.

  • James

    I am not happy to be living in the current times in the United States and that’s saying something as I was a terrorized child during the Detroit riots. My cousins lived on the border of Dearborn and Detroit at that time. I was down the street staying at my grandmother’s house as the houses on the Detroit and Dearborn border where set on fire all around us, gunshots were going off as we lay on the floor guarding the doors as we could. My cousins home was invaded and robbed, luckily they were not killed, only tied up and robbed. I feel that the times we live in now are worse as they seem to cover a huge part of the globe. And every
    bit of this horror is about money and power for a few psychopaths. I think that American would of already stopped this madness but they have been systematically poisoned with flouride in their water starting in about the 1940s. Now add in GMOS and HFCC foods grown in deficient soils and geo engineering dropping poisons such as barium on our heads and so much more. A sick poisoned population is not in any condition to resist. I do see some resistance but wonder if it is enough. I actually saw weird things happening in the 1980s that I can get into in detail if needed. I resisted these happenings in my own life and started educating others as much as I could at that time. Lately resistance is only slowing the huge mess the powers that be are creating and not stopping it, because “the resistance needs to be louder and larger and more active.” At this point the geo engineering is going to stop food production as it blocks the suns rays from getting to the earth currently over 22% and climbing are not making to earth, hence the huge amount of dying trees that Dane talks about. If the food is gone we are done people. Wake Up!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan Janick

      Hear, Hear well said !! 🙂

    • Maria

      What weird things?

  • Valdoria

    its called common sense. You do not open the door in your cabin in the woods and invite a hungry bear in so they could eat you. You see the immigrants have zero respect for the life of humans, especially those of women. You do not let them in your country. Merkel really screwed many countries including her own. Now is the time for women to be armed and just take these idiots out when they are aggressive. Eventually they will need to be exported out of european countries since they don’t respect anyone.

    • wayne

      Great comment but unfortunately that law of the jungle that you speak of leaves a lot of carnage on both sides.
      “Common sense” has long gone extinct.

    • Lexxs

      Europeans are dying off. These folks will replace them.

  • Łukasz Keczmerski

    In Poland we (in general) do not want to invite them… Of course – we are being called fascist, and many other names… but we do not want to have Cologne-bis…

    • Valdoria

      not fascist.. just intelligent.. completely different thing.

    • Be strong and keep them out! Don’t let destructive ideology guilt you.

    • Lexxs

      Poland’s population is declining so your efforts to keep the new arrivals out is doomed.

  • Melissa

    I am no supporter of Trump, so the problem is that he’s the only US Presidential candidate who is on the right side of the immigration issue. I guess voting will come down to whether or not I conclude that the relevance of the immigration issue is of higher importance than all other issues. Thank you for writing and sharing this important essay.

    • wayne

      That perfect person who says all the right things, to all the right people, at all the right times, for all the right reasons……………..?
      Good luck in your quest.

    • Berean Betty

      Many on the far Left thought the world had ended when Reagan was sworn-in as Governor of California (this was years before he ran for President). Turns out, even they had to adit, he didn’t do that bad a job. When Trump takes office, the 4 year clock starts ticking. He really has only 1-2 years to accomplish most of what he can. He will move swiftly to build the wall and put in place vetting procedures to keep those out who won’t assimilate. He will also null and void most of Obama’s executive orders and hopefully, go through the Federal level bureaucracies with a fine tooth comb to eliminate overlap, duplicate effort and entrenched ideologues. Last but not least…he will repeal Obamacare. If you are down with these things, vote Trump. If not, it won’t matter anyway because with Hillary running things the country will be absorbed by the globalists and will essentially cease to exist.

      • coalburner9

        I hope he throws off the yoke of George Soros, the most evil vampire in the world.

    • coalburner9

      Well Melisa it will mean life or death for certain for your kids.