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TSA Detains Woman Due to “Attitude” – What’s Next?

Published on September 11, 2012

A woman who claims the Transportation Security Administration detained her from her flight because the agent didn’t like her attitude has posted a video of the confrontation on YouTube. Federal employees are now feeling empowered to harass Americans for no other reason than having the wrong attitude.

The 22-second video has 45,000 views as of Monday morning. It is posted under the name AirportVideoofTSA. The person who uploaded the video wrote, “I was not allowed to board a plane (even though I had already been through airport security) because I drank my water instead of letting the TSA ‘test’ it. The TSA agent finally admitted that it wasn’t because they thought I was a security risk—it was because the TSA agent, Louis Godeaux, was mad at me!”

Though the audio is garbled, the exchange goes like this:

Woman: Do you think I’m honestly a threat? Do you think that?

TSA agent: No, no, no but with your attitude…

Woman: Wait, let me get this straight, this is retaliatory for my attitude? This is not making the airways safer, this is retaliatory.

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TSA agent: Pretty much, yes. [Inaudible]

Woman: Is that legal?

TSA agent: Yes it is.

ABC News contacted the TSA, which said, “In our initial review, we concluded that this individual was screened in accordance with standard procedures.”


“The ‘War on Terror’ was declared ‘over’ last week, but we now know it’s a permanent operation aimed at the American people. This cartoon, drawn by Tina Norton, illustrates how absurd and pernicious the TSA has become. Molesting frightened little girls is supposed to prevent ‘terror?’ The TSA are the real terrorists. They are performing government terror on citizens. The TSA must stand for ‘Terrorize the States of America,’ or ‘Testicle Squeezing Assessors,’ or even ‘Troubled Sadists Agency.’ This type of job is a magnet for child abusers and perverts. The trouble is, the groping and microwave frying won’t be confined to airports. Obama wants a Civilian Security Force as strong as the military in order to suppress and harass Americans themselves. This means the TSA will be coming to bus and train stations, malls and schools. Random checkpoints with malicious TSA gropers everywhere will be the final nail in the coffin for the 4th Amendment. Add in Big Sis’s tattle-tale spy force and we’ll be no better than East Germany or the old Soviet Union,” writes GRR Graphics.

“The TSA continues to spiral out of control at a frightening pace and the American public are asleep. The American people and the constitution of this formerly great country are under attack from within. Engage in acts of peaceful civil disobedience, refuse to participate and above all else, speak up LOUDLY about these abuses!! This is not a democratic, republican or libertarian issue. This is an American issue and our lives and the lives of our children are at stake,” writes John Galt.

The world is full of governments that end up thinking themselves into the stratosphere of arrogance meaning they have all set themselves up for eventual destruction. The Americans are way ahead of the pack when it comes to arrogance and the will to terrorize their own people, but the British are not far behind and of course China and many other countries take some special prizes in terms of civilian control.

“The greatest crimes of human history are made possible by the most colorless human beings. They are the careerists. The bureaucrats. The cynics. They do the little chores that make vast, complicated systems of exploitation and death a reality. They collect and read the personal data gathered on tens of millions of us by the security and surveillance state,” writes Chris Hedges.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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  • Williams

    Unfortunately, this happens a lot. In 2007, I went to New Orleans to assist with the damage of the levees. I was on work travel orders and was there for work only. My flight time was later in the day and I had to drive over 2 hours to get back home. I purchase an energy drink that morning to drink before my flight. I forgot I had the drink in my bag and TSA instructed me to either drink the energy drink or discard it. I asked the guy if I could put it in my check bag because I need it to get home. I had been working 12-14 hour days and was extremely tired. He said yes. I ran to the check-in counter to check it in my bag but they said I could not at the time. So I went back to the TSA agent and explained that I could not check it so is my last resort to drink. He said yes. I said okay. I guy was not rude and I was not rude. It was just the situation. So I excused myself out of the line to drink my energy drink. As I returned to the line, an older TSA manager came out the office and asked me if I understood the TSA rules. I explained that I had not flow recently with a liquid but the other guy explained my options so I drunk my drink. He asked if I had a problem or an attitude. I stated that I did not and wanted to check in so that I could make my flight and drive home. At this point, I knew that this older TSA manager had a problem and I was not happy with the fact that I was a young black girl asking questions. I explained that I was on government orders and had to get home that night to report to work the next morning to complete my field reports. He then said that I would not be going home today and would need to stay at the airport. I asked why and he said “Because he said so”. I had no contact with this man until he came out of the office. The other TSA personnel didn’t know what happened. I was so upset that I began to cry and walked up to the Airport officer to explain what happened. He said that this guy always caused problems but it was nothing that he could do about it. I had no choice but to book another flight for the next morning. I had to sleep in the airport alone for over 14 hours. One TSA guy even apologized on his break and said the manager had problems with black women. The officer and Delta flight agents were nice because they understood I did nothing wrong but because I was a young black girl asking questions, this old TSA manager had a problem and wanted me to suffer. I sent my compliant to TSA and never heard back from them; not even an apology.

  • Chris

    I don’t believe the video is available anymore. I searched Youtube all over, but couldn’t find it. Not surprising is it?

  • Ms Attitude

    Thank you for this post! There is a new website for TSA comments by the group — here is their press release:

    Keep courage! 🙂

  • Adrian

    Big Brother” is HERE. Way back in the 60’s it was the beginning of no one owning one’s personal self. The term came from Russia’s spying on people to find something to condemn;
    it was named “Big Brother is Watching You.
    HE/IT has been here quite a while.
    Everyone is suspected of something…anything…everything!

    There is no such thing as Freedom, nor Privacy.

  • Isabel

    As a New Zealander, it is because the govt of the US of A has essentially been a murder machine for too many years now (& becoming increasingly apparent on the “home front”), that I avoid buying as much as possible that are US of A imports. Our supermarkets here are chock full of out-of-season peaches, plums, nectarines etc. As well as it being unwise to eat foods that are not seasonal to where one lives, I don’t buy any such foods (or other USofA sourced foods) as my too small a stand in opposition to the murder machine that is the US of A govt. I have sometimes said to another customer why I don’t buy such products & am always pleased when the customer puts back in the bin the US of A goods. Sadly, here – as in the US of A, many people just accept the lies put forth from the media – TV, radio, newspapers. So many “Kiwis” (as we call ourselves) only think about rugby & other sport & fill their bodies with nutritionless junk foods. That’s why, like increasing numbers of Americans, Kiwis are becoming more & more obese. For decades (I’m in my 70s) I have said that Homo Sapiens is a failed experiment. Animals – IMO – are more noble beings by far than is “Man”.

  • Jill Clarkson

    So,…what can ‘we’ do? ‘We’ can’t seem to vote things straight,…with our two party system,…Hummm. How else will they hear our ROAR? Just like this post suggests,…we must take away from them the one thing they need from us. We need to treat them like an isolated, rogue, defiant, troublesome enemy. You starve them out. You out-wait them. You persevere at their gates,…not allowing them to do what they do. But you DON’T let them get you all riled up! You don’t let them have your SERENITY! You sure as heck don’t let them have your SILENCE!

  • Alysia LaughingRain Mcalister

    this was a demonstration of the abuse of power of the security guard. it is good she comes forth with the video for society’s awareness. essentially she was detained for drinking her water before it could be “tested” for chemicals. this test was likely a random test of passengers so that they do not have to stand there and pick their nose, whatever, they get paid for harassment and call it legal, and legal stuff can be severely lacking in wisdom or logic, as even judges in the court make errors of judgement. the only way the average non governmental layperson can fight back is to go to the media, like this lady did, so I salute her courage, as she came under attack on the utube for speaking out. all in all, the comments are supporting her, as well that should be.

  • morris

    the new world order bombed the shit out of the world trade centre so they could do this war on terror bullshit false flag bullshit to ordinary people to shut them the fk up using the shithead patriot act to do it