Month: September 2015


Day 27 – Exercise – The Healing Breath

Use this powerful exercise combines breathing and visualization to help fight colds, flu’s, insomnia, and even migraines. This exercise can be performed standing, sitting, or lying down, but I recommend practicing lying down, hands palm-up at your side. That position will allow you to relax. 1. Inhale. Visualize the breath coming in through the top... View ArticleTo access this post, you must purchase Home Therapy Program, Home Therapy Program Combo 1, Home Therapy Program Combo 2, First Consultation, First Consultation Special Offer, First Consultation Bundle, Program 1, Program 2, Program 3, Half Hour Consultation, Conquering Cancer Course, Conquering Cancer Course with 1 hour Consultation, Conquering Cancer Course with 1 month Support, Conquering Cancer Course with 3 months Support or Conquering Cancer Course with 6 months Support.