Breast Cancer Information

One of the great challenges in medicine is to understand the complexity of causes that leads to breast cancer and other diseases of women’s sexual organs. When one understands the multiplicity of causes, which all converge to threaten a woman’s breasts and her very life itself, one learns a profound compassion for women when threatened with breast cancer.

A breast cancer diagnosis always comes as a shock; no one ever expects it, especially young, vibrant and seemingly healthy women. Breast cancer is a tragedy that befalls a woman. It tears at the very fabric of a woman’s life rippling out to touch all those in her word.

Natural Allopathic Medicine has a potent protocol for breast cancer. The protocol shines in terms of breast care because so much of its delivery system is transdermal—meaning we apply medicinals right to the tissues of the breast. Because the breasts are exposed and covered with an ample expanse of skin they are directly accessible in terms of intensive topical/transdermal cancer treatments with safe effective medicines, something that is virtually unknown to contemporary oncologists.

A woman’s breasts need to be treated with the respect, care, love and tenderness because they hug close to a woman’s deepest vulnerabilities. A woman’s breasts are not like car doors that you can remove or just repaint after they have been damaged for they are integral parts of her womanhood and her deepest being.

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