Breathing Retraining

How to improve your breathing?

Most people do not pay attention to breathing. There is nothing more important in life than our next breath for if we do not take it we expire within minutes. So how we breathe, how we take that next breath is important for our health and for healing ourselves of our diseases.

Medical studies have proven that the more we breathe, the less oxygen is supplied to the vital organs of our body. Better breathing helps the body to release toxins, relaxes the mind and the body, relieves emotional problems, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, improves posture, improves the quality of blood, increases the digestion and assimilation of food, improves the nervous system, strengthens the lungs, helps control weight, improves cell regeneration, and elevate mood.

Check your breathing and count how many breaths you are taking each minute. If it is over twelve breaths a minute and not taken into the abdomen, you need work in this area.

Respiratory training or Breathing Retraining is a very effective way to restore the body’s health at any age. With devices such as the Frovlov you can train yourself to decelerate your breathing through prolonging your exhalation.

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