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New Concept in Cancer Care

Internationally known, Dr. Mark Sircus is the leading expert on the use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), magnesium, iodine, selenium, infrared therapies, and the primary gases of life.
Instead of asking what cancer and what chemo agent should be used the intelligent thing to do is diagnose WHY the cancer has occurred. What are the underlying causes that lead to cancer and other illnesses? Even without a battery of expensive medical tests we can profile the basic physiological parameters of each patient (one can do this at home no doctor needed) thus giving us methods for identifying the conditions in which a person’s cancer thrives.
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Given enough time, cancer will develop whenever there is a proliferation of damaged cells. When cells are damaged, when their cell wall permeability changes, when toxins and free radicals build up, when the mitochondria lose functionality in terms of energy ATP production, when pH shifts strongly to the acidic, when essential gasses like oxygen and carbon dioxide are not present in sufficient concentrations, and when essential nutrients are absent, cells eventually decline into a cancerous condition.

Add to the above mix the complications of heavy metal, chemical and radiation toxicities our cells suffer from, the fact that our immune system suffers greatly from low body temperature (think thyroid problems), nutritional deficiencies, acid conditions, and emotional, mental and sexual stress and then things certainly do not seem simple anymore.
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Dr. Sircus’s protocol is appropriate for most cancers

 His basic work is to teach patients how to set up an intensive care treatment center at home.
Offering an alternative to orthodox oncology that is easy to learn, safe to self-administer and much less expensive even if one goes with all the bells and whistles or it can be used with mainstream cancer treatments to make them safer and more effective.
Treating cancer with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide is an approach that treats the fundamental reasons cancer cells form and get aggressive. The most important factor in creating proper pH is increasing oxygen because no wastes or toxins can leave the body without first combining with oxygen.
Taking bicarbonates raises CO2 levels in the blood thus allowing for more oxygen delivery. Cancer patients are universally very acidic, so the alkalinity provided by bicarbonate can make the difference between life and death.
Hydrogen is Serious Medicine for Cancer

It is hard to lose with hydrogen. H2 inhibited cell viability, migration and invasion, and catalyzed cell apoptosis. meaning it helps us fight cancer directly minimizing its spread. Useful as an effective adjunct to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The most recent research out of China suggests that molecular hydrogen may exert anti-tumor role in ovarian cancer. In 1975, an impressive study demonstrated that hyperbaric molecular hydrogen therapy could be a possible treatment for cancer. In this study, the researchers showed that exposing mice with skin cancer (tumors) to 2.5 percent oxygen (O2) and 97.5 hydrogen (H2) for two weeks produced a dramatic and significant regression of the mice tumors. A similar effect of hyperbaric hydrogen on leukemia was reported in 1978.

Surviving Cancer Compendium
People interested in doing consultations about cancer should visit the Surviving Cancer Compendium page. The Surviving Cancer Compendium is a library on cancer. It is like an army field hospital set-up guide for patients who want to treat themselves in the comfort of their own home. I consult and teach people how to do this in desperate situations no matter where they live. See my page on Innovative Intensive Medicine. The compendium is 2,500 pages long but until the second edition is released in 2019 it should always be purchased with the Hydrogen Medicine book. The beauty of Innovative Cancer Medicine is that it is simple, easy to learn and practice so the reading can come later.
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