Causes, costs, treatments and studies of cancer

Dr. Sircus, a doctor of natural medicine, is crystal clear about the changes in natural cancer treatment he advocates. Instead of relying on cancer forming toxicity (chemo and radiation) his revolution in natural medicine is achieved by focusing on the very essentials of human physiology. His work with Innovative Medicine concentrates natural substances; turning medicinals that one normally supplements with into potent medicines, just as they would in innovative intensive care departments. Teaching doctors and patients alike to adopt his easy to learn techniques he empowers everyone who is willing to step out of the lock step of modern oncology.

Dr. Sircus practices and preaches Natural Oncology, an integrative medicine that boosts the immune system with natural methods and without harming healthy cells. It utilizes natural substances like magnesium, iodine, sodium bicarbonate and medical marijuana together with far-infrared heat treatments and oxygen therapies.

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