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Published on August 12, 2019

I am initiating a private cancer support group for those interested in receiving close guidance in doing my Natural Allopathic cancer protocol. The group will receive my latest cancer work in a course like form. I will be uploading daily videos and accompanying text to the group five days a week, provide access to all my books, give private consultations to the members, and participate in a group process of sharing and caring.

The main purpose of the group is to learn to set up an innovative ICU (Intensive treatment center) in your home and then practice the principles of Natural Allopathic medicine on yourself and loved ones.

Implicit is learning how to treat one’s cancer naturally and safely using the strongest natural substances and healing practices know to mankind. This is of course a teaching program protected under freedom of speech provisions and all the substances used can be legally obtained and used safely in one’s own home.

I have written thousands of pages on cancer and its treatment but will deliver into the group my newest research and recommendations that address the multiple causes of cancer. There are many causes that we will explore together and thus many treatments that address these causes.

One of the main points in my Conquering Cancer course is that cancer is something that happens to us in response to intrinsically unhealthy conditions like chronic dehydration, which makes it much more difficult to eliminate toxins. We can establish at least 15 causes of unhealthy cellular and bodily conditions that can lead to cancer yet there is one cause, which all of the other causes feed, and that is hypoxia, oxygen starvation, which forces cells to ferment and become cancerous,

Low oxygen levels in a cell interrupts
the activity of oxidative phosphorylation.

Methods to prevent hypoxia in cells in the first place for prevention, and or carpet bomb cancerous conditions with oxygen in the second when its too late for preventative treatments will represent a sea change in cancer treatment. There are many things that facilitate delivery of oxygen into the heart of cancer and we will study and employ all of them in Conquering Cancer.

The price we pay is high for medical ignorance. Oncologists are treating cancer too late in the game, when it’s already established, and often spread and metastasized because they really do not understand cancer and that is why they are so miserable at treating it.

At home intensive care can mimic ICU treatments with intense oral and transdermal administration of the following healing curative substances and therapies.

The full list of possible therapies covered in Conquering Cancer:

Sun Light
Carbon Dioxide
Vitamin A, B, C and D
LED Intense Light Therapy (Near infrared)
Exercises with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
PEMF – Pulse Magnetic Therapy
Dr. Boyd Haley’s chelator Emeramide
Breathing Retraining
Medical Marijuana
Kitogenic and Budwig Diets, Intermittent Fasting
Full Hydration
Intense Enzyme Therapy

In the group and in the Conquering Cancer course we learn to use these medicines and therapies. When combined they can quickly arrest the spread of cancer. Certainly the protocol can slow cancer down, reverse cancer and even vanquish cancer because they will have a strong stimulating affect on the immune system and on the cell’s mitochondria.

Large discounts on hydrogen inhalation machines will be made available and access to my First Consultations Video Class, my Home Therapy 30 day email driven Breathing Retraining Course, and my HeartHealth Meditation course for building emotional resilience.

In addition, a 10 percent discount will be made available on most of the supplements you will need. Together these benefits add up to as much as two thousand dollars when one includes the private consultation you will receive and the extended support. Your cost of joining the group will be only nine-hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Please note that no one will ever be able to make promises to you. There is no definitive cure for cancer. One reason for that is there is always the human factor (stress, depression, anger, emotional shock, PTSD) that no single or group of medicines can quite compensate for. 

These basic therapies and nutritional factors will without doubt lower your chances of dying from cancer unless a death wish is evident. If one continuing to smoke packs of cigarettes each day or continues eating a ton of junk-food and sugar what can one expect out of life and ones cancer treatment?

The above list might seem long, and it is, but many of these substances can be taken in liquid form and some therapies using suggested medical equipment can be done at the same time. We can multitask therapies, which conserves our precious time.

The important point to understand about this list is that they cover basic needs of the body. One clearly increases one’s chances of conquering cancer when one increases the range and depth of treatment.

The limit is, of course, what you can afford and what you have time for or can be bothered with. Even if one chooses to administer the entire list, costs for at home treatment is always less expensive than mainstream treatments.

The Natural Allopathic approach to cancer is sane and safe. The full protocol has never been presented or used by anyone so we will go where no one has gone before.

Special Note:

The way we think about cancer determines how we will treat cancer or what we will do or not do to avoid cancer. If one listens to the mainstream on the Internet one will learn very fast that everything is a bad idea except surgery, chemo and radiation. Also one will learn that only dangerous tests that increase the risk of cancer are to be used to detect cancer.

The price we pay is high for medical ignorance on cancer. Oncologists are treating cancer too late in the game, when it’s already established, and often spread and metastasized because they really do not understand cancer and that is why they are so miserable at treating or preventing it

It is always good to remember what Dr. Johanna Budwig said, “It is recognized that chemo-therapies destroy many living cells, and the entire person. Anything that disturbs growth is fatal because growth, as elementary life function, is part of the life process of man. We cannot achieve something good with bad tools.”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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