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Become Your Own Cancer Expert

Published on June 30, 2014

Many patients who follow traditional allopathic medicine for cancer care are stunned by the number of doctors and specialists they need to consult, with no one really being in charge. Patients do not have a number or someone to communicate with if they have any questions. There is rarely a medical expert who’s in charge of your follow-up care and no counselor to help you weigh the advice of any one or group of doctors who are certain they are right about what you need to do.

In traditional medicine there is no plan given to you for the next six months after you have been "successfully" treated and no guidance to your family or anyone about how to avoid getting cancer in the first place. Would be nice to have some hints about strategies to avoid cancer reoccurrences and what we could be doing before our “nightmarish” cancer treatments are administered and what we need to do to survive the toxic fare of orthodox oncologists.

Most people realize a patchwork of frustrating care with no one to look to as a champion or trusted figure. In the old days, the general practitioner held down the fort for a person and their family. Most people do not get straight answers out of their oncologists and they never will. How long does the average person with cancer live under the care of mainstream oncologists? What is my likelihood of a cure? If I cannot be cured, will I live longer with treatment? How much longer? Will this care directly treat the cancer, or improve my symptoms, or both? What are the side effects? How brutal will they be?

These are the most common questions cancer patients ask. Oncologists cannot inform patients on alternatives to their treatments because they risk losing their right to practice medicine if they fall out of line with the lockstep thinking of pharmaceutical oncology.

Oncologists leave out so much truth in their practice of medicine that it is impossible to get a truthful or near scientific reply about anything. When we know, for instance, that 200 mcg of selenium administered daily can reduce the chance of dying of cancer by upward of fifty percent—how can a doctor answer you or predict what is going to happen to you if they do not know if you are going to take this amount, or hopefully much more, of the best type of selenium?. They should not let you out of their office without some selenium to start you off. Since they will not give you the information you need you will have to get it somewhere else. In my Surviving Cancer Compendium I include 15 chapters on using the proper form of selenium and why this is so important.

More than we can possibly believe is affected
by the belief systems of our particular doctor.

The fact that in today’s medical system diagnosis and treatment require a seemingly endless stream of appointments with doctors who do not always agree complicates the confusion, and thus our suffering. Facing death or the loss of a loved one is difficult and painful touching on the most vulnerable parts of our being. In the middle of that, dealing with insistent doctors with conflicting and vague communications is often too much to deal with.

My Surviving Cancer Compendium is like receiving a long series of consultations. The compendium is a medical book of a new type that teaches health practitioners and patients alike about Natural Allopathic Medicine and how to apply that to treat and prevent cancer. On my site we offer different consultation plans for cancer patients using the compendium as their training and reference guide. I think about the compendium as an Army manual for setting up a field hospital in a cancer patient’s own home, which is in fact the safest and best place to treat one’s own cancer. It is a big mistake of doctors to limit cancer treatments to what happens at the hospital or clinic for only a small part of our time is spent in these often-dangerous places.

TheSurviving Cancer Compendium includes all of my writings from all my books that pertain to cancer, which means this compendium offers the reader everything there is to learn from me about cancer. Newly diagnosed patients will not have to select between my 15 books—this 2,500 page compendium covers it all.

The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol is powerful and at the same time extraordinarily safe because nutritional medicines, not pharmaceuticals, are employed. They are mostly water-based highly concentrated nutritional medicines, not chemical, and the supreme ones are magnesium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), liquid selenium, sulfur, iodine, glutathione and Vitamin C. These all can be safely and legally dispensed from yours or anyone’s cancer kitchen.

Medical marijuana is on the list as is oxygen, which along with carbon dioxide (bicarbonate turns into CO2) are some of the most important medicinals in the protocol. Relearning how to breathe is a crucial key as is exercise, emotional release and the right kind of diet.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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