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Cancer Patients Need to Know More About Cancer

Published on July 7, 2023

Not many words can stop you in your tracks and uproot your entire life like the word cancer. About 2 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer this year. According to federal data, cancer killed nearly 608,000 Americans in 2022, behind only heart disease. The news media and medical organizations are constantly putting the carrot out using the words cure, potential cure, or better cure rates than before. Six hundred eight thousand deaths do not speak of a cure, not even close.

Between 2000 and 2050, the number of new cancer patients diagnosed annually is expected to double, and that estimate was made well before the advent of turbo-cancers caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

One in four British cancer patients is unlikely to live longer than six months after diagnosis because they – and their doctors – are missing signs of the disease. Nearly 90,000 Britons do not know they have cancer until they arrive at Accident and Emergency wards, by which time only 36 percent will live longer than a year. With turbo-cancer, these time estimates, even for the young, are severely shorter.

Hearing “You have cancer” is a devastating blow unless you are prepared with solid information beforehand. And even then, it is still like being hit by a truck.

Did you know that microenvironment of chronic inflammation sets the stage for cancer? Inflammation increases chemotherapy resistance and turns on oncogenes, genes that can turn cells into tumors. Changes catalyzed by pathogenic inflammation can transform cells into cancerous tumors. Cancer is an inflammation!

The truth is that there is no one cause of cancer. There is a multiplicity of causes acting simultaneously through the years that lead up to each person’s cancer. That means there is no single demon that we can blame our cancer on.

There is so much to know about cancer. With cancer rates continuing to rise and outpacing deaths from cardiac arrest it is good to be prepared and the best way is to enroll in the 112-lesson Conquering Cancer Course. Read about the extensive list of lessons below.

Naturopathic Oncology – Conquering Cancer is a course for open-minded patients who want to learn everything there is to know about cancer. Knowing what to expect can help you cope and live through the experience if you or someone you love has cancer. From in-depth information about cancer and its causes to in-depth information about treatments, emotional aspects, tests, and much more, I offer a 112-lesson course on cancer. It originally cost 500 dollars but your cost will be only 299 dollars. My cancer system is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


Naturopathic Oncology – Conquering cancer contains a turnkey cancer treatment program that can be set up by any practitioner, clinic, spa, hospital or by patients and their families at home. It can be viewed as an army field hospital set-up guide that can be followed independently or with very little consultation with health-care professionals. Its a library on cancer, written in plain language. It is the most complete course on cancer available anywhere.

Naturopathic Oncology adheres to the principle of physician do no harm, focuses solely on natural forms of chemotherapy and natural healthy forms of radiation as well as on concentrated nutritional medicines, many of which are already in use in ICU and emergency departments.

What you will learn:

Lesson 1 – General Thoughts on Cancer

Lesson 2 – About Cancer and How to Survive It

Lesson 3 – What did we do to Deserve Cancer

Lesson 4 – Be very careful who we trust

Lesson 5 – Are Supplements Worth Taking?

Lesson 6 – General Overview of Cancer

Lesson 7 – Prelude to Causes of Cancer

Lesson 8 – What are the 22 Basic Causes and 4 Basic Characteristics of Cancers?

Lesson 9A – Natural Immuno-Oncology PART 1

Lesson 9B – Natural Immuno-Oncology PART 2

Lesson 10 – Inflammation as a Basic Cause and Characteristic of Cancer

Lesson 11 – The Key Cause of Cancer is Oxygen Deficiency

Lesson 12 – Multiple Causes of Low Oxygen (Hypoxia)

Lesson 13 – Oxygen, Alkalinity, and Your Health

Lesson 14 – Acid Body, Acid Cancer

Lesson 15 – Massacring Cancer with Oxygen and Bicarbonates

Lesson 16 – Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Lesson 17 – Oxygen Therapy on Steroids

Lesson 18 – Physical Stress, Fast breathing, Lack of Exercise as Causes of Cancer

Lesson 19 – Oxygen is a Nutritional Drug

Lesson 20 – Dosages for Conquering Cancer

Lesson 21 – Mitochondria Dysfunction as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 22 – Building a Home Pharmacy and Intensive Home Treatment Center

Lesson 23 – A Legal Cure for Cancer?

Lesson 24 – Innovative Intensive Care

Lesson 25 – What You Need to Know About Treatments

Lesson 26 – Liquid Cancer Treatment

Lesson 27 – Excessive Oxidative Stress as a Fundamental Cause and Characteristic of Cancer

Lesson 28 – Toxins are a Key Cause of Cancer

Lesson 29 – Infections as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 30 – Fungus and Antibiotics as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 31 – Doctors and Dentists are Main Causes of Cancer

Lesson 32 – Medical Tests as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 33 – Biopsies Are Risky, Why Do Them?

Lesson 34 – Low Body Temperature as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 35 – Hyperthermic Oncology

Lesson 36 – Using Far Infrared Radiation to Treat Cancer

Lesson 37 – Iodine, Thyroid, and Low Body Temperature

Lesson 38 – Radiation as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 39 – Diabetes as a Cause of Cancer & The Hun Hordes of Mercury

Lesson 40 – Emotional Stress Causes Cancer and Leads to Earlier Deaths

Lesson 41 – Anxiety, Depression, and Stress and What to Do About It

Lesson 42 – Lack of Sleep Can Cause Cancer & Every Other Problem Imaginable

Lesson 43 – Anti-Stress Cancer Treatment Important Right After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Lesson 44 – Importance of Diagnosing Stress

Lesson 45 – Light Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 46 – Vitamin D Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer

Lesson 47 – Hydrogen Inhalation Treats BrainCancer

Lesson 48 – Dr. Boyd Haley’s Super Glutathione Molecule Safe Effective Chelation and Detoxification

Lesson 49 – Hypothermic Oncology Cryotherapy

Lesson 50 – Detoxification and Re-Mineralization

Lesson 51 – Chelation Therapy with Magnesium

Lesson 52 – Magnesium Deficiency as a Cause and Essential Treatment for Cancer

Lesson 53 – Selenium, Sulfur, and Magnesium Secrets

Lesson 54 – Insulin, Magnesium, and Diabetes

Lesson 55 – The Insulin Magnesium Story

Lesson 56 – Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe Magnesium

Lesson 57 – Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Lesson 58 – Medicinal Baths

Lesson 59 – Magnesium Massage for Cancer Patients

Lesson 60 – Why Treat Cancer with Bicarbonate?

Lesson 61 – Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, the Pancreas, Diabetes, and Infections

Lesson 62 – Fasting with Bicarbonates a New Approach to Treating Cancer

Lesson 63 – Seven Reasons Why Alkaline Water Is The Most Wonderful Thing Money Can Buy

Lesson 64 – Potassium Bicarbonate

Lesson 65 – Sodium Bicarbonate & pH Medicine

Lesson 66 – Alkaline Without Alkalinity

Lesson 67 – Living a Longer Life with Baking Soda

Lesson 68 – CO2 Medicine & Bath Bombing Your Way to Health

Lesson 69 – Gerson Therapy & Sodium Bicarbonate

Lesson 70 – Iodine Cause Cancer and Thyroid Disease

Lesson 71 – Iodine Deficiency is a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer

Lesson 72 – Iodine Awareness – Antimicrobial Resistance Emergency

Lesson 73 – Treating Infections with Iodine

Lesson 74 – Medically Insane Radioactive Iodine Treatments

Lesson 75 – Radioactive Iodine 129 & 131

Lesson 76 – What Type of Selenium Should be Used?

Lesson 77 – Selenium

Lesson 78 – Selenium Medicine & Vitamin E

Lesson 79 – Glutathione, Selenium, and Viral Infections

Lesson 80 – Organic Sulfur, Garlic, Sodium Thiosulfate & ALA

Lesson 81 – Sulfur & Garlic

Lesson 82 – Nutritional Causes of Cancer

Lesson 83 – Atrocious Hospital Foods for the Sick & Dying

Lesson 84 – First Thoughts on Cancer Diets

Lesson 85 – Angiogenesis-Inflammation-Sugar-Cancer

Lesson 86 – Cancer & Sugar – Strategy for Selective Starvation of Cancer Cells

Lesson 87 – Sugar and Obesity as Prime Causes of Cancer

Lesson 88 – Super-food Medicine & Nutrition

Lesson 89 – Water Doctors

Lesson 90 – Fasting for Dummies

Lesson 91 – Juice & Water Fasting

Lesson 92 – Inflammation, Oxygen, CO2 & Breathing

Lesson 93 – Low Carbon Dioxide Leads to Cancer

Lesson 94 – Life Depends on Carbon Dioxide

Lesson 95 – The Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Connection

Lesson 96 – Breathing Retraining

Lesson 97 – Medical Marijuana and Cancer

Lesson 98 – Medical Marijuana for Children

Lesson 99 – Cannabidiol: A Pain Management Solution for Cancer Patients

Lesson 100 – Marijuana is a Powerful Medicine

Lesson 101 – Transdermal Medical Marijuana Skin Cancer Treatment

Lesson 102 – Using Vitamin C for Heart Disease, Cancer & Cell Protection

Lesson 103 – Real Salt

Lesson 104 – Healing with Sex, Love & Intimacy

Lesson 105 – Enzyme Therapy for Cancer and Digestive Diseases

Lesson 106 – Self-Diagnosis

Lesson 107 – Nebulization

Lesson 108 – One Foot in the Grave when I found Dr. Sircus

Lesson 109 – Transdermal Breast Cancer Treatments Natural Allopathic Medicine

Lesson 110 – The Healing Power of Illness

Lesson 111 – Chemotherapy is the Worst Thing You Can Do

Lesson 112 – Cancer Radiation Treatments – Standing in Front of a Nuclear Firing Squad


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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