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Published on June 3, 2019

There are several kinds of cancer patients though at least one-hundred kinds of cancer. There are those who have just gotten their diagnosis, and who must decide what they are going to do, and those who have been battling their cancer through one of many means. If one has already beaten their cancer one has to then decide what they are going to do to insure it does not come back.

A third kind of cancer patient is those people who do not have cancer but are destined to get it if they do nothing to prevent it. This is actually a large population since one out of every three people will eventually get cancer. That number, according to experts, might get as worse as one in every two people with the amount of poisonous pollution and stress most people are having to deal with.

Included in this group are those who have other diseases like diabetes and obesity, which increase the chance that cancer will occur. Thus, our treatment for cancer has to include treatment for obesity and metabolic syndromes.

To those who have just gotten their diagnosis there are two principle choices. One can ignore all alternative and natural approaches to cancer and just trust your oncologist to cut, poison and burn, a scorched earth type philosophy of practice that relies on the knife, nasty chemotherapy and radiation. That way promises a lot of misery and no guarantee of cure.

If you choose mainstream oncology you still have the choice to mix therapies. One can include natural agents that will make chemo and radiation safer and more effective. There are several substances that qualify but the most universal is to include sodium bicarbonate in every cancer patients treatment. Science backs this assertion up yet oncologists in their limited thinking and reading abilities.

The second major path for cancer patients is to choose natural approaches of which there are many. The problem normally with this is there are too many choices and it is difficult to choose from them. With one’s life on the line this is difficult. Who do we trust? In the cancer business trust is overly important. If one trusts the wrong people one often pays with their life.

Vanquishing Cancer is an aggressive lifesaving approach that doctors use in Intensive Care (ICU) treatment centers when their patients are under the immanent shadow of death. It is an approach that  can be used at home to wipe cancer from your system.

Few people know that the best medicines in ICU are actually natural. Medicines like sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, iodine, selenium, sulfur, oxygen, potassium, hydrogen and even vitamin C and D. Many of these substances are injectable or can be administered intravenously. At home we can mimic ICU treatments with intense oral and transdermal administration of these healing curative substances.

These natural medicines are used because they are powerful and work fast enough to save lives when there is little time to do so. They are also used when all the pharmaceuticals at their disposal do not work like magnesium chloride is used when a person is having cardiac arrest.

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Nutritional Medicine

Basic to this approach is nutritional medicine. All these natural medicines are concentrated nutritional substances. What is fundamental to their safety and strong effects is that they address nutritional deficiencies, which are often responsible for cancer forming in the first place. Severe iodine deficiencies almost promise that we will get thyroid, breast, ovarian and prostate cancer eventually. All these substances heal through the fulfillment of nutritional law.

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The first hundred pages of this book will set one up with a powerful and safe approach to treating or preventing cancer and other diseases. The recommendations are universal and apply to everyone because they deal with basic physiology, which everyone of us share. Every one of us needs to breathe and have available all these above substances for life and health. When deficiencies appear so does disease and cancer.

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What we are willing to do matters. What we make important in our lives is principle to our health and happiness. There is a Grand Canyon between those who react as victims and those who are willing to take responsibility and are willing to change. There is a world of difference between patients under oncologist care who do nothing but continue their cancer-causing ways in-between treatments and the ones who take basic physiology seriously and are willing to learn how to breathe and eat in a way that affords success to the treatment outcomes. 

As we see in the first few chapters, some of the most difficult things to do are the most inexpensive  powerful. They are also the safest. However, they take dedication and will—no doctors needed.

A Word on Affordability

The cost of cancer treatments matter. Prices are reaching un-affordable levels across the board in everything. Oncologists assume you have the money for everything they are going to recommend. They don’t care if they are going to bankrupt you or the government. Yes, they do save some people. However, when you include those who will have a recurrence of their cancer the statistics paint a sickening tale of what modern oncology is about. The basic intelligence of modern oncology adds up to this, they use substances that cause cancer to treat cancer. They use diagnostic tests for cancer that cause cancer. If that is what one thinks is intelligent then throw away this book. 

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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