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The Changing Landscape Of Cancer

Published on July 9, 2012

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The Changing Landscape of Cancer is a primer to a trilogy of cancer books I have written on cancer. It is kind of a Hobbit manual (quite a bit shorter than my other works) for cancer and it will introduce you to the main characters in the cancer field as well as serve to familiarize you with my Natural Allopathic Medicine approach to treating this frightening disease that is increasingly mowing down the public. This book introduces and directs cancer patients to the information they most need to know starting from day one.

More and more people are dying horrible deaths from both the disease and the dangerous treatments administered.

My hope is that, with the information in this book, a person can gain a good and reasonably quick understanding of cancer in order to decide intelligently what to do if they or a loved one is diagnosed with the disease. With one’s life and the happiness of their family at stake, having no understanding of cancer results in panic and blind acceptance of the treatments mandated by orthodox oncologists who want to slash, burn and chemically bomb to smithereens anything that even looks abnormal.

Experts are already saying that cancer rates will likely rise nearly 75% by 2030. Research, published in the journal The Lancet Oncology said that in 2008 there were 12.7 million new cases of cancer, which would rise to 22.2 million by 2030, with 90% of the rise occurring in the poorest countries. These numbers probably represent huge underestimates. Everywhere we look it seems so many people around us are being diagnosed with cancer.

And now the chances of getting cancer are rising even more with the increased radiation from Japan’s Fukushima circling the globe. It behooves us to learn how to AVOID getting cancer or at least know what to do upon receiving the diagnosis. There are many indisputable actions one can take that are safe and extremely helpful. The question is where do we start and what are the most important medicinal substances that will enable us to survive and even completely rid ourselves of the dreaded disease? In this book you will learn which treatments to implement first.

Cases of cancer will increase worldwide as the radiation from Fukushima beats down on humanity adding a heavy blanket of toxicity to a heavily polluted earth saturated with heavy metals, chemicals and considerable radiation from nuclear testing and other accidents that have left their permanent mark on our planet.

I wrote and published Winning the War on Cancer in 2007, Sodium Bicarbonate; Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment in 2008 (second edition published in 2010) and am writing Prostate & Breast Cancer and will publish it in the second part of 2012. This book will incorporate writings from and eventually replace my book Soft Medicine.

The Prostate & Breast Cancer book will cover the soft underbelly of cancer, with emotions, feelings and unresolved conflicts that are disrupting one’s immune system. Of course the impact of emotions and unresolved conflicts are present in all cancers so really everyone who is concerned about cancer should read this book when it comes out.

Winning the War on Cancer is the central volume that treats many of the subjects important for cancer patients to know and I will be coming out with a second edition near the end of 2012.

The dread and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis has at its roots the killer nature of this disease. It’s the No. 2 cause of death in America, second only to heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even when diagnosed early and attacked with the latest mainstream treatments, it still keeps killing people.

A “cure for cancer” remains elusive because the solutions are too simple and inexpensive for scientists who are part pharmaceutical paradigm. There are more than 100 types of cancer, characterized by abnormal cell growth of one kind or another, and they all have common denominators like acid pH conditions, extreme mineral and vitamin deficiencies, or stress and emotional duress.

Modern medical science acknowledges many different causes of cancer ranging from radiation to heavy metals and chemicals to viruses, bacteria and fungi, but considering things such as nutritional deficiencies and stress as direct causes is not within their realm.

We know cancer is caused in great part by poisons and by nutritional deficiencies running into each other like high-speed express trains but the government continues to sponsor the wide-scale poisoning of its populations as a matter of policy. It starts with the poisoning of water supplies with fluoride and stops for nothing at every point in our civilization. Poisons in general, whether they are heavy-metal, chemical or radioactive, will damage cells and eventually cause cancer.

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Given enough time, cancer will develop whenever there is a proliferation of damaged cells. When cells are damaged, when their cell wall permeability changes, when toxins and free radicals build up, when the mitochondria lose functional ability in terms of ATP energy production[1], when pH shifts strongly to the acidic, and when essential nutrients are absent, cells eventually decline into a cancerous condition. We can see that when a person has cancer they are literally deteriorating inside and dying from the loss of function, gathering infectious forces, and losing strength from malnutrition as the cancer cells eat us out of house and home.

Losing the War on Cancer

The majority of the cancer patients in this country die because of chemotherapy, which does not cure breast, colon or lung cancer. This has been documented for over a decade and nevertheless doctors still utilize chemotherapy to fight these tumors. – Dr. Allen Levi – The Healing of Cancer, 1990

About $200 billion has been spent and wasted on cancer research since the early 1970s. In America cancer will soon overtake heart disease as the top killer, claiming more than a half million lives annually. Most would say we are losing the war on cancer. What we really are losing is the war on ignorance—ignorance is pandemic amongst oncologists, most of whom have little understanding about cell malfunction due to mineral deficiencies and conflicts in people’s consciousness.

The five-year survival rate for all people diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. has risen only from about 50% in the 1970s to 65% today. These pitiful results demonstrate that most oncologists really don’t know what they are talking about—but they themselves think they are all-knowing and will have you arrested if you disagree with them about your child’s treatments. Cancer is a top killer worldwide, responsible for 7.4 million deaths per year—13% of all deaths according to official statistics.

In the United States around 10,000 people die of cancer every week. Government figures show the death rate for cancer deaths has not changed in the last 10 years. Chemo and radiation only save around 10% of the people treated.

Treatment Approach

Part of the treatment approach in this book is similar to the type of medicine practiced in emergency rooms and intensive care wards. However I apply healing medicines through oral and transdermal means instead of intravenously, though that type of medical approach need not be excluded. The same medicines that can save your life in a heartbeat when injected can be applied every few hours orally and transdermally. It adds up to a lot of medical firepower right at your fingertips.

Though my naturopathic cancer protocol can be used in hospitals and clinics, it was designed for use in the home by patients themselves. It puts self-empowerment and medical freedom back in the hands of patients.

Natural Allopathic Medicine’s protocol serves humankind more effectively than traditional oncology because it uses only safe, non-toxic, non-synthetic medicinals that do not add to the toxic burden of the body. Instead of using cancer-causing toxic substances and tests to diagnosis and treat cancer, we use substances that address the fundamental causes of cancer. It is a medically intelligent protocol. How intelligent is it to use treatments and tests that actually CAUSE cancer? The Natural Allopathic Medical approach is already finding a home inside of contemporary medicine in many places and clinics around the world. It is an approach that many doctors will want to embrace because it is based on bedrock medical science.

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[1] Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is produced by the mitochondria of our cells and believed to be our source of energy. ATP’s main purpose is to transport chemical energy within cells for metabolism.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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