Choices in Cancer Treatment

Published on September 23, 2019

The world of patients is currently divided into two camps. There are those who do not doubt their doctors and their government and embrace CT scans, biopsies, chemo and radiation therapy, though of course they are scared to death, as they should be, of these very aggressive, toxic treatments that cause a host of severe side effects including death. And then there are others who do not trust the mainstream of medicine and seek out alternative more natural ways of dealing with their cancer.

No matter what one chooses, cancer can kill you, it holds that potential, as many things do in life. With mainstream oncology one has to deal with cancer and deadly treatments at the same time. With natural treatments one still has the deadly cancer but eliminates the need to deal with deadly tests and treatments and replaces them with intense but gentle natural medicines and health practices that stimulate the immune system.

There will be a lot of pressure from our doctors to do things their way and God forbid it is your child who has cancer. One might be threatened by child protective services that will take your child from you if you do not comply with everything the oncologist wants to do. And then their are family and friends who would like to make the decision for us so choosing one’s path of cancer treatment is not without hazards.

The goal of Conquering Cancer is to offer a new paradigm in cancer care. A natural paradigm that obviates traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. (I have just finished the first 12 lessons, which is the first installment in an accredited doctoral program in an online university in Europe.)

Modern oncology would like you to be optimistic about your chances of surviving your cancer, if you follow their mainstream cancer treatments, yet we find that cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries. Not an exceptional testimony to their work.

Publishing the findings of two large studies in The Lancet medical journal, scientists are showing evidence of a new global “epidemiologic transition” between different types of chronic disease. In rich countries where patients and insurance companies throw billions at cancer treatment, and its diagnosis, cancer now kills twice as many people as heart disease. Something is seriously wrong with how oncologists view cancer, its causes and its treatments. They posture about how their principle treatments are the only way without quite admitting that they are failures at keeping people alive.

If you are ever faced with cancer, which most see as a terrible disease, always remember that it can be conquered. However, cancer treatments can often be like being hit by a speeding truck that breaks your body and spirit. Just ask most people who have gone through chemo and radiation therapy. It is extremely difficult to ascertain what is worse, the cancer itself or the chemo, radiation and the doctor you have to deal with.

Actually that truck hits the minute the oncologist opens his or her mouth with the “C” word. Oncologists are like vultures who take advantage of our ignorance and vulnerabilities. There are many kinds of abuses that play on these dynamics, the hurt of which can last a lifetime or end up with our death.

Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks about the crucial factor of stress and how it affects our immune system. What he says is enough reason all by itself to avoid mainstream oncology for their treatments and the oncologist him or herself will certainly stress you out. Stress is one main cause of cancer and continued stress throughout one’s cancer treatment increases the chances of treatment failure.

The most common experience people have when receiving a cancer diagnosis is to immediately be filled with fear. Naturally we have an innate fear of the unknown which the oncologist takes advantage of. Often, as the above video discusses, and many practitioners sustain, it is the stress we have been living with for years that brought us to cancer’s door so the last thing we need is more traumatic stress from our encounters with our oncologist.

As a matter of habit oncologists like to rush patients into treatment, with the fear of death thrown in our faces if we don’t do something immediately. When a doctor stimulates a patients fear they are abusing us in a terrible way at a terrible moment. People who have run ins with psychopaths know there are, in reality, many forms of rape, so be forewarned, be prepared and have your shields up. Knowledge and information about cancer make our best shields. Our ignorance is our oncologists best weapon.

That said I am not against all forms of surgery. For breast cancer patients there is deep sixing tumors with ice (liquid nitrogen). Cryotherapy for cancer is a treatment to kill cancer cells with extreme cold. Cryotherapy for cancer may also be called percutaneous cryoablation or cryosurgery but I am calling it Hypothermic Oncology.

Its a new 20 minute office procedure called The Lavender Procedure. Women can get right up and go about their business! In our vision in Conquering Cancer, one still would need to probe and work on causes, but it is a great load lifted from women when they can freeze their tumors out of their breasts. His TED talk is a must!

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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