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Dear IMVA , June 2010

Published on June 27, 2010


I was asked for “exact instructions” for what people should be doing to counteract the poisoning from the spill and the dispersants. What substances do we need to have on hand and in what quantities? What is the exact prescription for performing a chemical detox in the simplest, most inexpensive manner possible? I feel that the best service you can offer is to teach people how to protect themselves on their own since most medical professionals will only deny the toxicity problems they confront in their patients, as they usually do.

I have been working up the answers and consulting with other doctors and scientists. We will publish a detoxification protocol in the next 24 hours. Those who know my work will not have to guess hard though. But for the first time, sodium bicarbonate takes the number one spot away from magnesium chloride. The Mighty Mallet of Baking Soda is a new essay on our Sodium Bicarbonate site that discusses our greatest protector against radiation and chemical exposure.

Glutathione, selenium and selected concentrated superfoods will round out the primary five detoxification substances but again, more on the protocol dynamics, methods of administration and substances to be used will be available soon. Clay and Vitamin C bring us up to a colorful seven, but pure liquids are foundational for any cleansing program. It is my opinion that the need for such a protocol is gigantic, meaning tens of thousands of Gulf workers have already been exposed to toxic substances. And that need will go stratospheric with each ten million more gallons of oil, gas and toxic chemicals being released into the Gulf. Each week this oil volcano continues and each week BP continues to spray the Gulf with incredibly toxic dispersants is a week that enough poison released to compromise the health of tens of thousands of people.

Go over to Yahoo News and take a walk around the page. Go down to the health section and quickly click on each presenter. You will find nothing on public health and medical ramifications or treatment of exposure. In fact it does not seem threatening at all on the world scene or even the American scene. They are doing an excellent job of keeping the public calm though I personally know one family with a recovered autistic child in Florida who is sending the children up north for a few months. Last thing in the world they would want to see is their son, because of new chemical exposures, having a relapse.


SOURCE: AP/Patrick Semansky

A dispersant plane passes over an oil skimmer as it cleans oil in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Louisiana. We do not actually know what chemicals are in many of these dispersants, or what their long-term health effects will be, but we can prepare for worst-case scenarios and if things turn out less threatening than we think we can be thankful. I heard through the grapevine that they are even spraying at night just to keep it as hidden as possible but we know from the government that they are spraying and injecting millions of gallons of chemicals that are vastly more toxic than the oil itself.

One reader wrote today saying, “Those who postulate that oil can’t rain are armchair theorists at best. I have chicken houses, in northwest Arkansas, with large metal roofs and everything you can imagine has been falling onto it not to mention tons of ash. I am certain it can rain crude oil too. Not to mention the lighter volatiles that is emitted from the crude as well as the toxic dispersants. Anyone who says it can’t happen is full of……..” Another said, “Up in Canada we get acid rain. It destroys lakes and land depending on the concentration. All the gases escaping into the atmosphere probably have components or products that will fall as toxic ‘rain’. I guess if it can rain frogs and fish, oil should be a piece of cake.”

The medical industrial complex is pathetic when it comes to toxic exposures because it’s an industry that exposes the public to pharmaceutical chemicals with their harmful and consistent side effects. These pharmaceuticals are showing up more and more in public drinking supplies to the dismay of many. Our entire environment is contaminated as it is but now we are facing something different in the Gulf region.

Medical officials are putting the public in harm’s way as they usually do so don’t be surprised if they recommend mercury-containing flu shots to treat the flu-like symptoms of the Gulf Toxicity Syndrome. That would be their logical answer. Treat a disease with something that can cause the disease. Very intelligent! That sums up the field of oncology correct? They use chemotherapy and radiation – things that can and do cause cancer to treat cancer. So with people increasingly turning to doctors for their flu-like symptoms from chemical exposure why not give them a flu shot? Perhaps the mercury in the vaccine will……………….do what? “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth,” wrote Einstein. The people of the Gulf deserve better than this.

This time around we are going to see institutionalized medicine really drop the ball and it will expose them to naked sight. Correct diagnosis of the situation depends on us appreciating how saturated the environment and our bodies already are with chemicals and heavy metals, with mercury toxicity being prominent. We also have to appreciate the steep nutritional deficiencies that compromise both immune and detoxification pathways. Contemporary medicine is a terrible flop in these areas and as the southeastern United States gets suddenly and vastly more toxic, people are sadly going to pay the price.

In a way, the public will be caught in the same vice as dentists who physically handle mercury to make their dental amalgam for their patients. Their and their staff’s health has always been threatened by that, not to mention the patient having a highly toxic nerve poison (mercury) placed so close to the brain. In the Gulf it’s more than the cleanup workers but the general public that will be exposed to toxic vapors, which will have sudden impact for some and long-term consequence for others. Doctors and anyone in the area are in harm’s way with the very system that is supposed to help and protect, leaving everyone most exposed and vulnerable.

Dr. Paul King keeps reminding us of the insanity and twisted cruelty of the medical establishment’s use of mercury-laden thimerosal, which is still used in full dosages in the yearly flu and now swine flu vaccines. This is just one dramatic and glaring example of what I am trying to communicate above. “In 1998, after decades of procrastinating, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of merthiolate/thimerosal and related mercury compounds as ingredients in the manufacture of O-T-C topical antiseptics and vaginal contraceptives. The FDA banned these uses of these mercury compounds on the grounds that they were neither safe to be administered to humans nor effective as a bactericidal agent in such applications. As of June 2010, the FDA continues to permit the use of thimerosal in prescription drugs, including vaccines and other biological drug products.”

You know there was a time when someone could ride down the block and yell out, “The Red Coats are coming!” and people would pile out into the streets with muskets in hand. Now Americans have a tendency to relive Pearl Harbor over and over again meaning they find out and react too late to what is happening around them. That recent movie on Pearl Harbor enshrines that moment when the admiral gets the message from the Pentagon right after the attack. And to this date many speculate that the US government really knew but was desperate for an excuse to rouse the public for war.

To be seriously alarmed at this point is appropriate. From a medical perspective I feel no insecurity in shouting out warnings, though we don’t really know how many people are at risk. Is it just tens of thousands or is it going to be millions? Or if this goes on long enough will it be hundreds of millions of people? Now that the first tropical storm is threatening the area the possibility of more widespread contamination is vastly increased. Nature will throw the accumulating toxicity right into our human faces. I certainly would not want to be on the downwind side of this toxicity, would you?

What we are all already downwind of is the decisions and attitudes of the elite of this world who are onstage with their dealings of this mega disaster. Not easy for them to hide and cover up as much as they seem to be attempting to do in the Gulf. Look how they got away with their description of events on 9-11 and how steel frame buildings could fall in on their footprints at pretty much the speed of gravity. They got their wars out of the experience. But the Gulf is different and unpredictable as we can see with the first tropical storm threatening to sweep into the area.


It could come to this for some people but I place this picture here to touch upon a lighter note. All of us need to keep as light of a heart as possible even as we have to deal with apocalyptic events and scenarios. The Gulf Oil disaster though is no joke and should not be taken lightly. It is our planet bleeding and our greed and need that have taken us to the edge of what is humanly possible to deal with.


AP – Vessels of Opportunity skim oil from the water in Pensacola Bay in Pensacola, Fla., Saturday, June 26 … Cleanup workers are still not wearing protective respirators as you can see.

Our essays on the Gulf Oil disaster and what to do about it are on our Into the Ashes site. The people around the Gulf need to know so please help send the link out to as many people and boards as possible.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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