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Emergency Room Medicine for Cancer Treatment

Published on April 23, 2010


Sodium bicarbonate offers us an opportunity to quickly change the pH of tissues and this offers a logical and safe approach to cancer/kill off of fungus and yeast infections.

Despite the fact that allopathic medicine is poisoning and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and millions of people around the world every year, deep within the heart of western medicine is a wisdom and power that is deliberately stymied by medical authorities and the pharmaceutical companies that stand behind them. Inside the emergency room and intensive care wards, where many believe some of the most accurate medicine is practiced, are common but extraordinarily safe and effective substances that save lives everyday. Interesting no one has thought to harness these medical super weapons against chronic disease or cancer.

What we have done to establish the nuclear core of our work is to go into the emergency room and take their best and safest medicines and apply their life saving qualities to cancer and other chronic diseases.  The same medicine that can save a life on demand instantly in an emergency situation, like cardiac arrest, can use to battle the diseases that have been baffling the entire western allopathic establishment for decades.

Winning the War Against Cancer entails trapping cancer tumors and general cellular pathologies in a lethal cross fire of concentrated nutritional substances. Spearheading the attack are three emergency room and intensive care medicines that project a potent killing field on cancer tumors.

What will come as a surprise to most allopathic physicians is that the healing agents we have selected are not pharmaceutical medicines but highly concentrated nutritional substances. We are talking specifically about magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate. These basic emergency room substances, along with ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) make up our core protocol which together, along with other minerals and vitamins like selenium, zinc and vitamin C, can beat back the ravaging power of cancer and even diabetes.

These substances offer a power unequalled in the world of medicine that we can harness to cure cancer. As cancer rates surge upward human survival is directly related to a safe and effective protocol for cancer, diabetes as well as heart and a host of neurological diseases.

In the emergency room medicines have to be safe while delivering an instant life saving burst of healing power. Obviously if they are safe and strong enough for emergency situations they are going to help us with chronic diseases and acute ones as well. Thus what is presented here is truly astounding in terms of safety, low cost and proven effectiveness. This protocol offers a power unequalled in the world of medicine, which we can harness to cure cancer and other chronic diseases.

The answer has been sitting in front of allopathic medicine’s nose all along, found in simple and inexpensive substancesused everyday to save peoples lives in emergencies.

We see cancer as a slow moving emergency situation and recommends that whatever one decides to do one must start treatments immediately with these basic emergency room medicines to begin a healing/stabilizing process. Luckily the basic protocol of intensive care medicines can be purchased over the counter but it is advised to find a competent health care practitioner to guide you through treatment.

Though a sea of options are available to address chronic diseases, just like in the emergency room we have to carefully choose what the logical first steps are when facing chronic diseases. There are certain protocols that are used when a life is only seconds away from ending. We know and understand that the patient is struggling with the basics of life and treatments are chosen to address immediate life threatening concerns.

Medical Priorities in Cancer Treatment

There are literally hundreds of cancer treatments shouting out to us from all points of the medical compass. We happen to live in a medical world where many people are calling attention to themselves and their products and preferred treatment approaches but there is no universal agreement as to what is most important, and then most important after that and so on. There is no sense of priority for everyone thinks their solution is the best one.

Emergency and intensive care professionals are highly trained to appreciate medical priorities. They know the first thing they need to do when a person stops breathing, there is no debate, no discussion. When we step away from emergency procedures allopathic medicine gets very confused about priorities and that’s why:

Despite the investment of hundreds of billions of dollars in research, not even a single degenerative disease has been cured in the past hundred years.– Dr. Alan Greenberg

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A lack of priority in medicine and in life in general leads to self defeating confusion. Because of this confusion we have reached a situation where the existence of humanity as a whole is at stake with diminishing water and food supplies ganging up on us with concurrent climate changes. In daily life we are beginning to see the ever-increasing signs of change like floods, hurricanes, forest fires, rising sea-levels, melting glaciers, growing poverty and reduced agricultural output, all of which are going to prove to be a serious challenge to our existence.

We do have to see clearly an evolving list or pyramid of priorities. It is best to start with those things that are a free for most people. The sun, giver of vitamin D, is an essential beginning to cancer treatment. Clean air and pure water and organic food are also essential basics but already we are beginning to incurr some costs. For many moving to a clean environment is the only way to realize clean air though its not perfectly clean anywhere on earth with about 20 tons of mercury being put into the air daily on a global basis. Add some uranium oxide, that is expanding in the environment, and a huge and almost unconceivable tonnage of other chemicals and greenhouse gasses and we have a nightmare almost impossible to escape.

Four of the top five substances in our protocol (not counting these primordial basics) are minerals: magnesium, iodine, selenium and sodium bicarbonate. Our number three protocol substance is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Each of these potent anti-cancer substances can be combined to deliver the knock out blow to cancerous terrains and tissues. It’s an entirely new form of chemotherapy that revolutionizes the cancer treatment world. It’s a form of chemotherapy that treats the terrain and the germ. Meaning it finally unites and vindicates both Pasteur and Béchamp. The protocol you will find in this book simultaneously addresses many issues that promote and support a return to healthy physiology while getting very agg ressive against late stage infections. It treats the full condition of cancer, which gives us a fighting chance for a full and permanent cure.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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