Hard Cancer Realities

Published on July 31, 2019

In 2019, 1,762,450 Americans are expected to receive a diagnosis of cancer.[1]  That means many thousands of people will hear the dreaded “C word” from their doctors today. It really doesn’t matter who you are, hearing “You have cancer” is a devastating blow unless you are prepared with solid information before hand. And even then it is still like being hit by a truck.

Between 2000 and 2050, the number of new cancer patients diagnosed annually is expected to double. Why is that? What is going on that medical scientists are seeing such tragedy in human health and feel impotent to do anything about it? We keep hearing that the war on cancer has been lost but why is that? Are we not after all an intelligent species, smart enough to solve the problem of cancer?  

Today cancer is the leading cause of death among children and we have every reason to be angry about this. Every reason to look deeply into the entire cancer story before its one of our own children who receives the “C” word. For our children’s sake we need to turn back to the fundamental question of ‘What Is Cancer’? Until we find an accurate answer to this question, all attempts to ‘prevent’ and ‘treat’ this disease seems doomed to fail.

Yet the mainstream medical community shouts out how successful they are in treating cancer. Google death or survival rates. Every page, all thousand of them, say the same thing. It’s good news, no bad news allowed. So get your chemo and radiation treatments is the implication.

However, we read information that is not going to make us feel good. The reality is that no one who has been recently diagnosed with cancer feels good about it so there is no sense in beating around the bush about the harsh realities of cancer and the treatments doctors use for it. 

One in four British cancer patients are unlikely to live longer than six months after diagnosis because they – and their doctors – are missing signs of the disease. Nearly 90,000 Britons do not know they have got cancer until they arrive at Accident and Emergency wards, by which time only 36 per cent will live longer than a year. God only knows how many will still be alive after five years. British medical authorities concede they have the worst cancer track record in the western world.

Overall, no matter how much the western medical industrial complex brags about improvements in cancer survival rates (showing a 17 percent decline from 1990 to 2016) the CDC still says about one in three are dying of their cancer. Global cancer deaths are rising: in 1990 5.7 million died from cancer; by 2016 this had increased to 8.9 million.

When patients are diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer, they have only a 1-in-10 chance of survival. In Texas, it is estimated that 14,750 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer and approximately 8,640 will succumb to the disease in 2019,” said Katie Jones, executive director for the American Lung Association in Texas. That’s a death rate of 58 percent. So much for optimism.

The Key to Survival


They key to surviving cancer is to catch it early. The earlier the better. And what better way of catching it early is to understand the causes and conditions that lead to cancer so we can diagnose it way before our doctors will with their diagnostic tests, which use dangerous levels of cancer forming radiation.

“Early diagnosis can make a huge difference in your chances of surviving cancer,” said Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones. “Around a quarter of all cancer cases are being diagnosed following presentation in A&E and the vast majority of these are already at a late stage, when treatment options are limited and survival is poorer. We need to find ways to diagnose patients earlier.”

Oncologists do not acknowledge many causes of cancer so they cannot catch it early. Doctors and their tests, chemo and radiation therapy are one of the main causes of cancer and they never ever tell us about that. How can they be honest about cancer and its causes if they are not honest about themselves and what they do? 

Another way doctors cause cancer has to do with their insanity about the sun. Conquering Cancer has two chapters, one about ‘Vitamin D Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer’ and another entitled ‘Light Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer.’ When oncologists and dermatologists tell us to stay out of the sun are they causing cancer when they think they are helping their patients avoid cancer. Which one is it? 

Cancer Course




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Understanding the causes, which is the main focus of the first section of Conquering Cancer, leads to a heightened awareness of precancerous conditions. If we are standing on railroad tracks that stretch straight onto the horizon we can see a train coming from far off and its the same with cancer if we look intelligently at its many causes. 

Cancer is really not an enemy invader, an alien from genetic hell that is something really bad that happens to an intrinsically healthy body. When we look at one of the principle causes of cancer, which is stress, we will learn that most of us really have no idea how much stress our bodies are suffering from. We can wake up to our stress levels by using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tests at home using one of many instruments used to measure how our hearts are beating.  

The main point is that cancer is something that happens to us in response to intrinsically unhealthy conditions like chronic dehydration, which makes it much more difficult to eliminate toxins. We can establish 15 causes/characteristics of unhealthy cellular and bodily conditions that can lead to cancer. Oncologists have their heads stuck in the genetic sand thus they overlook obvious causes of cancer like toxicity and mineral deficiencies. 

The price we pay is high for medical ignorance. Oncologists are treating cancer too late in the game, when it’s already established, and often spread and metastasized. Most doctors understand that once a disease has advanced to a late stage it becomes difficult or often impossible to reverse but they are unwilling to learn anything about the multiple causes of cancer so they can teach patients how to recognize well in advance that they are headed to an oncologist’s door.

Despite advances in the early detection of cancer, most malignancies are still diagnosed and treated at advanced stages, with a limited range of therapeutic options and poor overall survival. Simultaneously, cancer treatment costs are escalating, from $125 billion annually in the US in 2010 to a projected $207 billion by 2020. Something is wrong with the entire way we look at cancer and what we are doing about it.

What did we do to Deserve Cancer

It is sometimes said that many cancer patients buy into the idea that cancer and other diseases is a sign of personal failure, misfortune or just plain bad luck. That somehow we didn’t work hard enough; we weren’t optimistic enough, good enough. Somehow we disappointed God and have our punishment. Actually what we really did to deserve it is listen to our doctors, believe in the mainstream propaganda of life and ignore all the possible signs that we are headed down a cancerous path. 

Many people will say they thought they were healthy up until they received their cancer diagnosis. However, that’s almost impossible. Cancer does not manifest out of the blue, its part of a long process that takes us down a black hole that leads to cancer and an early death.

Most cancers take at least a year or two and often much longer in progress. Conquering Cancer identifies this long process so we can do something about it before we get smashed by the “C” word. If we are smart we will never have to face that day because we have studied the multiple causes of cancer and started addressing these causes with intelligent preventative treatments.

Slowing Cancer Down Safely


If we are not one of the lucky ones who have stumbled on a pathway to avoid cancer and are freaking out after hearing the “C word,” take comfort that the majority of cancer diagnoses are non-emergencies. It means we still have time to study our options. Though we all die eventually we do not have to die from cancer even if it is at a late stage; though the later the state the more difficult the battle.

The first 150 pages of Conquering Cancer is what every cancer patient needs to read. It will help soften the blow of the diagnosis and help one deal with all the conflicting advice that everyone will be ready to give. Most importantly it will give cancer patients real hope that comes from the best medical research.

There are many strong substances that one can safely take at high levels, which will vastly reduce your chances of dying from cancer. Certainly we can slow cancer down. Glucose is the weakness of cancer cells. So is oxygen. We do not need to fight cancer head on with weapons of mass destruction (Chemo and radiation) if we exploit cancer cells weakness.

We can hit them under the belt from several sides at once slowing down their growth to the point of no growth, and then go for annihilation. Vanquishing cancer means killing them all, no prisoners taken and maintaining physiological conditions hostile to cancers return. We have not completely vanquished cancer unless we make sure that those cancer cells never come back.

Some medical scientists believe that if we slow the process of cancer by half we would not come down with diagnostic cancer until we were over 100 years of age. This is a hint for those interested in prevention. The point is that it is not difficult to slow cancer down, and if you can do that you are capable of going in for the kill.

How many oncologists know that something as simple as sodium bicarbonate makes it easy to slow down the progression of cancer cells and even make them more vulnerable to the killing effects of chemo and radiation?

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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