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If People Want to Survive Their Cancer, They Need To Know More Than Their Oncologists

Published on July 7, 2023

Mainstream cancer treatments are a disaster. They say we’re already making significant progress in developing effective therapeutics and new drugs that measurably improve outcomes, but that is just a lot of hogwash. A lot more cancer patients are now going to die because of shortages of chemo agents, because of a scarcity of doctors in England, because of turbo cancers caused by genetic vaccines which oncologists refuse to recognize, and because doctors and the medical and health officials that stand behind them refuse to acknowledge safe alternative treatments that patients can do at home. The situation is terrible and getting worse.

Not many words can stop you in your tracks and uproot your entire life like the word cancer. About 2 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer this year. According to federal data, cancer killed nearly 608,000 Americans in 2022, behind only heart disease. The news media and medical organizations are constantly putting the carrot out using the words cure, potential cure, or better cure rates than before. Six hundred eight thousand deaths do not speak of a cure, not even close.

The world is now divided. On one side are ardent believers in vaccines and the rest of the modern medical system. This group is full of desperate people willing to roll up their sleeves for every suggested vaccine and, when cancer strikes, hastily gobble up every word their doctor says. On the other side are those who can still think for themselves and look for answers outside the mainstream paradigm of thought and belief.

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Naturopathic Oncology is a course for open-minded and hearted doctors. And it is a course for all cancer patients who want to know more than their oncologists, which is essential to survive cancer. To be trapped by a narrow-minded, profit-driven, failed cancer paradigm will get you dead sooner or later because, in the end, doctors are one of the leading causes of cancer.

Doctors say there is hope because “they are starting to understand cancer so that we really can engineer a solution,” however, that is a sick joke. Mainstream modern medicine only understands how to poison people with pharmaceuticals, which only adds to patients’ toxic burdens, which are only increasing as the entire planet turns into a cesspool of chemicals and increasing radiation exposures which radiologists are happy to increase with CAT and PET scans and harmful radiation from cancer treatments.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, nearly 1 in 4 patients admitted to hospitals in the U.S. will experience harm. Today virtually anyone who comes near an oncologist will experience some injury, especially if their cancer is aggressive and driven into warp speed by Covid vaccines. The government’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine development program seems to have successfully created intense cancers that modern oncology is ill-equipped to deal with.

Knowing what to expect can help you cope and live through the experience if you or someone you love has cancer. From in-depth information about cancer and its causes to in-depth information about treatments, emotional aspects, tests, and much more, I offer a 100-lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. My cancer system is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.

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This course is divided into 100 lessons:

Lesson 1: General Thoughts on Cancer – Cancer is not something to be greatly feared once we understand what it is, why we have it, and what we can do about it.

Lesson 2: About Cancer and How to Survive It – A cancer education gives us a lot of power to prevent cancer, keep healthy, and treat it successfully.

Lesson 3: What did we do to Deserve cancer – what did we do to deserve cancer? The air we breathe can cause cancer; stress can cause cancer, slowing cancer down safely.

Lesson 4: Be careful who you trust – Do Not Let Your Oncologist Rush You Into Treatment – discusses a turnkey cancer treatment plan, how to slow cancer down safely, the key to surviving cancer, emotional stress can cause cancer, and first thoughts on cancer diets.

Lesson 5: Are Supplements Worth Taking? – One must choose carefully and know what dosages to take that suit one’s medical or health situation.

Lesson 6: General Overview of Cancer – An overview of cancer tells us that cancer involves inflammation, acid pH, low oxygen conditions accompanied by low CO2 levels, sometimes lower core body temperatures, nutritional deficiencies, and high levels of tissue and cellular toxicity with heavy metals and chemicals.

Lesson 7: Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, Pancreas, Diabetes, and Fungal Infections – The pancreas is the first organ to develop inhibited function from varied stresses and the most challenging cancer to cure.

Lesson 8: What are the 21 Basic Causes and 4 Basic Characteristics of Cancers? – What are the 21 Basic Causes and 4 Basic Characteristics of Cancers? – 4 essential characteristics and causes of cancer, causes that lead to the four primary aspects of cancer, the difficulty with understanding and establishing causes of cancer, general overview of cancer, questions to ask your oncologist

Lesson 9: Natural Immuno-Oncology – immune system weakness is a cause of cancer, natural vs. pharmaceutical cancer immune therapy, cancer vaccines, low cost of natural immunotherapy, natural treatments to stimulate the immune system, using pH medicine, using sunlight, using iodine, using glutathione, fasting will switch on the immune system, medical marijuana, hydrogen inhalation, mind-body approach

Lesson 10: Inflammation as a Basic Cause and Characteristic of Cancer – periodontitis, inflammation and Cancer, vascular brownout, oxygen, inflammation & hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1), Cancer and HIF-1, hypoxia promotes inflammation, magnesium deficiencies and inflammation, depression, sleep disorders, and inflammation, dehydration, inflammation and oxygen, anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy treatment for inflammation, hydrogen, and inflammation, the worst treatment for inflammation are Aspirin, Cannabinoids, and inflammation.

Lesson 11: The Key Cause of Cancer is Oxygen Deficiency – multiple causes of low oxygen (hypoxia), magnesium deficiency, and low oxygen, using magnesium to raise oxygen-carrying capacity, iodine, oxygen, sulfur, and oxygen, other causes of low oxygen levels, heavy metals.

Lesson 12: Multiple Causes of Low Oxygen (Hypoxia) – Stress, Faster breathing, high sugar intake, fatty acids, mineral deficiencies, lack of sunlight. They are all causes of low oxygenation.

Lesson 13: Acid Bodies Acid Cancer – The more acid conditions prevail, the more aggressive cancer.

Lesson 14: Mitochondria Dysfunction as a Cause of Cancer – mitochondrial derailment, poisoning our mitochondria with pharmaceuticals, mitochondria, and cancer, curing cancer by blocking glycolysis with oxygen, designing human rocket fuel for mitochondria, selenium, iodine, light-hungry mitochondria, hydrogen, and the mitochondria, magnesium bicarbonate – a medical breakthrough

Lesson 15: Building a Home Pharmacy and Intensive Home Treatment Center – Every good home pharmacy starts in the kitchen, and it is not a joke the thousand-year-old teaching about letting your food be your medicine

Lesson 16: A Legal Cure for Cancer? – No single drug, surgery, type of radiation, or diet has been or can be declared as a cure for cancer, and probably there never will be. However, we can employ many substances and medical treatments to change the landscape of disharmony that can lead to eliminating cancer from our bodies.

Lesson 17: Changing the Face of Critical Care – When we do things right in ICU and emergency departments, we save lives and decrease the time patients have to be hospitalized.

Lesson 18: What You Need to Know About Treatments – The best way to treat cancer is to stimulate the body’s resources. The immune system is the key to both fighting and preventing cancer.

Lesson 19: Liquid Cancer Treatment – Liquid protocol can be administered under the worst conditions. It could be given through feeding tubes or administered intravenously. The rest of us can do this at home whenever we bring a glass of water to our lips.

Lesson 20: Dosages for Conquering Cancer – Dosages are not an exact science, for they vary so much from person to person and from one medical situation to another.

Lesson 21: Excessive Oxidative Stress as a Fundamental Cause and Characteristic of Cancer – oxidative stress and the immune system, killing off the human race slowly with oxidative stress, redox homeostasis, higher levels of oxidative stress than ever before, oxidative stress and frequency pollution, antioxidants, and cancer, hydrogen and cancer research.

Lesson 22: Toxins are a Key Cause of Cancer – the air we breathe causes cancer, cancer-causing mercury, pharmaceuticals, and Tylenol linked to kidney cancer

Lesson 23: Infections as a Cause of Cancer – hypoxia, inflammation and Cancer, fungus, yeast, and mold infections are the blind spot of Western medicine, cancer, infections, and mercury, infections are pH-sensitive, acid bodies, acid cancer, signs of low oxygen acidic conditions

Lesson 24: Fungus and Antibiotics as a Cause of Cancer – Fungus infections are now officially one more factor to consider in the alphabet soup of factors affecting cancer proliferation.

Lesson 25: Doctors and Dentists are the Main Causes of Cancer – Doctors are one of the leading causes of cancer; no wonder we have lost the war on cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are both intrinsically carcinogenic treatments.

Lesson 26: Medical Tests as a Cause of Cancer – The use of death rays, nuclear radiation at an almost lethal dose to treat cancer, and intense X-rays in CT and PET scans that cause cancer to diagnose disease instead of using safer forms of radiation is too much.

Lesson 27: Biopsies Are Risky. Why Do Them? – Doctors routinely recommend biopsies to diagnose cancer. PET and CT scans usually follow if a biopsy shows a positive result. Biopsies can harm the patient. Biopsies do occasionally provoke metastasis.

Lesson 28: Low Body Temperature as a Cause of Cancer – Lowered body temperature leads to lower immune system strength. That is why it should be considered a cause or contributing factor to cancer and its progression.

Lesson 29: Iodine, Thyroid, and Low Body Temperature – Chronic fatigue, low body temperature, weight gain, dry skin and hair, constipation, heavy menstrual periods, thin or hairless lateral eyebrows, depression, even bipolar disease (2/3 of all bipolar patients become routine with a correction to regular thyroid activity)—all of these are symptoms of low thyroid activity.

Lesson 30: Radiation as a Cause of Cancer – Radiation at extremely low levels is a health hazard that medicine is not dealing with because it uses dangerous radiation levels in its diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Lesson 31: Diabetes as a Cause of Cancer & The Hun Hordes of Mercury – Diabetics are predisposed to cancer at much higher rates than non-diabetics.

Lesson 32: Emotional Stress Causes Cancer Leads to Earlier Deaths – The feelings of the heart, diagnosis, and treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and stress, toxicity is a problem for our minds and bodies, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These subjects will be addressed in-depth in my Mindless Psychology course.

Lesson 33: Anxiety, Depression, and Stress and What to Do About It – Anxiety disorders affect about 40 million American adults, with research suggesting that nearly 30% of American adults will qualify for an anxiety disorder diagnosis at some point in their lives.

Lesson 34: Lack of Sleep Can Cause Cancer & Every Other Problem Imaginable – Sleep is often considered a potent elixir of wellness and vitality. Insufficient sleep, on the contrary, has devastating consequences, including setting us up for cancer and other serious diseases.

Lesson 35: Anti-Stress Cancer Treatment – No matter what a woman’s or any person’s situation is, the first and best thing a woman or anyone just diagnosed with cancer can do is blow bubbles!

Lesson 36: Importance of Diagnosing Stress – We are mostly unconscious of our stress, but those aches and pains we feel disturb our consciousness.

Lesson 37: Light Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer – If a lack of light is a cause of cancer, it means that light and vitamin D can be used to treat cancer.

Lesson 38: Dr. Boyd Haley’s Super Glutathione Molecule Safe Effective Chelation and Detoxification – Haley’s chelator NBMI is astonishing and should be near the top of protocols for cancer and neurological patients (think autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease) and for anyone who has had mercury fillings in their mouths as well as for those who live downwind of coal plants, town incinerators, and crematoriums.

Lesson 39: Hydrogen Medicine for Cancer – Hydrogen gas (H2) benefits cancer patients through prevention. It also helps us fight cancer directly, minimizing its spread.

Lesson 40: Hydrogen and Ascorbic Acid – Ascorbic Acid, when used, becomes dehydroascorbic acid—having lost hydrogen. H- recycles dehydroascorbic acid to ascorbic acid.

Lesson 41: Molecular Hydrogen for Cancer and Other Diseases – Hydrogen is qualified to cross the blood-brain barrier, enter the mitochondria, and even can translocate to the nucleus under certain conditions.

Lesson 42: Detoxification and Re-Mineralization – Chelation and detoxification can do more harm than good if we have not prepared the ground with minerals and broadband nutritional sufficiency.

Lesson 43: Chelation Therapy with Magnesium – Many chelation problems can be reduced when a person is given sufficient magnesium. The beginning of safe chelation and detoxification starts with magnesium.

Lesson 44: Magnesium Deficiency as a Cause and Essential Treatment for Cancer – The use of magnesium in cancer treatment has a long history (90 years), but oncologists have short memories.

Lesson 45: Selenium, Sulfur, and Magnesium Secrets – The combination of minerals needs to be addressed for best results.

Lesson 46: Insulin, Magnesium, and Diabetes – Magnesium deficiency predicts diabetes, heart and kidney, and even Cancer. People with diabetes both need more magnesium and lose more magnesium than most people.

Lesson 47: Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe Magnesium – Magnesium ignorance (deficiency) causes pain and suffering. Since doctors will not address magnesium deficiencies in any profound way, it’s up to us to save ourselves.

Lesson 48: Transdermal Magnesium Therapy – Transdermal absorption of magnesium is valid and presents fewer side effects as it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract.

Lesson 49: Medicinal Baths are truly multidimensional healing and rejuvenating experiences. We can treat our heart, mind, body, and soul, mixing in some joy and play in the water with ritualistic healing.

Lesson 50: Magnesium Massage for Cancer Patients – Regular massage effectively lowers stress hormone cortisol levels, so I recommend magnesium massage for all cancer patients.

Lesson 51: Why Treat Cancer with Bicarbonate? Baking Soda Rescues Circadian Oscillation – bicarbonate levels are as crucial as hydration, proper breathing (getting enough oxygen), staying warm, maintaining healthy pH (high oxygen status), and optimal nutrition. We learn here that changes the face of modern oncology because it is clear that bicarbonates should be included in all cancer patients’ protocols after the most recent research presented below.

Lesson 52: Understanding Pancreatic Cancer Causes and Treatments – The pancreas is the first organ to develop inhibited function from varied stresses.

Lesson 53: Fasting with Bicarbonates a New Approach to Treating Cancer – The foundation of this approach is to combine two potent therapies, a combination of fasting, intermittent fasting, and Ketogenic diet as one leg of the treatment, and the second is to flood the body with different forms of bicarbonate—taken orally and administered transdermally.

Lesson 54: Seven Reasons Why Alkaline Water Is The Most Wonderful Thing Money Can Buy – Though the title reads seven reasons why, I could do 27 or even 127 reasons, with one hand tied behind my back.

Lesson 55: Potassium Bicarbonate – Sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate are vital components of body tissues that help regulate the body’s acid/base balance

Lesson 56: Sodium Bicarbonate & pH Medicine – Sodium bicarbonate is a “nothing-to-lose-everything-to-gain” treatment for cancer as well as the general acid conditions behind a host of modern diseases. I suggest everyone read that book to become very familiar with the medical power of baking soda.

Lesson 57: Alkaline Without Alkalinity – Bicarbonate is the healthiest to drink. It is critical to see that alkalinity does not depend strictly on pH. pH measures the degree of alkalinity but not its quantity. It is like the relationship between temperature and heat.

Lesson 58: Living a Longer Life with Baking Soda – Research published recently in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found that balanced bicarbonate levels reduce the chances of early death.

Lesson 59: CO2 Medicine & Bath Bombing Your Way to Health – Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is generated and delivered to the skin tissue, releasing more oxygen from blood vessels.

Lesson 60: Gerson Therapy & Sodium Bicarbonate – Sodium is an essential nutrient the body requires to maintain levels of fluids and provide channels for nerve signaling.

Lesson 61: Iodine Cause Cancer and Thyroid Disease – Because iodine deficiency results in increased iodine trapping by the thyroid, iodine-deficient individuals of all ages are more susceptible to radiation-induced thyroid cancer sourced in the environment and sourced with radioactive iodine treatments.

Lesson 62: Iodine Deficiency is a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer – The first thing that happens to a woman when she develops iodine deficiency is a problem with her reproductive organs: breast deformation and general calcification.

Lesson 63: Iodine Awareness – Antimicrobial Resistance Emergency – Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. Fighting this threat is a public health priority that requires a collaborative global approach across sectors.

Lesson 64: Treating Infections with Iodine – Iodine is by far the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all time.

Lesson 65: Medically Insane Radioactive Iodine Treatments – People with low iodine levels are more likely to get thyroid cancer than those without. Low iodine levels also cause goiter (an enlarged thyroid), increasing the chance of developing thyroid cancer.

Lesson 66: Radioactive Iodine 129 & 131 – The release of iodine-129 into the environment means that food from the North American west coast will likely be contaminated with radiation for innumerable generations. Iodine-131 (half-life: 8 days) is one of the most harmful radionuclides.

Lesson 67: What Type of Selenium Should Be Used? – Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT) can restore and help maintain mitochondrial membrane function by replacing damaged mitochondrial membranes, so the perfect form of selenium would have selenium bonded to a lipid.

Lesson 68: Selenium is one of the most potent antioxidants and a component of several powerful antioxidant enzymes.

Lesson 69: Selenium Medicine & Vitamin E – If you are thoughtful enough to supplement or use selenium for mainline cancer treatment, including a high-quality vitamin E product is good.

Lesson 70: Glutathione, Selenium, and Viral Infections – Glutathione is an essential cellular defense that allows the body to prevent and fight infections and diseases.

Lesson 71: Organic Sulfur, Garlic, Sodium Thiosulfate & ALA – What do garlic and glutathione have in common? Sulfur! Sulfur is used in Asia as herbal medicine to treat inflammation and cancer.

Lesson 72: Nutritional Causes of Cancer – sugar, mineral deficiencies, alcohol, BMI – Malnutrition is a common denominator amongst cancer patients; it is something that contributes to the development of cancer, and it worsens as cancer progresses

Lesson 73: First Thoughts on Cancer Diets – There are severe issues in most people’s food. Evidence reveals that toxicity levels in food are rising.

Lesson 74: Angiogenesis – Inflammation – Sugar – Cancer – Most dietary sugars are simple carbohydrates, meaning they’re made up of one or two sugar molecules stuck together, making them easy to pull apart and digest.

Lesson 75: Cancer & Sugar – Strategy for Selective Starvation of Cancer Cells – Sugar and Cancer are locked in a death grip, yet oncologists often fail to do what’s necessary to stop their patients from feeding their cancers with sweets.

Lesson 76: Sugar and Obesity as Prime Causes of Cancer – High sugar consumption is a risk factor for obesity and weight gain, and obesity is a risk factor for cancer.

Lesson 77: Superfood Medicine & Nutrition – Superfoods are nutritionally dense and perfect for cancer patients who need maximum nutrition intake to address considerable deficiencies.

Lesson 78: Chronic Dehydration is a Cause of Cancer – Most people do not consider water a nutrient, but it is the most important one and oxygen.

Lesson 79: Fasting for Dummies – Fasting, when done correctly can become a highway or express lane to rapid healing and a final cure for many disorders that plague us.

Lesson 80: Juice & Water Fasting – A liquid fast gives the body the best opportunity to detoxify and regenerate.

Lesson 81: Inflammation, Oxygen, CO2 & Breathing – The complicated world of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and tissue and tumor pH is essential because our body cannot fight disease if its pH is not balanced correctly.

Lesson 82: Low Carbon Dioxide Leads to Cancer – the Bohr Effect, arterial hypocapnia (CO2 deficiency) causes tissue hypoxia, life depends on carbon dioxide, CO2 has antioxidant properties

Lesson 83: Life Depends on Carbon Dioxide – Carbon dioxide is a nutrient and a product of cell respiration and energy production. Its lack or deficiency is a starting point for different bodily disturbances.

Lesson 84: The Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Connection – Too much oxygen (relative to the carbon dioxide level), and we feel agitated and jumpy. Too much carbon dioxide (relative to oxygen levels) makes us feel sluggish, sleepy, and tired.

Lesson 85: Breathing Retraining – Ideal breathing corresponds to slow, light, and easy abdominal breathing (also called diaphragmatic or belly breathing), something that needs to be relearned in most adults.

Lesson 86: Massacring Cancer with Oxygen and Bicarbonates – Oxygen pulls the rug out from under cancer cells and tumors by removing the fundamental condition that makes them virulent. Bicarbonates do the same thing, so using oxygen and bicarbonate together is lethal to cancer cells.

Lesson 87: Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) – EWOT is a simple way of safely injecting massive amounts of oxygen into the cells. While we are exercising, we are producing vast amounts of carbon dioxide.

Lesson 88: Oxygen Therapy on Steroids – The subject is about using a unique form of EWOT called contrast training or high altitude training that swings back and forth between oxygen starvation and rich oxygen to stimulate different parts of the immune system.

Lesson 89: Physical Stress, Lack of Exercise as Causes of Cancer – These three have in common that they are physical causes of cancer.

Lesson 90: Oxygen is a Nutritional Drug – Oxygen is one of the most widely used therapeutic agents with specific biochemical and physiologic actions, a distinct range of effective doses, and well-defined adverse effects at high doses when in the absence of carbon dioxide gas. However, it is not a pharmaceutical drug. It is nutritional!

Lesson 91: Oxygen can be Dangerous but is Vital – Oxygen is often administered because it’s widely believed to be safe and not considered a harmful substance.

Lesson 92: Medical Marijuana and Cancer – Over 20 major studies have shown that cannabinoids fight cancer cells. It’s been shown that cannabinoids arrest cancer growths of many different forms of cancer, including the brain, melanoma, and breast cancer.

Lesson 93: Medical Marijuana for Children – Medical marijuana is the right choice for medical treatment.

Lesson 94: Cannabidiol: A Pain Management Solution for Cancer Patients – CBD has become a potential option for patients wishing for relief from pain without the fear of becoming dependent.

Lesson 95: Marijuana is a Powerful Medicine – Marijuana is powerful medicine, and as such, it has powerful side effects.

Lesson 96: Transdermal Medical Marijuana Skin Cancer Treatment – Cannabis salves, lotions, and ointments are effective treatments for most skin conditions, burns, itching, infections, and rashes.

Lesson 97: Chemotherapy is the Worst Thing You Can Do – It is well known that chemotherapy drugs have a high failure rate. Chemotherapy can cause damage to healthy cells, which triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumor growth and makes cancer more resistant to further treatment.

Lesson 98: Cancer Radiation Treatments – Standing in Front of a Nuclear Firing Squad – One of the worst consequences of radiation therapy is developing secondary cancer because increased radiation exposure leads to more incidences of cancer.

Lesson 99: Sexual Stress as a Cause of Cancer – Intense emotional stresses weaken the internal viscera, thus increasing the opportunity for pathologies of all types, including cancer.

Lesson 100: The Healing Power of Illness – Disease is often a consequence of mistakes we have made in the past that we have to rectify in the present and the future.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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