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Medical Marijuana facts in Cancer Treatment

Published on July 20, 2011


Marijuana, whose botanical name is cannabis, has been used by humans for thousands of years. It was classified as an illegal drug by many countries in the 20th century. But over the past two decades, there has been a growing movement to legalize it, primarily for medical purposes. Medical marijuana use has surged in the 23 states, including the District of Columbia, that allow its use

Marijuana is a very special natural medicine that increases our chances of beating cancer, though contemporary oncologists are mostly interested in it for its ability to mitigate the nasty side effects of chemo and radiation therapy. They would never think of it as an important part of the actual treatment of cancer.

THC has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration because medical science confirms its use in a broad variety of clinical situations. Specifically a THC-containing drug called Marinol is FDA approved though it does not come close to effectiveness of natural cannabinoids. Synthetic copies of natural substances rarely if ever maintain the same pharmacological effects as the original and we know this to be especially true in the case of marijuana and the chemicals the pharmaceutical companies manufacture to simulate natural cannabinoids..

The endocannabinoid system is a set of nerve receptors and related body chemicals that deal with appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory. The interesting thing about the nerve receptors is that they respond to cannabinoids, one of the components of marijuana. There are many pain-relieving medications available today. Without doubt pain medications[1] are a blessing for the temporary relief of pain as well as for the people who are dying and suffering. The safest pain relievers though are the cannabinoids, which can be used for longer periods of time with fewer side effects and dangers.

I have written several books on cancer and have been championing medical marijuana in my protocols for over five years. I wrote a book on cannabinoid medicine and even I am surprised with the depth of research that resurrects the popular marijuana medicine from the 1800s and early 1900s.

Medical marijuana is now a cutting-edge medicine—one that has been around the block in the world of medicine and was especially popular in pharmacies until it was made illegal starting in 1913 just after the Federal Reserve Act was passed. The same interests that took control of the money supply took control of the pharmaceutical industry. These fast growing companies needed to make inexpensive drugs and pain medications illegal so they could legally get away with murder from the use of more dangerous synthetic drugs.

All research leads us to the undeniable conclusion that marijuana is the premier cancer medicine mankind has been looking for and finally has found. The problem is that there are special interests whose main interest is that real cures for cancer are never discovered. Actually it’s a mistake to think in terms of cure; it’s better to think in terms of effective treatment, for cancer is a very complicated phenomena with multiple and often concurrent causes. Treatments need to touch down on many if not all the causes to affect a permanent cure.

Everyone who knows of my work knows that I have never recommended single-shot cancer cures. In my book Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment I made it very clear that I never recommend bicarbonate without magnesium salts or without iodine and several other important anticancer agents.

Oncologists also use sodium bicarbonate when they administer chemotherapy to buffer the poisonous nature of the chemo agents as they are administered.

Until this writing, magnesium chloride remained as the number-one priority in my cancer protocol with bicarbonate coming in second, even though bicarbonate offers more immediate benefit in terms of anti-tumor effects. Medical marijuana has been included with my core recommendations but I am now thrusting it to the forefront.

Despite the legal problems, it is time for the field of medicine to wake up to the true value of marijuana in the treatment of disease. Marijuana has moved into a first-place tie with magnesium chloride in my cancer protocol and I am now recommending that it be used universally. Its effect is just too good and its price too low. Some see goodness and affordability as unimportant but anyone with a humane heart must surely recognize the importance of accepting marijuana as a beneficial therapy. Doctors beware; in an age of financial and economic collapse we will be desperate for inexpensive medicines that are safe and universally available.


In my bicarbonate book I always recommended magnesium to be taken with the baking soda. In my CBD book I will strongly recommend that marijuana be taken with heavy administration of magnesium transdermally, orally, and by IV. Together cannabinoid and magnesium therapies will break the back of contemporary oncology’s predilection to try to cure people by poisoning them with intensely toxic chemicals and radiation.

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Modern oncology comes from pharmaceutical companies with a sordid past. Everything about chemotherapy shouts out medical madness. For instance:

“In the past decade and a half, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the following for first-line treatment of non-small cell lung cancer: navelbine, paclitaxel, gemcitabine, and docetaxel. In addition, docetaxel was also approved for second-line treatment. In 2006, the FDA also approved a labeling extension for bevacizumab (Avastin, Genentech, Inc.). We are repeatedly told that these drugs lead to a statistically significant improvement in survival, usually as demonstrated through one or two randomized controlled trials.What we are less often told is that the overall survival benefit of these drugs is in the realm of six to eight weeks! They hardly do anything in terms of real-life situations. Crudely put, the patient trades some serious toxicity for one to two months of increased survival,” writes Dr. Ralph Moss.

“Doctors who truly care about their patients would do better to take a serious look at what is available in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and advocate forcefully for clinical trials to further test the potential of the most promising less-toxic treatments,” concludes Moss.

My Medical Marijuana book is revolutionary for the medical field not only because it champions the use of marijuana but also because it combines cannabinoid medicine with magnesium and pH medicine. Add iodine into the mix and we have four super-hero medicines that when used together combine to form a protocol that works on the deepest levels of physiology to effect healing and health. Add a few more items like high-dose vitamin C, natural chelators, and superfoods and we already have a powerful anticancer protocol. (In one of my next newsletters probably titled “Natural Allopathic Medicine and Marijuana,” I will lay out in more detail my full protocol.)

[1]Aspirin is not toxic, if you take one or two, and only occasionally. Countless people swill down acetominophen a drug that is toxic and sold as Tylenol® and Anacin®. Another dangerous toxin is ibuprofen. This is sold as Advil® and Motrin®. Then there is Codeine, Hydrocodone (Vicodin), Oxycodeine, Oxycontin®, Morphine, Hydromorphine, Tramadol, Demerol, fentanyl, methadone, ketamine, and propoxyphene.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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