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Published on August 21, 2019

“We are at the precipice of a revolution in cancer treatment based on using immunotherapy,” writes Dr. Stanley Riddell. Immune therapy works because an enhanced immune system has the ability to take cancer down. If one chooses to do immunotherapy the pharmaceutic way it will cost you a fortune. Nivolumab costs $28.78 per mg of drug, whereas ipilimumab costs $157.46 per mg. “To put that into perspective, that’s approximately 4000 times the cost of gold,” commented Dr. Leonard Saltz, MD, from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City.

Immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology as it is technically called, represents a sea change in terms of cancer treatment but it does not have to be done the pharmaceutical way. The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol for cancer stimulates the immune defenses naturally and safely at low cost. A healthy, fully functioning immune system can combat the spread of cancer cells and eliminate tumors.

Below is a summary of the different ways of naturally stimulating the immune system. Its revolutionary, a leap forward, can be practiced by doctors, or by patients using it in the comfort of their own homes. Medicine is evolving before our very eyes yet sadly there are people and institutions that will have none of it.    

This is just a summary of this multidimensional approach to immune system stimulation. Full details are presented in the Conquering Cancer course, which I hope to make available in about two months, maybe sooner. However, next week, my online cancer support group will be starting. Those enrolled will have first crack at the complete protocol and have full coaching in terms of implementation. Though our concentration will be on cancer the protocol is universal and has its place in almost all disease categories. This is an educational/support group and is not meant to replace your doctor though you might want to replace him or her when you end up knowing more than they do.

Below witness a breakthrough in medical thinking. Let your mind open up to a new vista of medicine that is deep and complete. First just scroll down and review the subtitles as if you were flying above ground on a drone. Present Immuno-Oncology is flat in comparison.

Then go back and read the summaries and realize that the science is solid for each contributor to immune system strength and health. Conquering Cancer presents each of these below therapies in depth leading to a complete comprehension and understanding. This is offered in good faith to all doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurses, osteopaths, naturopaths and most importantly to patients themselves. 

Cancer immunotherapy is hailed as one of the most exciting and unique cancer treatments of today. The pharmaceutical approach, though in it infancy, is already demonstrating impressive clinical benefit in different malignancies and clinical oncologists are increasingly turning their attention to immune-oncology.

Now we have before us a natural approach to achieve the same end results but without toxicity, high cost and endless side-effects.

Using pH Medicine to Ramp Up Immune Response

Little to no attention has been paid to analyze the influence exerted by extracellular pH on the immune response. Microenvironmental acidity impacts tumor immune surveillance, contributing to immune escape and cancer progression. Anti-tumor effectors such as T and NK cells tend to lose their function when exposed to low pH environments. Local acidity also profoundly influences bio-activity and distribution of antibodies, thus potentially interfering with antibodies including immune checkpoint inhibitors. Hence tumor acidity is a central regulator of cancer immunity that orchestrates both local and systemic immunosuppression.

Using Sunlight to Ramp Up Immune Response

Sunlight Offers Surprise Benefit, It Energizes Infection Fighting T Cells reads the headlines. Georgetown University Medical Center researchers have found that sunlight, through a mechanism separate than vitamin D production, energizes T cells that play a central role in human immunity.

Professor Gerard Ahern, who lead the study at Georgetown said, “We all know sunlight provides vitamin D, which is suggested to have an impact on immunity, among other things. “But what we found is a completely separate role of sunlight on immunity. Some of the roles attributed to vitamin D on immunity may be due to this new mechanism.”

Using Oxygen to Ramp Up Immune Response

There are many chapters on oxygen in Conquering Cancer. With Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) we can manipulate oxygen levels up and down to stimulate different parts of the immune system. There are many things we do in the Natural Allopathic protocol to increase oxygen delivery to the cells. As we do that naturally the consequence to the immune system is strengthening. 

Using Iodine to Ramp Up the Immune System

Iodine is a case in point. The body’s ability to resist infection and disease is hindered by long-term deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals.  Importantly poor immune response is correlated with impaired thyroid function; a deficiency in iodine can greatly affect the immune system primarily because low levels of iodine lead to problems with the thyroid gland.

Raising Core Body Temperature to Ramp Up the Immune System


A very important way of increasing immune system response is to increase body temperature with infrared therapy. 98,6° F is the natural operating temperature for most people. Immune system function, vitality and metabolism decrease with temperature loss about 50-70%.

Glutathione to Ramp Up the Immune System

Our immune cells are designed to protect us, but what protects the immune cell? Glutathione is the protector of the immune cell and allows newly formed immune cells to proliferate to attack germs and viruses. Glutathione feeds, protects, and strengthens our immune system. Glutathione boosts white blood cell production to fight infection, particularly the T-cells, which are called lymphocytes.

Selenium to Ramp Up the Immune System

Selenium is a potent immune stimulator. An 18-month study of 262 patients with AIDS that found those who took a daily capsule containing 200 micrograms of selenium ended up with lower levels of the AIDS virus and more health-giving CD4 immune system cells in their bloodstreams than those taking a dummy pill. These AIDS patients who took selenium were able to suppress the deadly virus in their bodies and boost their fragile immune systems.

Magnesium to Ramp Up the Immune System

Culture of lymphocytes from humans in Mg-deficient media, resulted in morphologically and functionally abnormal cells. Magnesium really is everywhere in the body – it’s the 4th most abundant mineral. It’s involved in hundreds of different biochemical reactions and enzyme systems and is crucial for proper immune system function. Mg has a strong relation with the immune system, in both nonspecific and specific immune response, also known as innate and acquired immune response.

Fasting Will Switch on the Immune System

A person’s entire immune system can be rejuvenated by fasting for as little as three days as it triggers the body to start producing new white blood cells, a study suggests. Fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in the elderly, scientists have found in a breakthrough described as “remarkable.” Although fasting diets have been criticized by nutritionists for being unhealthy, new research suggests starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection.

Medical Marijuana to Ramp Up the Immune System

“Cannabinoids have been shown to modulate a variety of immune cell functions in humans and animals and more recently, have been shown to modulate T helper cell development, chemotaxis, and tumor development. Many of these drug effects occur through cannabinoid receptor signaling mechanisms and the modulation of cytokines and other gene products. It appears the immunocannabinoid system is involved in regulating the brain-immune axis and might be exploited in future therapies for chronic diseases and immune deficiency.”

Mind Body Approach

It is no secret that the psycho-social state of a person has a direct impact on the immune system. Stress has many different effects on the endocrine systems, including the fight or flight response with its activation of the sympathetic adrenal-medullary (SAM) system, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPAC) system, and other endocrine systems.

Full Hydration to Ramp Up the Immune System

"Bodily fluids carry your immune cells throughout your body and staying hydrated helps them get where they need to go to fight off infections," says Abbott research scientist Jennifer Williams. She explains that water is a critical component of lymph, a clear-to-white fluid that contains many of the white blood cells, including lymphocytes, that attack invaders in the blood to help you fight off illness.

Water helps to oxygenate the blood and that pumps up our cells and helps them function at full capacity. Healthy, happy cells that are packed with oxygen allows our bodies to enjoy a superior immunity.


Hailed as one of the most exciting and unique cancer treatments of today, enhancing the immune system to take down cancer is exciting work. Normally, our immune system is able to destroy cancer cells in our body, however sometimes cancer cells can adapt and mutate, effectively hiding from our immune system. This is when tumors develop and become a threat to our health. Immuno-oncology involves mobilizing lymphocytes to recognize and eliminate cancer cells using the body’s immune system.

Mainstream oncology is already acknowledging that, “This is already much better for patients than the current treatments for cancer, which are principally surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments likely cause as much harm to patients as they do good, either leaving deadly cancer cells untreated, or killing off too many healthy cells in the body. Immuno-oncology allows cancer cells to be targeted, leaving the rest of the body unharmed. It also has far fewer limitations, being applicable to tumors at all stages of the disease with much higher efficiency and durability (meaning fewer recurrences!). Since the first immuno-oncology treatment was approved in 2010, it has proven effective in treating melanoma and lymphoma, as well as lung, kidney and bladder cancer.”

The only problem with the drugs presently approved by the FDA are extremely high cost and side-effects, which are too common. Even if one braved the risks and high costs one should back up those treatments with most of the above therapies. Whatever cancer therapies one chooses to employ it makes sense to continue breathing and pay attention to medical basics.

Special Note: Learn how to apply and combine the above therapies in the Conquering Cancer course, when it comes out this fall, or starting next week in my online cancer support group get personal supervision, guidance and support.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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