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Prostate Cancer – Treatment Choices

Published on March 25, 2010


Congress has not been willing to change the basic economics of health care nor is it interested in changing how medicine is practiced in the United States. No matter how wrong, expensive, ineffective and dangerous Congress refuses to go to the roots of the crisis and make necessary changes. Fixing the fundamental problem with our medical system (soaring costs and mediocre results) requires that we look much deeper at the problem. If we don’t, the medical system will remain deeply troubled and will continue to hurt more people than it helps.

Prostate cancer is a case in point. The official story about prostate cancer is that men can choose from at least five different courses of treatment. The simplest is known as watchful waiting, which means doing nothing unless later tests show the cancer is worsening. More aggressive options include removing the prostate gland or receiving one of several forms of radiation. The latest treatment called proton radiation therapy involves a proton accelerator that can be as big as a football field with the treatments costing 100,000. Unfortunately for the developers and investors very few people will be able to afford that option with a cataclysmic economic collapse in the making.

Prostate cancer kills an estimated 35,000 men in the United States each year and attacks another 165,000. Most cases of prostate cancer do not occur until after men turn 50, but in recent years there has been a steady rise in the percentage of men in their 30s and 40s with both prostate problems and prostate cancer, primarily as a result of poor diet and increasing environmental pollution. One man in six will get prostate cancer during his lifetime.

The New York Times reported that, “Some doctors swear by one treatment, others by another. But no one really knows which is best. Rigorous research has been scant. Above all, no serious study has found that the high-technology treatments do better at keeping men healthy and alive. Most die of something else before prostate cancer becomes a problem.” “No therapy has been shown superior to another,” an analysis by the RAND Corporation found. Dr. Michael Rawlins, the chairman of a British medical research institute, said  “We’re not sure how good any of these treatments are.” When asked, Dr. Daniella Perlroth of Stanford University, who has studied the data, what she would recommend to a family member, she paused. Then she said, “Watchful waiting.”

1) Watchful waiting costs a few thousand dollars in doctor visits and tests. Actually watching and waiting means doing nothing when there are plenty of wonderful and natural things one can do to improve PSA scores. (Note below that PSA scores do not offer the best guidance.)

2) Surgery to remove the prostate gland costs about $23,000; possible complications include impotence and urinary incontinence.

3) A targeted form of radiation, known as I.M.R.T., runs $50,000. I.M.R.T. involves a large time commitment, requiring patients to visit a radiation center 45 times over the course of nine weeks. A concern that the multiple-beam radiation of I.M.R.T. may raise the risk of secondary cancers since science already knows that radiation exposure causes cancer.

4) Proton radiation therapy often exceeds $100,000.

Use of I.M.R.T. rose tenfold from 2002 to 2006, according to RAND data. A new proton treatment center will open in July of 2009 in Oklahoma City, and others are being planned in Chicago, South Florida and elsewhere. The NY Times is very clear about the high costs of this procedure saying, “You may never see this bill, but you’re paying it. It has raised your health insurance premiums and left your employer with less money to give you a decent raise. The cost of prostate cancer care is one small reason that some companies have stopped offering health insurance. It is also one reason that medical costs are on a pace to make the federal government insolvent.

The cause of prostate cancer is unknown medical officials say but that is really not true. There are many known causes and profiles that help guide our treatment and necessary changes of life.

A report published in the June, 2009 issue of A Cancer Journal for Clinicians shows that routine PSA blood tests often result in over diagnosis of prostate cancer, resulting in unnecessary treatments and psychosocial harm. Drs. Boyle and Brawley, of the International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon, France said, “The real impact and tragedy of prostate cancer screening is the doubling of the lifetime risk of a diagnosis of prostate cancer with little if any decrease in the risk of dying from this disease.” [1]

The PSA era is over in the United States,” says Dr. Thomas Stamey, professor of urology and lead author of a study published in the Journal of Urology. “Our study raises a very serious question of whether a man should even use the PSA test for prostate cancer screening any more.[2] From the time it first became standard to remove prostates in response to high PSA levels to the present – reveals that as a screen, the test now indicates nothing more than the size of the prostate gland.”[3]

According to the American Cancer Society, “There can be different reasons for an elevated PSA level, including prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement, inflammation, infection, age, and race,” all factors that make PSA test results confusing, leading to potential for unnecessary treatment and suffering when tests are elevated.

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Complications of ill advised prostate cancer treatments include urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, both difficult to reverse and both significantly decreasing the quality of life.

The Times did not mention the option of doing what makes sense while one watches and waits and it is hard to understand why. There is a list of natural nutritional agents that are helpful in treating prostate cancer including getting lots of sun exposure to drive up Vitamin D levels, which costs virtually nothing to do.  One might need to purchase full spectrum sun lamps if one lives at extreme latitudes or if the sun is not shining enough but even that option is not costly. Iodine is also a key component because reduced iodine levels in the breasts, ovaries, thyroid and prostate glands predispose one to higher cancer risk.

The great advantage of knowing the prime cause of a disease is that it can then be attacked logically and over a broad front. – Dr. Otto Warburg


Prostate cancer is cancer that grows in prostate gland. The prostate is a small, walnut-sized structure that makes up part of a man’s reproductive system. It wraps around the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body.

Iodine as Chemo Agent

Dr. David Derry said, “Lugol’s solution is an iodine-in-water solution used by the medical profession for 200 years. One drop (6.5 mg per drop) of Lugol’s daily in water, orange juice or milk will gradually eliminate the first phase of the cancer development namely fibrocystic disease of the breast so no new cancers can start. It also will kill abnormal cells floating around in the body at remote sites from the original cancer. Of course this approach appears to work for prostate cancer as prostate cancer is similar to breast cancer in many respects. Indeed, it likely will help with most cancers.”

There are over 1 million prostate cancer tissue biopsy procedures performed annually in the U.S. Approximately 25% of these tissue biopsies are reported “positive”, indicating the presence of prostate cancer. The other 75% of prostate cancer tissue biopsies are reported as “negative”.

Though it cost a bit more, Nascent Iodine is more palatable (less caustic) for oral usage and this is what I recommend for children. Lugol’s I reserve for transdermal application. At very high dosages we are talking about treatment costs of approximately 70 dollars a month at maximum doses. Meaning you can do iodine for more than a thousand months before you would spend what you would for having protons warped into your gland. This is the treatment to go for as is sodium bicarbonate, which we will talk about in depth below; we will see in the end which is the best way to go at any price or cost.

A study conducted at University of Illinois has found an interesting relation between prostate cancer and daily consumption of broccoli and tomato. Both these vegetables have been known to contain compounds that can fight cancer. These compounds seem to work better in combination.[4]

Selenium also is highly indicated as a more than valuable supplement.   A 1996 study by Dr. Larry Clark of the University of Arizona showed just how effective selenium can be in protecting against cancer. In the study of 1,300 older people, the occurrence of cancer among those who took 200 micrograms of selenium daily for about seven years was reduced by 42 percent compared to those given a placebo. Cancer deaths for those taking the selenium were cut almost in half, according to the study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on December 25, 1996. In addition, the men who had taken selenium had 63 percent fewer prostate cancers, 58 percent fewer colorectal cancers, 46 percent fewer lung cancers and overall 37% fewer cancers. Selenium was found to reduce the risk of lung cancer to a greater degree than stopping smoking.[5]

There are now seven population studies in the past six years that examined the possible connection between selenium and prostate cancer. All but one of them has found selenium protective. – Karen Collins, R.D.

Also it makes more than perfect medical sense to increase intensely magnesium cellular (not serum) levels. Why because, “There is reasonable evidence to suggest that calcium may play an important role in the development of prostate cancer,” says Dr. Carmen Rodriguez, senior epidemiologist in the epidemiology and surveillance research department of the American Cancer Society (ACS). Rodriguez says that a 1998 Harvard School of Public Health study of 47,781 men found those consuming between 1,500 and 1,999 mg of calcium per day had about double the risk of being diagnosed with metastatic (cancer that has spread to other parts of the body) prostate cancer as those getting 500 mg per day or less. And those taking in 2,000 mg or more had over four times the risk of developing metastatic prostate cancer as those taking in less than 500 mg. Magnesium chloride or what is known as magnesium oil is the first item of importance on all my protocols. Please see Magnesium for Life site for more information.

Calcium and magnesium are opposites in their effects on our body structure. As a general rule, the more rigid and inflexible our body structure is, the less calcium and the more magnesium we need.

It is no surprise to find another Harvard study in October 2001, which looked at dairy product intake among 20,885 men and found men consuming the most dairy products had about 32% higher risk of developing prostate cancer than those consuming the least High magnesium intake reverses calcification damages and inflammation when used intensely.

High calcium levels interfere with Vitamin D and subsequently inhibit the vitamin’s cancer protective effect unless extra amounts of Vitamin D are supplemented.[6]

In this second half of this chapter we are going to focus on two other treatments that come at the exact other end of the spectrum from expensive proton therapy. First is sodium bicarbonate therapy, which is like a kind of natural chemotherapy that can be done easily and safely by anyone for less than five dollars and the other is prostate massage, which can be self administered for free or done by medical doctors. The two together with a full spectrum natural chemo protocol behind them would not only be highly cost effective for individuals and society but by all indications they would be effective and safe to do.

Even if one wants to spend a fortune on more dangerous treatments both sodium bicarbonate and prostate massage should be required adjunct therapies since they can only improve results and reduce and buffer the toxicity and harm of aggressive chemical and radiation treatments. Actually both of these treatments and all the concentrated nutritional medicinals above offer us a nothing to lose and everything to gain treatment for prostate cancer.

Hormone deprivation therapy causes tumours to shrink; however, it’s not a cure. The tumours eventually regrow into a stronger form, becoming resistant to treatment.[7]

With the latest advancements in our understanding of concentrated nutritional medicines we can now confidently present a protocol that makes doing nothing and waiting into an idiot’s option. We really don’t have to wait for innovative, improved and advanced treatment options for they exist already and the medical science is plentiful to backstop the use of the substances presented here.

Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Treatment

Studies have shown how manipulation of tumour pH with sodium bicarbonate enhances chemotherapy.[8]


Coloured scanning electron micrograph of two prostate cancer cells in the final stage of cell division. Photograph: VVG/Science photo library

A healthy pancreas secretes sodium bicarbonate to neutralize stomach acid and create an optimal pH environment for pancreatic enzymes. Some of these enzymes circulate in the blood to destroy cancers that occur. Too much iron interferes with the ability of the pancreas to generate sodium bicarbonate and can lead to insulin resistance. Diabetes and cancer are linked because an unhealthy pancreas advances both diseases.

pH of the blood is the most important factor to determine the state of the microorganisms in the blood.

What is not generally understood is how basic to health pH and bicarbonate levels are and how easily we become acidic, which is an open invitation to have cancer visit ones life. These cancer cells look like yeast and fungi and you know what, many of them are and even mainstream oncology admits quite a bit of that. But whatever our definition and concept of cancer, it does not change the fact that cancer does not like what bicarbonate brings to the body. Most oncologists have no idea about how bicarbonate and CO2 are related and that bicarbonate deficiency leads to CO2 deficiencies in the blood. When our CO2 levels drop so do the levels of O2 and we do see cancer develop under low O2 and high acid conditions.

Our body pH is very important because pH controls the speed of our body’s biochemical reactions. It does this by controlling the speed of enzyme activity as well as the speed that electricity moves through our body.

In my book Sodium Bicarbonate, Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment I write: Most of us are going to be surprised to find out that there is an oncologist in Rome Italy, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, destroying cancer tumours with sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is safe, extremely inexpensive and unstoppably effective when it comes to cancer tissues. It’s an irresistible chemical, cyanide to cancer cells for it hits the cancer cells with a shock wave of alkalinity, which allows much more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen. Sodium bicarbonate is, for all intent and purposes, a killer of tumours. At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live.

Sodium bicarbonate possesses the property of absorbing heavy metals, dioxins and furans. Comparison of cancer tissue with healthy tissue from the same person shows that the cancer tissue has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc.

This has given rise to a variety of treatments based on increasing the alkalinity of the tissues such as vegetarian diet, the drinking of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and dietary supplementation with alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, cesium and rubidium. But nothing can compare to the instant alkalinizing and oxygenating power of sodium bicarbonate for safe and effective treatment of cancer.

Cancer is actually a four-letter word — ACID, especially lactic acid as a waste product due to the low oxygen level and waste products of yeast and fungus.

There are a multitude of methods to apply sodium bicarbonate and some of the best ways have hardly been tried by anyone. For prostate cancer Dr. Simoncini recommends that, “If there has been no surgical operation, it is possible to attempt firstly to treat the neoplasia through urethral catheters which allow the spreading of the saline solutions inside the prostatic lobes through the ducts. To this it is possible to associate periglandular infiltrations implementable transrectally by utilising very long needles of the type used for amniocentesis.”

In my book, which is the first complete medical review of sodium bicarbonate in existence, I turn my back on Dr. Simoncini’s methods of bicarbonate application but do recognize him as a medical hero and genius. In the book was a testimony from a man whose prostate cancer had spread to his bones and after two weeks of high oral use he tested negative. Dr. Simoncini himself recognizes that for bone cancers his IV treatments are not effective and here we have a prostate patient resolving his bone cancer through oral means, which is safer and certainly hugely less expensive and widely more available.

Though I believe in Simoncini’s work there are few doctors using his methods because of serious complications that would visit such practitioners by their local medical boards. But no matter, it is good news for humanity to have a universal way to treat cancer, which bicarbonate becomes if used orally and transdermally. Doctors all too often neglect to factor cost as we clearly see in orthodox oncology’s approach to prostate cancer. How can we compare spending $2.61 for a pound of sodium bicarbonate that we can eat and make into a liquid and apply all over our body with spending thousands of dollars for the same thing just so it can be administered through a needle?

Most practitioners are new to natural transdermal medicine and how its power and safety can be brought to bear on glands like the prostate. Transdermal sodium bicarbonate treatments are even newer than Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, which is the title of my first book in print. Transdermal iodine therapy’s fame though goes all the way back to the American Civil War when iodine was used as a universal medicine.

Prostate cancer demands we systemically take the pH up over eight  and through oral means we can do this and have that pH register in all the tissues of the body.  But we can also put a high concentration of bicarbonate in an enema and combat not only intestinal cancer and strong yeast overgrowth that way but we can have this treatment touch on the tissues intimate to the prostate area. Iodine can also be applied directly to the prostate tissue areas transdermally using a long swab or applying it liberally to genital areas and the perennial area though again oral administration is a must.  Tullio Simoncini uses bicarbonate targeted  more directly to the prostate thru the artery providing its blood supply.

imageA clump of prostate cancer cells. The bluey-green cells are actively growing, whereas the pink ones are in the process of dying by programmed cell death (apoptosis)

Tumors are not distinguishable from the infections that inhabit them. Dr. Marijah McCain identified the primary cause of death in  cancer patients to be not the cancer itself, but fungal overgrowth.

Dr. Simoncini says, “At the moment, against fungi there is no useful remedy other than, in my opinion, sodium bicarbonate.” Bicarbonate is a chemo agent and in fact is used in oncology with its horrid list of chemo agents but it is used to buffer the effects of the dangerous chemo chemicals. Traditional chemo is just much too dangerous to do without sodium bicarbonate meaning the side effects would escalate beyond acceptable limits if not used. In fact, so dangerous and toxic are most chemo chemicals that many people would die on the spot without softening the blow with bicarbonate.

We do not have to fear bicarbonate intake. And in fact, people who live in areas of the world with high amounts of bicarbonate in their drinking waters have a striking decreased mortality rate and a decreased prevalence of disease. Sodium bicarbonate, though often used as a medicine, is unlike pharmaceutical compounds. It is a natural non-toxic substance that does not require clinical trials for an assessment of toxicity. Spring waters contain bicarbonate ions which are coupled mainly with sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium ions. A deficiency of bicarbonate ions in the body contributes to a range of diseases and medical conditions.

The Prostrate and Sex

When it comes to men, numerous researchers have shown that a high ejaculation frequency and sexual activity are linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer later in life. An epidemiological study of 30,000 men showed that men who ejaculated 13 to 20 times monthly presented a 14% lower risk of prostate cancer than men who ejaculated on average, between 4 and 7 times monthly during most of their adult life. Those ejaculating over 21 times a month presented a 33% decreased risk of developing prostate cancer than those on the baseline.

Orgasm acts as a powerful pain-relief agent, and studies suggest it bolsters immune functioning. The typical orgasm will boost the body’s T3 and T4 lymphocyte cells—the cells that fight off foreign invaders—by up to 20 percent.

Michael Leitzman, a cancer researcher at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland and author of the above mentioned study, explains that there has been a suggested link with greater sexual activity and increased incidents of prostate cancer in previous scientific data because of the link with the male hormone testosterone and its effect on promoting cancer cell growth. But he says this theory has its shortcomings because testosterone levels alone do not predict prostate cancer risk and they do not appear to correlate with sexual desire as much as previously thought. Instead, researchers say ejaculation may protect the prostate through a variety of biological mechanisms that merit further research, such as:

•Flushing out cancer-causing substances. Frequent ejaculation may help flush out retained chemical carcinogens in the prostate glands.

• Reducing tension. The release of psychological tension that accompanies ejaculation may lower nervous activity associated with stress and slow the growth of potentially cancerous cells in the prostate.

• Promoting rapid turnover of fluids. Frequent ejaculation may help prevent the development of mini-crystals that can block ducts within the prostate gland, reducing cancer risk.

Prostate Massage


When men get older an enlarged prostate is a common problem. Fat and proteins can accumulate and enlarge the prostate gland to a degree where pain happens and urinating becomes a problem. A prostate massage is a good way to drain the prostate. Even if you do not have any problems with your prostate yet, it is recommended that you do a massage once a month to prevent problems. If you already have problems a daily massage may be needed to reduce pain and swelling but of course you should be taking medicinals like magnesium chloride. which will reduce the inflammation and clear out excess calcium from the area; iodine to deal with any infection and sodium bicarbonate which will flood the area with O2 and alkalinity. Although thought in terms of pleasure, prostate milking, another word or level of prostate massage, is performed for medical reasons.

“Part of the role of the prostate gland is to produce a clear fluid which makes up about thirty percent of male seminal fluid and, in cases of chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate milking can be used to reduce pressure in the prostate gland by removing excess fluid. Although it is possible to perform prostate milking externally by stimulating the prostate through the perineum this method is not always successful and it is more usual for prostate milking to be performed internally using a finger, prostate massager or a medical massager,” writes Donald Saunders, who gives clear instructions for how to do it oneself.[9] (See reference for complete instructions.)


Doing prostate massages on oneself or having it done as a medical procedure or perhaps by a colonic specialist is not a joke. Prostate massage is part of the digital rectal examination (DRE) routinely given to men by urologists in order to look for nodules of prostate cancer and to obtain expressed prostatic secretions (EPS) for examination under microscope. Many instruct men to do this in order to keep the prostrate healthy. The massage does not only increase your health but can also improve your sex life and this is very important to men and their emotional health.

During that initial visit, Dr. Zeitlin had to massage my gland twice to get the fluid out, and I think this accelerated my improvement. I felt much improved (say, 60% better) one week after the massage. I went back for a second massage one week later. It was painful, but he did drain more fluid…and today, one week later, I feel about 85% improved. After four months of agony, this is nothing short of miraculous to me. My bladder symptoms are all but gone. My perineal pain is all but gone.[10]

If you have an enlarged prostate then a prostate massage can clearly help. Massaging the prostate gland brings fresh blood and oxygen to the normally congested and suffocating prostate gland. Viruses, bacteria and fungus are just waiting for the right conditions in which to begin rapid multiplication. Rot is an underlying biological mechanism and infection is a natural process of biological decay, which congestion and blood stagnation encourages.

Fresh healthy blood is healing to tissues and milking the prostate gland also all keeps all the sexual fluids (semen) fresh, clean, and moving out of the body. When fluids stagnate or blood and oxygen flows diminish disease thrives. In cases of chronic prostatitis (an inflammation of the prostate gland) or an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH) prostate milking can be helpful in reducing pressure in the prostate gland by removing excess fluid.

The prostate gland in many men suffers from blood congestion and stagnation when they are underactive sexually. When semen stagnates, it starts to decompose and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and virus. The prostate needs a plentiful supply of fresh blood to nourish it with food and oxygen. And equally important, the prostate needs plenty of blood flow and regular semen release to keep clean, healthy and pain free. A man’s prostate gland needs to be stimulated to discharge its load. If this is not done often enough, there would be a build-up of fluid secretions and this gland or sac that holds the fluid will be inflamed and infected. This stagnation of seminal fluid is one of the many causes of prostate cancer.

One should do a massage at least once a month for about 10 to 20 minutes if one is concerned about the health of their prostate. It certainly would be a good thing for doctors to recommend to their male patients. There are things called prostate massagers, which you place on a chair, sit on it and use your own body weight to perform the massage and others that you simply insert.

One-third of the men with initial prostate cancer tissue biopsies that are reported as “negative” for prostate cancer actually do have prostate cancer that was missed by the biopsy.

If you are suffering from as yet undiagnosed prostate cancer then cancerous cells could be broken up and distributed not only spreading cancer within the prostate gland but also causing it to metastasize and thus spread to other areas of the body. If one is diagnosed the prostate massage becomes an important part of ones treatment but it is essential to target the cancer with bicarbonate, iodine, magnesium chloride and selenium before one starts on ones massage routine. The idea is to completely change the condition not only inside and around the prostate gland but systemically as well so further cancer growth is not encouraged or allowed.

Emotional Profiles are Important

Some researchers have found that the average victim of breast or prostate cancer was unable to express such basic drives as anger, aggressiveness, or sexual impulses, suffered from an inner turmoil “covered over by a façade of pleasantness.” In Psychosomatic Medicine, California’s Dr. Eugene M. Blumberg and his colleagues report on patients with a wide variety of cancers: “We were impressed by the polite, apologetic, almost painful acquiescence of the patients with rapidly progressing disease, as contrasted with the more expressive and sometimes bizarre personalities of those who responded brilliantly to therapy with long remissions and long survival.”

Cancer is a message to us – it’s a loud scream from our bodies.  It is communicating to us that something is not quite right within us emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually.

Dr. Bernie Siegel said, “I have collected 57 extremely well documented so-called cancer miracles. A cancer miracle is when a person didn’t die when they absolutely, positively were supposed to. At a certain particular moment in time they decided that the anger and the depression were probably not the best way to go, since they had such a little bit of time left, and so they went from that to being loving, caring, no longer angry, no longer depressed, and able to talk to the people they loved. These 57 people had the same pattern. They gave up, totally, their anger, and they gave up, totally, their depression, by specifically a decision to do so. And at that point the tumors started to shrink.”


One in three breast cancer patients today may be treated unnecessarily and thus incorrectly according to a 2009 study.[11] We can infer, without such a study for prostate patients, that the story would be uniformly the same for them. Cancer sufferers en mass are being forced to pay with their lives for the incredible arrogance of oncologists and medical officials who refuse to open their eyes to see the medically sound solutions that are already out there. Why should our loved ones suffer for their ignorance?

There are many ways to treat cancer and new ideas are constantly being presented and then ignored. A study published in the European medical journal Anticancer Research demonstrates a substance used as a cough suppressant for over fifty years may be useful in treating advanced prostate cancer. Researchers from the Prostate Cancer Research and Educational Foundation, the MedInsight Research Institute, and the University of California in San Diego found that noscapine, a non-addictive derivative of opium, reduced tumor growth in mice by 60%. What’s more, it halted the spread of tumors by 65% and caused no harmful side effects. Medical marijuana, especially when taken in the form of oil, is also known to arrest cancer while it simultaneous deals with the mental emotional makeup of the cancer sufferer as it reduces pain and emotional upset.

Part of any successful cancer treatment includes chelation and detoxification of heavy metals and a host oftoxic chemicals, which are all invading our bodies’ everyday.

Spices add flavor to food but also may have cancer-fighting properties. India has one of the lowest cancer rates in the world, and the people there typically eat a diet containing a wide variety of spices. There is some limited evidence that capsaicin, the component of chile peppers that makes them hot, has some anti-cancerous properties. Both curry and cumin contain turmeric, which has been found to have anti-carcinogenic properties in cell cultures.[12] In studies involving mice, curcumin has demonstrated anti-carcinogenic activity in a variety of cancers.[13] A compound in aged garlic significantly inhibited the growth of human prostate cancer cells in vitro.[14] There is so much we can do for ourselves but there the medical system insists that we either do nothing or surrender to the scalpel or dangerous radiation machines.

One should seriously consider changing one’s diet and pay close attention to the quality of ones water and how much water one drinks. Using super foods like spirulina or wheat grass juice are wonderful therapies as are colonics or natural enemas, getting lots of body work and even acupuncture has clearly demonstrated its usefulness for prostate patients. Literally there is no end to the things one can do to help oneself including taking hot therapeutic baths loaded with magnesium, bicarbonate and even sodium thiosulfate.

It is shocking how many people die from cancer even after governments have thrown the kitchen sink at it. After hundreds of billions spent on research people are still dropping dead at close to the same rates as years past but no one thinks that the medical establishment is at fault. It literally cost me nothing to put this information and essay together yet medical officials and organizations don’t want the public to have easy access to these kinds of treatments.

Sodium bicarbonate is a nothing-to-lose-everything-to-gain-cancer-treatment.

Every man should have all this information in his hands and every woman who has a man she loves should have it as well. But the vast majority will not receive it because the channels of mass communication are blocked and controlled by the elite who really do mean us harm. They want to hurt us and our loved ones but they will never admit that. They enjoy having us in their hands because they profit from it. The profit motive does not belong in the field of medicine and certainly not in oncology were it’s a matter of life and a promised miserable death. Capitalism certainly has shown its ugliest face in the vast field of medicine, which sucks up a huge percentage of GNP, and even so does a miserable job.

With the guidance of an enlightened healthcare practitioner or doctor, and with the right protocol and multidimensional approach there is really no reason why a man has to die of prostate cancer or subject himself to harmful radiation or surgery. The same goes for woman and their breast cancers.

[3] through the years, Stamey has come to believe that the PSA test is actually not a useful predictor of the amount or severity of prostate cancer. He said elevated levels of that protein, prostate specific antigen, a protein normally produced by the prostate gland. actually reflect a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, a harmless increase in prostate size.

[4] Dr. Q.Y. Lu and colleagues from the University of California at Los Angeles found that, “These avocados were found to contain the highest content of lutein among commonly eaten fruits as well as measurable amounts of related carotenoids (zeaxanthin, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene). Lutein accounted for 70% of the measured carotenoids, and the avocado also contained significant quantities of vitamin E. An acetone extract of avocado containing these carotenoids and tocopherols was shown to inhibit the growth of both androgen-dependent (LNCaP) and androgen-independent (PC-3) prostate cancer cell lines in vitro. Incubation of PC-3 cells with the avocado extract led to G2/M cell cycle arrest accompanied by an increase in p27 protein expression.”

[5] Clark LC. The epidemiology of selenium and cancer. Fed Proc 1985; 44:2584-2590.

[6] Accu-Cell Nutrition; Calcium and Magnesium

[8] Enhancement of chemotherapy by manipulation of tumour pH. Raghunand N, He X, van Sluis R, Mahoney B, Baggett B, Taylor CW, Paine-Murrieta G, Roe D, Bhujwalla ZM, Gillies RJ. Arizona Cancer Center.

[9] It is very important to milk the prostate gland from the top to the bottom, squeezing it gently all the way down. Never use undue force and always perform prostate milking as gently as possible and with just sufficient force to stimulate the prostate gland. If you think in terms of the force used when gently massaging a tired eyeball this is about the right pressure. There are several potentially serious consequences to over-vigorous milking: If you are suffering from prostatic calculi (small stones within the prostate gland) these can act rather like scouring grit and tear the delicate membranes of the gland. The rectal lining in the area of the prostate gland is very thin and can easily be perforated. The best instrument for milking the prostate gland is an Aneros prostate massage device. It is designed to give a perfect prostate massage and prostate milking. The difference when milking the prostate gland (rather than massaging the prostate) is that you will push the Aneros all the way in, apply pressure to your prostate, and then manually run the Aneros down over the full length of the gland. During a prostate massage, you simply squeeze the Aneros with your anal contractions. If you do the massage by hand, simple use your fingers (your middle finger). However, your fingers (middle finger) may be too short to reach the prostate gland, so try it out and use the massager otherwise. Because of the angle it may not be so easy. Risk is low that you hurt yourself. Try to find the middle of your prostate and start the massage. You can find a ridge or indentation there. You can massage the prostate until fluid leaks out. This is also called milking the prostate. If possible urinate after the drainage to wash it away. Usually you can feel the fluid move during the massage. This is a sign that you are doing it right. Your prostate can be swollen quite a lot so finding it should be easy. Slow continues pressure is the best. If you really have a very swollen prostate with a lot of pain then you could do a massage and drainage daily.

1. Before attempting prostate milking pay a visit to the bathroom to ensure that both your bladder and bowel are emptied.

2. Ensure that your fingernails are trimmed short and that your hands and the area around your anus are washed thoroughly.

3. Put a sterile latex glove onto the hand which you wish to use to massage the prostate gland and apply some water-based lubricant to your gloved fingers.

4. Adopt a comfortable position. The position which you adopt is not important as long as it is comfortable and allows you to gain easy access to the prostate gland with your gloved hand. Most people find that lying on their back or side is most comfortable.

5. Gently insert your finger (or fingers) into your anus and move it slowly forward along the wall of the rectum, as if you are heading for your belly button, until you feel the prostate gland. The prostate gland will feel like part of a small ball and is normally about the size of a walnut.

6. Having located the prostate gland, massage it gently along both sides but do not massage the central (top) area which contains several sensitive nerves.

7. After a few minutes of gentle milking the gland will be sufficiently stimulated to contract causing it to release its fluid. At this point you might experience a degree of sexual pleasure and, in some but not all cases, may also experience orgasm.

Prostate milking should not be performed if you are suffering from an acute case of prostatitis and should never be performed vigorously.

[11] Karsten Jorgensen and Peter Gotzsche of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen analyzed breast cancer trends at least seven years before and after government-run screening programs for breast cancer started in parts of Australia, Britain, Canada, Norway and Sweden. The research was published in July of 2009 in the BMJ, formerly known as the British Medical Journal.

[12] Rao CV, et al. Chemoprevention of colon carcinogenesis by dietary curcumin, a naturally occurring plant phenolic compound. Cancer Res 1995; 55: 259-66.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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