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Set Up Your Home Intensive Treatment Center

Published on July 5, 2023

If one is considering going to a clinic to treat their cancer, one still has to invest in home treatments. Whether one treats in a clinic or not, one should start treating oneself at home as soon as one gets a cancer diagnosis. It makes no sense to do nothing while waiting to travel or stay for your surgery and chemotherapy. If you choose to go to a clinic, you must also be prepared to treat yourself when you return home.

In this essay, I will compare the cost of going to a clinic for three weeks to setting up a permanent treatment center at home. Since no one claims there is a three-week cure for cancer and the conditions that cause it, treatments need to continue. Thus no matter what we choose regarding cancer treatments, we still need a home treatment center.

So Many Questions About What To Do

Of course, it isn’t very clear what one should do with so many people saying different things, so one should start with the most basic everything to gain nothing to lose treatments like intense application of magnesium, bicarbonates, selenium, iodine, copper, zinc and sulfur. However, if one wants to bring out the massive guns of Navarone to beat their cancer, as they have available in the following cancer clinics, be warned, it can be costly.

The costs of three weeks in a clinic vary. One can expect to spend 24 to 30,000 dollars at the Saint George Hospital in Germany, 30 to 45,000 at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Center in Mexico, 65,000 at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany, 34 to 38,000 at the Oasis of Hope also in Mexico, and around 20,000 at the Budwig Center in Spain. Prices vary depending on treatments selected and accommodations; of course, there are airfares and other expenses to factor in.

However, You Can Save Your Money and Set Up Your Clinic at Home

One can set up one’s clinic with some of the most modern innovative equipment that one would expect to find in a cancer clinic, including advanced infrared photon therapy, hydrogen oxygen inhalation therapy, and intense CO2 therapy if one wants potent anti-cancer treatments at your fingertips.

I am assessing a fully equipped home treatment center’s cost to set up and run for six months would be approximately 12 to 14,000 dollars for all the bells and whistles. That is a lot less than the most inexpensive clinic. The best news is you get to keep the equipment after six months and continue using it for years. You will never want to stop some of the things you will be doing.

The only funds that go directly to me to initiate this program are for the six months of virtual support (Plan 2) that I give. You will be guided to the suitable suppliers of protocol materials. In addition, you will receive support from a team and receive the best educational support materials one can find on cancer.

One of the main benefits of investing in medical equipment at home is that one’s spouse and other loved ones can use the same medical devices. It makes perfect sense to continually push for better health so the conditions that caused a person’s cancer in the first place do not lead to reoccurrence. If you have cancer and beat it, the last thing you want is cancer to return. You must continually work to survive longer and be more vital.

A broad range of substances can act powerfully as natural chemo agents if one brings dosages above the level considered to be supplemental. Instead of harmful and deadly radiation for tests and treatment, you will employ natural radiation, red light for diagnosis and treatment.

Forbidden Cures book, Medical Miracles with Bicarbonates book, Naturopathic Oncology book images

The package includes the most in-depth cancer course to teach you how to be a better doctor for yourself or your loved one than your oncologist. Almost everyone knows (except oncologists) that cancer results from low oxygen levels (acid pH), forcing cells to abandon oxygen respiration in favor of fermentation, a filthy and inefficient form of energy production.

Recent Research on breast cancer gives us a clue where to begin. “One key feature of cancer cells, including breast cancer cells, is a reversed pH gradient which causes the extracellular pH of cancer cells to be more acidic than that of normal cells. A growing literature suggests alkaline therapy could reverse the pH gradient back to normal and treat cancer.” Everyone (except oncologists) will understand that cancer cells favor acidic conditions over neutral ones, so starting your cancer treatments today is easy with any of the three bicarbonate forms.

Cancer is caused by various unfavorable factors besides hypoxia (low oxygen). One of the other leading causes is an impaired immune system, often in conjunction with elevated levels of environmental poisons and carcinogenic substances. Very little of this can be changed in three weeks though some significant inroads can be accomplished with intelligent treatments.

The concept of home intensive careand freedom to pursue safe and effective alternative treatments is gaining more traction because of unaffordable alternative clinic costs and because mainstream oncologists are incredibly rigid closed-minded doctors who will not open their minds to alternatives even if backed by scientific Research. One of many examples: Researchers at Augusta University are finding new potential treatments for lung cancer in an ancient drug called CBD, the increasingly popular cannabis compound.

Oncologists Still Do Not Understand Cancer

Cancer rates are climbing among young people, and because oncologists still do not understand cancer, they do not know why. In America, modern oncology fails patients in alarming numbers as Americans’ life expectancy plunges to disturbing lows.

And when one enrolls in cancer studies, one takes their life in their hands. For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently paused enrollment in two studies of an ovarian cancer drug after five deaths in bleeding-related events. And, of course, if you choose chemotherapy, you have to face a severe shortage of chemo agents. It has never been a better time to turn to alternatives.

It is not just cancer that one can treat at home. The medical system based around hospital care is imploding, so home care is becoming a vital option for millions who cannot afford treatments but still need intensive care. Hospitals are dangerous and terrible places to be, so if one needs to treat neurological disorders, diabetes, or vascular heart disease, home treatments are the way to go.

Though It Might Sound Complicated, It Is Simple

At-home intensive care treatments focus on the essentials of life. On pH management, cell voltage, magnesium and iodine medicine, hydrogen medicine, cannabinoids, lipid-selenium, carbon dioxide medicine, re-mineralization of the body, antioxidant therapy, anti-inflammation therapy, increasing oxygen transport, healing cells with concentrated nutrition via superfoods, breathing retraining, emotional transformation processing, detoxification and removal of heavy metals and radioactive particles as well as using chlorine dioxide for oxidative therapy.

The real point is that we do this by applying high doses of things the body often needs desperately. We flood the body with magnesium, several different forms of bicarbonates to immediately raise oxygen and CO2 levels, start on iodine and selenium, and some other basic things like sulfur, zinc, and copper. Dosages are critical.

It is possible to duplicate the intensity of ICU administration at home through intensive medical baths, transdermal application of medicines, nebulization, suppositories, and oral intake by loading up one’s water with powerful substances. Hospitals today are discharging people faster than ever before, giving patients and their families the responsibility to continue treatments at home. So be prepared.

Combination therapy enables us to encompass and manage multiple risk factors. Multidimensional etiologies call for numerous therapeutic interventions.

Having Hydrogen and Oxygen on Your Side

Twenty-six hundred of your investment, or more, will go to a hydrogen/oxygen inhaling machine. For private home use, a hydrogen and oxygen gas machine is probably the first piece of medical equipment to allocate one’s financial resources towards, for it offers the most fundamental treatment for almost all disease conditions. It is not a cure-all and should be used in the context of a complete protocol, with particular attention paid to increasing CO2 levels through sodium, magnesium, and potassium bicarbonates and slow breathing.

oxygen inhale machines image

Clinical Level Hyperthermia / Intense Photon Treatment

Hyperthermia / Intense Photon Treatment example image

Most clinics quoted above offer Hyperthermia because cancer cells die when the body’s temperature is elevated. Hyperthermia is a heat treatment that targets abnormal cells and pathogens by raising the body’s temperature, simulating a fever.

Local Hyperthermia is a treatment in which heat is applied to a small area, such as a tumor site.

Whole-Body Hyperthermia is a heat treatment used to treat metastatic cancer that has spread throughout the body.

Infrared is far more helpful than I ever imagined and has a full range of healing effects, including mitochondria repair and the repair of vascular damage. It is also a potent agent in cancer treatment. This machine, shown above, is an intense hyperthermal medical device and a fierce photon machine. A ‘Light Engine’ with deep penetrating power because the carrier wave is infrared.

So if you want something super strong, thirty-four hundred of your investment will go to the company that makes this super-intensive infrared photon device called The Cocoon. And that will include support from Mark Givert, the genius creator of this phenomenal infrared device. You can even rent it for two months.

CO2 Medicine

men using bodystream carbon dioxide bath image

Two thousand of your investment could be with intensive CO2 treatments. This suit offers potentially life-saving medical power. Dr. Lewis Coleman, 75, Anesthesiologist, said, “Research has led me to believe that carbon dioxide offers the most potent, practical, safe medical treatments ever discovered.”

The suits pictured above would be the most intense opportunity to enjoy the power of pH medicine. This is cutting-edge medicine and the subject of Medical Miracles with Bicarbonate, which will be the third edition of my Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment bicarbonate book.

Breathing retraining and education is one of the most essential treatments though the cost is almost zero. Choose two out of the three breathing retraining devices shown above. And you will take a breathing course from Anders Olsson, who co-developed the Bodystream CO2 suit—just part of the package.

image example

And for comfort, warmth, pain reduction, and, importantly, core body temperature and immune system support, one must select an infrared mattress to sleep on. There are many types and prices to choose from.


The Natural Allopathic system of medicine is easy to learn and practice at home. One can establish an intensive treatment center at home and become more independent from mainstream medical care. That is precisely what I teach when I consult with people worldwide. I teach how to set up ICU-level intensive home treatments using only safe, natural agents that, when used correctly, become high-powered medicines. I also suggest what medical devices to purchase and what priorities to make.

Regarding cancer, we have a disaster in the making now that billions of people have changed their genetic makeup thanks to Covid vaccines and our trustworthy and honest medical system. There is little hope against the scourge of “Turbo” cancer driven by these vaccines designed in hell; vaccine-driven cancer usually takes people’s lives quickly. We can help such patients, even prolong their lives, but no one has found a way of curing someone whose genetic makeup was redesigned to make spike protein toxins inside their cells.

Special Note: If one is reasonably healthy, one stands a much better chance of conquering cancer. The treatment focuses on doing everything possible with the best tools and medicines (natural) to promote health. I also want to say this entire intensive care setup will double as an anti-aging clinic with some of the best things money can buy in medicine. After all, every treatment under the sun has to push back on disease and turn us into a healthier state of being. It’s nice if it makes us look and feel younger. That is the proper measurement of successful treatment.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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