Putting Sodium Bicarbonate on the Radar Screens of Chlorine Dioxide Users

Published on May 28, 2022

I have written that we desperately need a new approach to medicine. My new book Forbidden Cures will deliver the goods. Humanity deserves better than how it is treated by modern medicine. Much better, but mainstream medicine treats us worse than ever since it decided to champion genetic injections and reject safe inexpensive medical approaches for COVID.

This chapter is primarily directed to a specific community of people already familiar with the use of chlorine dioxide. For those who are not familiar simply stated chlorine dioxide is a wonder drug, thought of by millions of users and thousands of doctors as a magical miracle substance because it is.

NASA knew back in 1988 how good chlorine dioxide is and called it the ‘Universal Antidote.‘ So the work of my new book is to take this miracle medicine and raise it to a height that will make it more helpful than ever before. We will combine chlorine dioxide into a protocol with other equally powerful medicines.

Some senseless sites deny what NASA said. Just go to the link above and read NASA’s pdf. The FDA is the prime organization in denial of chlorine dioxide and all safe, helpful medicines for the treatment of COVID. They are all for subjecting entire populations to experimental genetic vaccines, whether you like it or not, turning the world into one giant concentration camp.

According to a reliable person in the chlorine dioxide community, intelligence organizations used chlorine dioxide in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They developed chlorine dioxide products for purification and long-term storage for space flight and extended expeditions with no refrigeration. In addition, chlorine dioxide was used multiple times to cure various diseases when operatives were out in the field.

Chlorine dioxide is the perfect biocide recognized worldwide as the best water purification agent available. It is so good that medical and health authorities need to be against it because really it is too good. The only problem with it is that there are other ‘almost’ equally powerful and good medicines that the chlorine dioxide community have ignored for too long.

Chlorine dioxide could be thought of as the superman of medicine, but it cannot do everything. It does not address nutritional deficiencies because it is not food. As of late I have been communicating intensely about integrating sodium, potassium and magnesium bicarbonates directly into the protocols of MMS and CDS (the main forms of chlorine dioxide) as a highly recommended requirement.

Bicarbonates are food, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is legally sold in supermarkets—consumption of bicarbonate addresses common nutritional deficiencies of CO2 and bicarbonates in the blood and body tissues. There is a long line of reasons why bicarbonates are important but the issue at hand is to integrate the use of bicarbonates with chlorine dioxide as equal or near equal necessities.

My experience with some chlorine dioxide users, especially when you look to some of the leaders of the community of users, is a resistance to acknowledge that anything could be as important, needed and necessary as chlorine dioxide. There is a strong bias that is more cultish, religious than applied medical logic.

There are just certain healing substances that stand out that address common desperate needs of the body. Magnesium, iodine, selenium, sulfur and bicarbonates address needs that chlorine dioxide cannot. In Forbidden Cures we will focus on the integration of chlorine dioxide with these heavy hitting nutritional medicines that we will use in concentrated form.

There will come a point in everyone’s life where only intuition can
make the leap ahead, without ever knowing precisely how. One
can never know why, but one must accept intuition as a fact.
Albert Einstein

I am what could be considered a medical intuitive. I feel my way through things not just think. Einstein himself said, “I think with intuition.” So strong is the intuition about integrating bicarbonates with chlorine dioxide that I would say at least 90 percent of chlorine dioxide users should be taking at least some bicarbonate everyday.

I think with intuition. The basis of true thinking is intuition. Indeed, it is
not intellect, but intuition, which advances humanity. Intuition tells
a man his purpose in life. One never goes wrong following his feelings.
I don’t mean emotions, I mean feelings, for feelings and intuition are one.
Albert Einstein

My specific purpose is to advance medicine, which is a grand endeavor. However, it is not just intuition. Backing my strong recommendation is over a century of science and clinical experience so I do find it strange (pathetic) when people stand against the use of bicarbonates just as I do when people (my publisher) and medical authorities stand against chlorine dioxide. I do have compassion though for there was a day (12 years ago) when I stood against MMS which can be described as a chemical form of chlorine dioxide. CDS is pure chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in water.

Forbidden Cures is a descriptive title in that any protocol or system of medicine that incorporates chlorine dioxide is strictly forbidden. Well not strictly, dentists can use it to address problems in their patients mouths. Public water systems and agriculture can use it and even burn units can and should use it. It can legally be used by campers to purify their water but if you swallow just say I was only drinking water that was purified by chlorine dioxide. Then they cannot send their Swatt teams and arrest you for treating your disease with it.

Chlorine Dioxide Teams Up With Bicarbonates

There is a vast online community of chlorine dioxide users who intimately know and use this biocide that will be necessary as antibiotics fail us. It is mainly promoted with the use of DMSO, which is a sulfur-based solvent. DMSO is a beautiful helpmate to Chlorine Dioxide, and sulfur, in general, is an essential nutritional, medical agent that helps drive chlorine dioxide deeper into tissues.

But even more aligned with the purpose, function, and modus operandi of chlorine dioxide is sodium bicarbonate. This is because sodium bicarbonate and chlorine dioxide will work in harmony to multiply the effect of each other. (Potassium and magnesium bicarbonates too.)

“I felt great replacing one of my middle doses of chlorine dioxide
with the baking soda. And a baking soda dose an hour
before my CDS protocol, and a baking soda dose after.”
Member of Universal Antidote Videos Chat

Modus operandi is a Latin phrase that translated means “operational method.” We know that chlorine dioxide has several distinct operational methods. The first is its internal navigational system that directs CLO2 to acidic regions to drop its oxygen and CL ion payloads. Cl ions will rip apart the cell walls of viruses, bacteria, and fungus by stealing their electrons. And the abundance of released oxygen (with its independence from red blood cell transport) delivers precisely what we would expect from abundant oxygen delivered to acidic, low oxygen cells

Chlorine dioxide and sodium bicarbonate will attack and overwhelm cancer cells
and tumors by radically shifting pH and by
intense bombardments of oxygen.

Under clinical conditions, low oxygen and low carbon dioxide generally occur together. They are like the ultimate Yin Yang pair needing to be in balance. The problem is that chlorine dioxide will not increase low CO2 levels, and it does not have to because we can use bicarbonates to increase CO2 and thus oxygen. Therefore, supplying oxygen with chlorine dioxide and releasing oxygen by increasing CO2 through bicarbonates is synergistic.

Healthy people have more bicarbonate/C02 in the blood mostly because they breathe slower and thus retain more CO2. And because they exercise meaning, they create a lot of CO2 that is healthy for the body. CO2 makes oxygen safe. Oxygen without CO2 is deadly so oxygen tanks in hospitals always have CO2 added. Sodium bicarbonate in your body increases your oxygen levels by allowing more oxygen to be carried by the fluids. A body with a pH of 7.0 (healthy) will take ten times more oxygen to your cells than a body with a pH of 6.0.

If sodium bicarbonate is indeed capable of inactivating toxins and promoting their urinary excretion, all without inactivating CDS, then this would mean that taking MMS/CDS without sodium bicarbonate is terrible. It should be spoken about
in every group. It’s incredibly important that people understand this.
Member of Universal Antidote Videos Chat

Because sodium bicarbonate is indeed capable of inactivating toxins and promoting their urinary excretion, all without inactivating chlorine dioxide (unless they are mixed and ingested at the exact moment), it means that it would be a bad idea (especially for people carrying high toxic burdens) to use chlorine dioxide alone without the helping hand of bicarbonates.

The world’s oceans can be thought of as a dilute solution of
sodium bicarbonate (together with other acid-base species
at still lower concentrations) in a saltwater background.

COMUSAV’s  (an organization of 6,000 doctors in Mexico and points south) believe seawater enhances chlorine dioxide, so they recommend a 15-minute separation between seawater and chlorine dioxide administration. Andreas Kalcker points out that seawater has a low concentration of bicarbonates compared to baking soda, and that is true.

“I guess no harm is done if we mention sodium bicarbonate
since it helped me a lot. And may also help others.”
Member of Universal Antidote Videos Chat

Someone from COMUSAV wrote to me, “Andreas spoke about bicarbonate last night in the video chat and said only in specific circumstances would it be useful. It doesn’t give energy.” In reality, those specific circumstances are ordinary. I just looked up in his book what he had to say about acidity, and I see the mistake he makes in his thinking. He says, “acidity is usually temporary,” when with most people, as they age and fall into a chronic disease, it’s pretty permanent and not easily reversed unless one uses bicarbonates.

“In my house, we love baking soda. Melted a tumor off
my dog’s head with baking soda and DMSO AND
CANCER SPOT off my sister’s face with baking soda.”
Member of Universal Antidote Videos Chat

Magnesium Bicarbonate Testimony

Curious Outlier said, “I recently started taking magnesium bicarbonate. I make a concentrate using carbonated water and magnesium hydroxide. Two days ago, I accidentally took a full cup of the concentrate without diluting it. After I realized what I had done, I quickly drank a couple more cups of water.”

“For the rest of the day, I had a really interesting sense of well-being. Also, something interesting happened. I am 50 years old, and for about the last ten years, I really don’t get hungry like I did when I was young. Later in the afternoon on that day, I had this feeling like I did when I was young, and I would get hungry, and I just had to eat a really large meal. I also felt invigorated and full of energy. The feeling was subtle, but it was a real feeling.”

Want To Speed Up Absorption of Baking Soda?

Lemon instantly turns the bicarbonate into CO2 in the glass, so you don’t have to depend on stomach acid. Lemon is good on its own, and though acidic, they say in the end that it has an alkalizing effect. It is just like using HCL to activate sodium chlorite before mixing water and drinking. When you preactivate sodium bicarbonate with lemon and turn it into a gas one would speed up its absorption through the stomach so it would interfere even less with chlorine dioxide doses.

Part Two Coming Soon

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