The Frontier of Medicine – Combining Chlorine Dioxide with Bicarbonates

Published on April 11, 2022

One of the most significant challenges of my medical career has been the work of integrating chlorine dioxide into my Natural Allopathic protocol. During this process, my wife said that I should not consider my work a protocol anymore but a system of medicine and that chlorine dioxide belongs in it.

Part of the difficulty is that chlorine dioxide has been violently rejected by the FDA, so doctors would lose their licenses if they prescribed it. But that has not stopped an army of people from using it to great effect. Ît is as safe as apple pie, but the mainstream would instead have you roll up your sleeve and take extremely dangerous experimental genetic injections.

Though it has been used for water purification for decades, heavily used by the agricultural sector, a non-medical person discovered that it could easily wipe out malaria in one day of administration if taken internally. Jim Humble was the man, and he made it his business to explore and expose millions to the use of this simple biocide that is famous for taking out viruses, bacteria, and fungus in any water it is put into. Campers know this. Dentists know this. The Chinese and American governments do not want to know this, but you do, especially if you suffer from COVID vaccine injuries.

I invite everyone to join me on a medical adventure to utilize the most basic universal medicines in combination to treat disease. It is an approach so fundamental that it applies to everyone, no matter their medical situation. It’s a medical approach where you can do no wrong—harm no one. Its focus is to treat the common aspects of almost every disease category. Guaranteed, the FDA and pharmaceutical companies will hate it.

Hydrogen, Bicarbonates, Chlorine
Dioxide and Magnesium Protocol

Fortunately, the proposed protocol’s inner core is affordable to almost everyone. Chlorine dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium are extraordinarily inexpensive. Hydrogen inhalation is not, but I include it because I am using it myself to great effect. Considering that the average family health insurance premiums in the US have more than tripled since the “affordable” care act was signed into law, even with a hydrogen inhalation device, the cost of adequate care with the full Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol is inexpensive by comparison. However, even without hydrogen, we still have the most potent, safe, and effective combination of medicines without equal in the world of medicine. Add iodine and selenium and slow your breathing down, and you will run circles around anything a card-carrying medical doctor can do, or more appropriately said, what they are allowed to do.

This chapter will focus on the essential inner core, bicarbonates, and chlorine dioxide. However, we should ALWAYS include magnesium and, if possible, what I call the Ultimate Mitochondrial Cocktail, which is magnesium bicarbonate.

Starting With Cancer

Dr. Thomas Hesselink believes that  Chlorine Dioxide is one of the best possible treatments for cancer. However, he says that if you also administer sodium bicarbonate and take Chlorine Dioxide, the Chlorine Dioxide will be able to selectively seek out cancer cells more easily and react to them more strongly. This is because cancer cells secrete high levels of lactic acid. Chlorine dioxide is like a school of sharks but is attracted to acid instead of blood.

When a patient consumes the Chlorine Dioxide in their body with a relatively high pH, the Chlorine Dioxide will react less with healthy human cells (because it is needed less by them) but will reserve its concentration to attack cancer cells. The acids surrounding cancer cells activate the chlorine dioxide producing more potent oxidants that work against cancer cells’ survival.

It seems that bicarbonate makes cancer cells stand out more. Indeed, we know that bicarbonates make cancer cells more vulnerable because it forces them to turn back on their circadian rhythms, so they cannot eat 24/7 like they enjoy doing. In addition, bicarbonates weaken their expansive tendencies because cancer proliferates when surrounded by more hypoxic acid conditions. Sodium bicarbonate is a Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment because it addresses the fundamental reason people get cancer. The science and medical logic behind bicarbonates to treat cancer is solid.

It seems reasonable to conclude that bicarbonates and chlorine dioxide are an ideal basic protocol, a new form of chemotherapy without side effects. Symbiotic medicines that work side by side and are safe enough to give to babies who are unfortunate to have cancer.

Chlorine dioxide is a big gun. I call it the Tiger Tank of Modern Medicine, so it’s the first line of attack. It has a short life in the body. It is like a kamikaze using itself to bring as much oxygen as fast as it can to flood the body’s acidic tissues.

Bicarbonates go after the acidity with less virulence and are a more long-acting and less intense intervention. There seems to be little doubt that bicarbonate has a synergistic relationship with chlorine dioxide. Each assists the other like adding nitrous to your gas; they boost each other’s power. In addition, sodium bicarbonate increases the body’s alkalinity, thus preventing CLO2 from reacting too early (before it can reach tumor sites).

Practical Dosing Combination

“I got to tell you, Dr. Sircus, starting the day with baking soda and water is excellent. Following it with the CDS (chlorine dioxide as a gas dissolved in water)  protocol, with a baking soda dose in the middle…is outstanding. Both of them alone are OK, but when alternated, they really gave me a ton of energy and cleared out my sinus infection like each of them alone did not do. Also, my bladder had a calm feeling instead of the usual mild acidy tingle.”

I took “1 tsp Baking soda an hour after my morning coffee.

I started the CDS protocol with “1.5 mL CDS in 100mL of water” for 3 hours a half-hour later.

An hour after that, I took another baking soda dose.

After a half-hour, I again took “1.5 mL CDS in 100mL of water” for two hours.

Then a baking soda dose before bed.

Bicarbonate Chemistry Alkalizes Chlorine Dioxide

One researcher wrote, saying, “I used three activated drops with 4 oz (120ml) of water. Next, I add a pinch of Baking Soda to increase the pH to about 7+. Please note that a pinch of Baking Soda will lower the Chlorine Dioxide ppm. However, the ppm will still be enough to disinfect with great results. I have measured the ppm loss.”

“When I activate three drops of Sodium Chlorite (22.4% solution) with three drops of Hydrochloric Acid (4% solution), I end up with 50 ppm of Chlorine Dioxide in 4 oz of distilled water. Now, when I add a pinch of Baking Soda to the same 4 oz solution, it reduces the ppm by 1/2 (25 ppm).”

“This is ideal for those looking for a Chlorine Dioxide mouthwash without the acidic pH (to protect enamel). That pinch of Baking Soda raises the pH to about 7.5 while maintaining about 25 ppm of Chlorine Dioxide gas. As stated above, that is more than enough to disinfect the mouth with excellent results.” However, another researcher reported measuring only a 25 percent drop in concentration.

“The top photo shows my Chlorine Dioxide test strips. The one on the left measured 50 ppm (no Baking Soda), and the one on the right measured 25 ppm (with Baking Soda)

The one on the left measured about 4.5 (no Baking Soda), and the one on the right measured about 7.5 ( with a Baking Soda).”

Why Is Bicarbonate So Important?

Research published recently in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found that having balanced bicarbonate levels in your body reduces the chances of early death. The study examined data compiled in the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study for 2,287 participants.

Study author Dr. Kalani Raphael, associate professor and nephrology and hypertension specialist at the University of Utah, and colleagues investigated pH, carbon dioxide, and bicarbonate associated with long-term survival. According to the University of Utah, “Critically ill patients with severe acid-base abnormalities have a very low likelihood of surviving their illness.”

Dr. Raphael found that low bicarbonate levels are linked to an increased risk of premature death by 24 percent. “What we found was that generally healthy older people with low levels of bicarbonate had a higher risk of death,” Raphael said. The study’s findings assist clinicians in better assessing patients’ risk of premature death by analyzing their blood bicarbonate concentrations more closely, something doctors never do. What he is saying is that the secret to health lies with sufficient bicarbonate levels. Older adults with low levels of bicarbonate in their blood are putting themselves at risk of premature death. Bicarbonate deficiencies increase as we age. Addressing those deficiencies with the three types of bicarbonates ensures we live a healthier and longer life.

Bottom line. Bicarbonates are miracle medicines, and just because baking soda is dirt cheap, do not overlook this in your anti-aging protocol. The practice of pH Medicine, which gives us a handle on CO2 levels in the blood and thus oxygen levels, is handled best using bicarbonates.

These are the bicarbonate products I use.

I much prefer the pH Adjust because it does not have calcium and has sodium bicarbonate in addition to potassium bicarbonate and magnesium. With the Tri-Salts, I add a small package of sodium bicarbonate to balance the formula out. One, of course, can use ordinary baking soda, but alone it is too salty for my taste.

One of the best options is magnesium bicarbonate. Magnesium bicarbonate is a complex hydrated salt that exists only in water under specific conditions. The magnesium ion is Mg2+, and the bicarbonate ion is HCO3-2. So, magnesium bicarbonate must have two bicarbonate ions: Mg (HCO3)2. It is incredible, and the veterinarian, Dr. Russell Beckett, who discovered it coming out of the ground on his farm, observed his cows’ life expectancy was increased by a whopping 30 to 50% after drinking Magnesium Bicarbonate water.

One can make magnesium bicarbonate oneself by combining magnesium hydroxide with carbonated water.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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