The Tiger Tank Of Modern Medicine

Published on February 25, 2022

The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. In 1988 NASA declared chlorine dioxide ‘A Universal Antidote,’ saying it was “able to destroy mold and fungus, as well as bacteria and viruses, with minimal harm to humans, animals, or plants.” Though approved by U.S. regulatory agencies, it was not thought of for internal use in people. Now, not only is it still not approved for medical use, the FDA will huff and puff and blow your house down and send you to jail if you dare sell chlorine dioxide as a medicine for the treatment of disease.

Our immune systems do not care at all for what the FDA thinks. Chlorine Dioxide is a highly effective weapon that the immune system welcomes enthusiastically. It’s a weapon for health and a medical tool that has no equal in the world of modern medicine. It is a savior medicine when dealing with hospital antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA. But the FDA would rather you die than use chlorine dioxide to clear your body of lethal pathogens. It would so much hurt the bottom line of pharmaceutical companies that it just cannot be allowed.

In the alternative world, there are other power weapons like hydrogen/oxygen gas, magnesium chloride, iodine, the proper form of selenium, glutathione, bicarbonates, breathing retraining, and EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), which are all strong and can complement and assist chlorine dioxide in our quest for total health.

It is hard to dispute; once you get to know chlorine dioxide like millions already do, that it is the Tiger Tank of medicine, the point of the spear, an essential treatment that the FDA will never accept. It really is too good to be true, but it is true, as campers and water treatment systems have known for decades.

Chlorine dioxide empowers the immune system giving it a massive assist in its battle against pathogens and diseases. Though it is not the only oxygen therapy that can and should be employed, it is best if near-instant results are required, which is crucial if you come down with a COVID and suffer from a severe drop in oxygen.  

There are many clinical strategies for using increased oxygen to destroy pathogens. Germs are not comfortable in the presence of too much oxygen. They become “oxidized,” meaning that electrons are pulled from the walls of viruses or bacteria in the presence of excessive oxygen.

Iodine also destroys all categories of pathogens and is required by all the body cells because it is responsible for metabolism. It should be taken with chlorine dioxide because it is usually deficient in modern man. However, iodine has to be taken in extremely high dosages to kill the worst pathogens and still will not do the job of chlorine dioxide.

Sodium bicarbonate is instant acting like chlorine dioxide and will increase oxygen delivery to the cells as it increases cell voltage. But it will not go for the killer punch against pathogens like chlorine dioxide.

If one has a heart attack or other serious heart problems, magnesium would take the place of chlorine dioxide and become the lead medicinal to administer. In ICU and emergency departments, it is either injected or given intravenously. These are some of the best natural medicines. Though chlorine dioxide is not entirely natural, it has lower toxicity than aspirin.

We saw how it is the ultimate help-mate to chlorine dioxide in the chapter on viral and vaccine-induced myocarditis and how it deals with blood clots caused by spike proteins from COVID injections and infections. Though chlorine dioxide is easy to use, as campers know, it should be thoroughly studied. For instance, it is best not to take other supplements when one administers chlorine dioxide using a two-hour buffer, so medicines do not counteract each other.    

Chlorine dioxide is a perfect water medicine but cannot be taken all the time. Therefore, employing the second most ideal water medicine, magnesium bicarbonate, makes perfect sense when not administering chlorine dioxide. This is an extraordinary form of magnesium, and the bicarbonates act as an efficient co-factor making this the ultimate mitochondrial medicine. Furthermore, chlorine dioxide is no slouch when it comes to stimulating the mitochondria making this a prescription for rapid mitochondrial recovery, which is especially important for cancer patients.


Pure oxygen is dangerous and will kill living cells just as quickly as pathogens or cancer cells. Pure oxygen is too aggressive to be used in medicine, and that is why CO2 is always added to oxygen tanks to make oxygen safer to use. Hydrogen gas (H2) also makes oxygen safer to use and adds healing power to the mixture of oxygen and CO2. In my book Hydrogen Medicine, I explore the profound healing and anti-aging effects achieved when one combines hydrogen with oxygen and CO2, the primary gasses of life.

However, the human race needs an inexpensive oxygenating agent that kills pathogens specifically while not harming normal human cells. Chlorine dioxide is that agent and works uniquely different from other oxygen therapies. Chlorine dioxide molecule oxidizes with the two oxygen atoms released and sucks out FIVE (5) electrons from pathogens using the CHLORINE ATOM.

There’s a HUGE difference between chlorine (CL2) and the disassociated chlorine ion. There is no chlorine in chlorine dioxide but don’t bother telling the FDA that they don’t want to know.

Each ClO2 gas molecule is self-sacrificing. It is used up after one or two killings. Unlike drug store pills where you expect a chemical or drug to compromise a hundred things before being used up, this ClO2 gas gets used up rather quickly in a clean burn that enhances recovery from disease.

As the chlorine dioxide gas is released in the stomach, red blood cells pick up a considerable amount of it. So they are the first cells to benefit from chlorine dioxide. However, the blood carries the gas to the entire body. The gas has no attraction to normal body cells.

Chlorine dioxide is “hungry” to find any object with electrons to give up. That is its magic. Upon coming near any virus or pathogen, it snaps into contact with the germ ripping four or five electrons from the wall of the pathogen by way of magnetic force. The internal parts of the pathogen fall apart unprotected by their normally resistant outer shell. Chlorine dioxide treatments cause site-specific capsid protein backbone cleavage that inhibits viral genome injection into the host cell


To watch a free documentary about this revolutionary
substance (Chlorine Dioxide), and download a free beginner
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Pharmaceutical companies have a stranglehold on modern medicine. They discourage or act aggressively against all-natural medication and what they can do. This is true even with natural treatments used in emergency rooms and ICU, where magnesium, bicarbonate, and iodine are routinely used.

In the age of COVID vaccines, aggressiveness has even been directed against pharmaceutical medicines like Ivermectin and early treatment protocols proposed by many fine doctors to keep patients away from the terrible/deadly treatment COVID infected patients receive in hospitals.

The world would be a better and safer place without the FDA, which is just a front organization for pharmaceutical companies. The FDA lost all integrity and the trust of clear-thinking people when they approved experimental genetic injections. And they prove themselves to be against the health of the human race when they reject chlorine dioxide, which is already in wide use by several industries because it works as advertised to clear the body of all pathogens that are clogging up the works of our physiology. What chlorine dioxide legally (with FDA approval) does to water treated with it—it does to the human system when taken orally or transdermally.

Chlorine dioxide can be made inexpensively at home or can be purchased in the more purified CDS form.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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