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The Universal Antidote – Chlorine Dioxide Saftey

Published on September 18, 2023

Chlorine dioxide, a strong oxidant, can inhibit or destroy microbes. Studies have investigated the application of chlorine dioxide in numerous fields, such as water or wastewater treatment, environment and food disinfection, and medicine. As early as 1988, NASA recognized its usefulness and safety and called it the Universal Antidote. The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. The CDC approves it for water treatment for camping in the wilderness, and it has been used as such for decades.

The antimicrobial activity was more than 98.2% reduction when UC-1 concentrations were 5 and 20 ppm for bacteria and fungi, respectively. The half maximal inhibitory concentrations (IC50) of H1N1, influenza virus B/TW/71718/04, and EV71 were 84.65 ± 0.64, 95.91 ± 11.61, and 46.39 ± 1.97 ppm, respectively. A 3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) test revealed that the cell viability of mouse lung fibroblast L929 cells was 93.7% at a 200 ppm UC-1 concentration that is over that anticipated in routine use. Moreover, 50 ppm UC-1 showed no significant symptoms in a rabbit ocular irritation test. In an inhalation toxicity test, treatment with 20 ppm UC-1 for 24 h showed no abnormality, no mortality in clinical symptoms, and normal lung and other organs functioning. A ClO2 concentration of up to 40 ppm in drinking water showed no toxicity in a subchronic oral toxicity test. Herein, UC-1 showed favorable disinfection activity and a higher safety profile tendency than in previous reports.

Unlike chlorine, which is highly reactive and corrosive, chlorine dioxide is a safe, environmentally friendly disinfectant agent. Chlorine dioxide is used in many public drinking water systems to purify the water of fungi, viruses, and nasty bacteria while deodorizing it. Chlorine dioxide is also renowned for its ability to quickly penetrate, remove, and prevent biofilm (plaque). Plaque is the starting point of common dental issues like gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. With 75% of adults displaying signs of gingivitis, using a mouthwash with chlorine dioxide is a simple way to keep plaque and tartar buildup under control.

Though widely used as a mouthwash by dentists, they say there’s no need to worry if one swallows chlorine dioxide. Remember – chlorine dioxide is safe, non-toxic, and used as a purifier in many municipal water systems.

When SARS-CoV-2 viruses were treated with 0.8 ppm ClO2 or sodium hypochlorite, viral titers were decreased only by 1 log10 TCID50/mL in 3 min. However, the viral titer was reduced by more than 4 log10 TCID50/mL when treated with 80 ppm.

There is a lot of information regarding chlorine dioxide these days. There is as much valid information out there as there is invalid misinformation. Some say it is harmful and can cause death if ingested. And some claim the opposite—stating that it can cure all sorts of diseases.

Can chlorine dioxide be harmful and cause death if ingested? The short answer is yes. But you’d also have to ask if water is dangerous and can cause death. And the fact is that, yes, you can die from drinking too much water. The critical phrase is too much. And in fact, this is the basis of modern medical philosophy that is 400 years old. It’s called the dose that makes the poison. Medicine defines everything as a poison, even water, because you can drown in it. But is it really a poison?

chlorine dioxide chart

Chlorine dioxide is used worldwide in water treatment facilities. Adding to drinking water helps destroy bacteria, viruses, and other parasites that make people sick. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a maximum concentration of chlorine dioxide to be no greater than 0.8 parts per million (ppm) when treating water for drinking. A ClO2 concentration of up to 40 ppm in drinking water showed no toxicity in a subchronic oral toxicity test.[i]

Chlorine dioxide can be rapidly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Peak blood concentration levels can be reached within 1 h after a single oral dose. It can also be slowly absorbed through shaved skin with a half absorption time of 22 h. The CDS form would probably be a lot faster.

Chlorine dioxide has many uses in Industrial and manufacturing facilities. Including food and beverage production as an antimicrobial agent in water, poultry, and for washing fruits and vegetables, as stated by the Food and Drug Administration. (FDA)

Chlorine dioxide has many medical applications, including a sterilization agent for medical and laboratory equipment, surfaces, rooms, and tools.

There is no doubt that chlorine dioxide works and there is no doubt that it can be used safely if used correctly. At 0.8 parts per million, you have the government’s blessing, so drink away. Dentists will legally pour it into your oral cavity at much higher concentrations for many good and healthy reasons, but they will not encourage their patients to swallow but will not freak out if they do.

I was against its oral use for ten years, but that changed when I got Covid. Nothing could pull me out of it, not even Ivermectin. I threw the kitchen sink at it and suffered for 11 days like a truly sick dog. On day 11, a famous actor stopped by my house and gave me a bottle. I remember clearly taking my first dose. I was afraid, so I took a little sip and said, Hmm, tastes like lemon water. I took ten doses that first day. The next morning, I ran into my wife’s bedroom, jumped up and down, and said, “I’m back.”

I conferred with many of my professional peers, some of whom have been taking it for many years at much higher doses than I used to get rid of my COVID-19 infection. Eventually, I experimented at much higher doses. And yes, it burned the back of my throat a little, so I dropped to a more appropriate amount. Presently, I am participating in an online group of 40,000 people who have taken it orally at what the government would deem unsafe dosages. And not one dropped dead. Topically, it does miracles for severe burns.

If I were to judge, I would say chlorine dioxide is a thousand times safer than regular aspirin and 100,000 times safer than Tylenol. Tylenol sends more people to the hospital than any other drug. Acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause of calls to Poison Control Centers (>100,000/year) and accounts for more than 56,000 emergency room visits, 2,600 hospitalizations, and an estimated 458 deaths due to acute liver failure each year in the United States alone.

When I wrote against chlorine dioxide all those years ago, I established one death report, but all these years later, I have never seen one more death report. But by doing a Google search, you will find references to two deaths.

So, to recap, according to the CDC, chlorine dioxide is added to drinking water to protect people from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. EPA recognizes chlorine dioxide used as a drinking water disinfectant. It is included in the WHO’s Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.

water treatment image

However, that god-forsaken organization called the FDA, which has been approving the most dangerous drugs and medical and dental treatments since day one (about 130 years), wants to tell you not to drink chlorine dioxide as a medical treatment. It is illegal in every country except one to treat disease with chlorine dioxide. So, if you are taking it, don’t say that you are doing that unless you live in Bolivia. But you can drink it for non-medical treatments safely and effectively. In my case, a doctor did a live blood scan after nine months of heavy use, and he called everyone in the office to see my blood. He said, “Look, everyone, this guy just turned seventy, and his blood looked like a 15-year-old blood profile.”

I did not use it to treat any disease; I used it for its approved characteristics of cleaning my blood and making my red blood cells look and behave beautifully. For example, dentists can use it legally to treat bad breath because it is not a disease. Making one’s blood picture perfect is not treating a disorder either. Making one’s self healthy is not considered medicine. It falls into the realm of health treatments.

But it comes down to who you trust. If you trust the mainstream narrative of medicine, you will only do what they tell you, even if it kills you. Covid genetic vaccines are turning out to be the most dangerous medical treatment in history. Over 5 billion people ran out, desperate for them, but probably a billion avoided the shots like the plague. The mainstream will shout that you’re mistaken if you are not with them. That you are wrong. But are they always right?

Private Note: My publisher asked, “If chlorine dioxide increases the oxygen-carrying capability of red blood cells, why is there a warning against its use?” Why does the mainstream not embrace magnesium as much as they should? Why do cardiologists allow millions to die because they refuse to recommend it widely? Why do pediatricians give the Hep B vaccine on the first day of life? Why does Western medicine shun natural medicine? Why has Western medicine almost suicided itself and people with their overuse of antibiotics? Why is Tylenol not taken off the market when it sends more people to the emergency room than any other drug? Do you hear the FDA warning about the dangers? No, but you will listen to it about chlorine dioxide, that is for sure.

Special Note: A study revealed that SARS-CoV-2 damages the membranes of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. The virus didn’t affect the cells’ hemoglobin, allowing them to pick up oxygen, but it damaged membrane proteins responsible for blood cell structure. This characteristic enables these cells to regulate red cell capacity to release oxygen indirectly and, most importantly, to squeeze through narrow capillaries in the periphery of the bloodstream.

Chlorine dioxide works on the central damaging aspect of COVID-19 vaccines: coagulation in the blood. “Normally, doctors prescribe an anticoagulant, such as warfarin, a substance equal to rat poison, which, in the long term, will cause strokes, etc. So it’s not a solution at all. However, chlorine dioxide is a solution because we have seen that it directly dissolves mini clots before they get bigger,” says Dr. Andreas Kalcker.

“Oxygen deprivation is the cause of death for most COVID-19 victims. Chlorine dioxide floods the blood with oxygen, immediately enriching the hemoglobin molecules on red blood cells and allowing patients to breathe again,” continues Kalcker.

Notably, many sick and dying have red blood cells clumping together and are not moving freely. Severely clumped red blood cells (Rouleau) affect proper oxygenation because the red blood cells do not circulate well enough to deliver oxygen where needed. Early in the pandemic, New York physicians noted that it seemed COVID patients had been transported to 30,000 feet in altitude and were starving for oxygen. This video shows that the red blood cells regain proper size and shape after taking chlorine dioxide and moving freely through the blood.


Written by Curious Outlier: (Curious Outlier is anonymous. He is a registered nurse and has spent 25+ years in the medical field specializing in critical care.) In my eyes, he is the number one expert on chlorine dioxide and provided the below at my request.

Reason #1

Chlorine Dioxide is safe and cannot harm you when used at therapeutic doses because many studies on the safety and toxicity of Chlorine Dioxide have been carried out. These studies clearly define the safety limits of Chlorine Dioxide. The EPA, WHO, and CDC have documented this in their publications. The No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) is established at 3 mg/kg/day. NOAEL is defined as the cumulative daily dose of a substance that can be given without seeing any adverse effects. Below is a graphic that summarizes the safety and toxicity data.

Here are some quotes from several of the safety and toxicity studies that have been done.

  1. “The absence of physiological complications in response to acute single-dose administration of chlorine dioxide and its byproducts to normal healthy adult males was demonstrated over a wide range of concentrations.” Effects of the acute rising dose administration of chlorine dioxide, chlorate and chlorite to normal healthy adult male volunteers. J R Lubbers et al. J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol. 1984 Jul.
  2. “All three phases of this large controlled and double-blinded clinical evaluation of CLO2 and its potential metabolites in human male volunteer subjects work completed uneventfully. No obvious undesirable clinical sequela was noted by any of the participating subjects or the observing medical team.” Study of chlorine dioxide and its metabolites in man (1981)
  3. “In the subchronic oral toxicity test, 0, 5, 10, 20, and 40 ppm UC-1 was prepared to feed the mice. Clinical observations of the mice showed no abnormality and no mortality after 90 days for the control and test groups”. Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide Solution (2017). Full HTML:

The governmental agency documents listed below provide a thorough review of toxicity data, and all three clearly indicate that the overall “no observed adverse effect level” NOAEL For oral consumption of chlorine dioxide is 3 mg/kg/day.

  1. CDC documentation:
  2. WHO documentation:
  3. EPA documentation (Section 5 Dose-Response Assessments pp 33-37):

Reason #2

Chlorine Dioxide is safe and cannot harm you when used at therapeutic doses because it’s safer than oxygen.

When used in therapeutic amounts (< 3 mg/kg/day), Chlorine Dioxide is safer than supplemental oxygen.

What makes any molecule that contains oxygen potentially harmful is its reduction potential, which is measured in volts (V). The higher the voltage, the greater the capacity to induce oxidative stress and damage to biological systems.

Oxygen has a standard reduction potential (voltage) of 1.3 V (Volts). Chlorine Dioxide in contrast, has a standard reduction potential (voltage) of 0.95 V. This makes the potential for oxygen to cause oxidative damage and/or stress on biological systems higher than that of Chlorine Dioxide.

Antimicrobial strategies centered around reactive oxygen species – bactericidal antibiotics, photodynamic therapy and beyond.

Material Compatibility (table of Standard reduction potentials (voltages) of ROS)

Reason #3

Chlorine Dioxide is safe and cannot harm you because when used in therapeutic amounts (< 3 mg/kg/day), your body rapidly neutralizes it with its sophisticated antioxidant/redox system. However, within moments, chlorine dioxide can easily destroy viruses and bacteria because most of them lack any such antioxidant system.

Antimicrobial strategies centered around reactive oxygen species – bactericidal antibiotics, photodynamic therapy and beyond.

Oxidative Stress: Harms and Benefits for Human Health

Reactive oxygen species, aging and the hormesis police

Hormesis and Oxidative Distress: Pathophysiology of Reactive Oxygen Species and the Open Question of Antioxidant Modulation and Supplementation

Reason #4

Chlorine Dioxide is safe and cannot harm you because just like ozone, which is a approved and accepted medical therapy, it is a therapeutic reactive oxygen species that when used in therapeutic doses (< 3 mg/kg/day) can eliminate diseases that nothing else can. By the way, ozone must be used with greater caution because its standard reduction potential is very high compared to Chlorine Dioxide. The standard reduction potential of ozone is 2.07 V, in contrast to Chlorine Dioxide’s electric potential, which is 0.95 V.

The biological activity of medical ozone in the hormetic range and the role of full expertise professionals

Mechanisms of Action Involved in Ozone Therapy: Is healing induced via mild oxidative stress?

Reason #5

Chlorine Dioxide is safe and cannot harm you because hundreds of thousands of people have used it safely and provided anecdotal reports and testimonies of its powerful effectiveness against many different disease processes.

You can read thousands of testimonials at the two locations listed below.

Location 1:

Location 2:

[i] Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide Solution Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 Mar; 14(3): 329. Published online 2017 Mar 22. doi: 10.3390/ijerph14030329

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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