‘Vaccine-Induced Cancer’ Chlorine Dioxide To The Rescue

Published on February 28, 2022

We now have an inconceivable rise in cancer rates caused by COVID vaccines. Early in 2022, Senator Ron Johnson hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called “Second Opinion.” One of the speakers at this 5-hour recorded event last Monday was attorney Thomas Renz, who in the short time allotted to him, testified that three military medical professionals had become whistleblowers, putting their careers on the line, to expose data contained in the Department of Defense Medical Database, under oath and under penalty of perjury, regarding the explosion of miscarriages which increased by almost 300% in 2021, a nearly 300% increase in cancer, and over a 1000% increase in neurological injuries. Renz stated: “Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed.” (by the COVID-19 vaccines.)

While the “true incidence of cancer post-vaccination is still not clear,” Dr. Roger Hodkinson explained that it “is clear is that there are enough anecdotal reports globally to strongly suggest” that cancers are exhibiting due to the Covid injection.

The coronavirus injection, Dr. Hodkinson surmises, could be pushing the immune system to become less efficient, as it does during the aging process. “So with the vaccination having a profound impact on the vitality of our immune system,” the doctor says, “the deep concern is that some of these cancers that are being reported [after the vaccine] or maybe all of them are due to ‘immune escape’ that the immune system has been basically ‘taken off its watch’ for a period of time.”

The possibility is that after the vaccine, the immune system is weakened, empowering cancer “to proliferate in a way that it would not normally have done.” This entirely plausible scenario “could result in a tsunami of conditions – cancer, and other conditions – that have been brought on specifically and unintentionally by this vaccination program,” Dr. Hodkinson continued.

What can anyone say in the face of the combined weight of cancer, genetic vaccines, and almost omnipresent COVID infections? We need a brigade of solid natural medicines, yet one substance could make all the difference for cancer patients—chlorine dioxide. There are many substances that can help us, but leading the charge up the hill is chlorine dioxide; it is the Tiger Tank of a new medical approach that will be necessary for the age of antibiotic-resistant infections and vaccine-induced cancer.

A first patient with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas has decided, on his own, to refuse chemotherapy but to treat himself with lipoïc acid, hydroxycitrate combined with oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide. As a result, his blood tests and radiological examinations have almost normalized, and the disease is stable at 18 months. Another patient with hormone-resistant metastatic prostate cancer has experienced a sharp drop in PSA level as well as an improved medical condition.

Mayo Clinic Trained Doctor Reports Surge in Cancer

Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas told The Epoch Times that “in January of 2021. They introduced the vaccine and mandated the vaccine for the U.S. military members. And in just the first ten months of that vaccination year, anxiety jumped from 37,000 typically prior to that to 931,791 cases. It was a 2,400 plus percent increase.”

She went on to say that breast cancer was “pretty formulaic,” ranging from 500 to 900 cases for the five years prior to the introduction of the mandatory vaccination. “First 10 months or 2021. They were at 4,068 cases. Again, it was about a 450 percent increase.

“Esophageal cancer in the U.S. military. Very, very minimal. Twenty-five, 26 cases, maybe a bad year is 39 cases. Jumps to 200 plus cases,” Dundas said.

Dr. Ryan Cole

In a video produced by the Idaho state government in March, Dr. Ryan Cole, who runs the most prominent independent testing laboratory in Idaho, said that since the rollout of the vaccines, he had seen a staggering increase in cancers among those who have received the abortion-tainted jabs.

“Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20-times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” reported Cole in the video clip. “I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before.'” Listen to Dr. Cole here.

Cole explained that the COVID-19 vaccines seem to impact the immune system function responsible for combatting the growth of cancer cells and other viruses, referring to the phenomenon as a “reverse HIV response.”

Cole explained that the vaccines cause suppression of a person’s “killer T-cells,” similar to how HIV suppresses a person’s “helper T-cells” and how both types of cells are integral to fighting off cancer cells and other damaging viruses.

In addition to endometrial cancer, Cole reported an “uptick” in melanomas, herpes, shingles, mono, and a “huge uptick” in HPV, which he attributes to the damage done to the immune system by the experimental shots.

Chlorine Dioxide An Essential Cancer Treatment

It is essential to stay hydrated, breathe normally, stay warm, eat well and exercise when possible; basics critical to any successful cancer treatment. In terms of mineral medicines, I would include bicarbonates, magnesium, selenium, sulfur, and selenium. But now, for reasons we will see directly below, not only do we need to add chlorine dioxide to this group, we need to let it lead the charge. 

Chlorine Dioxide targets cancer cells like a magnet because of the lactic acid at the cancer site. Once the Chlorine Dioxide comes into contact with lactic acid, it releases oxygen directly where it is needed the most. Cancer cells are known to produce excessive amounts of lactic acid. This is because cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria, which prevents their use of the citric acid [Krebs] cycle. Consequently, pyruvic acid, the product of glycolysis, which normally would enter the mitochondria for its total combustion into energy, is instead converted to lactic acid.

It is reported that cancer cells can produce 40 times more lactic acid than normal cells. As a result, their metabolism is dirty and poisons the cells around them with increasing acidity.

Special Note: I will soon be introducing a new cancer therapy, the combination of chlorine dioxide and sodium bicarbonate, which could be potassium bicarbonate, but best yet would be magnesium bicarbonate. When you are not taking chlorine dioxide, you are taking bicarbonates. They are not antagonists; they do not cancel each other but reinforce each other’s actions. Coming from two different paradigms of physiology, they arrive together to increase oxygen, increase cell voltage, neutralize acid conditions and deliver knockout blows to cancer cells.

Acid Bodies Acid Cancer

Cancer involves an interaction between rogue cells and surrounding tissue. This is the clear message of Dr. Mina Bissell. The health or sickness of surrounding cells and the surrounding extracellular matrix interact to shape cancer cell behaviors such as polarity, migration, and proliferation.

Cancer cells routinely form in most people’s bodies in areas of low voltage, low oxygen, and acidic pH. Bottom line: the more acid conditions prevail, the more aggressive the cancer. Hypoxia and extracellular acidity are deeply associated with the cellular microenvironment and the spread of cancer. 

The cells cannot detoxify themselves without sufficient oxygen, so acids build up. Without enough oxygen, the cells turn to fermentation as an alternate source of energy for survival, and this builds up acidity through the creation of lactic acid. Without enough oxygen, cells turn cancerous, or they die.

There are other ways to ram oxygen down our mitochondria’s throats. However, one of the best and least expensive ways is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide” is a substance that provides oxygen to tissues and all body fluids, activating the mitochondria of cells, which in turn generate more energy that allows the body to recover.

Dr. Andreas Klacher says, “Many debilitating secondary infections with their toxins will be neutralized, thus relieving the liver and kidneys. In addition, there is much more oxygen and thus much more energy in the body. Chlorine dioxide thus provides more quality of life and lifetime in the short term.”

Testimony of Breast Cancer treated with topical and ingested CDS. The person took 15 ml of CDS in a liter of water in 10 daily doses for one month. And she applied pure CDS pads topically in the morning and at night. In the images, you can see the evolution of results.

Chlorine dioxide possesses anticancer and antiviral activities, probably due to its inducing activity of ROS production. Chlorine dioxide exhibited significant cytotoxicity against two breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7, MDA-MB-231) and three colorectal cancer cell lines (LoVo, HCT-116, SW-480). This cytotoxicity appeared to be associated with the capacity of chlorine dioxide to induce the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS).[i]

There is a patent for injecting chlorine dioxide into the cancerous tumor at once and often several times for treatment. The chlorine dioxide is injected directly into the cancerous tumor, and the resulting tumor is effectively eliminated from the patient during one to several days to a few weeks. Sometimes the cancer is destroyed in several days and does not reoccur.[ii]


This is only an introduction to how chlorine dioxide can help cancer patients. The subject of oxygen and cancer is profound, which we will get into in other chapters. One of the most extraordinary things about chlorine dioxide is that the trillions of molecules released into the bloodstream, directly through the stomach, are like vast schools of sharks homing in on blood but in the case of chlorine dioxide, it is homing in on areas of acidity.

It should always be remembered that areas of acidity are areas of hypoxia, of low oxygen. The cells caught up in such areas also would have low cellular energy lowered mitochondrial activity because, in physics, pH is a measurement of cell voltage.

Because this essay focused on COVID vaccine-induced cancer, doctors and patients need to pay attention to the total mess the rushed, unsafe, not thoroughly tested genetic injections do to the blood. Chlorine dioxide will do double duty addressing blood clots as it runs to cancer sites to neutralize cancer-related acid and low oxygen conditions.

Chlorine dioxide can be made inexpensively at home or can be purchased in the more purified CDS form.






Special Note: It is difficult to track the exact physiological mechanisms of how COVID vaccines lead to cancer besides their devastation to the blood and how they compromise the immune system. Complex interactions between brain and heart, including damage from gut dysbiosis immune and systematic inflammatory responses, may trigger pronounced catecholamine surges.

[i] Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry. Volume 59 Issue 1 / Pages.31-36 / 2016 / 1976-0442(pISSN) / 2234-7941(eISSN)

[ii] Patent No: US 10,105,389 B1  October 23, 2018 Method and Compositions for Treatung Cancerous Tumors

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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