Online Consultations and Programs
with Dr Sircus

Online Consultations
and Programs
with Dr Sircus

how it works ?

Dr. Sircus is available to take patients via his online clinic. There are two ways to benefit from his expertise, you can either have a single consultation with him or subscribe to one of his online clinic programs.

After you pay for the consultation or online program you will receive a link to download a questionnaire that needs to be filled in and sent back to us with a recent picture of the patient. Dr. Sircus will review your case and the staff will get in touch with you to set up your appointment.

This entire offering of online support and consultation extends to anyone interested in professional-to-professional training and for those who might eventually want to become registered and certified by the International Medical Veritas Association.


A single consultation is recommended in cases where the need for Dr. Sircus’s advice is brief and also if the person is already familiar with his work. It is highly recommended that patient reads the book Treatment Essentials before consultation, for more efficient use of time.

Half Hour Consultation

If you are already familiar with Dr. Sircus’s work and have specific questions on how to implement treatments, you can contract a mini consultation of half an hour.



One Hour Consultation

The consultation is one hour long and can be broken in two parts so the doctor can follow up with you after you start implementing the protocol.



Consultations for Cancer Patients

In Dr. Sircus’s online support programs you will have access to him and his staff on a daily basis and he will instruct you step-by-step in the application of his protocol and follow-up with patients’ reactions, advances, etc. Extended email and Skype text exchanges are used as well as audio and video conferencing.

Program 1

Program 1 fee includes four of Dr. Sircus’s e-books and is recommended for people, families and children who need initial in-depth support with doing the Innovative Protocol. Time frame is one month and patients can communicate with video and text via Skype.



Program 2

Program 2 fee includes four of Dr. Sircus’s e-books and is recommended for people, families and children who need in-depth support with doing the full Innovative Medicine Protocol. This would include cancer patients who have read Treatment Essentials and who feel that they will need support, daily at times. Time frame is 3 months but the program is flexible and can be adapted to last over a longer period of time.



Program 3

Program 3 was designed for those who need intense in-depth support for a longer period. This is highly recommended for stage 3 and 4 cancer patients and for all those who have serious ailments that demand intensive care. This program would be for anyone wanting to engage Dr. Sircus in a deep process and counseling on emotional issues. The program includes all of Dr. Sircus’ eBooks and support spans for 6 months and sometimes longer. Both program 1 and 2 are for people want to apply the full Innovative Medicine protocol. This program adds the more personal contact needed to deal with feelings, emotional issues or intensive situations where consultations are for more than one person.



Professional Program

Our professional program is now offered for health professionals of many different types, including nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, colon therapists, spa professionals, doctors etc., who want to learn and have full support in treating patients with cancer with Innovative Medicine protocol. The Conquering Cancer Course is included and provides the written component and a series of consultations with me is available through a three to six month period. The cost is $1,200 to $2,400 for this program.