Testimonials from our readers

Our work is about simple, inexpensive, non-toxic natural substances, all basic to life, to enhance health and heal the body, based on the Natural Allopathic Protocol developed by Dr. Mark Sircus. He has written many books explaining his protocol and how to use it to get the most benefits.

Dr. Sircus said: “I had the audacity to develop a new system of medicine that anyone can learn and practice easily, safely and effectively. It is a humanitarian form of medicine in that it does not forget billions of souls who simply cannot afford most of the abusive medicine the orthodox model offers. The most beautiful aspect of the protocol is that the top seven medicinals (hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine, selenium) yield sufficient medical firepower for emergency and intensive care purposes as well as most chronic and acute medical situations.”

The testimonials and reviews that we get every day helps with our mission and work and we hope they help you and your family.

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