Learn how to diagnose yourself!

Take back control over your health

How many times have you been to your doctor and left the clinic feeling that you just don’t have the tools or the knowledge to do anything effective for your health?

Like you just don’t have a clue…

How much time have you spend on internet reading about diseases, medicinals, doctors and end up feeling more confused and “sick” than before?

Dr. Sircus has removed all the confusion by creating 12 simple points of diagnosis that will help you identify correctly any condition and what to do about it.

These diagnostic points take you from feeling completely lost and frustrated to actually knowing with total certainty what is going on inside you and your loved ones, and how to treat whatever is bothering you.

And it’s all extremely easy to learn and apply, you will be amazed of how easy it will be for you to diagnose and treat yourself you’ll start to wonder why you ever went to a doctor in the first place.

What are these 12 diagnostics?

Breathing: There is nothing more important to our life and our health than our breathing but who sees life this way? So – How do you breath? How fast is your breathing? Do you know why correcting breathing is so important to your health and life?

Temperature: Body temperature is the foundation of good health. The ideal core body temperatura is consider to be around 98.6 degree Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. What is your basal temperature? Do you know how important it is to your immune system ? What to do if you have a low body temperature?

Hydration: Next to the air we breathe water is the most important element. Are you dehydrated? How is the quality of water you are drinking? What is the color of your urine and what does that mean?

pH: Are you paying attention to your body pH? Do you know the importance of it in your body and health?

Mineral levels: Minerals are essential for life, health and happiness. Do you know which ones you should be consistently supplementing with?

Vitamin D: Are you getting enough vitamin D? About 20% of adults are at risk for Vitamin D deficiency.

Oxygen: What is your oxygen level in your blood? Did you know that the more oxygen we have in our system, the healthier and more alkaline we are?

Pain: Pain is the alarm of disease, the symptom that announces that all is not right with our bodies. There are many natural ways of treating pain and some are quite surprising.

Nutrition: How is your diet? High quality nutrition needs to be a central part of every medical protocol.

Blood Pressure and Stress: What is your blood pressure? Blood pressure is an indicator of the body’s internal condition. What is your heart rate variability (HRV)? Thr more variability, the healthier the heart.

Color Test: This test will pick up some of the main stress points in your life.

Voltage Medicine: Our bodies have a measurable voltage. The body is electric. Every organ in our body has its own measurable electromagnetic current, which can be measured.

What you will get from your first consultations:

  • Dr. Sircus’s methods and tools to identify any health condition.

  • A simple guideline to keeping and maintaining your health

  • 12 simple and powerful steps to correctly diagnose any condition.

  • An action plan to not just diagnose but treat your conditions.

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In your fist consultations get FREE Dr. Sircus’s Home Therapy Program…

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So just to recap:

What you will get from your first consultations:

  • A simple guideline to keeping and maintaining your health

  • 12 simple and powerful steps to correctly diagnose any condition.

  • An action plan to not just diagnose but treat your conditions.

  • Dr. Sircus’s Home Therapy Program.

  • Dr. Sircus’s methods and tools to identify any health condition. Priceless!

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About Dr. Sircus

What people have to say about Dr.Sircus?

Andras Konya

Everyone who is really interested in the health and well being of his/her own and feel responsibility for others can find a wealth of true and update information about all the factors/issues that endanger our every day on our marvelous and strongly abused planet. No matter which subject Dr Sircus writes on his writing conveys his unconditional love for his fellow human beings and all the living creatures on Earth. May God bless him for all the work he has done.

Aragon Gonzalez

Dr. Sircus has saved my life, including last night when I suffered a heart attack. He is the most informed and heroic of health care professionals. His protocol has also saved my son who suffers from asthma. My continued efforts to survive this latest setback will be consistent with his entire protocol.

Arya Azadia

I learn the health protocol of taking a few simple old fashioned remedies like iodine, baking soda and magnesium and a few more to stay healthy and not need to see doctors

John Finn

No one writes on the subject of human health as well as Dr. Sircus and I read and research A LOT!!!

Bonnie Smith

Dr. Sircus is my doctor of choice. I support him and his practices. I wish he was where I could go and see him. Dr. Sirius is my hero. I have helped to turn on many people to his website. Thank you for the website and books. You are a God send.

Brian Vernom

Since I have been reading your articles I have learned so much I otherwise would not have known. I enjoy Dr Sircus and think his work is critical knowledge for helping people live better lives where eveyrthing we can do to inprove our heath is important.
Thank you Dr Sircus

Brian Winter

Dr Sircus has opened a treasure trove of alternative methods of treating, in my case prostate cancer and other ailments. I have had no medical treatment since a radical prostatectomy over three years ago. (Some Gleason 9 results, margins infiltrated) I maintain good health with his protocols and I am now confident about my future.
Thank you Dr Sircus

Colleen Hartford

Dr Sircus is so AMAZING!!! I'm so deeply grateful for your passion, commitment and courage to share his thoughts and feelings around love and spirituality and researching health. My life is continuously blessed by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you - Dr Sircus.

Dorothy Perger

Dr. Sircus, your information is easy to understand and easy to put into practice. I appreciate your concern for humans and nature. A big thank you
Dorothy Perger
Gold Coast

Deborah Piel

I am a firm believer that what you put into your body (and what you don't too) is so important. I know that the anatomy and physiology workings of each cell in our bodies are the basis of life and the ions, nutrients, enzymes etc. all work together to create the perfect environment for optimum health. I agree wholeheartedly that Dr. Sircus is so very correct in all the facts that he passes on to the public. I would love to meet this man and have conversations; converse about all the research and knowledge that I have gathered in my lifetime too. I have passed on much of Dr. Sircus's information to persons that I come in contact with throughout the last 15 years. Thank you wholeheartedly........sincerely,
Deborah Piel RNC

Diane Kostelac

Dr Sircus has validated my innate understanding of health & healing. The articles & books have been shared with my 5 kids who now see & believe Mom is not all that crazy. Three have gone into the medical field with a strong personal belief in natural health care. My family have adopted many protocols to improve our health. I love the fact that the lifestyle changes are so simple and cost effective. Magnesium is a staple in our home --as is baking soda. I enjoy the emailed articles so much that i routinely share them on Facebook enhancing a few lives. Keep up God's work. Thank-you!

Don Childs

I think that Dr. Sircus is one of the few medical professionals that understands the big picture. I am truly grateful that I have found this site.
I also need to buy more of his books.
Thanks, Don Childs.

Iam Ramu

Dr. Sircus is not trying to sell me anything. He is trying to educate me and help me improve my life.

Linda Milazzo

I have used quite a few of the remedies on your site I also have over a period of 66 yrs. known of many of what you put on the site as they are very old and workable remedies passed down from my grandmother to me. So thank you for waking me up to them again.
Linda Milazzo

Judy Livingston

You have changed how I understand well being and myself with great clarity now. Thanks Dr.Sircus. When there is no where to hide from myself, compassion arises.
This makes me so much more available to others.
Grateful to you for the access to your profound knowledge.
With great respect, Judy Livingston from New Zealand